Mongols Season 1 Full - from Genghis to Kublai

Now that we have started to work on the second season of our animated historical documentary series on the Mongol Empire, we decided to make this video to refresh the memory of what happened during the rise of the Mongols. In this video we are covering the conquests of China, Central Asia, Iran, Caucasus, Eastern Europe via the battles of Yehuling, Parwan, Indus River, Kalka, Mohi, Legnica, Ain Jalut, Yamen and others, featuring Genghis Khan, Ogedei, Batu, Kublia, Chagatai, Subutai, Jebe, Tolui, Jalal-ad-din, Baibars, Qutuz and others.
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Art by: B. Tsolmonbayar. Check out his amazing work at: and by Leyla Ali
The script was developed by our friend George Kolev. His help with the research was essential for this documentary.
This video was narrated by Officially Devin (
Machinimas were made on the Total War: Attilla engine by Malay Archer (
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  1. Kings and Generals

    Kings and Generals2 years ago

    NEW VIDEO IN THE SERIES: Here are the links to our podcast on the history of the Mongols - Please follow and comment and rate!

  2. CraftingCameron

    CraftingCameronDay ago

    @KrakEN DragonSlayer wtf you going on about, the title is in English

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    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk said kk kis kkkinda kis kknow kknow kkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkis kkkkkkkkkkkknkkkkknknkk

  4. KrakEN DragonSlayer

    KrakEN DragonSlayer4 days ago

    Dude, remove this Polish title, because id doesn't make any sense. And fire the one who translated it. If you don't have Polish subtitles, why u have Polish title? Thumb down for this

  5. Ahmad Baba

    Ahmad Baba12 days ago

    @Monk Of Dark Times زن is coming again.

  6. CraftingCameron

    CraftingCameron15 days ago

    your videos are extremely helpfull and informative, thankyou very much and for bringing history to life again.

  7. Raven Alb J.

    Raven Alb J.22 minutes ago

    His title was Ka Khan. That meant "head of heads". The word "Ka" meant "head". Jinghis (Genghis) was his name. It was not China he attacked and conquered, it was Cathay. China was conquered by Kublai.

  8. Peter Parker

    Peter ParkerHour ago

    how could Mongol's leather armored army beat heavy and big crusaders at East Europe? There is no proof Mongols really won all these battles.

  9. Kayne Fryday

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  10. Derek Duncan

    Derek Duncan5 hours ago

    That's what you get killing the Messengers.

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  12. dieyoung

    dieyoung13 hours ago

    That was great, a couple of years of college history for free. My thanks to everyone who participated.

  13. Hasan Sugiharto

    Hasan Sugiharto13 hours ago

    Gak paham bahasa Inggris...

  14. Sibusiso Maseko

    Sibusiso Maseko16 hours ago

    Don't ever betray Genghis

  15. Gabriel Eddy

    Gabriel Eddy19 hours ago

    To the besieged at the Bukhara masque, Genghis proclaimed, “You people know what great sins you have committed.... for I am the flail of God. Had you not committed great sins, God would not have sent a scourge like me to punish you!”

  16. Joseph

    JosephDay ago

    They should use this video to make an epic Mongolian empire movie, directed by a top notch Hollywood director.

  17. Tho mas

    Tho masDay ago

    37:39 couldnt help but notice how you butchered the city name of Breslau or Wroklav xD

  18. El Tom

    El TomDay ago

    Сделайте русские субтитры

  19. Mark Will Mayo - Magallanes

    Mark Will Mayo - MagallanesDay ago

    The Mongol cash in the video has In Tengri We Trust. 😁

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    Changhazi clan 🇦🇫🇹🇲🇰🇿🇰🇬🇺🇿🇹🇯🇹🇷🇯🇵🇰🇷✊

  21. Chang- Hazi

    Chang- Hazi15 hours ago

    @Akıncı mongols and Turks are from the altaic group, chengiz just named his state mongol. Regardless, I have turk and mongol dna so it doesnt matter what he was or wasn't.

  22. Akıncı

    AkıncıDay ago

    Genghis isn't even a turk....

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    Klinsman - o2 days ago

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  25. Dagvajav Sainbayar

    Dagvajav Sainbayar2 days ago

    The Mongols had many victories and defeats, but all but one managed to achieve their goals and collect taxes.

  26. Markus Pfeifer

    Markus Pfeifer2 days ago

    I mean... when the sons were unable to unite behind one of them, genghis khan could just have ordered them to have a battle to death and the survivor takes it all. But apparently that was to brutal for the guy who slaughtered a good chunk of mankind.

  27. Pooja Koul

    Pooja Koul2 days ago

    Do a video on why Ghengis Khan didn't/could not conquer India?

  28. David Easton

    David Easton3 days ago

    all this

  29. DT scorecd

    DT scorecd3 days ago

    This was really good. One day I'll go back and watch it again. Thank you !!! 2/21/2021

  30. Viraj Kadam

    Viraj Kadam3 days ago

    Kamikaze: Allow me to introduce myself

  31. Sahil

    Sahil3 days ago

    So Genghis khan himself was standing at the door of India😱😱😱

  32. Labib Chy

    Labib Chy2 days ago

    @Viraj Kadam You foolish

  33. Sahil

    Sahil3 days ago

    @Viraj Kadam Because he had some works to deal otherwise he would definitely attack

  34. Viraj Kadam

    Viraj Kadam3 days ago

    Yet wasn't able to conquer 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Σωτήριος Σαρακατσάνος

    Σωτήριος Σαρακατσάνος3 days ago

    The Greek translation is very bad

  36. Raj Abel

    Raj Abel3 days ago

    Well presented congrats

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    Joy Mukherjee4 days ago

    Very Nice Video. All should watch & Appreciate. God Bless Kings & Generals Channel for providing us with such nice videos.

  38. Mike Becker

    Mike Becker4 days ago

    Meatshields. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that..

  39. Sidi Diaby

    Sidi Diaby4 days ago

    Damn! They had so many capable generals.

  40. WebOnion

    WebOnion4 days ago

    Mongols: We'll raze every single town, butcher all inhabitants, fake ceasefires, it's all part of war! Also Mongols: dOnT bUTchER oUr EnVOys!

  41. 서우진

    서우진4 days ago

    Only two countries in East Asia were not defeated by the Mongols in battle. The Koreans and the Japanese. In the Pacific and Indochina, Vietnam and Indonesia. India also held its ground against the Mongols. P.S.: I know that the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea became a compulsary ally of the Mongols. However, they did not defeat them in battle and Goryeo resisted the Mongols for 30 years before using diplomacy to stop a longer war, possible destruction, and for better terms, and became a Mongol ally.

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    Animeaniac4 days ago

    SERIOURSLY you know what every failure here was every time these morons won a tiny victory vs the Mongols they went and celebrated, the folly of the nobles pride no wonder they fell they deserved to fall.

  44. Inquisitor Maplesden

    Inquisitor Maplesden4 days ago

    how is this relevant to what i was watching...... fucking recommended videos needs fixing

  45. Gaurav kharat

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    Genghis Khan (pronounced as jenghis khan or changez khan)

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  47. Kostya Demchuk

    Kostya Demchuk5 days ago

    26:09 Narrator is a lier - Kyiv Rus is Ukraine and Belarus. Russians did not exist at the time of Mongol invasion. Moreover even the graphics shows Ukrainan colours of yellow and blue.

  48. ravenous 03

    ravenous 035 days ago

    Subutai what an amazing strategist and tactician 👏

  49. Mariama Diallo

    Mariama Diallo5 days ago

    Note taken: Do not rest and feast while near a river

  50. W Katarina

    W Katarina5 days ago

    36:26 So funny you kept seeing that western kings were so stupid and traditionally kill eastern envoys, what a stupid culture, did killing envoy mark their bravery? in east, very often only trusted and close friends can be emperor's envoy, in east culture killing envoy means definitely the ultimate hostility and no rooms for any talk whatsoever, it means the result can only be "you leave or die" for both sides, and those stupid western small kings kept killing envoys for nothing but only to invite the following barbarian invasion and massacre or even genocide, did they learn from that?

  51. Clint Daniels

    Clint Daniels6 days ago

    today mongols are most peaceful people small nation.

  52. JacobLevi

    JacobLevi6 days ago

    dude they need to bring back marco polo

  53. HiReeZin

    HiReeZin6 days ago

    The most pragmatic nation I know. Romans came close.

  54. You’re daily Commenter

    You’re daily Commenter6 days ago

    It amazes me how the mongols couldn’t get past Constantinople because of there walls, while they massacred Kiev, sammarkand, etc.

  55. mk bijnaam

    mk bijnaam6 days ago

    Kurultay isnt Mongolian it had the same meaning years before that

  56. Gloxia

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    4:00 if i remember right that system created by Modu Chanyu

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  58. ბედნიერი გობლინი

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    well well subatai was a badass

  59. J G

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    I wish they could destroy the CCP

  60. grandstandguy

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    I'm pretty sure Putin is part Mongol. I can tell. It's Illuminati secret. They are trying to destroy whites so they put in Mongols to destroy us.

  61. grandstandguy

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    @Yungster Yes. Are you Mongol?

  62. Yungster

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    You crazy?

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    sharu khan

  64. Shrinil Odedra

    Shrinil Odedra7 days ago

    The map is inaccurate as Dali and Vietnam were annexed prior to the capture of the song . These inaccuracies need to be addressed.

  65. Alexander Brown

    Alexander Brown7 days ago

    Well done. Thanks.

  66. Richard Wang

    Richard Wang7 days ago

    Great movie! One thing, Möngke Khan didn’t die in Mongolia. He was defeated, injured and later died of his injuries in China during his campaign against the Chinese empire Song, at the mountain fortress Diaoyucheng (modern day Chongqing).

  67. Criestly Dela Cruz

    Criestly Dela Cruz7 days ago

    No one: The mongols: Retreat was always an option

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  76. Anoni Mouse

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  81. A A

    A A9 days ago

    but the 1 mongol grandson of ghengis khan berke khan was a muslim unlike the other mongol khans berke was a legend not bloodthirsty as hulagu khan

  82. Veselin Karabakalov

    Veselin Karabakalov9 days ago

    Fully bulshits, you looking on every battle separated and miss the hole picture❗Chengis Han was Bulgarian, born in Kazan the capital of Volgan Bulgaria❗He was trying to save the remains of Bulgarian Empire where was whole Russia and half Europe❗ Christian army⁉️⁉️⁉️ Why Mongols spear lifes of the Christians in Baghdad, just because they were Christians it self❗❗❗ I don't know what kind of fucking history you are learning there, but stop with the lies❗❗❗ And Bulgaria was never under the Mongolis but we stop them to go Europe❗Why Chengis Han take Volgan Bulgaria⁉️It's because they accept Islam and at that time Islam was counted fo erecy❗You don't know nothing about the history and better shout down❗❗❗

  83. K Bayraktar

    K Bayraktar9 days ago

    Mongolian Invasion was so bad people still tell horror stories about Mongolians in Turkey. TV series, documentaries are shot and Turks still cry over them. It’s been a thousand years and we’re not over it 😕🙃 This is how heard of Mongolians in my father’s hometown of 3,000 people: “Do you see that hill? Yes, Mongolians were coming from there, people left their houses, hid themselves. There was a religious man (He has a mausoleum for his tomb, everyone still goes and pray for him there), he went to speak with the commander of Mongolians. He asked him please don’t kill us, so commander didn’t. But then they went to butcher a Greek village. Do you see that tower of clock? There were Greek houses there. Mongolians killed them all”

  84. Hekima Asilia

    Hekima Asilia9 days ago

    Was there any period of peace at all??

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    Its hard to comprehend the amount of suffering the Mongols caused...

  89. moe kopahi

    moe kopahi10 days ago

    The word "Mongol" translates to retarded in Persian. I guess it got adapted when they conquered Iran

  90. Md.mahmudul islam abid

    Md.mahmudul islam abid10 days ago

    51:22 islamic golden age done...

  91. Saifi Talat

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    Mongols: gg we win Mamluks: hold my master

  92. Ярослав Балицький

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    Why do you call them "Russians". Russia did not exist before Peter 1st.

  93. Ярослав Балицький

    Ярослав Балицький10 days ago

    It is Ukrainian cities, Kyiv and Chernigiv. Please, correct on your maps.

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  95. The Actual News

    The Actual News10 days ago

    Fall 2021: while the world recovered from coronavirus, no one noticed the Steppes people mastered using guns while on horseback. The Neo-Mongolian hoard rides again, and has conquered every state but Wyoming.

  96. JohnKazuma

    JohnKazuma11 days ago

    Where is Great Khan when you need one in modern timez.

  97. Rose Sacks

    Rose Sacks11 days ago

    nice history presentation 👍

  98. Finnic Patriot

    Finnic Patriot11 days ago

    And again no mention of the Finno-Ugric Princes Purgaz and Puresh, even though they fought for and against Sübötäi! There truly is an anti-Finno-Ugric conspiracy going on!!!

  99. F4Wildcat

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    "Each time the word massacered is said, take a shot" everyone= Dies of alcohol poisoning

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    Rains of Castamere starts playing

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    This is very well pit together

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    Those Hungarians have balls of steel to simply disregard two separate war parties of at least 40k each

  103. Chang Yuchou

    Chang Yuchou12 days ago

    The video clip is the best I ever enjoyed for the history clips. However, I wish the chinese translation could be more precise, unfortunately, due to budget concern, the outcome was quite aweful which degrades its precious description in English. I wish there will be better chinese title version in the future, soon, I hope.

  104. Divine Chareka

    Divine Chareka12 days ago

    I just watched Macro Polo & USlikes greeted me with this video 😃😃

  105. Byambaa Battulga

    Byambaa Battulga12 days ago

    Kindly suggesting a channel: Altan Ifo about Mongolian Horseback Archery

  106. yamochan

    yamochan12 days ago

    The great wall was not hoplessly ineffective. It was always there not to stop an enemy but to delay them so that the chinese could mobilize their army!

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  108. david robinson

    david robinson13 days ago

    not sure why this celebrated...probably slaughtered nearly10 million innocent people nearly half the worlds population at the time ...what a top guy and family ..

  109. Joe Sylvester

    Joe Sylvester13 days ago

    I always thought there should be a military documentary on the Mongols called “Steppe by Steppe.”

  110. Not Sure

    Not Sure13 days ago

    I think the Nazis shouldn't be the generalization for evil, it's the Mongols.

  111. Olebull93

    Olebull9313 days ago

    Mongols: "Aaah! call an ambulance! But not for me!"

  112. Jackie

    Jackie13 days ago

    Jin dynasty is not Chinese, what a fool......

  113. John Allright

    John Allright13 days ago

    It Allways amazes me how these vast armies managed to find enough food and clothes and metal for weapons??????

  114. jabs

    jabs13 days ago

    Mongols in those times usually had some sort of total war economy, some mongolian hordes in their dire need had their women, daughters even princesses fighting for them, and they were still good enough. If you read about them, u will find instances of mongolian princesses and women losing their lives fighting wars. About clothes and armor: they had hardened skin armor + iron armor pieces, nothing they can't produce.