Apple April 20th Event (2021) ANNOUNCED! New iPad Pro, AirTags, AirPods 3, & More!

Apple just announced a brand new April event taking place on April 20th at 10AM at Apple Park. This event has been long rumored and reports behind the scenes say that Apple is about to unveil a substantial update to the iPad Pro with a brand new mini-led display, A14X processor, and 5G cellular connectivity. Apple is also rumored to show off even more devices including the long rumored AirTags, AirPods 3, a brand new Apple TV, an iPad mini, and the wild card rumor of maybe seeing the next iMac earlier than we expected.
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  1. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets28 days ago

    New April Event, who's hyped!?

  2. ONIN TAYENG 1018

    ONIN TAYENG 101826 days ago



    BOSS MAN26 days ago

    Me, me ,me!

  4. Jett949 Venkatesh

    Jett949 Venkatesh27 days ago

    @Pickled Morty don’t worry it will come

  5. Pickled Morty

    Pickled Morty28 days ago

    I’m ready to buy it!! my dreams😢😔

  6. Jett949 Venkatesh

    Jett949 Venkatesh28 days ago

    Finally the new m1x 💻 and 🖥 it forever to wait I’m finally going to start a USlikes gaming channel on this device I hop it has nice rtx and also waiting for vr headset I 1000% hyped

  7. Phyllis Jackson

    Phyllis JacksonDay ago

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  8. Sandra Wong

    Sandra Wong2 days ago

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    MOBELEASH19 days ago

    Apple Air Tags are amazing. Air Tags you're IT! mobeleash

  10. SuperBin Videos

    SuperBin Videos20 days ago

    No airpods 3 hayyss still waiting for it! 😭


    MOBELEASH20 days ago

    Air Tags are amazing. Air Tags you're IT. mobeleash

  12. Cody Shodrock

    Cody Shodrock21 day ago

    Did not leak they wanted everyone to know

  13. michael Keyes

    michael Keyes22 days ago

    What about the MacBook m1x is it coming next few weeks .???

  14. Random Raw Updates

    Random Raw Updates23 days ago

    Waiting to get 🤑🤑🤑 the products..

  15. Fernando Garcia

    Fernando Garcia24 days ago

    You got some ugly yellow teeth’s bro u need to do something about that

  16. UltimatePokeGamer7

    UltimatePokeGamer724 days ago

    Airpods 3 and 14' MacBook Pro 🥺

  17. Bruce Kennedy

    Bruce Kennedy24 days ago

    The hype train has got new iMacs as a definite, but now I kinda agree with this vid - it will likely be all about new iPads and airtags. iMacs at dubdub seems more likely 😫

  18. Wady G

    Wady G25 days ago

    No ipad mini?

  19. Animex Guitar

    Animex Guitar25 days ago

    Can't wait for the new ipad mini hope its like the screen feature like ipad pro so if it's true then probably should buy that one!

  20. Anime nex

    Anime nex25 days ago

    I want to know apple launching ipad mini 6 or not

  21. Avar 10

    Avar 1025 days ago

    This new iPad is better than the iPad pro 2020?! And which one has the most graphic quality?!

  22. D Bird

    D Bird25 days ago

    Not that long ago a new entry level iPad was touted for a Spring (March) event. With the event now next week, I’m not hearing anything recently. Can we still expect an entry iPad this time around and if not when? Thx.

  23. Shahar Rozenbloom

    Shahar Rozenbloom25 days ago

    Tesla Will Create hand And Back Bags and For 800$ with Very Small Battery builtin withGPS and USB C 8n Up for Apple Find My in killer idea. It's A Treat for 800$ in Patent.

  24. Shahar Rozenbloom

    Shahar Rozenbloom25 days ago

    Apple will have in October iPad with 20 Giga Cellular with A15X or M2 snd ThanderBolt 4.1 for 1,500$ also MacBook, With 2 eSim for 1,500$.

  25. Shahar Rozenbloom

    Shahar Rozenbloom25 days ago

    Also ePassport by Apple in Android for 500$ a Year for State with Siri for Officer or IDF. No Pay for user.

  26. Santo Valentino

    Santo Valentino26 days ago

    I use in ear Beats. They last like 10 hours. Basically all day and night

  27. ONIN TAYENG 1018

    ONIN TAYENG 101826 days ago

    It will take another 2months for that pad in here

  28. Hyptek096

    Hyptek09626 days ago

    I dont care give me SE without notches based on Iphone X build ill buy it

  29. The Insurance Guy

    The Insurance Guy26 days ago

    The first time someone will want to charge you $59,99 and it won't be an April Fools prank

  30. vMuffin

    vMuffin26 days ago

    Ⓢⓤⓑ ⓐⓝⓓ ⓘ ⓦⓘⓛⓛ ⓓⓞ ⓘⓣ Ⓑⓐⓒⓚ ⓙⓤⓢⓣ ⓡⓔⓟⓛⓨ ⓣⓗⓐⓣ ⓨⓞⓤ ⓢⓤⓑⓑⓔⓓ

  31. Glenn Stokes

    Glenn Stokes26 days ago

    What I want and what I need, Apple seems to keep up with both. Unfortunately What’s In My Wallet is not keeping up. Exciting anyway.

  32. Felrobert

    Felrobert26 days ago

    I'm looking fwd 10th gen Intel MBP with RTX 3090 if it will ever happen. 😂😂😂

  33. reuben m

    reuben m26 days ago

    bythe way....... greg is there any easy way to know a fake iphone 8 plus

  34. Adithyan Suresh

    Adithyan Suresh26 days ago

    90% of the viwers can't afford. And satisfy by watch videos. I am one among them. Anyone else

  35. Dong Malonda

    Dong Malonda26 days ago

    Hey! We have the same shirt! 🖖😂👋 🇵🇭

  36. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets26 days ago

    You have good taste 🤝

  37. Alkrae

    Alkrae26 days ago

    Him: 10.00 am pacific time Me who uses indo china time: Welp, gotta stay up till midnight or wait until 21 April

  38. VIPER Gaming

    VIPER Gaming26 days ago

    Can you please tell me When the iPad release on 20th how long will it take to buy it in Apple store?

  39. Lydia Muthuma

    Lydia Muthuma26 days ago

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  40. White Chocolate Thunder

    White Chocolate Thunder27 days ago

    Stupid question but when will we be able to buy products showcased in the event? Does it drop day one and u can just order them or do they showcase products in an event and release them later?

  41. Lothar Scholz

    Lothar Scholz27 days ago

    Oh my god the best day ever, Apple announces overpriced shit while Red Hat at the same day gives away the brand new Fedora 34 release with Gnome 40 and Gtk4/Wayland for free that runs perfect on US$ 100 second hand systems

  42. Keela Mega

    Keela Mega27 days ago

    Se 3 or plus

  43. Awais Hanif

    Awais Hanif27 days ago

    I want more fps in pubg mobile like ipad pro 2020 there was 90 fps noe I want 120 fps in 2021

  44. Iron Pyrous

    Iron Pyrous27 days ago

    I would be in favor of cheaper prices, even if they don’t change anything else from the previous model.

  45. Shopon Mama . 300 years ago

    Shopon Mama . 300 years ago27 days ago

    Siri is now fired now here comes piri

  46. Hirmet Istrefi ;3

    Hirmet Istrefi ;326 days ago


  47. John Michael Medina

    John Michael Medina27 days ago

    hoping for the new Airpods so that I can afford the old Airpods. please!

  48. Jammie Dodger

    Jammie Dodger27 days ago

    Imagine if Apple decided to get into the console market

  49. Eggy

    Eggy27 days ago

    Hi Greg!

  50. Daniel McCabe

    Daniel McCabe27 days ago

    Will older apple products such as airpods go on sale when new items come out?

  51. Rahma Osei F

    Rahma Osei F27 days ago

    I’m okay with my iPad Pro 11 inches. I’m just in love with it. It makes my studies more fascinating after I got the Apple Pencil. 2025 I’ll try this one 😂

  52. saud alqahtani

    saud alqahtani27 days ago

    Why the mini led only for 12.9 i waited for 6 month just for mini led but i want the 11 inch, very sad

  53. hyunjins americano

    hyunjins americano27 days ago

    they really picked to have it on 4/20

  54. STTA

    STTA27 days ago

  55. JR FURY

    JR FURY27 days ago

    Why do you supposed Apple doesn't get rid of the circular home-button and just replace it with a pill-shape home-button, like Samsung phone use to have.

  56. Tiz

    Tiz27 days ago

    I have until the 25th to return my iPad Pro. I’ll wait until the event just in case. I wonder how long Apple allows for return on Apple pencils.

  57. Cheryl Rister

    Cheryl Rister24 days ago

    I had my since june of 2020 can I return mines.

  58. Richard Samuel

    Richard Samuel27 days ago

    Oh no there’s a delay! Like I can afford apple products anyway

  59. Gunny

    Gunny27 days ago

    I have the iPad Pro 2020 and have ZERO desire to upgrade this year.. I’ll be waiting for the redesign...

  60. Junas Jyrwa

    Junas Jyrwa27 days ago

    I am more interested for the New AirPods 3.

  61. Herr Kasten

    Herr Kasten27 days ago

    I've been saving all my money for that new 12.9 inch ipad pro. They better deliver!

  62. IGN Melfew

    IGN Melfew27 days ago

    I’m an Apple ecosystem fan but can’t afford any of it my iPhone 7 is also a refurbished one! I had to change the battery that’s 4800 mah now and also the screen I need an iPad Pro or maybe an air desperately for my I’m tryna save up for it but it’s too costly in my country I can buy a brand new Yamaha R15 bike for the price lol 😂

  63. Muhammad Januhasan

    Muhammad Januhasan27 days ago

    what about iphone se3

  64. Artemis Lian

    Artemis Lian27 days ago

    i feel like im the only one who's excited for the ipad mini's redesign 😬

  65. Cereal

    Cereal27 days ago

    AirPods 3! The AirPods 1/2 design dates back to 2016(?) and is long overdue for a refresh. The AirPods Pros are not for me with the in-ear tips.

  66. S. P.

    S. P.28 days ago

    I literally just bought a ipad 8gen... Bruv

  67. Sreeja Raghesh

    Sreeja Raghesh28 days ago

    How did apple announced that there event is on 20th

  68. Zachariah Marrero

    Zachariah Marrero28 days ago

    Hated original AirPods. They don’t stay in my greasy ass ears.

  69. Kaenon Hardy

    Kaenon Hardy28 days ago


  70. Nathan Kellert

    Nathan Kellert28 days ago

    I’m curious if the AirPods Pro will keep the spacial audio feature as an exclusive. If you’ve never heard it go to music in settings and turn eq to off and it will change your life.

  71. Gospel According To John

    Gospel According To John28 days ago

    I’m so glad Apple finally announced the April event, if not, then I was afraid there would be news of mass nerd suicides.

  72. Dream SMP

    Dream SMP28 days ago

    Apple New display - Only for iPad pro 12.9" 120 Hz display - Only for iPhone pro max Removes charger , will probably now remove charging socket. Even 400 dollar android devices get high quality 90 Hz OLED screen so a 60 hz screen on a $1100 phone is just rip off & a big no they should at least add 90 Hz screens to basic models. even though i was excited and wanted to buy a new ipad pro as soon as it was launched i am no longer going to buy it just a waste of money if they want us to buy same old devices with nothing new just some improved processing power No! thank you. My 4 year old iPad pro 2017 has a good display , enough processing power ( I don't think many people use iPad camera's ) still it has good camera, decent battery and will probably last another 2-3 years

  73. iCave - David Eden-Sangwell

    iCave - David Eden-Sangwell28 days ago

    Great video. My only thought with the options on AirPods with or without ear tips is that they don't look like they'd fit in the case with tips in place. I feel like they tried optional tips and then decided against it before production.

  74. Susan Pratt

    Susan Pratt28 days ago

    I am excited for the I-Pad Pro 12.9, hopefully a new Apple Pencil 3 that can sample colors, and a new Magic Keyboard that will allow it to lay at an angle, and has a function key roll and a place to put and charge the Apple Pencil. I am also hoping to see the I-Macs, and or the 14 & 16 inch Mac Book Pros. I am looking forward to this event and I got my e-mail for it.

  75. Lucas Pham

    Lucas Pham28 days ago

    Glad that I didn't buy airpod 2

  76. Jett949 Venkatesh

    Jett949 Venkatesh28 days ago

    Finally I’m waiting for the new MacBook m1x and iMac m1x also waiting for vr headset

  77. Mr. Coffee

    Mr. Coffee28 days ago

    Love the shirt!

  78. rhmxos

    rhmxos28 days ago

    No mention of the MacbookPro 16 M1X?!

  79. Devanshu Bisht

    Devanshu Bisht28 days ago

    News on macbook?

  80. Rick Gill

    Rick Gill28 days ago

    I’m waiting for the new 2021 iPad Pro 12.9” to replace my iPad Air 2.

  81. Alan Rey Mercado

    Alan Rey Mercado28 days ago

    this guy is lying. show proof that siri leaked it.

  82. Sonny Dickson

    Sonny Dickson28 days ago


  83. Brandon Benny

    Brandon Benny28 days ago

    God bless that 1.5x playback speed 🥲

  84. LouisPrudhomme

    LouisPrudhomme28 days ago

    Not announcing the iPad mini « Pro design » would probably cause my personal greatest « tech » disappointment ever... 🤞 Honestly, the design will be 10 years old next year, releasing a simple iPad mini 6 would be quite a disaster.

  85. Megan Kirk

    Megan Kirk28 days ago

    what about the rumored update to macbook pro??

  86. Brian Rouse

    Brian Rouse28 days ago

    I need a new desktop. Hopefully the iMac is announced.

  87. armand sant

    armand sant28 days ago

    i dont think youll want to buy a 2021 ipad mini who really does lol

  88. XSlayerM

    XSlayerM28 days ago

    So are the products going to be able to be purchased the same day as they are revealed or like a day later or week? Also do you guys think the iPad Pro 12 inch will sell out instantly? How much time do you guys think we will have to buy the products before bots get them and sell out?

  89. Tiz

    Tiz27 days ago

    I don’t believe Apple will allow bots to to take all the products. After the PS5 experience most retailers are doing an in person pickup only to avoid the bots.

  90. Alexander De S.

    Alexander De S.28 days ago

    I want them to update m1 MacBooks with dual monitor capability. Was taken back when I tried a dual monitor configuration and it didn't work. It's obviously my fault for not reading the product's fine print but sheesh.

  91. 郭坡道

    郭坡道28 days ago


  92. SJ S

    SJ S28 days ago

    Shiny stuff!!!

  93. Al Ihsan

    Al Ihsan28 days ago

    Can't wait to get an IPad Pro 2021, now I'n curious about the exact price.

  94. Al Ihsan

    Al Ihsan27 days ago

    @Awais Hanif Not really, but mainly for digital drawing.

  95. Awais Hanif

    Awais Hanif27 days ago

    Are you using this for gaming

  96. Dandin Dejesus

    Dandin Dejesus28 days ago

    just imagine that they did unveil the next gen imac and showed some hard demo of triple AAA games..

  97. gemini 6179

    gemini 617928 days ago

    A new low cost iPad too according Macrumors. That's so soon because the low cost iPad was just updated in Fall 2020.

  98. Michele-Anne Hamilton

    Michele-Anne Hamilton28 days ago

    Dear Apple - I’ve bought everything. Now leave me alone!

  99. Jorge Vasquez

    Jorge Vasquez28 days ago

    I don’t think AirPods would be part of the event. Since it’s such a small change.


    FUCK HUMANITY28 days ago

    Hoping for a new mini with 5G capability

  101. Christy Marshall

    Christy Marshall28 days ago

    Its gone be the same shit with just a fresh new coat of paint

  102. cynisdaone

    cynisdaone28 days ago

    I’m excited 😜 I can’t wait to get my hands on the new IPad Pro!

  103. whateversclever

    whateversclever28 days ago


  104. cynisdaone

    cynisdaone28 days ago

    Awesome Video! It’s about time 😆 finally the Event I have been waiting for. I need a new iPad Pro!

  105. Clifton Spence

    Clifton Spence28 days ago

    spring loaded= touchscreen+springloaded stand + new apple pencil

  106. RM 713

    RM 71328 days ago

    I've sadly given up on being excited about Apple Events, like I used to because it's just upgrades of the same things for years. I want to see completely new products launched. Their AirPods Max headphones were not good. I had two pairs after having to send my first ones back and the second ones didn't work very well either, both had issues with the right ear cups, wind like noise. Wouldn't have happened in Steve Jobs day.

  107. Kiki Delivery Service

    Kiki Delivery Service28 days ago

    This means that the previous version of ipad pro 12.9 is gonna have a price drop🥳

  108. Michael

    Michael28 days ago

    Yay! Now give us the new updated 24” iMac!!!!

  109. Cody Giron

    Cody Giron28 days ago

    The following is a rant to keep my brain from exploding! When did the letter "t" become optional? When did "button" become "bu'n" I HEAR IT EVERYWHERE. This along with words like "important" becoming "impoDant" just adds to my bewilderment of conversations or reporting by anyone under 50!!! It's bad enough that I have to constantly listen to otherwise intelligent people continually starting sentences with "I mean" or "So" or "Like" while peppering their sentences with 'kinda", "sorta", "like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, " Give me a freaking break……put down your Playstation controller and pick up a book! So, I mean like WTF.

  110. GregsGadgets

    GregsGadgets28 days ago

    I read a lot of books. I took speech therapy when I was younger so I don’t know what else you want from me.

  111. Dan World

    Dan World28 days ago

    Nah they’ll be no iPad Mini or AirPods 3 And we got the new iMac coming for sure 😁

  112. Thunder God

    Thunder God28 days ago

    I was thinking about grabbing an iPad Pro this summer between semesters. I have the last gen iPad Air and it gets the job done, but I really want that huge screen and magic keyboard!! Edit: Finding mixed answers. Does anyone know if you buy WiFi + Cellular iPads if you can opt out of buying a cellular plan right away? Wouldn't mind having the option to go cellular at some point if I wish.