Why Elon Musk is pushing Signal

One tweet by Tesla's CEO seems to be having an enormous impact on WhatsApp, with many users jumping to rival messaging app Signal.

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  1. SeeItHappen

    SeeItHappen2 days ago

    Stop being Zucked and move over to opensource like Signal

  2. Susan Biagi

    Susan Biagi3 days ago


  3. IDaniel

    IDaniel5 days ago

    How much information does Facebook need? I’d never use Facebook messenger either.

  4. Paula Zann

    Paula Zann6 days ago

    Don't trust any of them especially Elon Musk.

  5. Mike Hood

    Mike Hood6 days ago

    I simply code things I dont do anything other than market driven Studies and advances of Strategy are coded Any thing can be monitored satellites and cell towers Can listen and look through Walls nothing is secret 100 percent 😎

  6. alex r

    alex r7 days ago




    Any thing connected on the net takes ur info that Is how they make millions

  8. Dan Mac

    Dan Mac10 days ago

    Don't trust this app! HUGE BUGS and not safe. Pictures are being sent to the wrong contacts! be very careful. When sharing pictures, this app sends to the wrong persons!!! I tested several times, don't trust it!

  9. peace and love

    peace and love11 days ago

    Signal is deep state telegram is better

  10. Troy Johnson

    Troy Johnson11 days ago

    How can I get Telegram

  11. Troy Johnson

    Troy Johnson11 days ago

    How can I get signal

  12. Eduard Luca

    Eduard Luca11 days ago

    Yeah but WhatsApp was the same popular for the same reason and was bought by Facebook...probably will be the same future with Signal and Telegram

  13. Yuriko Furiyama

    Yuriko Furiyama12 days ago

    Lol what encryption is whatsapp talking about. I'd talk about some things with friends on whatsapp and next I get recommendations about those topics on USlikes

  14. Cheryl

    Cheryl12 days ago

    The fact that Jack Dorsey is endorsing signal, I'll just keep looking. That man always has an agenda that is is not in anyone's best interest. No thanks.

  15. Catherine Scarborough

    Catherine Scarborough12 days ago

    Lol, talk about censorship! 🤣👍 Lets just say, "Woke folk gonna bail 100%"! I'd rather 1- 1000 intelligent genuine viewers and faithfilled followers of the Son of God Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, than 50 BILLION deaf dumb and blind followers of humanitys self obsessed fatal antichrist fall, finally despondent and desensitized to ANYTHING that resembles REALITY, no y'all so not cool! 😠 Cheers mate! Keep up the "crock ''o' cr-ap", bless yas! Love Australia, bless ya all! 😎👍 🦘🇦🇺🦜

  16. Brianna Lopez

    Brianna Lopez13 days ago

    I have been a financial consultant for 8 years but if someone had pointed me towards a platform as reliable as bitcoinsamurai, I would have talked them down. The information eluded me for months and I was glad when I caught up with it. I couldn't believe Elaine(my best friend since college) kept it away from me after she found out. I am so pissed at her but more grateful for the fact that she did.

  17. mimamima2

    mimamima213 days ago

    Hi Elon have a blessed day

  18. Johnny English, PhD

    Johnny English, PhD15 days ago

    _"... cannot view the content of the messages you're sending, thanks to encryption."_ It's proprietary. So they can do anything they want. They control the code, even when it's on your device. If they need to disable the encryption on a particular device, they will. And the only way to prevent them is to disconnect from the internet.

  19. Austine Akpevwe

    Austine Akpevwe15 days ago

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  20. Austine Akpevwe

    Austine Akpevwe15 days ago

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  21. A Slice of Mind

    A Slice of Mind15 days ago

    me: Rushing to the bird market and buy some pigeons for sharing this video.

  22. Lorenzo Victor

    Lorenzo Victor16 days ago

    this is me sending this link thru telegram XD

  23. S R

    S R17 days ago

    Security with anything computers is false security. Always a work around, always a way to manipulate the code!

  24. K Forest

    K Forest18 days ago

    Childish the way these pretenders throw their little bitty pampers out there like they have nothing to do

  25. Uncle JD

    Uncle JD18 days ago

    I like the idea so far,,, but,, since I'm using an Apple Iphone, does Apple have access to the messages?

  26. En G2

    En G219 days ago

    Facebook turns out to be the most "copy-cat" of all time. Zoom copied, Tiktok copied but failed, Snapchat copied, even Clubhouse is going to be copied by Facebook.

  27. NGP

    NGP19 days ago

    So, you are promoting. I'll see when Musk will purchase Signal.🤣

  28. first2dollarman

    first2dollarman21 day ago

    Because its a testing before he pushes Bitcoin all are staged Drama by the new poster boy Elon Musk.

  29. first2dollarman

    first2dollarman9 days ago

    Old poster boy bill windows

  30. CWR

    CWR22 days ago

    i don't trust elon. dude has an agenda like everyone else. he's pretty crafty about how he pushes products and industries where his skin is in the game. he doesn't stop talking about interlace or whatever the human brain hijacking crap is. he's a robot

  31. CWR

    CWR22 days ago

    what'sapp says their messages are protected by end to end....?

  32. Nikos Schizodimos

    Nikos Schizodimos22 days ago

    Bye bye WhatsApp.

  33. Kate Orwell

    Kate Orwell22 days ago

    January, 25 million new subscribers to Telegram. Telegram is not owned by a disgusting, far left, Marxist, spying, censoring, controlling company, SIGNAL IS OWNED BY TWITTER.

  34. David C

    David C22 days ago

    Broke Celebrities Like Lindsay Lohan and Grade B rappers are using their names to PUMP AND DUMP our crypto stealing Billions!!! Offshore crypto accounts give them zero taxes!! Elon Musk is part of the 1 percent so ofcourse he would rip us off! In my opinion DUMP DUMP DUMP and never buy TRON or DOGE. Ant Celebrity that promotes crypto is stealing form you!

  35. Urgirlwantsme2

    Urgirlwantsme222 days ago

    when Dorsey retweeted that, it stoped me from using signal.

  36. Aran Singkum

    Aran Singkum22 days ago


  37. Voakley ฯ

    Voakley ฯ23 days ago

    Much 💜💖to Elon, from Florida

  38. Village Idiot

    Village Idiot23 days ago

    I'm surprised that Twitter would enDorsey it 😀

  39. Glutamate Sulphate

    Glutamate Sulphate23 days ago

    Guys hate to break it to you but signal i just as bad! It can easily be intercepted by the the CIA. As an alternative however check telegram!

  40. Mathias

    Mathias23 days ago

    You missed Matrix/Element.

  41. Luca Red Tarot

    Luca Red Tarot23 days ago

    Signal isn’t safe now either .. the app can be cloned and the permissions changed without you even knowing .. unless you LOOK

  42. RedShot101

    RedShot10123 days ago

    who are share holders to invest?

  43. Carl Bowles

    Carl Bowles23 days ago

    I use signal. It's the only privacy app google didn't neutralize.

  44. Aracelis Padilla

    Aracelis Padilla23 days ago

    Do not use signal, use Telegram..

  45. Callise Allysea Angelique

    Callise Allysea Angelique23 days ago

    We all know how this works how much did you get paid to post this video? That's the real question

  46. Callise Allysea Angelique

    Callise Allysea Angelique23 days ago

    Everyone know Signal is owned by the Deep State so why is Elon pushing it? Hmmmm

  47. Hasani Codes

    Hasani Codes24 days ago

    I was using whats app with a password and they removed the password on my account. So now I use signal.

  48. TheBendablespoons

    TheBendablespoons24 days ago

    Signal is CIA confirmed

  49. Ali Rasa

    Ali Rasa24 days ago

    Would you please make a video on QNET company please!!??

  50. Glassix

    Glassix24 days ago

    Reminds me of Instagram’s new policy where they can suspend your account for “hate speech” that you send in your PRIVATE DMs

  51. Devi Prema

    Devi Prema24 days ago

    God sends me signals all the time.😂😂😂😂

  52. Widline Baptiste

    Widline Baptiste24 days ago

    Sa vle di kite yonn pran yon lot app tout se menm rezo sosyo le what's app te fenk vini moun pa te itilize l konsa pou app ki genyen malgre se signal messenger toujou la

  53. Boone Docker

    Boone Docker25 days ago

    Because most of us are tired of corporate techno-fascists and government cronies spying on us.

  54. PHV

    PHV25 days ago

    SIGNAL - indirectly associated with CIA .... enough said!!

  55. adaydreamhd

    adaydreamhd25 days ago

    Subbing because your boss seems to be the best guy eva

  56. Henry Zakaria

    Henry Zakaria25 days ago

    Telegram is best.

  57. Aatman Patel

    Aatman Patel25 days ago

    Edward Snowden = Superman of privacy knowledge 😎😎

  58. Who the He** do you think I am?

    Who the He** do you think I am?25 days ago

    To He** with Dorsey....He is no better than ZuckerTurd.

  59. Tim S

    Tim S26 days ago

    Read an article that FBI has back door to encryption messages in signals. Wonder if our US government uses this program.

  60. Alan Day

    Alan Day26 days ago

    Why can't people just use their phone messages.

  61. Andrew T

    Andrew T26 days ago


  62. Michael

    Michael26 days ago

    Signal is also owned by Twitter

  63. Skid Mark

    Skid Mark26 days ago

    Signal all the way yeah?

  64. rogerwalsberg

    rogerwalsberg26 days ago

    I use signal.

  65. Mariana Mey

    Mariana Mey26 days ago

    Uses a lot more data than WhatsApp. Especially on facetime. But I use it and deleted WhatsApp and facebook

  66. Harvey

    Harvey26 days ago

    Nothing is Ever Private or kept secret. As long it is on the internet or anything associated with it, it no more secret. The Term - Secret' was just a decoy to get hard information from individual. The only sercet is keeping it to yourself, that is why it is called secret. I dont trust any of this techkies and their agenda. It a shame we humans are so easy to buy. Always thinks everything is free when its not at all. Free Will Is Not Free. . .Its All Illusion.

  67. Noah G

    Noah G26 days ago

    What about Element

  68. neogirl37

    neogirl3726 days ago

    Also if you don't answer a call on signal, hackers can keep the line open & hear everything you do!

  69. neogirl37

    neogirl3726 days ago

    I heard signal was a CIA spin off just like lifelog/FB was!! That's why everyone went to telegram!!!

  70. Meng

    Meng27 days ago

    Why don’t you use discord instead ?

  71. Darby Durack

    Darby Durack27 days ago

    How come it can't be decrypted...surely if it's open source you could just check the encoding and then just decode it, cos it's gotta be decoded on arrival anyway so there's definately a way, either it's not open source or it's crackable

  72. Euro Wars

    Euro Wars27 days ago

    Many more have gone to Telegram...

  73. Euro Wars

    Euro Wars27 days ago

    The reason I have not gone to Signal is because the little H i t l e r at Twitter, @jack, has promoted signal more often than Elon has and it is his competition! Jack Dorsey is even featured on their homepage! That makes me very nervous... is Twitter just a mass psyop and his real product is Signal?

  74. Sasha Gallaway

    Sasha Gallaway27 days ago

    POV I'm scrolling for a "I'll save you 5 minutes" comment

  75. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson27 days ago

    "Respect for your privacy is coded in our DNA." I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. 🤦🏻

  76. Lloyd Burchell

    Lloyd Burchell27 days ago

    It can't be trusted just tried to post a link but it wouldn't let me. It could be used as yet another spying medium. Signal has a tight relationship with the State department and the CIA. so sounds very suspect, sorry.

  77. Sage Bias

    Sage Bias27 days ago

    Signal is a great service. Please use it. Especially if you use an iPhone.

  78. Sunday z Crows

    Sunday z Crows27 days ago

    👍 Good App

  79. JW B

    JW B27 days ago

    Yep scrapped whats app a while back, now on signal, told the family but they seem oblivious...

  80. Joshua Bruno

    Joshua Bruno28 days ago

    Why is c|net pretending to care?

  81. Greenville Observer

    Greenville Observer28 days ago

    I lost my entire retirement on signal stock, but I still got my diamond hands!

  82. Two Legend

    Two Legend28 days ago

    If you make a jokes or post something freaky...don’t be surprised when they come to your doorstep, you gonna have a big balls like me to face ‘em....even your phones are not protected anymore, all seen eyes 👀 is on it

  83. Ho Renomo

    Ho Renomo28 days ago

    Telegram also practices censorship (mainly of Conservatives), no forget about privacy there.

  84. Da4mula

    Da4mula28 days ago

    But whatsapp is also end-to-end encrypted?

  85. xaratemplate

    xaratemplate28 days ago

    When I see Edward Snowden recommend signal I get suspicious. When Elon musk recommends it I think hmmm if too many key players at the top recommend it that means their is likely something wrong and sends me red flags stay away from signal. If the large companies try to take signal down then I am interested in it because that means it works.

  86. 2B

    2B28 days ago

    elon musk really said "aye do this" and boom.... signal got rich

  87. Daily Living 74

    Daily Living 7428 days ago

    Whatsapp sorry gotta pass on China's Tech.✌

  88. Kyle Mowen

    Kyle Mowen28 days ago

    Why is USlikes Pushing Signal? This video has been non-stop recommended to me..

  89. Rick Tester

    Rick Tester28 days ago

    I wouldn't trust anything connected to Fb or Twitter.

  90. Harald Schmidt

    Harald Schmidt28 days ago

    I don’t understand why no one talks about Threema? Which is IMO by far the most secure messenger. It doesn’t needs your phone number or your name. Instead one gets an invitation from the one who want to talk to you.

  91. Diony De Jesus

    Diony De Jesus28 days ago

    ¡ Signal It's TRUST !

  92. Mia du Plessis

    Mia du Plessis29 days ago

    Erm... Signal was developed by the CIA. Look it up. 😐

  93. Sandra Walker

    Sandra Walker29 days ago

    And all the apps can be monitored by the NSA and all relevant organisations in other countries .... . .

  94. Onewhospeaks TotheStupid

    Onewhospeaks TotheStupid29 days ago

    No one is safe! This is false information.

  95. Bule Ulek

    Bule Ulek29 days ago

    Telegram is on fdroid

  96. Chris Kiehart

    Chris Kiehart29 days ago

    Musk is not human hes demonic been seen in its fake rocket launchs changed demonic the Demons ( nephilim spirits ) help pull off his fake rocket launchs Father Most High Put a firmament dome over us the devil minions put stuff up in our skys under the firmament dome.. 😍😇🤗😊🕊💙

  97. Bei Gandalfs Bart

    Bei Gandalfs Bart29 days ago

    Telegram doesn't even have end-to-end encryption. Why would you even want to use it?


    MODERN DAY ROCKERS29 days ago

    where dos Snowden say on audio or video he uses signal ????

  99. Hakan Yucel

    Hakan Yucel29 days ago

    Telegram is made in Russia!!!!

  100. Nisa Afni

    Nisa Afni29 days ago


  101. R D

    R D29 days ago

    During the 1st part of the pandemic my whatsapp randomly deleted my contacts in my whatsapp. They are watching you. Delete whatsapp. Use something like signal

  102. peggytoo

    peggytoo29 days ago

    CEO of Twitter endorsing it makes me nervous.

  103. numbersix100

    numbersix10029 days ago

    I’ve loaded Signal. A good app, does what I want. I deleted FB 4 years ago and will be deleting WhatsApp in four weeks