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  1. David Pressman

    David Pressman6 minutes ago

    notice how he hits the bottom half of the steel door with the hammer 2:08 and uses the lightsaber on the top half (maybe not steel) 2:13

  2. xweert711

    xweert7117 minutes ago

    I'm not even a fan of Star Wars, I just love the idea of some dude making a super hot flame and cutting holes into shit around his garage with it

  3. PhoenixZ

    PhoenixZ11 minutes ago

    4:22 imagine the lightsaber falling in his face ;-;

  4. PhoenixZ

    PhoenixZ13 minutes ago

    I need that

  5. Forsaken_Salsa

    Forsaken_Salsa19 minutes ago

    Me: Yay I made a tissue box paper towel roll and rubber band guitar :D Them: *we made a working lightsaber*

  6. Gavin Powers

    Gavin Powers23 minutes ago

    It's good but not quite cigar. It needs to be the width of a cigar and, after it fires up, needs to stop 4.5ft in mid air. I'll continue shopping at the junk mart on Alderon, thanks.

  7. Juanito Luciano

    Juanito Luciano24 minutes ago

    Wonder why the US army is not recruiting him for this

  8. Æ S T H E T IC

    Æ S T H E T IC25 minutes ago

    It is good. It just need to cut faster and be a little longer.

  9. Lawson Rhea

    Lawson Rhea28 minutes ago

    Now you have to build the Force

  10. Slenderchif

    Slenderchif38 minutes ago

    I can already see soldier traning to use this things

  11. Lukas Donagher

    Lukas Donagher44 minutes ago

    I can already see the government and the army all over this

  12. DoodooMcSparkz

    DoodooMcSparkzHour ago

    I love the fact that he essentially did this to tell the comment section to stfu

  13. Ian Helterbran

    Ian HelterbranHour ago

    "This is frickin awesome!" Gives himself a haircut by accident while waving it around

  14. fabipol two.O

    fabipol two.OHour ago

    im so happy you guys tried sand

  15. MyLife

    MyLifeHour ago

    This gives me hope for the future of lightsabers

  16. Ghostly Crusade

    Ghostly CrusadeHour ago

    Breaking news : I am hearing that burglars are using this type of Star Wars lightsaber to go through metal doors and door housing to go through people's stuff and steal their stuff we're reporting from the site right now we're going to be out for a more inside information

  17. King Bray

    King BrayHour ago

    can it block laser's being shot at it?

  18. Nelson Matamoros

    Nelson MatamorosHour ago

    Gotta try and make a halo plasma rifle now lol

  19. John Doe

    John DoeHour ago

    If You could work out how to increase the Power output of this thing by 10x it would probably perform like a "real" lightsaber

  20. Andrew Rich

    Andrew RichHour ago

    they actualy did it

  21. andypocalypse

    andypocalypseHour ago

    congratulations... but lets face it its just a shitter version of a plasma cutter at the moment... DONT think im trolling.... I'm honestly thrilled that someone is working on this and I'm sure you will get close one day so dont give up!!

  22. Simon H

    Simon HHour ago

    Thank you for doing this! Absolutely amazing achievement! 👏👏

  23. Peter Esoe

    Peter EsoeHour ago

    Look out

  24. Benedict Wheeless

    Benedict WheelessHour ago

    Wish you could slice through things with a quick slash like the movies but... not bad for the first lightsaber😁

  25. Luke S

    Luke S2 hours ago

    love the sound effects, but can we hear what it actually sounds like?

  26. VioletPink

    VioletPink2 hours ago

    This is the most epic thing I've seen. ever.

  27. Jacob monnseratt

    Jacob monnseratt2 hours ago

    Now you need to make a blaster

  28. GamerBoi_ Damian

    GamerBoi_ Damian2 hours ago

    cut the car in half

  29. Daily as Baily

    Daily as Baily2 hours ago

    Now im just waiting for these to get on the darkweb

  30. Movie Nerd

    Movie Nerd2 hours ago

    "An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age."

  31. Nate Blazek

    Nate Blazek2 hours ago

    See the thing is, if more power is put into the gas as to allow it to keep shape while being swung as a sword and also be longer it'd be more deadly than a lightsaber from the movies, as a lightsaber would cut off a limb and also stop the bleeding with the heat, but this one would have a damage radius of a good couple inches and continuously burn your opponent on contact, and any contact for about a couple seconds is just game over

  32. JustJoshGaming

    JustJoshGaming2 hours ago

    My depression. I’d destroy my depression with a lightsaber.

  33. Sane Bane

    Sane Bane2 hours ago

    When I was a kid I always thought the bunsen burner had potential to become a lightsaber

  34. Dangui

    Dangui2 hours ago

    Next video: how to make the "back to the future" delorean functional

  35. Silver Dragon

    Silver Dragon2 hours ago

    My kids birthday is gonna be awesome

  36. Luigiman789

    Luigiman7893 hours ago

    I can take it off your hands and hopefully fix it. Replacement blade and leds. i know how to solder and shit

  37. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith2 hours ago

    The value is in its condition though, you can just get a new one if that's what you want :)

  38. Luigiman789

    Luigiman7892 hours ago

    RGB’s though

  39. V_Winzz

    V_Winzz3 hours ago

    Hi Read More..


    INFLAMESMASTER083 hours ago

    Cut through a filled propan tank

  41. Luigiman789

    Luigiman7893 hours ago

    4000 more degrees and should be just enough movie accurate

  42. Ducknrun47

    Ducknrun473 hours ago

    The FBI would like to know your location

  43. Rolan Dave Faldas

    Rolan Dave Faldas3 hours ago

    Still its so far from lightsaber its a flamethrower but in plasma form

  44. HawkBoys 246

    HawkBoys 2463 hours ago

    Alright so onto the next thing. Making it keep it's sword like form while cutting things.

  45. G Cubed

    G Cubed3 hours ago

    So.. is it legal to get one?

  46. buchtas 4 CZ

    buchtas 4 CZ3 hours ago

    Awesome acomplishment, now, a Proto saber exists, all that is left is removing the bag pack battery element of this weapon from more civilized age

  47. Vanilson Braga

    Vanilson Braga3 hours ago

    4:14 man, this official light saber replica is so expensive! And you just burn the crap it out!

  48. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith2 hours ago

    And now it's a collectible!

  49. Cold Bison

    Cold Bison3 hours ago

    This could have really cool applications for search and rescue... Like think about cutting through rubble to reach a chamber where people are trapped.

  50. the Hacksmith

    the Hacksmith2 hours ago

    It would burn the people inside though

  51. Bryce Davis

    Bryce Davis3 hours ago

    The guy with the lightsaber has the best job ever

  52. BlackAlpha

    BlackAlpha4 hours ago

    I just wanted to see them having a lightsaber fight to the death

  53. FlatheadBriggsBoy

    FlatheadBriggsBoy4 hours ago

    Ok, his projects are getting progressively more scary each day

  54. meap peam

    meap peam4 hours ago

    If that’s what hapens when you get hit with a lightsaber I prefer to get shot with a blaster

  55. Randy Carranza

    Randy Carranza4 hours ago

    With only a few modifications and that can become an arm mounted light saber.

  56. Secret

    Secret5 hours ago

    Isn’t it kinda just a glorified flame thrower

  57. Devin Harris

    Devin Harris5 hours ago

    I've been an extreme star wars fan my entire life and this video honestly made me cry with excitement seeing this become real. Also fun fact: In star wars lore, the first lightsabers (also known as protosabers) were used with battery packs that the user would wear on their back/side. It's just so awesome seeing history like this unfold in my lifetime, nothing is ever truly impossible. Thank you.

  58. EpicGamer22

    EpicGamer225 hours ago


  59. William Donaldson

    William Donaldson5 hours ago

    are those real sounds or effects

  60. Lars Papsø

    Lars Papsø5 hours ago

    A lot of people don't seem to realise that this is little more then a longer laminar burner, it's really not a new or innovative technology. That being said. This is still a really impressive build, but for pretty much every other reason then what people actually seem to think, judging by the comments.

  61. How-Hing Pau

    How-Hing Pau5 hours ago

    So much toxic fumes.

  62. Jaden Lee

    Jaden Lee5 hours ago

    Now do it to the Cybertruck

  63. Kevin LS

    Kevin LS5 hours ago

    You had to go for the car?

  64. VenoM ZeLo

    VenoM ZeLo5 hours ago

    Amazing but in a couple years maybe u can make one that doesn’t melt it just slices it

  65. Lasse Sejr Brunbjerg

    Lasse Sejr Brunbjerg5 hours ago

    Plz do a collab with the slow mo guys

  66. samuwey Rich21

    samuwey Rich215 hours ago

    argentine army wana know you

  67. Thatdualsportguy

    Thatdualsportguy5 hours ago

    How about the crucible blade from doom eternal

  68. Adam Hoffman

    Adam Hoffman5 hours ago

    this vs unbreakable box

  69. El Cazador

    El Cazador5 hours ago

    This is NOT cool at all.

  70. Moira Lefay

    Moira Lefay5 hours ago

    Omg, I love it! 🥰

  71. Dick Artist

    Dick Artist6 hours ago

    this is basically a close range flamethrower

  72. Dick Artist

    Dick Artist6 hours ago

    *U.S. Army would like to know your location*

  73. iamokeeno

    iamokeeno6 hours ago

    I thought he was going to cut off his hands

  74. iamokeeno

    iamokeeno6 hours ago

    It needs to be more stronger and longer

  75. Creators Hand

    Creators Hand6 hours ago

    I like the occupation of balmorra theme remix

  76. Jorge Blanco

    Jorge Blanco6 hours ago


  77. Daniel Kosgei

    Daniel Kosgei6 hours ago

    But can it deflect blaster fire?

  78. Kago Bonestalker

    Kago Bonestalker6 hours ago

    This is taking the hot knife challenge a bit too far.

  79. Needs hug Needs hug

    Needs hug Needs hug6 hours ago

    How much

  80. Dakota Brown

    Dakota Brown6 hours ago

    But can one true lightsaber deflect another?

  81. Lemonade

    Lemonade6 hours ago

    Plot twist: everything he makes is part of his plan to destroy the world

  82. DragonKnight

    DragonKnight6 hours ago

    This was awesome

  83. Alex Dana

    Alex Dana6 hours ago

    THIS IS AWESOME . But that would be a really painful way to die

  84. Henk Patrick

    Henk Patrick6 hours ago

    wanna rob a car just bring your plasma lightsaber with you

  85. Ade Handsome

    Ade Handsome6 hours ago

    God! you guys're the best. This is one of the best innovations of the 21st century.

  86. Dominik Bogar

    Dominik Bogar7 hours ago

    Donald trump is typing...

  87. Dominik Bogar

    Dominik Bogar7 hours ago

    Donald trump would be like fbi get this guy on the line this is great for war

  88. BL Abal Abal

    BL Abal Abal7 hours ago

    Welder pipeline knows best

  89. pikaBRuh

    pikaBRuh7 hours ago

    but what happen's if you try to cut a human body with the lightsaber..?

  90. jorge torrez

    jorge torrez7 hours ago

    there is still a long way to go. for now it is a welder sword

  91. Davidemarco Ventrone

    Davidemarco Ventrone7 hours ago

    You invented R6S's Maverick Tool

  92. Timmy P

    Timmy P7 hours ago

    I mean dude this is a lightsaber. Like a real f’n lightsaber lmao I’m totally blown away. I almost don’t believe my eyes. by how similar it looks to the movie ones when it turns on. Totally retractable and why is no one talking about the awesome color of “the blade” lol. As a layman my guess is that as years go by the technology used here will continually get smaller and smaller until it can fit within the hilt or maybe the hilt and an extended compartment on the hilt itself. Maybe that is or isn’t possible like I said I’m a dumb person when it comes to this stuff. But ol hacksmith and his team here I hope is remembered in the annals of history as being the one who pioneered the way lol. This is still blowing my mind. I guess the only thing left to try and tackle is will we get to a point where the heat from the blade is so hot it can deflect stuff or maybe in the real life version it just eviscerates whatever comes into contact with it.

  93. Some Hot Meal

    Some Hot Meal7 hours ago

    @10:12 how to steal a car

  94. Salice Andrea

    Salice Andrea7 hours ago

    Praise Joko !

  95. Tempre Gamer

    Tempre Gamer7 hours ago

    3:55 I asked for medium rare steak sir

  96. Min Pyae Hmoo

    Min Pyae Hmoo7 hours ago

    I think those guys will survive during zombie apocalypse with their inventions 🤣

  97. boombyte

    boombyte7 hours ago

    Чуваки зробили великий різак)



    I wonder what happen if you aim at a turbine blade with that thing

  99. Legendary Andru

    Legendary Andru7 hours ago

    Soon at 2040 This peeps will recreate star wars Irl version

  100. blackhound rise

    blackhound rise7 hours ago

    I’m scared. I’m really freaking scared now.


    BRADY HOFFMEYER7 hours ago

    Do a video with Mark Rober

  102. CavemanAston

    CavemanAston7 hours ago

    Awesome video. On the off chance you read this I am sure you can make the flame even hotter by running a high voltage arc inside the flame which will increase the heat output even more. I would love to see just how hot you can get it so it can really cut steel plate instantly.

  103. Eduardo ferreira

    Eduardo ferreira7 hours ago


  104. Jory Fanfan

    Jory Fanfan8 hours ago

    Next try to make it so that it can burn through stuff faster but cool bro