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  1. Kyle Exum

    Kyle Exum11 days ago

    I hope y'all enjoy! (Make sure to like and comment if you did!) Oh, and text me! +1 (860) 385-6295

  2. Gabriel Lacoursiere

    Gabriel Lacoursiere4 days ago

    sup you my fave

  3. Fire Clogger

    Fire Clogger6 days ago

    Yo I'm a Kahoot start. who? going around like a hooplah

  4. TeaSquad

    TeaSquad7 days ago

    I wish I can rap like youuuuuuuu

  5. Mega Phone

    Mega Phone10 days ago


  6. Xtoy Bonnie87

    Xtoy Bonnie8710 days ago


  7. Spidors

    Spidors46 seconds ago

    DUDE UR AUDIO IS ON ROBLOX! here is the link go see:

  8. Miraslau Kavaliou

    Miraslau Kavaliou3 minutes ago

    That is a large number of comments to respond to :/

  9. Matija Vadanjel

    Matija Vadanjel3 minutes ago

    Where were u born?

  10. Lamp

    Lamp4 minutes ago

    Every comment? Wow.

  11. xxmossgodxx

    xxmossgodxx5 minutes ago

    Did he ever get that A?

  12. Drowsy

    Drowsy5 minutes ago

    ts bops

  13. Deven Brashear

    Deven Brashear5 minutes ago

    Yo let's do this you make awesome content Kyle

  14. ShaDow8_

    ShaDow8_6 minutes ago


  15. Gamer Guy

    Gamer Guy9 minutes ago

    It’s the best

  16. Shifukato

    Shifukato12 minutes ago

    How bout dat 500k like

  17. IceBear

    IceBear13 minutes ago

    Top of the game, I'm a Kahoot star (Who?), ain't no hooplah to it Second guessin'? Y'all buenos noches, I can't be snoozin' Got the codes to the game, made my name make a bang Red and blue sus like Among Us, I can't be choosin' I'm a quick card clickin' buzzer beater with the top spot Green I see, if you ain't me, you just a knockoff Grades got COVID but in game, I'm Jimmy Neutron Player of the year, just like an ex, I never miss, nah-nah Shine is on my eye like Pixar Got the people cheatin', tryna see just what my picks are Still tеn toes down at the tip-top Get onе wrong and like the beat, you're 'bouta big drop Counterfeit friends cappin', can't throw me off Never missin' mine, you out of time just like a TikTok Leaderboard legend with the bars, they call me Hootpac Y'all ain't ready like audio-only Zoom calls Check my resumé, thirty games won, no true/false That's auto-admission to Harvard and that's by default I'm the product that's poppin', got y'all on recall Einstein on E to me when it comes to MC, dog Squarin' up? Hands on KSI, couldn't be Paul Leaderboard level Supa Hot, I don't see loss Smartboard intellect for sure, I can't be wrong Never slow, y'all Nevada slow, gotta keep up And I'm winnin' And there's somethin' 'bout this music hittin' different You know this ain't UNO, can't reverse the order we in Like a stoplight when you're runnin' late, you never see the green hit, huh I'm a hey, batter-batter hitmaker on an off day Hands too good, I guess you should've gotten All State Oops, y'all gotta make it quicker like you're State Farm Too far? I don't know who you are Shoot, I'm a Kahoot star (Who?) Ain't no hooplah to it Second guessin'? Y'all buenos noches, I can't be snoozin' Got the codes to the game, made my name make a bang Red and blue sus like Among Us, I can't be choosin' I'm a quick card clickin' buzzer beater with the top spot Green I see, if you ain't me, you just a knockoff Grades got COVID but in game, I'm Jimmy Neutron Player of the year, that's why I'm- Top of the game, I'm a Kahoot star (Who?) Ain't no hooplah to it Second guessin'? I'll play y'all like chess, imagine losin' Got the codes to the game, in my zone like I'm Aang Red and blue sus like Among Us, I can't be choosin' I'm a quick card clickin' buzzer beater with the top spot Ain't makin' green? Ain't me, you just a knockoff Grades malnourished, but we eatin' now like Rick Ross Player of the year, just like an ex, I never miss, nah-nah

  18. Skylor Madden

    Skylor Madden14 minutes ago

    They need this for kahoot

  19. Georon Wheatle

    Georon Wheatle14 minutes ago


  20. Mason Waddleton

    Mason Waddleton14 minutes ago

    kyle i got a question have you made a rap with minecraft music

  21. LegacyMarker69

    LegacyMarker6914 minutes ago

  22. Lol Hi

    Lol Hi14 minutes ago

    how do you like my name?

  23. Nicholas Guerrero

    Nicholas Guerrero15 minutes ago

    me in school not doing kahoot

  24. Black Ninja

    Black Ninja17 minutes ago

    there is a scientific fact black people make good rap

  25. daniel cambero

    daniel cambero17 minutes ago

    Drop your next video early.

  26. Jack Wasserman

    Jack Wasserman17 minutes ago

    What is your favorite rap you made?

  27. Aiden Atkins

    Aiden Atkins18 minutes ago

    now its on spodify

  28. Mr. Fishy Boy

    Mr. Fishy Boy18 minutes ago


  29. Ka55u 14

    Ka55u 1420 minutes ago

    You should do kahoot live with viewers

  30. Alexander Mendoza

    Alexander Mendoza20 minutes ago

    hi kyle

  31. Lol Hi

    Lol Hi21 minute ago


  32. goodboy gamer

    goodboy gamer21 minute ago

    Sup luv your videos

  33. Caleb Tamrat

    Caleb Tamrat21 minute ago

    Straight up 🔥 🔥

  34. Dmarion Natt

    Dmarion Natt22 minutes ago


  35. Phantom Vibes

    Phantom Vibes25 minutes ago


  36. Jaxon Vlogs Man

    Jaxon Vlogs Man25 minutes ago

    Can I have airpod

  37. Ghøulie Boi!!!!!

    Ghøulie Boi!!!!!26 minutes ago

    Can I get free merch 🤔

  38. BeastMode Dragneel

    BeastMode Dragneel27 minutes ago

    All these freestyles over the years got me thinking Kyle would make a great artist in the music industry

  39. Nathan Van Veen

    Nathan Van Veen28 minutes ago

    love your vidz keep up the good work

  40. The_Tackster0

    The_Tackster029 minutes ago

    I love your vids man!!This is really awesome!!

  41. abdi

    abdi29 minutes ago

    Bro this is so good

  42. Super Sayien Goten1000

    Super Sayien Goten100032 minutes ago

    U mean me beast!?! LOL!!

  43. Ender Dog

    Ender Dog32 minutes ago

    Do you have any tips for free style rapping.

  44. EŁITE

    EŁITE33 minutes ago

    You have to do it🤣🤣🤣

  45. MJxBeast

    MJxBeast35 minutes ago

    Hey bro your soo cool I love your vids

  46. Rooster0505

    Rooster050536 minutes ago

    Minecraft Bedwars 1v1? Bedwars collab?

  47. Nikolus Lewis

    Nikolus Lewis36 minutes ago

    this hit diferent

  48. Mason Games

    Mason Games38 minutes ago

    Do you eat food??


    HARD- GAMES39 minutes ago

    3:28 thank me later


    HARD- GAMES38 minutes ago

    rap is sick man\

  51. William Walters

    William Walters40 minutes ago

    my favorite part is the entire thing!!!!!!!! the Kahoot rap is so good.

  52. Steam Pw

    Steam Pw40 minutes ago


  53. iblock_64

    iblock_6448 minutes ago

    2:56 pause it, it says I like your cut g, but fancy lol

  54. Untouchable Ninja

    Untouchable Ninja48 minutes ago


  55. Kalthum Hussein

    Kalthum Hussein49 minutes ago

    lol insane

  56. iblock_64

    iblock_6450 minutes ago

    The beat dropping harder than my A's after getting a B on a test

  57. PK11YT

    PK11YT50 minutes ago

    I was listening to this while playing a kahoot and I got first place with no questions wrong

  58. Dj IzzieDizzie

    Dj IzzieDizzie52 minutes ago

    The all those dislikes were just people that were boppin to this beat so hard that they missed the like button

  59. tAnGoBoIs

    tAnGoBoIs53 minutes ago

    Are these based on real life experiences...?

  60. tAnGoBoIs

    tAnGoBoIs53 minutes ago

    wOaH question do you have siblings?

  61. Maryan Hassan

    Maryan Hassan53 minutes ago


  62. Alsan Imdad

    Alsan Imdad54 minutes ago

    The video game rap battle...

  63. AbdulRahman Abdulkhalek

    AbdulRahman Abdulkhalek55 minutes ago


  64. GamingOneRush

    GamingOneRush55 minutes ago

    I love the rap so much I have watched this several times in a day! :D

  65. Pixelgun Winner

    Pixelgun Winner56 minutes ago

    Howdy dude

  66. Christiano Knowles

    Christiano Knowles56 minutes ago


  67. Hamedul Alam

    Hamedul Alam56 minutes ago

    i liked the song and the play before it was dope


    BRIAN PLEASANT57 minutes ago

    how did it feel to get your first youtube playbutton

  69. yea why?

    yea why?59 minutes ago

    if you take fly out of butterfly is it butter?

  70. lord Gamer1

    lord Gamer1Hour ago

    That was one good song could not even chose another one

  71. Diego Brando

    Diego BrandoHour ago

    Apple contact lens when?

  72. JAIML

    JAIMLHour ago

    he wont reply >:)

  73. Jibril Mohamed

    Jibril MohamedHour ago

    This is fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. salena singh

    salena singhHour ago

    im a fan thx mah dude

  75. Selene Moreno-Lapierre

    Selene Moreno-LapierreHour ago

    This is just amazing

  76. Weirdo

    WeirdoHour ago

    Yo! Anyone know the vid about🤔...the...." dad i got a hundred on my test! Thats it?! Why didnt you get a hundred and ten?!" .. .thats all i remember😐

  77. Rachael Enimil-Ashun

    Rachael Enimil-AshunHour ago

    Kyle is a good rapper no explicit words and he makes all his songs go hard and nice what a great person

  78. Rylee Nguyen

    Rylee NguyenHour ago

    Beep boop

  79. The memeist Meme are good

    The memeist Meme are goodHour ago


  80. Emiliiano_soto2009

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  81. Mr Awsome

    Mr AwsomeHour ago

    HA! "The among us massacre of 2020" lmao

  82. Puking Potato

    Puking PotatoHour ago

    i love your songs i have every single one in my spotify playlist

  83. The Gamer Guys

    The Gamer GuysHour ago

    Could you make a bop using my username?

  84. LilPimp0316

    LilPimp0316Hour ago

    Can you do a Santa skit next

  85. Aya Touihar

    Aya TouiharHour ago


  86. ThunderStorm

    ThunderStormHour ago

    3:29 the replay button

  87. Zeki Mahmood

    Zeki MahmoodHour ago

    I do be doing kahoot



    i like the beat and the song

  89. CJgreennoob

    CJgreennoobHour ago

    I shall name my child kyle i look up to you

  90. Mystical gaming wolf

    Mystical gaming wolfHour ago

    3:30 song starts

  91. Anayja Parker

    Anayja ParkerHour ago

    This is the only game I class play when we do a test

  92. Vampire

    VampireHour ago

    Love you videos

  93. Nancy Woodall

    Nancy WoodallHour ago

    Can we get some McDonald’s You got some mcdollars.... that’s what I thought but I will take you to a team nice place called the fridge

  94. Hazim Pro

    Hazim ProHour ago

    Can you make kahoot live with fans

  95. TheHatKid 21

    TheHatKid 21Hour ago


  96. Alex videos

    Alex videosHour ago

    Great job big fan

  97. Spidors

    SpidorsHour ago

    kill me

  98. RealKingBacon

    RealKingBaconHour ago

    hello to the people that see this

  99. Sarah Royer

    Sarah RoyerHour ago

    This was great!! Keep doing what you're doing Kyle!! You are amazing!

  100. Max Leong

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  101. meme LORD

    meme LORDHour ago

    Max Leong sup

  102. Rene Barbier

    Rene BarbierHour ago

    325k and counting

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  105. Sister Squad

    Sister Squad2 hours ago

    Hi I love u

  106. Daniel Steele

    Daniel Steele2 hours ago

    Hi your really talinted

  107. Best comment u will ever see in your Gawt damn life

    Best comment u will ever see in your Gawt damn life2 hours ago

    I was truly the kahoot star in my class. I lost like a few times but I was on a roll. I used to tease my lovely classmates too and say "But it's easy." LoI. I was hoping it would push them to fight harder for the win. It worked on some and I gave them a high five when they won. That rap @3:30 was fire though and 🔥Fire🔥 was a nickname I used in kahoot. 😎