The NFL was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in 2000 (ft. FivePoints Vids)

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The NFL in 2000 was wild. Bigger Pads, astroturf, violent hits, fullbacks, and many other things that made this time period unique.
1:38 How we consumed content in 2000
3:26 Video game football
5:31 Playstyle
9:40 the 2000 season
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  1. KTO

    KTO7 days ago

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  2. Dan O'Neall

    Dan O'Neall5 days ago

    Why isn't J. Gibbs considered top 5 in coaching when he won 3 Super Bowls with 3 different QB's???

  3. Eric S

    Eric S6 days ago

    War damn eagle 🦅!

  4. PrinceNJB

    PrinceNJB7 days ago

    Welcome back with the video

  5. flyerfan 28

    flyerfan 287 days ago

    Kto is getting all the verified accounts. Love the vids and the podcast

  6. Petergoat

    Petergoat7 days ago

    It's always a good day when KTO posts a video

  7. paysonfox88

    paysonfox884 minutes ago

    That 2000 Superbowl will go down as the only time there was back to back TD kick returns in a playoff game. I don't see that happening ever again.

  8. C R A S H

    C R A S H59 minutes ago

    2000s nfl was different

  9. Buckfly 97

    Buckfly 972 hours ago

    Im so glad you showed how bad as Mike Alstott was lets just say iv been a bucs fan since 1996 and was 21 when they won 1st superbowl and now again

  10. Milidiru Daetenium

    Milidiru Daetenium3 hours ago

    I love that 2000 Ravens Defense. A thing of beauty.

  11. Jim Knowlton

    Jim Knowlton10 hours ago

    NFL wanted to get NBA scores, they succeeded, and no one really cares anymore.

  12. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia10 hours ago

    that was my first superbowl I remember clearly! :)

  13. Random Salmon

    Random Salmon10 hours ago

    You got a 👍 for the Alstott nod; he's my all-time favorite player

  14. Alphonse Blackwood

    Alphonse Blackwood11 hours ago

    30 seconds in. He was 4th string

  15. William Biddle

    William Biddle11 hours ago

    When football was FOOTBALL

  16. Tyler Nero

    Tyler Nero12 hours ago

    The earliest football play I remember is the Bus stiffarmming an Oiler in to oblivion around the year 96

  17. Rob J

    Rob J12 hours ago

    Awesome video cant believe how different it really is!

  18. J3rsey devil1228

    J3rsey devil122812 hours ago

    Mike alstot used to wear a vest that was attached to 2 big ass chains that he would attach to his F450 and he would straight walk around his property just pulling a fucking truck. Lol.

  19. g Wood

    g Wood13 hours ago

    I played full back and wore 49 because Richardson was the man on Madden he was your all around back and to be honest would of played halfback or a 3rd down back in today’s game Lorenzo Neal was your big blocker pancake hits and another one of my idols and A Train was your bowling ball who was a slobber knocker also another one of my idols and another reason why I had a big ass neck roll lol

  20. g Wood

    g Wood13 hours ago

    2k5 on Dreamcast Damn I miss that shit

  21. g Wood

    g Wood13 hours ago

    What’s sad is Madden back in like 93 had a deeper dynasty mode then they do now a days I remember me and my dad used to doit and build our team up and play every single game it was a grind you could do trades and all sorts of shit

  22. Oroperion Gaming

    Oroperion Gaming14 hours ago

    That highlight reel from Alstott sure looked like another #40 that played a decade later in Cleveland for one season...

  23. DA MASKED EMOJI.!*©®™

    DA MASKED EMOJI.!*©®™14 hours ago

    Dont forget about nfl fever for the xbox , nfl quarterback club , nfl xtreme , for ps1 , and , konamis nfl full contact...

  24. Greg Gioia

    Greg Gioia15 hours ago

    I'll always wonder what the Rams would have done had Warner not been hurt. They were 6-0 and looked even better than they'd looked the year prior, and then Warner hurt his hand. They went 2-4, and looked really average, after Trent Green took over, but those first 6 games were amazing to watch.

  25. montblanc noland

    montblanc noland16 hours ago

    Nice sharper classic lol one of the hardest hitting safeties in the llleeeeeeuuggeee

  26. arturalexma

    arturalexma17 hours ago

    It still was men's sport then. And before the "ThE SaFEtY OF tHe PLeYerz" Eat shit, if you don't want risks, don't play, just like all of you, the whiners.

  27. JMRSplatt

    JMRSplatt18 hours ago

    Devlin for the Patriots was a pretty good fullback there for a while... oh well

  28. Justin Stockett

    Justin Stockett18 hours ago

    2000 was the year I became a football and Ravens fan at 10 years old. First super bowl where I actually watched the game. It was incredible.

  29. Curly Que

    Curly Que19 hours ago

    Alstott up the gut!!!!!

  30. Hans Rubjerg

    Hans Rubjerg20 hours ago

    Yea it was still football instead of this political ballet where everyone's soft as fuck

  31. Christopher MC Renner

    Christopher MC Renner21 hour ago

    Yeah football got super soft it's like flag football out there anymore hard for me to watch I used to love football I still love contact if I want to see flag football go down to the playground

  32. Tom & Rachelles First Dance

    Tom & Rachelles First Dance21 hour ago

    I miss real grass fields and the games in the mud just not the same on the fake fields

  33. Clayton Tellier

    Clayton Tellier21 hour ago

    Pat Ricard is literally todays version of Mike Alstott

  34. Ben

    Ben22 hours ago

    Shout out for mentioning the sass master. Love me some Jimmy. We kinda split him between FB and TE

  35. Bismillah Wesley

    Bismillah WesleyDay ago

    Yup I’m old 🥴

  36. Matthew Massullo

    Matthew MassulloDay ago

    Don't really understand this video. How old is this kid 10. It was not that long ago. First, the way people took in entertainment speaks to the evolution of technology not sports. People still did the same thing back then though. betting on sports, playing along, and watching it 24/7. In terms of video games, yes it was a big deal from 1996 through 2000 it did change a lot. But EA was king back then, the other ones were a joke. Madden was the king since 1993. And it again just speaks to technology not football. Lastly and the most off base was the play. Yes the game was physical but that did not change until years later. Also the best teams even in 2021 still have the old guard players. Defense is still the most important part of the game. And TE, HB, and RBs may be used differently but big formations are still used. And the change to Running QBs is old school, maybe not 2000 but the change is not new. To speak to Black Qbs which was not spoken of in this video in the AFC central alone in 2000 they had 3 starting QBs that were black. The highlight, the super bowl at the end, was probably the worst and most boring super bowl of all time.

  37. its me

    its meDay ago

    Alstott was a beast he just ran threw people ..miss that style of football

  38. RobDog

    RobDogDay ago

    I wish we were still in the year 2000...

  39. SirLangsalot

    SirLangsalotDay ago

    NFL was better in 2000 than today. More physical, more magical, more special.

  40. Macabree

    MacabreeDay ago

    Perfectly said. More physical.....more "magical" and def more special in energy and entertainment

  41. tom d

    tom dDay ago

    Tbh I would play techno bowl over this years madden.

  42. SoulFly

    SoulFlyDay ago

    i built a dock and boatlift for mike alstott in florida. the a train and little speedy warrick dunn were a duo. before the age of rbs ended. now rbs are a dime a dozen and noone should blow money on a huge name rb

  43. Mawile M

    Mawile MDay ago

    My Chargers were historically awful. And in hindsight, they were literally 1 point away from 0-16.

  44. Mr. Fuzzyflippers

    Mr. FuzzyflippersDay ago

    My first experience with NFL gaming was actually 2K on the Dreamcast. Since I didn't really use the internet until a few years later, I memorized a lot of the rosters entirely with that game lol.

  45. Tommy Wolmart

    Tommy WolmartDay ago

    They forgot quarterback club

  46. Bolt in a bottle

    Bolt in a bottleDay ago

    How did you not put in Gene Deckerhoff audio for the Alstott segment? That's criminal.

  47. Taqeem Hilton

    Taqeem HiltonDay ago

    Randy Moss was amazing back in the day.

  48. boseefus macmurphy

    boseefus macmurphyDay ago

    I still see mike alstott when I watch shameless in kevin. I thought gruden was bringing back the fb. Could work against the 3-4 fronts of today..

  49. boseefus macmurphy

    boseefus macmurphyDay ago

    I thought in the year 2000 football was played between cyborgs and aliens.

  50. Shelby Johnson

    Shelby JohnsonDay ago

    I was at that Bengals game when Dillon broke the record!! That was my first NFL game I ever attended.

  51. Oprimi

    OprimiDay ago

    If you haven’t almost killed your best friend over a local game of madden on ps2 are you really even friends???

  52. Macabree

    MacabreeDay ago

    LOL only those who played PS2 madden will understand the feeling and pure rage when one is losing

  53. ChuckyLarms

    ChuckyLarmsDay ago

    Imagine the “Jacked Up” segment airing today. The internet mob would lose its mind

  54. Jason Schwefel

    Jason SchwefelDay ago

    A T1, more accurately a DS-1, is 1.544 Mbps. In 2000, dial-up modems, maxing out at 56 Kbps were still the predominant mode of access, though cable internet (generally maxing out at around 5 Mbps) was making inroads, as was DSL. Only business had a T1, as a practical matter.

  55. Josh Drumheller

    Josh DrumhellerDay ago

    True story: The Ravens returner in the Super Bowl, Jermaine Lewis, when he returned that kickoff for a touchdown, you see him point up to the sky. His son was stillborn just before the Super Bowl. He dedicated that kickoff return to him. Quite a sentimental moment.

  56. Todd Cribbs

    Todd CribbsDay ago

    Thank you for mentioning the area code

  57. Rafael Delgadillo

    Rafael DelgadilloDay ago

    The Saints first playoff victory in franchise history happened during this season too.

  58. Michael Mace

    Michael MaceDay ago

    Football was so much better back then, & so was basketball too for that matter. If you were born in the mid to late 90s chances are that you've never really seen football like this, at least not for long, & because of that you don't really know what you're missing. It doesn't matter that there were legitimate reasons for the rule changes, you were frustrated by all of the flags thrown on a play that, only last year, was perfectly legal.

  59. Matthew L Robeson

    Matthew L RobesonDay ago

    I'm starting to think that KTO is an 8 year old whose voice dropped real early

  60. Juan Santiago

    Juan SantiagoDay ago

    The A-train was the shit bottom line

  61. Grant Gobell

    Grant GobellDay ago

    Didn’t even mention Pat Ricard when talking about today’s fullbacks 😔

  62. Nick Voelker

    Nick VoelkerDay ago

    Imagine playing LB against Tampa Bay back then. You get juked out of your cleats by Warrick Dunn just to turn around on the next play to get run TF over by Alstott.

  63. John Smith

    John SmithDay ago

    Pure nostalgia after hearing all these names. Also my dad ran into Priest Holmes at a car wash around 2003ish

  64. Davis Winn

    Davis WinnDay ago

    RIP St. Louis Rams. We won't forget them

  65. Greg P

    Greg PDay ago

    Now we barely even have kickoffs

  66. jtbjones

    jtbjonesDay ago

    6:32 So you're telling me the Redskins could appear on TV as "Skins" but now they have to change their name completely? Oh how the times have changed.

  67. Jon Smith

    Jon SmithDay ago

    A friend told me Mike Alstott once said: "If you need 1 yard, I'll get ya 3. If you need 3 yards, I'll get ya 3. If you need 5 yards... I'll get ya 3"

  68. Jared Patterson

    Jared PattersonDay ago

    Madden 05 was the best

  69. Macabree

    MacabreeDay ago

    Yup. 04' vick too overpowered and animation was low. 06 that stupid throwing cone made it so hard to throw. Or was that 08

  70. annachiegordon

    annachiegordonDay ago

    Tecmo Super Bowl will always be the superior game no matter how many years go by.

  71. Robbins2324

    Robbins2324Day ago

    My brothers and I burned threw 4 copies of madden 02. Because we played it that much

  72. Gene Clark - Self Development Quest

    Gene Clark - Self Development QuestDay ago

    LOVED Alstott!

  73. Ryan Rhoades

    Ryan RhoadesDay ago

    Scars all over my elbows and knees from turf burns and a few concussions from head hitting the turf

  74. Ryan Rhoades

    Ryan RhoadesDay ago

    We had Madden bowl tournaments in the 2000s. There were some plays that couldn't be stopped

  75. marcus laker

    marcus lakerDay ago

    The NFL was different? Yeah, it was’s WWE now. Sensationalism!

  76. Krandle 47

    Krandle 47Day ago

    I honestly prefer football back then, even if my teams (Bears & Jets) almost always sucked. The game was far more enjoyable to watch before all the rule changes

  77. Robbie Gee

    Robbie GeeDay ago

    13:06 wow, there was a player called Shannon Sharpe. Just like the guy that argues with Skip Bayless, former QB for Tampa.

  78. NFL Mastermind

    NFL MastermindDay ago

    Am I the only one who realized way more guys ran for 1,000 yards than he said. Guys like David Montgomery, who only had 18 less yards than Josh Jacobs

  79. John Jackson

    John JacksonDay ago

    Thing about it the game is dead!!! With social justice. All time low super bowl rating.

  80. J P

    J PDay ago

    YEAH #40 A-TRAIN!!! Love that guy, defenses did not.

  81. G Real40

    G Real40Day ago

    Alstott had the mentality that i will not go down unless you bring down my legs. No leaning/falling forward as I take on a hit

  82. MrBalooJ

    MrBalooJDay ago

    That's right!! Put respect on Alstott's name!

  83. James Stewart

    James Stewart2 days ago

    Before we get started, Mike Alstott was the SHIT

  84. Peter Hull

    Peter Hull2 days ago

    Hey I love that you snuck the “Darren scharper, one of the hardest hitting safeties in the league!” Line lol I see you

  85. Raymond Tayo

    Raymond Tayo2 days ago

    This is such a shit video. I had such high hopes smdh

  86. Moonlight Equilibrium

    Moonlight Equilibrium2 days ago

    91’ Madden be sounding like Pokémon.

  87. Josh Ruiz

    Josh Ruiz2 days ago

    Madden and Summerall was a great team! Miss those guys!

  88. Mr. No Shadow

    Mr. No Shadow2 days ago

    That exclusive rights deal ruined football gaming, and I can't begin to tell you what I expected football games to look and play like in the year 2020. Yet, here we are in 2021 and Madden is awful. But the great news is, WE'RE ALL STILL ALIVE!! 👍🏽👍🏽✌🏽🙏🏽

  89. Mountain Fox

    Mountain Fox2 days ago

    A lot of people forget Brady won 3 rings in this era...I'd say he's less "soft" than any of these newer quarterbacks are in today's age. QB's didn't run back then because they would get killed.

  90. KindredBrujah

    KindredBrujahDay ago

    Besides Randall Cunningham, Steve McNair, Kordell Stewart, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick...?

  91. BigPL

    BigPL2 days ago

    Larry Centers... You totally forgot about him. The best FB ever!!!

  92. Grant Smith

    Grant Smith2 days ago

    Goddamn 2000s football sounds so much more entertaining

  93. Horten Ojongtambia

    Horten Ojongtambia2 days ago

    Your dad is in the same age ball park as my oldest brother lol... u must be a baby to me then lol respect your content more as you’re that young 💪🏾

  94. Kuya Arbee

    Kuya Arbee2 days ago

    Bro 😎 Tom Brady and pacquiao truly showing that age is but a number!

  95. Scott Greenlee

    Scott Greenlee2 days ago

    Ill never forget Jermaine Lewis on that TD. Pointing to the sky for his son who passed away

  96. Morose Benton

    Morose Benton2 days ago

    #40 is just the perfect number for a fullback, and is my age now. lol.

  97. Tim Purcell

    Tim Purcell2 days ago

    I feel like my dad in the late 90s he would say these guys ain't shit compared to the late 60s,now I say that about today's players compared to late 90s early 00s

  98. Morose Benton

    Morose Benton2 days ago

    Late 2000 I started to learn about the NFL and 2001 I chose the Pats to be my team, even before I knew of Tom Brady!

  99. shaun bullock

    shaun bullock2 days ago

    This bought back a ton of memories. I played my first widget season in 99. I watched all these guys. Marshall Faulk was amazing!!!!!! One of my favorite players from that era.

  100. boo1_gaming

    boo1_gaming2 days ago

    A kbit is not a bit. It's a 1000 bits. Lol

  101. Richard Conte

    Richard Conte2 days ago

    there was no HD video back in 2000

  102. Cleo Brogan Chandley

    Cleo Brogan Chandley2 days ago

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  103. Jack Coleman

    Jack Coleman2 days ago

    As a Bucs fan that lived in Tampa for half my life I remember they used to blow this massive train whistle at Raymond James after Alstott plays. Also one of the memories that sticks out the most to me from around this time was getting robbed by the St Louis Rams in the playoffs in 99 ala Bert Emannuel. Good times.

  104. Joe D

    Joe D2 days ago

    Watched sportscenter until early 2010’s.

  105. Alexander Malchow

    Alexander Malchow2 days ago

    I love you KTO but you made the same vid 3x in row

  106. Mar Par

    Mar Par2 days ago

    Mike alstott ? Before him it was Tom rathman and ironhead

  107. gavin galish

    gavin galish2 days ago

    mike alstot was the derrick henry back then

  108. SethHarbison

    SethHarbison2 days ago

    10:06 LOL

  109. Jonathan Miller

    Jonathan Miller2 days ago

    Go Bucs Go