DaBaby Responds To NC G00N Lil Murden Getting His Chain??

What y’all think? cap or facts

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  1. Lookitzjay

    Lookitzjay16 days ago

    Intro song: uslikes.info/house/Z66Q26Wr0YeJd6Y/video.html LIKE THIS VIDEO & HIT THAT NOTIFICATION BELL🏌🏾‼️

  2. Marcus Aron

    Marcus Aron6 days ago

    @Drew Nova I am trying it out now. Looks promising.

  3. Drew Nova

    Drew Nova6 days ago

    Dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)

  4. Rezan Dasilva

    Rezan Dasilva8 days ago

    Game name?

  5. willie williams

    willie williams8 days ago

    How much for the beat? The beat at the beginning of this video

  6. Fredo BigGeneral

    Fredo BigGeneral11 days ago

    @p rmason I ain’t know niggas still type like this made me wanna go get my flip phone 😂

  7. 1MG Stone

    1MG StoneHour ago

    Bruh do yo research this nigga ain’t doing this for no fame these rap niggas ain’t solid and will go to any length to prove they gangster

  8. Marshawn Gentry

    Marshawn Gentry8 hours ago

    That’s definitely a broke boi move doe 😭😂💯♠️

  9. Fred Gordon

    Fred Gordon17 hours ago

    What beat was that when it first came on?????

  10. Chanel Flawless

    Chanel Flawless23 hours ago

    Not even his chain he’s chain is solid gold it don’t have a gate

  11. Roc Foster

    Roc FosterDay ago


  12. Tae Bo 4

    Tae Bo 4Day ago

    The last time lil murden got a chain back, a body ended up missing too, this gnna be funny to how things turn out 👀☠

  13. TJ3YY

    TJ3YY2 days ago

    I would never try baby folks already killed 2 people 😬

  14. hammer #44

    hammer #442 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 broke boi activity..

  15. Brooks Fleming

    Brooks Fleming2 days ago

    See. If Baby go haywire y'all gonna say he crazy. Lol. Leave the man alone.

  16. Jerome Rivera

    Jerome Rivera2 days ago

    Cap or not, takin someone's chain ain't got nothin to do with money, it's all about ending their career. You can't expect punks to understand this tho. They'd say stuff like, this is broke ni&-a stuff.

  17. Jamestt Tre

    Jamestt Tre2 days ago

    Boy u gettin clapped

  18. MrScans1

    MrScans13 days ago

    First off the shit is silly, second why would a boss call a worker to get his chain back, cap for real.😂

  19. Rod Gray

    Rod Gray3 days ago

    Wat game is this?

  20. Rod Gray

    Rod Gray3 days ago

    Wat game is this?

  21. Cutty Lover

    Cutty Lover3 days ago

    Lil Murda in this bitch I’m ballin

  22. Metro Metro

    Metro Metro3 days ago

    Broke boy

  23. Joshua Perry

    Joshua Perry4 days ago


  24. Jay Nice

    Jay Nice4 days ago

    I became a subscriber and I put a like I would like to ask a question what is that beat in the beginning of the video that shit goes hard

  25. bigfella 97

    bigfella 974 days ago

    I think it's more to it because he did get trill sammy chain back and bro does have his own paper so I dont know. Bro got bodies not sure he have a reason to lie.

  26. Mark Wall

    Mark Wall4 days ago

    This shit is corney.not ganster or cool at all

  27. M0NEY MAN

    M0NEY MAN4 days ago

    Why the da baby just dont show his chain and keep it moving

  28. Mack Brown

    Mack Brown2 days ago

    Because he did get it snatched, you lames can’t read the lick.. and really believe these rappers are tough out here! Smh... even that Walmart shooting was pussy.. you that scared of a Nigga you draw down in a Walmart??? But he’s a tough guy.. y’all generation smh no code fake as fuck!

  29. Ty K

    Ty K5 days ago

    I feel like it’s facts rap niggas be cap

  30. Youngsmooth Ent

    Youngsmooth Ent5 days ago

    Thats dog piece but u ain't take shit n u not even trying to give it back lame

  31. King Oortman

    King Oortman5 days ago

    Now that’s supposed to be Vegas chain 🤦🏾‍♂️

  32. 0fficial trey

    0fficial trey5 days ago

    what game yu playin?


    ANIMEMASTER5 days ago

    You said you don’t agree with all that like da baby ain’t already popped niggas

  34. jessi perry

    jessi perry6 days ago

    I believe dababy do errbody dyin

  35. Abdul Fattah

    Abdul Fattah6 days ago

    Def cap

  36. Timothy Ellsworth

    Timothy Ellsworth6 days ago

    Well, there goes that guy.

  37. R3dzone WR

    R3dzone WR6 days ago

    Hey he got the chain prasie homes

  38. Marcus Cotto

    Marcus Cotto6 days ago

    What game is that?

  39. Mark Ford

    Mark Ford7 days ago

    I don’t think homey paid for the chain! I don’t know the details! But him buying the chain is cap!!!!

  40. Rain Man

    Rain Man7 days ago


  41. neck Neck

    neck Neck7 days ago

    “Is that khris”

  42. Evan _

    Evan _7 days ago

    Dawg said he handled his end of the bargain 😂😂😂

  43. Dustin Bowman

    Dustin Bowman7 days ago

    That chain is not even shining it almost looks like its carved out of wood lmao

  44. M0NEY MAN

    M0NEY MAN4 days ago

    Naw u can see da JD stamp on da back stand 4 Johnny Dang 😳

  45. Terry Mitchell

    Terry Mitchell7 days ago

    Why this da baby kid never looks happy.weird.somebody help this kid

  46. KingKaete21

    KingKaete217 days ago

    What game is that you’re playing

  47. Ramelle Brewer

    Ramelle Brewer7 days ago

    He ain't snatched no chain from Da Baby I promise you that...

  48. The Watchers

    The Watchers7 days ago

    He didn’t take the chain. He got it back. Evidently, he talking for one of two reasons or both: he clout chasing or somebody don’t want to pay. I don’t know.

  49. Adam Bailey

    Adam Bailey7 days ago

    Who robs a niggas just to give it right back smh yu niggas built different

  50. Dank sanatra old red eyes

    Dank sanatra old red eyes8 days ago

    Murden is well respected in n.c

  51. Apple Johnson

    Apple Johnson8 days ago

    On crip that nigga got da bitches chain.... everybody think da bitch is a killa he caught that body defending himself foh he wasn't huntin lol

  52. Long Chouskii

    Long Chouskii8 days ago

    That’s definitely a broke boy act!

  53. MrDmoney300

    MrDmoney3008 days ago

    That’s so elementary get you some money and you don’t have to take a chain only black people social media gangsters damn


    AC3.SHOOTER8 days ago

    You say the same thing every time. Lol Being broke is not the reason these niggaz gettin they neck took off.😂😂😂

  55. Hog Beezy

    Hog Beezy8 days ago

    That's cap

  56. Q. Noonie ✪

    Q. Noonie ✪8 days ago

    thank god that’s right

  57. Ivy Riley

    Ivy Riley8 days ago

    OMG! What have hip hop become, all this stuff is wake..Do we hate ourselves..

  58. Ryandre Miles

    Ryandre Miles8 days ago

    What game you playan?

  59. Ri Vas.

    Ri Vas.8 days ago

    Game.name ???

  60. TrentG the Goat

    TrentG the Goat8 days ago

    That chain bs ain't gone work with Dababy. Dababy done proved he bout that action multiple times already 🤣.

  61. Famtight 2100

    Famtight 21009 days ago

    Never da baby ain't going


    TEZZY BOI9 days ago

    Aint gone lie i be in them broke boy sports but I dont brag tho 😂😂😂

  63. K Smith

    K Smith9 days ago

    Come to Louisiana any of you tough rap ass niggaz with a 50,000 dollar chain on its getting cashed out straight up

  64. Chris Lopez

    Chris Lopez9 days ago

    What game is that bro?

  65. Toxicc Lion

    Toxicc Lion9 days ago

    You just mad your too baby to take a chain

  66. Buck Main

    Buck Main9 days ago

    Da baby capping

  67. GPROCK

    GPROCK9 days ago

    @Lookitzjay...its so easy to down talk some shit you dont agree with, huh?

  68. Brezzy Esco

    Brezzy Esco9 days ago

    It’s some real dumb ass ppl in this comment section G on God

  69. I I

    I I9 days ago

    U trippin dababy don’t play like that 😂

  70. Will iNFORMED

    Will iNFORMED9 days ago

    Damn you suck at rouge company 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Genoa Jackson

    Genoa Jackson9 days ago

    yo material things , how much you could get from that chain , dum, rob a bank , at least you could get more funds


    SMALL TAALK9 days ago

    That Chain Looks Fake ...Last time I check da Baby Chain Does not have A Cage On The Back Of It😭 ...SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL GANG

  73. John Solo

    John Solo10 days ago

    What game That Is

  74. kev

    kev10 days ago

    He took stunna chain which belongs to da baby !

  75. Ramirez Williams

    Ramirez Williams10 days ago

    What game was that

  76. Trey MoCash

    Trey MoCash10 days ago

    Quote on Quote lmao fr tho

  77. Jamar Temple

    Jamar Temple10 days ago

    That chain looks cheap as hell that's not something the dababy would even wear so that's 100% cap

  78. instant Karma

    instant Karma8 days ago

    It's actually a pendant but I got you

  79. Tooliec Creech

    Tooliec Creech10 days ago

    What game is this ?

  80. Uncle Spam

    Uncle Spam10 days ago

    I see that rogue Company 🔥🔥🔥

  81. Joey Blaze

    Joey Blaze10 days ago

    Why Man look like he snapped into a half eaten slimjim

  82. Daqualyn Elliott

    Daqualyn Elliott10 days ago

    That chain real asf

  83. Brian Covington

    Brian Covington10 days ago

    Bruh you got da story all wrong... Stunna got his chain stolen... Stunna and and baby cuz up .. we got the messages.. they ain’t like the way murden went about it, so they tryna act like it’s all cap

  84. HardBodyYungJayeNicTv

    HardBodyYungJayeNicTv10 days ago


  85. Luis Zayas

    Luis Zayas10 days ago

    Dude is looking for some fame. I believe DaBaby when he said that he will kill anyone who will try to rob him for his personal Items. He already got a body under his belt, when he killed dude at Walmart. I dare someone go and try and rob the DaBaby

  86. OG Solid

    OG Solid9 days ago

    Correction, he got 2 bodies and a couple attempts

  87. 22Cologne

    22Cologne10 days ago


  88. ReDruM TFD

    ReDruM TFD10 days ago

    thats that vegas dudes tat.

  89. Melvin Pulliam

    Melvin Pulliam10 days ago

    If I'm not mistaken, wasn't this dude on Million Dollar Worth Of Game with DaBaby and the rest of the crew recently?

  90. Melvin Pulliam

    Melvin Pulliam9 days ago

    Clout chasing at it's highest!!

  91. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams11 days ago

    Debby cap

  92. Deion Russell

    Deion Russell11 days ago

    All cap he wouldn’t of took it of Dababy all his guns Registered to him and I believe he would have handled the situation he took it from someone who had no protection or couldn’t have none legally

  93. Face Munson

    Face Munson11 days ago

    I Believe It .. Get Ya Ass 💨Fuckin Wit DaBaby

  94. Konan Henderson

    Konan Henderson11 days ago

    Internet ruining lives that's the new hell smh thats y yall kant frl stay fokus errbody want attention kant wait to judgement day all yall goin to hell period

  95. Konan Henderson

    Konan Henderson11 days ago

    Who gives a fukk dude REALLY

  96. Eke Elendu

    Eke Elendu11 days ago

    Fuckin that, the chain costed so it holds little value not as much as you bought it for it lost the portion of value it prolly like 2-3k for that peace as it stands you’ll never receive the full value

  97. Purpz 710

    Purpz 71011 days ago

    Nah you run up on dababy you can bet your ass he's gunna peel your cap back. Niggah already did that to a dumbass in WALMART and got away with it. Stop playin with that man.

  98. yoboy chris

    yoboy chris11 days ago


  99. Drako Rodriguez

    Drako Rodriguez11 days ago

    Nigga said getting yo chain took is worse than a nigga spitting on you 👎🏽

  100. Angry Leo5

    Angry Leo511 days ago

    Yall forgot the Walmart situation🤔 When the DaBaby been soft 😂😂😂

  101. Flacco Jodye

    Flacco Jodye11 days ago

    That lil ass chain 🤣🤣🤣 🧢

  102. Tyri vibes

    Tyri vibes11 days ago

    He tryna get fam ...😂


    DCWALLY_TV12 days ago

    What game is this you playing

  104. James Hopkins

    James Hopkins12 days ago


  105. James Thomas

    James Thomas12 days ago

    Who cares...baby trash though!

  106. TwinR Howell

    TwinR Howell12 days ago

    New Chanel help me win

  107. R3AP3R G3

    R3AP3R G312 days ago

    That shotgun kill at 2:28 was nasty.

  108. Miguel Rivera

    Miguel Rivera12 days ago

    What game is he playing??

  109. Karnij Air It Out

    Karnij Air It Out12 days ago

    This man running around with chaac and shotgun 🤣🤣🤣

  110. Karnij Air It Out

    Karnij Air It Out5 days ago

    @IKE_420 I don't use shotguns that often but when I do I use lancers drum shotgun

  111. IKE_420

    IKE_4205 days ago

    Shooting from miles away though.... Garabaage

  112. MecHe 12

    MecHe 1212 days ago

    Toughest dude on the internet lol