My 666 IQ Imposter Play Made the NEWS

i literally don't see a point in anything lmfao
Birdjsakdasd APP!!!: Corpse_Husband
listen 2 some tunes doggy!
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  1. kaliyah lambert

    kaliyah lambertHour ago


  2. EPS Reborn

    EPS Reborn2 hours ago

    Tina: “It was Corpse? I didn’t suspect it for a second!” Also Tina: “You know who was the last person I saw with Brooke? CORPSE!” Precious bean.

  3. Rasha

    Rasha2 hours ago


  4. GhostLight 9573

    GhostLight 95733 hours ago

    such a simple intro but it look so cool

  5. Laura Skovbo

    Laura Skovbo3 hours ago

    Corpse is the best of an imposter, and that makes him the worst crew, lol

  6. Tatums

    Tatums4 hours ago

    Kpop star MARK TUAN from got7 , JAE from day6, kharl & corpse will play mine craft at 7:30 EST (9:30 kst)

  7. Tatums

    Tatums4 hours ago

    Tomorrow corpse will play mine craft with kpop star mark tuan from got7.

  8. Dream owns me

    Dream owns me4 hours ago

    Probably the only clickbait I will ever enjoy

  9. Avynn, The Corrupted

    Avynn, The Corrupted5 hours ago

    breaking news: corpse too big brain

  10. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard5 hours ago

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  11. dayteal flower

    dayteal flower6 hours ago

    corpse: i'm intoxicated

  12. Seda Çelik

    Seda Çelik6 hours ago

    Funny team 🗡

  13. moon prism gimme nerves

    moon prism gimme nerves6 hours ago

    the round where corpse and valkyrae killed everybody was gold

  14. Lemons Are Sour

    Lemons Are Sour7 hours ago

    Corpse play little nightmares holy crisps I would love to see that

  15. Chastity Walton

    Chastity Walton7 hours ago

    I really like the among us videos you make, but out of curiosity, will you be doing anymore scary story videos? I really enjoyed watching them

  16. It’s HeyDayAt

    It’s HeyDayAt8 hours ago

    Corpse is savage against brooke lol

  17. Specimen 42

    Specimen 428 hours ago

    Corpse: repeatedly talks about killing people in an I-Killed-Them way Everyone else: *Understandable, have a great day.*

  18. derek Vargas

    derek Vargas8 hours ago

    They should make the corpse husband mask/logo for the "hats" in among us

  19. Darkyy Edits

    Darkyy Edits9 hours ago

    Hey corpse, I've always wondered how it would be if you do a cover on one of shahmen's song.. I mean ur voice will be the perfect one for doing a cover

  20. Amanda Steimberg

    Amanda Steimberg9 hours ago

    God your voice makes me shiver

  21. Vaxelus ._.

    Vaxelus ._.9 hours ago

    Corpse is honestly really cool except for the tiktoks 😑 most youtubers were taking fat dumps on musically, but with tiktok everyone is in on it

  22. short hair blonde Gerard

    short hair blonde Gerard10 hours ago

    They're just slurring words especially corpse and rae

  23. stinkybruh

    stinkybruh10 hours ago

    No one is talking bout how badly he Clickbaited us?

  24. khool kidh

    khool kidh11 hours ago

    nice ads 🤣🤣🤡

  25. Noah T

    Noah T12 hours ago

    I mean the game is cool and all, but can we get back to some of that wonderful work you used to do?

  26. disintegrated colors

    disintegrated colors12 hours ago

    corpse’s plan to make sure toast is the first one to die first bc he knows toast has the fastest hand in the world to report a double kill, and make them drink to distract them so they cant report on time is just pure evil

  27. JamieJames

    JamieJames12 hours ago

    this is legit just agrou

  28. no

    no12 hours ago


  29. C Mc

    C Mc12 hours ago

    Corpse when u make new music video can u use devils line the anime for it I think it suits your type of music

  30. nimdA_Admin

    nimdA_Admin12 hours ago

    Tell us how to sound like you

  31. Jacob Vlogs

    Jacob Vlogs12 hours ago

    Can you please go back to your deep web videos in your police EMT horror stories I love your channel I’ve been watching you for years

  32. Snailo Filliasis

    Snailo Filliasis13 hours ago

    Plot twist: His voice is like this because he is in puberty.

  33. Jada Wayda

    Jada Wayda13 hours ago

    corpse gets his way out of everything and i’m here for it

  34. Kawaii -Kitty

    Kawaii -Kitty14 hours ago

    Not to be weird or anything

  35. Sylvia Carney

    Sylvia Carney14 hours ago

    corpse should get an animated character like ash has (to act as the web cam since he doesn’t want his real face out there)

  36. C U

    C U15 hours ago

    Rae: " It devalues video when you talk about the video" Editor: Let's cut the part after that conversation 2:03

  37. IamSequoia

    IamSequoia15 hours ago

    Also we were drinking. Can’t forget about that part lol

  38. blazeingviper947

    blazeingviper94715 hours ago

    Me: hmmm normal vid Corpse: also were drinking Me: WTF

  39. skytrooper77

    skytrooper7715 hours ago

    So where are the horror stories? Lol , I love your work man and these other videos are fine but I keep coming back to check for your horror stories . Looking forward to it , stay well

  40. Mantankerous

    Mantankerous15 hours ago

    Hey Corpse you going to upload scary stories again? if not, no worries my dude.

  41. Lexi Frogue

    Lexi Frogue15 hours ago

    corpse... i am begging you.... with everything i have... to please give me... an owa owa... please

  42. Tomas Medina

    Tomas Medina16 hours ago

    i can speak his voice and im 9

  43. CrySpab

    CrySpab16 hours ago

    why does corpse husband sound like if handsome squidward was a bounty hunter?

  44. Melissa Barth

    Melissa Barth16 hours ago

    Me and my frind are sub

  45. Melissa Barth

    Melissa Barth17 hours ago

    I saw you in among us

  46. Why are you So ugly

    Why are you So ugly17 hours ago

    Jesus is lord don’t use the devils number a disrespect God

  47. Cristia1V0

    Cristia1V015 hours ago

    666 isn't even the devil's number its 616

  48. fragga Hiens

    fragga Hiens17 hours ago

    I don’t ever even care if you ever do a face reveal, all I know is that your voice is that you are a absolutely wonderful person

  49. SimperBTW

    SimperBTW17 hours ago

    99.9% of this comment section is women.

  50. macha_møcha

    macha_møcha17 hours ago

    The thumb nail made it look like it was real

  51. Fitz Humes

    Fitz Humes18 hours ago

    Who else misses the scary stories 👇


    MAKIYa WILLIAMS18 hours ago

    Corpse & Tina : brook is the imposter pass it on .. Sykuno: no no no she told me she wasn’t 😭😭💕

  53. Severnz

    Severnz18 hours ago

    Imagine playing among us still

  54. kaiCast

    kaiCast18 hours ago

    hafu in these more casual lobbies just feels out of place. Like a smart person in a room of toddlers.

  55. •s̸a̸i̸k̸o̸ h̸i̸k̸a̸r̸i̸•

    •s̸a̸i̸k̸o̸ h̸i̸k̸a̸r̸i̸•18 hours ago

    666... Why not infinite? Realizes... OHHHHH cool 😁😏👌✌️

  56. nope

    nope19 hours ago

    Hey its okay ...everthings gonna be fine Idk something told me that u are in need of this today ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  57. Lucy Habertame

    Lucy Habertame19 hours ago

    I see this video and I click on it, then this dude that has a deep asf voice starts speaking. Normal.

  58. Jessica Nguyen

    Jessica Nguyen19 hours ago

    what ash channel

  59. LiaStone

    LiaStone19 hours ago

    Is Among Us gonna keep stealing everything from Town of Salem or what? So freaking annoying.🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🛑

  60. BenniePlant

    BenniePlant20 hours ago

    Them missing Rae in the line up Rae zooming past: "I wanna open my eyes moreee"

  61. Jaevwyn

    Jaevwyn20 hours ago

    13:46 Hafu's face lol

  62. Madilene Rios

    Madilene Rios20 hours ago

    corpse saying “get on the wall” i-

  63. woofle

    woofle20 hours ago

    It's the news, what do you expect

  64. Volkthar

    Volkthar20 hours ago

    -ASH "Just kidding"

  65. Julian Medrano

    Julian Medrano21 hour ago

    I like men

  66. swiss noob

    swiss noob21 hour ago

    this voice! Love it.

  67. Kammy Cakes

    Kammy Cakes21 hour ago

    Does sykkuno have a bandaid on his neck

  68. hoivan banla

    hoivan banla21 hour ago

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  69. Osshi• Chan

    Osshi• Chan22 hours ago

    i dream about you everyday😅 Finally some good sweet dreams😂😂

  70. Son1k

    Son1k22 hours ago

    Me:I miss corpse husband scary stories. Comment Section:”Haha among us”

  71. The retarded American child

    The retarded American child23 hours ago

    13:20 watch people die inside: among us edition

  72. I said I found u!

    I said I found u!23 hours ago

    Hah!she got killed soon as she started to laugh😂😂

  73. anywaysmaee

    anywaysmaee23 hours ago

    im sorry to say this! but corpse forces his voice.

  74. Sakalah

    Sakalah19 hours ago

    On some streams his voice is almost gone after recording music, so yes, sometimes he has to force his voice out.

  75. Maryann Reyes

    Maryann Reyes23 hours ago

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  76. COVID -19

    COVID -1923 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂AMONG(S)US😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂AirPOD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅Vent SUSSY😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂HElP😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  77. Kenneth Morgan

    Kenneth Morgan23 hours ago

    Kinda sad there was no attempt to get Rae to say Babushka in the first one...

  78. Rxchavel

    RxchavelDay ago

    lollloloololololololololololololololo soo pro 😎😎😎😎

  79. Mythical YT

    Mythical YTDay ago

    Im sry for your health issues

  80. Evan Falls

    Evan FallsDay ago

    is no one going to talk about how he puts 666 in almost all his videos

  81. Anti plays

    Anti playsDay ago

    we all came for 7:53 - 8:10 brooke do be a Karen

  82. Nem. idk

    Nem. idkDay ago

    God that voice is beautiful

  83. HarryD 1402

    HarryD 1402Day ago

    Corpse irl look ugly

  84. HarryD 1402

    HarryD 1402Day ago

    Corpse needs a normal voice reveal

  85. UserFriendly013

    UserFriendly013Day ago

    Corpse reminds me of Dabi from My Hero Academia for some reason.....

  86. EliasEllis Playz

    EliasEllis PlayzDay ago

    That kill was good

  87. Mystery Fox

    Mystery FoxDay ago

    You're fun to watch, playing games or singing

  88. Mystery Fox

    Mystery FoxDay ago

    Hmmmm... new roles... interesting

  89. Mariana L

    Mariana LDay ago

    5:15 why is Tina’s chair haunted

  90. EliasEllis Playz

    EliasEllis PlayzDay ago

    Sick game play

  91. Ketchup Is Jam

    Ketchup Is JamDay ago

    Here me out...experiment on me by Halsey ft. Corpse 🤯

  92. M0N3Y ISEZ

    M0N3Y ISEZDay ago

    What happened to the scary stories :(

  93. backup

    backupDay ago

    what about the news? he clickbaited me

  94. Sakalah

    Sakalah19 hours ago

    It's a news article found on a website for esports and gaming. There's a link in the description.

  95. Roselia Hochhalter

    Roselia HochhalterDay ago

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  96. Anti plays

    Anti playsDay ago

    I love ash she's like well stop being such a b

  97. Samantha Pierce

    Samantha PierceDay ago

    Valkyrae with the dream mask🔥

  98. Buggy Wilson

    Buggy WilsonDay ago

    Really what does afk mean?

  99. Sakalah

    SakalahDay ago

    Away From Keyboard - meaning they are somewhere else and can't interact or answer.

  100. Elijah Lyons

    Elijah LyonsDay ago

    Bro no lie since you don't update a lot, sometimes I just come check on you to send some like on any videos I missed

  101. Entity

    EntityDay ago

    What's funny is this man can be infront of u but u wouldn't freaking know unless he opens his mouth lmao.

  102. filmkid20

    filmkid20Day ago

    This is the first time I’ve seen a team wipe first round before that was incredible.

  103. Martin Jimenez-Garcia

    Martin Jimenez-GarciaDay ago

    Petition for corpse husband to take Batman’s role

  104. CorpicPawz

    CorpicPawzDay ago