A man with no rhythm plays Rhythm Heaven Fever

I lack all musical talent, time to learn how to karate chop in time to music
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  1. RTGame

    RTGameMonth ago

    Monkey watch needs to die

  2. sIyceth

    sIyceth6 hours ago


  3. Salwa Creation2010

    Salwa Creation2010Day ago

    No please 😭

  4. Philip Otto

    Philip Otto2 days ago

    @Kase Darian whoa! It took like 15 mins but it actually worked!!

  5. Kase Darian

    Kase Darian2 days ago

    Dunno if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Insta Portal. Find it on google xD

  6. DashCamAndy

    DashCamAndy3 days ago

    The song is now permanently etched in my brain. Thanks, I guess.

  7. AlphaHunter

    AlphaHunter23 minutes ago

    29:05 RT finally understands the premise of the game.

  8. Aurora Gaming

    Aurora Gaming2 hours ago

    God the watch one hurt to see

  9. thiq_prxncess

    thiq_prxncess10 hours ago

    rt: im good at the ones with prompt react love rap: im about to end this man hold life

  10. payasa

    payasa13 hours ago

    jesus christ

  11. DaBakonAder

    DaBakonAder14 hours ago

    I Mean played drums in middle school so I don't think I need to play this.

  12. kiykno

    kiyknoDay ago

    53:40 they fucking did us dirty

  13. Ronaldo Shamoon

    Ronaldo ShamoonDay ago

    There are people catching the footballs in the back round if you haven’t noticed

  14. Zagor Kupski

    Zagor KupskiDay ago

    It's been a few years since I've seen a playthrough of the japanese version and I have to say the sounds the different characters make are better there than here.

  15. Sr. Lontra

    Sr. LontraDay ago

    "I can't see" *You don't have to* And probably shouldn't

  16. Zeke Peters

    Zeke Peters2 days ago

    How it looks: easy How it feels:

  17. yes

    yes2 days ago

    he improved quite well

  18. Fiasco Jones

    Fiasco Jones2 days ago

    Christ, RT, you got into the zone playing the baseball one.

  19. Krethro X

    Krethro X2 days ago

    cuz I ain't got rhythm, yeah I ain't got rhythm, no I ain't got rhythm!

  20. Electric Orange

    Electric Orange2 days ago

    I'd like to see how this dude would handle lockstep, he'd never be able to do that beat switch lol

  21. キョー

    キョー2 days ago

    Those spiders look like Don't Starve Spiders (or rather Don't Starve spiders look like Rythm Heaven Fever spiders)

  22. Yan Yan

    Yan Yan2 days ago

    Shenpai played rythm heaven and oh boy you have better rythm than her lol go watch it!


    JOHN CENA2 days ago

    But seriously you’re really good at Board Meeting.

  24. Ravi Miano

    Ravi Miano2 days ago

    i felt rt's pain at remix 2. for some reason that was literally the only level in the entire game i had to skip.

  25. Markus Bello

    Markus Bello2 days ago

    You look like a Italian mafia boss

  26. Mantidream

    Mantidream2 days ago

    You're not so bad

  27. Oliver Wilkinson

    Oliver Wilkinson2 days ago

    This video was good And I enjoyed watching it But just OK

  28. Zan_Bored Flipping

    Zan_Bored Flipping3 days ago

    8:07 *fails twice* “So easy!”

  29. adrian alvarez

    adrian alvarez3 days ago

    *CaUsE i AiNt GoT RyThM*

  30. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep Singh3 days ago

    A man with litrally no talent plays a game that envoles tal. E n t

  31. Kali Warner

    Kali Warner3 days ago

    “He’s big and tough and his name is wrestler!” (Rt acts like he’s being robbed)

  32. Jade Lopez

    Jade Lopez3 days ago

    wait.. you can skip levels ? 😀

  33. MuffinGaming

    MuffinGaming3 days ago

    The title looks like he's getting slapped by the flamingo

  34. MaxwellMegaGamer 85

    MaxwellMegaGamer 853 days ago

    46:43 “Your rhythm is great but just ok” I’m starting to lose brain cells from this grammar

  35. Purple the Poet

    Purple the Poet3 days ago

    If I click on the video, will it stop being in my recommended all the damn time? Edit: Nope.

  36. Miguel Caballero Rojo

    Miguel Caballero Rojo3 days ago

    Satoru iwata i miss you...

  37. Piranha cüm

    Piranha cüm3 days ago

    Funnily enough, he did relatively well at minigames with arrhythmic parts lol

  38. meanyprice

    meanyprice3 days ago

    Very very VERY BIG oof

  39. theodore rectum

    theodore rectum3 days ago


  40. wegs-draws

    wegs-draws4 days ago

    me who has almost perfect rhythm: 😬😭

  41. Ungodly_legend60yt

    Ungodly_legend60yt4 days ago

    I just noticed you have a green screen

  42. farrah who

    farrah who4 days ago

    i’m genuinely addicted to watching this video like the amount of times i’ve rewatched this is embarrassing lmao

  43. Hi I'm Arson

    Hi I'm Arson4 days ago

    I will edit this comment everytime I completely watcge the video. Times I've watched this video: 7

  44. Zechteri

    Zechteri4 days ago

    Remix Time Stamps 7:38 Remix 1 18:08 Remix 2 23:45 Remix 3 31:47 Remix 4 42:02 Remix 5 50:00 Remix 6 1:00:29 Remix 7 1:12:05 Remix 8 1:22:08 Remix 9 1:27:41 Remix 10

  45. Zechteri

    Zechteri4 days ago

    The last part of remix 10 will get many on the first time.

  46. Kovimura

    Kovimura4 days ago

    You telling me...Rythm heaven fever isn't played by computers but its really an actual game??

  47. coke Light

    coke Light4 days ago

    The title gives me Phineas and Ferb vibes

  48. SilverSounds

    SilverSounds4 days ago

    It’s taken me like 2 months to watch this video....I keep getting distracted and just leave cause yeah...

  49. Zombeebear

    Zombeebear4 days ago

    The problem is you can’t rely on visuals, because the game does things that make it impossible to use visuals like in air rally and Monkey Watch

  50. Toxic Jolteon

    Toxic Jolteon4 days ago

    The entire stream in a nutshell: I’ll take an OK! Also fuck Monkey Watch.

  51. Frappuccino Bunny

    Frappuccino Bunny4 days ago

    This guy looks just like Moreno from React Brasil XD

  52. TemmieCreeper

    TemmieCreeper4 days ago

    dan, your really bad at this. get a metronome, and fix that ear dyslexia.

  53. simone pinochi

    simone pinochi5 days ago

    I think the best part about rhythm paradise are the annoyed/sad faces of the characters when you miss.

  54. Connor Thompson

    Connor Thompson5 days ago

    His reaction to Remix 8 the first time he did it was perfect.

  55. Maddie Martin

    Maddie Martin5 days ago

    I love the resurgence of Rhythm Heaven on my feed, but all I see are perfects, custom remixes, and reanimates. It was nice to see what happens when you mess up!

  56. devastator0912

    devastator09125 days ago

    Z XX. Z a. Z a z z z. Z z z z z z z. Z z. Z z z. Z. Z. Z. Z z. Z. zz. Z z z. Z z. Zz z z. Z z. Z. Z zz zzz z. Z. Z z z. Z. Z. Z. Z z. Z. Z z. Zz z. Z z z zz. Z z. Zz zz. Z. Zz z. Z. Zz. Z zz. Zz. Zz. Z zz. Z z. Z z. Z z zzz z. Z z. Z. Zz z. Z. Z z. Z. Z. Z. Z. Z Z. Z. Z. Zzz. Z zz. Z z z z z z z. Z. Z z. Z. Z z. Z z z z z zzz z z aaaa as aaa aaa aa a aa a zz. A zz a a a aa a aaa. Aaa a a aa aa aa a a a aaa a a a aaa aa a aa a a aa aa aa aa a a a aa a a aaa aa aa aa a aa aa aaa aa a aa aa. Aa aa aa aa. A aa aa ac aa a aa a aa aa aa a aa a ca. Azaqa c. So. Qwwqwqqwqwqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqwwwqwwwwwwwwwwwwwwqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqx

  57. EdwardBloxy

    EdwardBloxy5 days ago

    2nd comment 2 weeks later anyways, rtgame must play rhythm heaven (the DS one) and rhythm heaven megamix, i want more rhythm hell

  58. clarissa krigger

    clarissa krigger5 days ago

    Rhythm heaven was my favorite ds game! Never got to play this version though

  59. James MacKenzie

    James MacKenzie5 days ago

    Is this on Switch? If so, how much?

  60. James MacKenzie

    James MacKenzie2 days ago

    @Aaron damn I want it tho...

  61. Aaron

    Aaron2 days ago

    Nope. I think Megamix is still up on the 3DS E-shop for 15$, though.

  62. Tyler Brothers

    Tyler Brothers5 days ago

    I hate how accurate the being happy for a d minus for a slacker

  63. guy

    guy5 days ago

    1:09:55 my name is Callan and that was too close for comfort

  64. Mathcoolb

    Mathcoolb5 days ago

    Beat the beat

  65. Livvy Hackett

    Livvy Hackett5 days ago

    Him doing that baseball game was amazing!

  66. Mason Vieau

    Mason Vieau5 days ago

    so this is what rt looks like

  67. Vui Vui

    Vui Vui5 days ago


  68. Octo 10008

    Octo 100085 days ago

    It's so weird seeing Donk Donk with an actual description other than "This one's hard to explain." Also for them to actually have a name in the credits.

  69. MathBro51

    MathBro515 days ago

    53:41 gotten

  70. Dr Agon

    Dr Agon5 days ago

    34:08 I've been using this to sleep to but I just noticed how phallic this looks... Just... just watch his hand rather than his face... It's traumatising....

  71. eoeo

    eoeo5 days ago

    48:00 Friday night funkin, idk never played it


    BANANAFIELD5 days ago

    I think you're getting a rhythm

  73. runacchi_113

    runacchi_1135 days ago

    14:29 I have to agree, this one is hard when hearing it first time

  74. runacchi_113

    runacchi_1135 days ago

    RTGame: I can't bop my head otherwise I miss Me: I have to bop otherwise I miss

  75. JESS is EPIC

    JESS is EPIC6 days ago

    I've watched this video so many times since it came out. I think I have an addiction to the game's sounds lol

  76. Sara Swan

    Sara Swan6 days ago


  77. H Egan

    H Egan6 days ago

    I like how much RT's rhythm improved over the video. :D

  78. John Barnes

    John Barnes6 days ago

    Oh, also... In America, we called the Badminton players "Baxter and Forthington" while Britain called them "Quick and Slow". The sequel would have both US and UK versions refer to them as Baxter and Forthington. Unfortunately, we had an opposite problem. Britain called the creatures in Donk-Donk "the Donkers" (which is sort of what they are known as in the Japanese version), but we decided to refer to them as just "Uh... these guys?" cause we wanted to be cute about how absurd they were.

  79. jjoe zero

    jjoe zero6 days ago

    I can relate with that seal

  80. Christipher Wytewa

    Christipher Wytewa6 days ago

    We know one more thing hes bad at

  81. Lord Scrapper

    Lord Scrapper6 days ago

    Why dose he look like yandary dev

  82. Mairo kinda sus

    Mairo kinda sus6 days ago

    Top 10 questions science still can't answer: How many balls does the Mandrill have stored in its mouth?

  83. Lux P

    Lux P7 days ago

    Oof this hurts my heart.

  84. Torumarin

    Torumarin7 days ago

    Wait so I just watched an hour and 32 minutes of him passing every level just to give up right at the end. Thats... evil

  85. Peppa fan

    Peppa fan7 days ago

    I struggled with this game so much. Didn't want to skip anything. In the end didn't complete 3rd remix

  86. Elliyana

    Elliyana7 days ago

    He ain't got rhythm

  87. Gabe Tree

    Gabe Tree7 days ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the BEAUTIFUL editing at 6:45, seamless transition in the music, wonderful job

  88. thiq_prxncess

    thiq_prxncess7 days ago

    i love remix 9

  89. Foxchow400

    Foxchow4007 days ago

    1) the planet going to a shimmer in a birds eye was the smoothest transition ive ever seen, and two, those poor birds probably have concussions

  90. MoopieDoots

    MoopieDoots8 days ago

    There is one game that is said to be worse than dark souls one with monkeys and watches...it is known as Monkey watch.

  91. Arcueid Brunestud

    Arcueid Brunestud8 days ago

    Now speed run the porn version.

  92. dareddevil6

    dareddevil68 days ago

    RT I love your face, but if I wanted to see it I'd just violate the restraining order

  93. Ellen Novo

    Ellen Novo8 days ago

    Let Me Guess: You Fell Asleep In a Metronome Factory And Now Work In A Library With Sweet Old Ladies And A Carpet From The 80s And What More A Librainan Need? Besides You ain't got rhythm No You ain't got rhythm Said You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm I think perhaps that your not listening I find it tedious to repeat It's no big crime You just can't keep time I'm telling you, You lost the beat You don't need Your face on t-shirts Or hit a power-chord guitar They were screaming your name I guess it's a shame But You don't need to be a rock star Besides You ain't got rhythm No You ain't got rhythm Said You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm Sounds like rhythm to me No You ain't got rhythm Said You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm But you got that beat No You ain't got rhythm Said You ain't got rhythm You ain't got rhythm It's time for you to rock a brand new generation Gonna rock a brand new generation Because You ain't got rhythm!

  94. Pyros Nine

    Pyros Nine8 days ago

    May have also been input lag with his TV, if he was also going off visual cues

  95. Thermitemain

    Thermitemain8 days ago

    all the og's remember the older built to scale levels

  96. BedBugKing

    BedBugKing8 days ago

    As a percussionist... Mandrill no feel happy.

  97. Scrafty TheOne

    Scrafty TheOne9 days ago

    Everyone: talking about the monkey wacth love rap: *sad love rap noises*

  98. Tokyo Okaos

    Tokyo Okaos9 days ago

    Now play Friday Night Funkin

  99. Christopher Dominick

    Christopher Dominick9 days ago

    I have more perfects than he has medals. Maybe I have OK rhythm? haha no I’m a rhythm god

  100. Wolf Cross

    Wolf Cross9 days ago

    "Where is the rhythm hell?" This video is the rhythm hell.

  101. Vui Vui

    Vui Vui9 days ago

    France cannot read English so it had to be printed in reversed. There is one time France spelled Bread as Pain. It ended up in hundred years war.

  102. tiiny - xo

    tiiny - xo10 days ago

    Just straight up jamming 🤘🏼

  103. coilover cat

    coilover cat10 days ago

    As a music student this pains me

  104. Camo0101

    Camo010110 days ago

    I never thought a video this long would be something I come back to multiple times and rewatch in its entirety to ward off the existential despair encroaching on my psyche if for only a small period of eternity

  105. Dino Nugget

    Dino Nugget10 days ago

    Thum nail 40:40

  106. Tha Double A P YT

    Tha Double A P YT10 days ago

    Wubudubudub is that true, Dan

  107. Heart

    Heart10 days ago

    Why do you look like jacksepticeye???