Second 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the second 2020 presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.
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  1. Nexlyz

    NexlyzHour ago


  2. Dvise

    Dvise3 hours ago

    trump: who built the cages joe: ignores (knowing he built the cages) 1:24:25

  3. Channel Name • 10 years ago

    Channel Name • 10 years ago4 hours ago

    Trump is so defensive. It's like a child saying that he/she didnt take the cookie.

  4. Shawn Vielee

    Shawn Vielee4 hours ago

    29:29 Biden you’re telling us to wear our masks but you aren’t wearing yours 😡

  5. Niko Bellic

    Niko Bellic9 hours ago

    1:59:20 I'm dying lmaook

  6. Meme God

    Meme God11 hours ago

    The Hall of Funny Biden Faces that Make Me Forget the World is Burning 32:24 my man joe looks into the camera like jim from the office does when michael does something stupid 36:22 joe looks at trump in astonishment as he witnesses a complete 180 37:33 joe's brain fucking explodes as trump lies to his face 39:37 joe visibly thinks about saying his catchphrase "will you shut up man," but refrains 40:42 😐 42:01 "c'mon!" 44:37 the face of a man who desperately wants to throw the fuck down 49:28 joe looks to the moderator dumbfounded in such a way that can only be described as "y'all hear sum?" 53:23 joe is again astonished as the president of the united states of america proceeds to play the blame game with him 55:14 joe makes contact with the ghost of president richard m. nixon, and they both share a look of distain as a result of trump taking his "witch hunt" line 57:52 the look of a man who just had his son attacked on baseless claims 1:01:18 joe is once again taken back as trump completely derails the topic and spews garbage in a quick spur of what the experts call "baby rage" 1:03:14 "i- this bitch" 1:13:36 joe laughs at trump's limited knowledge of how democracy works

  7. 0116Lori

    0116Lori11 hours ago

    "It was investigated and nobody SAID that I did anything wrong in Ukraine" Nobody said anything so therefore it didn't happen lol . What was that that President Trump said about healthcare in that last sentence? They cut him off.

  8. truesonic33

    truesonic3312 hours ago

    Julianne is putins pupet

  9. Kaxi davitadze

    Kaxi davitadze14 hours ago

    Nooo i love trump

  10. doglover4100

    doglover410014 hours ago

    Fuck Joe Biden!! Fuck this stupid country for voting for him!!

  11. Je suis David

    Je suis David14 hours ago

    Who is here after Trump win in supreme court?

  12. trelemorelebenc

    trelemorelebenc16 hours ago

    God, if this hardcore left tards win, this country wilk be done, venezuela case

  13. CV-Art

    CV-Art18 hours ago

    I miss OBAMA!!!

  14. Joe Q

    Joe Q17 hours ago


  15. Hazelplayys 3

    Hazelplayys 318 hours ago

    This one wasn’t as hype as the first

  16. brianna channel

    brianna channel20 hours ago

    me skipping to see drama👁️👄👁️

  17. Tj Kincaid

    Tj Kincaid20 hours ago

    It’s not a laser pointer it’s a wand that cures the covid

  18. 끝

    22 hours ago

  19. The Books I burned

    The Books I burned22 hours ago

    Biden: he has no plan after a month after this debate- Trump: here's your vaccine, folks! Biden: he's lying CBS: next question

  20. Eric Grant

    Eric GrantDay ago

    Superb moderator the first one was rubbish

  21. ꧁𒊹꧂ Maher

    ꧁𒊹꧂ MaherDay ago


  22. Rap Lion Of The Jungle

    Rap Lion Of The JungleDay ago

    That man is gonna make the US worse than EU. That climate lie is a business, its quite clear. First thing he talks about is economy and jobs, not the change that all that bs is gonna do for the climate. Run farmers of their land to fill fields with solar panels that only last for so long and then where u gonna dump them, wind turbines that destroy the whole ecoystem their put in and electric cars with cobalt in the batteries fueled by slave labour in the 3rd world. Biden voters are going to get the facist state they asked for. He laughed it off when Trump said the thing about wind turbines killing birds because the birds are such a small price to pay for a globalist like Biden.

  23. Ziperania

    ZiperaniaDay ago

    Alhamdulillah. Joe biden win

  24. GamingWaifu 07

    GamingWaifu 07Day ago

    This horrible disease..... that came from China

  25. Sagor Zaman

    Sagor ZamanDay ago

    When both are comedian 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

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    Choice AiluDay ago

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  27. Choice Ailu

    Choice AiluDay ago

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  28. Andrea

    AndreaDay ago

    Imagine having a previous debate being a N A T I O N A L. E M B A R R A S S M E N T And acting like a child in the second one. Cmon mr orange

  29. Topics A La Mode

    Topics A La ModeDay ago

    Wow, I support all the Netflix related comments. I approve this message. 😬🔥🔥

  30. BoB the Banana

    BoB the BananaDay ago

    Joe Biden isn't very good a arguments /s

  31. Joe Q

    Joe QDay ago

    @BoB the Banana oh

  32. BoB the Banana

    BoB the BananaDay ago

    I was just kidding do you want me to use /s or something

  33. Joe Q

    Joe QDay ago

    You clearly are not good at grammar

  34. Last Call 170

    Last Call 170Day ago

    Trump..small words Big Action Biden...Big words No Action

  35. Joram B

    Joram BDay ago

    He talks about himself to answer a question about the future of covid like wtg

  36. Csaba Napier

    Csaba NapierDay ago

    Fuck biden

  37. Александр Н

    Александр Н2 days ago

    Биба и боба...

  38. Brightdeer

    Brightdeer2 days ago

    Trump:open the schools Biden:aw hell na

  39. Joe Q

    Joe Q23 hours ago

    Because we don’t want the kids to spread covid to the family.

  40. Brightdeer

    Brightdeer2 days ago

    I don't know why but this is pretty funny

  41. Scorpia

    Scorpia2 days ago تــــابعـــونـــي عـــلـــى انستغرامي أستحلفكم بالله 🔥🔥🔥

  42. Richard Bogere

    Richard Bogere2 days ago

    Have mercy LORD JESUS CHRIST

  43. Abdul Nashir

    Abdul Nashir2 days ago

    Im biggest fan sir joe bident

  44. Lamb Kamryn Lamb Kamryn

    Lamb Kamryn Lamb Kamryn2 days ago

    The people who are watching this: - laying down - not in full screen - reading comments

  45. Ince SilentNoise

    Ince SilentNoise2 days ago

    America will be worse off with the space. The way the interviewer was asking the questions was to discredit Trump.

  46. Old Arrow Calisthenics

    Old Arrow Calisthenics2 days ago

    Great discussion, proud of our president Donald Trump here in AZ

  47. Aliyah Arellano

    Aliyah Arellano2 days ago

    Follow if u hate trump

  48. HeterosAreIcky

    HeterosAreIcky2 days ago

    okay so biden won, i'm happy, hopefully we'll start doing better now, but how come throughout this whole session and the last one, trumps only defense was "why didn't you do it in your last 40 years?" because like, he's not wrong but at least he's trying to change it now yet you keep on interrupting him and making all his current points invalid because you don't know how to be mature and talk about the matter at hand.

  49. WladBlank

    WladBlank2 days ago

    never heard of muslims being a specific race

  50. Letong Xu

    Letong Xu2 days ago


  51. Letong Xu

    Letong Xu2 days ago

    The reporter talking: Joe: mhm mhm yes, okay Trump: EXCUSE ME?!

  52. Letong Xu

    Letong Xu2 days ago

    I found da meme 58:23

  53. se mo

    se mo2 days ago ok leg's go

  54. Xray 21

    Xray 212 days ago

    She is inturrupting Trump every time, its crazy

  55. Joe Q

    Joe QDay ago

    Because the time was up

  56. Antz_in_my_ pantz

    Antz_in_my_ pantz2 days ago

    When trump say millions and millions you know lies about to come out

  57. Grizzly Reaper

    Grizzly Reaper2 days ago

    I want Joe Bidden as my teacher!

  58. Joe Q

    Joe Q23 hours ago


  59. Bosco Boskovitch

    Bosco Boskovitch2 days ago

    FUCK Beijing Biden

  60. WladBlank

    WladBlank2 days ago

    once you see the weird green light 32:20 you subliminary think "something about Trump isn't right" This is manipulation.

  61. homa taha

    homa taha3 days ago

    Obama denuclearized Iran and Trump made sure that they have access to nuke again!!! Trump Has done nothing better! just name 1thing Trump has done better than Obama!

  62. homa taha

    homa taha3 days ago

    trump went from only idiots pay taxes in 2016 to I prepaid my taxes!

  63. dead_king

    dead_king3 days ago

    Among us meeting be like:

  64. HeterosAreIcky

    HeterosAreIcky2 days ago


  65. Tank Fury

    Tank Fury3 days ago

    37:09 lol he admitted it 😂😂😂😂😂

  66. Raymond Felton

    Raymond Felton3 days ago

    The question is (Trump interrupts) The question is (Trump interrupts) The question (Trump interrupts) Will you shut up man (Trump doesn’t shut up) This is so unpresidential (Moderator stops the argument)

  67. Alar Lilleväli

    Alar Lilleväli3 days ago

    Biden will suck as a president.

  68. R Skot

    R Skot3 days ago

    @49:28 Joe's reaction screams CAUGHT!!

  69. Catalyst _YT

    Catalyst _YT3 days ago

    Biden 2020

  70. LousyFacelift

    LousyFacelift3 days ago

    I'm not an American, I come from Germany but spent 10 months of my life in Wisconsin as an exchange student when I was 16, so the USA had a great impact on my life and have helped define me in a way. Please don't talk as if the result was already there with Biden's presidency as given fact. Nobody believed Trump would win the first time and this time is no different. Celebrating too early and raising high hopes for those who eagerly await Biden as the next president can lead to enormous disillusionment and frustration on the democratic side if the opposite of what you believe turns out to be true. You simply cannot be so sure and your country at this point is no longer the United States, you're the Divided States with radicalisation taking place on either side - republican and democratic. There are news reports here in Germany, like a YT channel called Epoch Times for example, that despite being questionable supposedly has presented a lot of evidence towards voter fraud. NOTHING IS DECIDED YET, at this point TRUMP IS STILL PRESIDENT and the way I see him, it would make perfect sense for him to present evidence towards fraud in the very last moment and repeat his phrases about FAKE NEWS, rubbing it in all the democrats faces that it was a big mistake not to trust his words and you know it would only be his right to do so! If at this point there is a vast majority of Americans who honestly don't mind who it's going to be on Dec. 14th there is no reason to act now, then it's just fine. But if a majority of you, Trump supporters AND Biden supporters are truly concerned with the possibility of a civil war breaking loose if things turn out not how it appears now, maybe you should all get together and PROTEST AGAINST BOTH OF THESE CANDIDATES IN UNITY. Agreement on what you absolutely DON'T WANT, which is CIVIL WAR could offer both sides enough common ground to take this chance! Do you really need Biden to tell you what you now need the most is UNITY ? And how convincing will that sound to Trump supporters, even though it's ABSOLUTELY TRUE ? But also you should really be able to see it yourself! It's in the name of your country for god sake! Act now and protest to reject both of them in UNITY !

  71. No Ta

    No Ta3 days ago

    The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.

  72. marcelo pear

    marcelo pear3 days ago

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  73. Ibrahim Bahakim

    Ibrahim Bahakim3 days ago

    Trumps' hands go like: 🤲👐🙌👐🙌🤲👐🙌🤲

  74. 先輩君KosherSenpaiii

    先輩君KosherSenpaiii3 days ago

    Biden- Washed up school-bully Trump- Washed up Fraternity Prep-boy

  75. Ibrahim Bahakim

    Ibrahim Bahakim3 days ago

    I'm here because it is my day off and my netflix subscription is ended. This is a good comedy show. Let me see some f for my subscription 😔

  76. Ibrahim Bahakim

    Ibrahim Bahakim3 days ago

    There are two sides here. Americans: oh boy we are fucked 😭 Non-Americans: yay free comedy show. 🤓

  77. Sebastian Stride

    Sebastian Stride3 days ago

    He (Trump) was so scared right from the off in this debate.

  78. R Skot

    R Skot3 days ago

    didn't you see biden's reaction when trump mentioned the biden's making millions from Ukraine/Russia? Joe looked guilty and scared for his life.

  79. last first

    last first3 days ago

    Biden won this debate

  80. Dr Azama

    Dr Azama3 days ago

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  81. David Reyes

    David Reyes3 days ago

    Could some one answer this question logically and respectfully. These parents separated from their children have to know where their children are and Isn't it the responsibility of these parents and their government to reunite them with their parents?

  82. megan mattero

    megan mattero3 days ago

    Very Disrespectful! President Trump was not only debating Sleepy Joe, but also that Disrespectful Mediator...We were better off with the Mediator during President Trump and Crooked Hillary's first debate! I loved him!!! If you two imbeciles are having trouble keeping up, then let Donald speak! Justice will be served and I pray to God He has mercy on your souls, you have no real idea what you are doing! Truth will prevail...Hey Mediator, do you see the fraud now?

  83. Abt Brothers

    Abt Brothers4 days ago

    Your not amine stupid trump

  84. Abt Brothers

    Abt Brothers4 days ago

    Biden won

  85. Vortex Larry!

    Vortex Larry!4 days ago

    trump sucks

  86. candyvic63

    candyvic634 days ago


  87. Aptherex

    Aptherex4 days ago

    I noticed it now that Trump is handsome!! Obviously Joking.....

  88. Leor Greenfield

    Leor Greenfield4 days ago

    How obvious is the choicen

  89. Puggy420

    Puggy4204 days ago

    Working class: “Healthcare pls” Trump and Biden: “No. 😊👍🏻”

  90. Diana Raymond

    Diana Raymond4 days ago

    Well done joe, you knock it the park!


    PALLIKA RAZDAN4 days ago

    Not an American,here after the Joe's win, just want to know what happened to the wall?

  92. SmJU bk Tv

    SmJU bk Tv4 days ago

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    SmJU bk Tv4 days ago

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    SmJU bk Tv4 days ago

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  95. Diana Raymond

    Diana Raymond4 days ago

    Every time you hear China take a shot!

  96. Diana Raymond

    Diana Raymond23 hours ago


  97. Joe Q

    Joe Q23 hours ago

    I don’t feal so good now...

  98. • Xx Almønđ míłķ xX • qwq

    • Xx Almønđ míłķ xX • qwq4 days ago

    Biden:"we should keep safe" Trump:*closing his eyes and trying not to laugh" (Btw i do think we should be safe) Trump:we gave money to the china Biden:Its A tax.... Trump:What? Biden:trump is talking about my family and his but its about the us's family

  99. Thị Ngô

    Thị Ngô4 days ago

    On the right and bottom, if a government suspected of corruption cheats its vote on the leader of the country, America will no longer have the number one position in the world, so the American people and officials have to clarify. This case of corruption and fraudulent vote, this is a very important thing to choose a leader of the United States, the American people, whom the allies believe in not for their own interests but neglect. America is the leading country in civilization, the number one great power, should be an example, so it must make this incident clearer.

  100. Matthew Dillon

    Matthew Dillon4 days ago

    you are going dye joe

  101. Matthew Dillon

    Matthew Dillon4 days ago

    old man joe

  102. Matthew Dillon

    Matthew Dillon4 days ago

    ass hole joe

  103. Maria Cardona

    Maria Cardona4 days ago

    I dont know why I feel like the lady giving the question hates trump cause she wont let him speak. It's really not a debate then

  104. Multiple Share

    Multiple Share4 days ago

    Election is the most happy time

  105. memealone

    memealone4 days ago

    top ten best anime battles

  106. Marcus Ward

    Marcus Ward4 days ago

    Blue vs Red - I Listened to Both Sides | Marcus Ward Show

  107. Andrew Anane

    Andrew Anane4 days ago

    Clearly Joe is a much better and smarter president. Donald is not the guy for the job!!!

  108. Marcus Ward

    Marcus Ward4 days ago

    Blue vs Red - I Listened to Both Sides | Marcus Ward Show

  109. Jain Mannuwai Manuwai

    Jain Mannuwai Manuwai4 days ago

    I do not vote for anyone but only one man and that man is my father and is name is Jesus he is the only king and this is is kingdom

  110. Pearl Anderson

    Pearl Anderson4 days ago

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  111. Marcus Ward

    Marcus Ward4 days ago

    Blue vs Red - I Listened to Both Sides | Marcus Ward Show

  112. Rice Bum

    Rice Bum4 days ago

    I didn’t know this was on Comedy Central

  113. Farhad Baradaran

    Farhad Baradaran5 days ago

    Who the fuck prepays their taxes lol lol lol lol

  114. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson5 days ago

    I am ashamed of what the United States of America has become. When Adams & I had our first debate, it was nothing like this...