People Asking Their Crush Out On A Date CHALLENGE - REACTION

People Asking Their Crush Out On A Date CHALLENGE - REACTION
Hey guys, today on my channel we are reacting to some people asking their crush out! Have you ever wondered how to ask someone out over text. Well you might get some ideas from this video. Enjoy :)
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Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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  1. Cheeko Feather

    Cheeko FeatherDay ago

    A lad I knew from school, spoke to once- declared his undying love for me via Facebook status... "happy valentines day to the girl I adore, *insert my name and tagged me* I love you so much," It was so embarrassing, it still shows up on my fb memories every valentines day- 9 years later... He once came in my place of work and decided to hang around the bar for over 2 hours. He then returned for a week every night... Xxxx

  2. Christian

    ChristianDay ago

    oh gosh... the first one was almost as embarrassing as if somebody would call out the wrong person to be the winner of a beauty contest (as if somebody really would be so stupid to do so).

  3. Ana Leirião

    Ana Leirião2 days ago

    Well I didn't ask him out, but on the day we met I took the first step and ask for his phone number, been together for 8 years 😁

  4. Patrick Buick

    Patrick Buick2 days ago

    This may seem.weird, but I love your nail colour in this video.

  5. Enrique C Charette

    Enrique C Charette5 days ago

    I didn’t ask a crush out on a date. But as a challenge from a friend that worked there (she worked in campus life, resident halls and such). The challenge was to tell the person that I had a crush on at that time about my feelings for them. Which I did and we were still friends up until the day I graduated. Didn’t really speak to him much after. His nickname was Sockflops 🧦 🩴

  6. Raelene DeWitt

    Raelene DeWitt5 days ago

    I asked a guy to a girls choice dance and he turned me down. I never tried asking a guy out again. It took everything I had to ask him out and I guess I'm just a big chicken and don't take rejection well. Lol pretty sad. I watched my daughters granddaughters ask boys to girls choices with no problem and so glad they were far more successful. I'm so glad I'm past the dating experiences.

  7. Hyattiee

    Hyattiee5 days ago

    I asked a crush out in high school, this was back in the time of instant messenger and I accidentally ended up asking out the WRONG person on IM. I was super nervous as we're both girls and didn't really know if she was straight or... It turned out well, she and I dated for a while but not together now, still friends. :)

  8. Jamie Venter

    Jamie Venter5 days ago

    Asked my crush out by taping ‘yes’ to the bottom of a Magic 8 Ball and then asking the ball if we should go on a date. He spun it over, it said yes. Still together four years later😂🎱❤️

  9. Tracy Tabb

    Tracy Tabb5 days ago

    Ye I asked a guy out we still together 4 yrs later and have a kid. So it all good 👍👍

  10. Regina Machamer

    Regina Machamer5 days ago

    I've "made the first move" lots of times when I was younger, but only when I felt pretty sure they were interested. Like innocent casual flirting to see whether they flirt back or just politely respond, I mean you can usually tell lol but for the most part I'd usually wait for the other person to make the first move. I'm bisexual and for me personally, in my own opinions and experiences.. it's usually easier getting rejected by women than by men. But maybe that's just me lol

  11. Nora Lee

    Nora Lee6 days ago

    I did ask a guy out in high school, he never responded.. I found out later he only dated Catholic girl's..

  12. glory lerat

    glory lerat6 days ago

    Your reactions...priceless lol 😂

  13. Tao Park

    Tao Park6 days ago

    Oh.......I’m turning 30 this year and have never been on a date. I have severe social anxiety and even if I can go out to do certain things, I never eat in public. Ps: It’s fine if people think that’s weird. I’m aware that I have a lot of issues. It’s why I’m single. Why deny it lol

  14. LaShonna Bahr

    LaShonna Bahr6 days ago

    I asked out my husband (as a friend) to a required event in college and sometime during that he realized he liked me as more than a friend. Took me a few more months, then we started dating.

  15. Conny Vugranicek

    Conny Vugranicek7 days ago

    Charlotte, how can a guy not be happy when you ask him out?? Men are just weird 😉❤️

  16. Wecx

    Wecx7 days ago

    You can spoil me all you want.

  17. Anthony Jerome Thorn

    Anthony Jerome Thorn7 days ago

    So, when our coffee date is over, where would you like our second date?

  18. chelseaajanee browniee

    chelseaajanee browniee7 days ago

    I've only ever asked out 2 guys, one said yes but then we decided to stay as friends. The second one is still with me, 2 and a half years down the line🤙🤙

  19. Peace Feline

    Peace Feline7 days ago

    I asked this guy out one time. I had just turned 15 and he was a senior in high school. We’ve been married 33 years now. 💕

  20. Jay T

    Jay T7 days ago

    I haven't asked anyone out in a very long time. Way too shy. I freeze up🤷‍♂️

  21. Amber Does Things!

    Amber Does Things!7 days ago

    My crush said I’m too young for him...I’m 28.

  22. 1234 Turtle

    1234 Turtle8 days ago

    The only person i asked out is now my husband of 8 years

  23. mtsem comfort

    mtsem comfort8 days ago

    With all the comments here I think it's safe to say that it's better for women go ask men out 😂

  24. Suzanne and Akhil suzakhil'z

    Suzanne and Akhil suzakhil'z8 days ago

    You want to go on a coffee with me ?? Let me ask my husband....😅

  25. Jonathan Howze

    Jonathan Howze8 days ago

    I love being asked out

  26. TheQueenofScream

    TheQueenofScream8 days ago

    In high school I asked my crush to goto prom with me over Facebook message (cause he transferred schools senior year) and he ignored me. Even though it said read. And then he ignored me until we went to college together but he acted like I never asked him to prom.

  27. lee kelly

    lee kelly8 days ago

    When I was a kid I give my crush a valentines card and flowers and when I walk past the garbage can I see my card and flower in it

  28. itsmeash

    itsmeash8 days ago

    omg! i literally had a similiar situation happen to me... it was third grade, though... and it was outside where said friend started yelling it to everyone on the darn track. even the teachers knew about it after that. it was embarrassing... but also so annoying.

  29. ItsNikki

    ItsNikki8 days ago

    I asked out a guy and he gently told me no and then about like either less than a week or a week later he posted on Facebook a pic of him and his new gf.

  30. YTea with Jinkxy

    YTea with Jinkxy8 days ago

    I actually asked my crush out 3 days ago. He said yes and we've been the soppiest things ever since. (All online atm cos of lockdowns and such of course). Tonight was our second online date. We're already planning visits when we're allowed to travel etc Fingers crossed for the future!

  31. Tisha O.

    Tisha O.8 days ago

    Guys can turn girls down, if you used some of your comments in the opposite, you’d sound like an incel. It happens turns out everybody’s just a person

  32. aka DORK

    aka DORK8 days ago

    Just like the guys ... ladies.... it’s all about how ya ask 😉😎

  33. C. Hum

    C. Hum9 days ago

    Yes! I asked my crush out. We have now been married for 18 years. :-)

  34. bodmerj11

    bodmerj119 days ago

    Best English professor ever!!!

  35. Jamie Emeagi

    Jamie Emeagi9 days ago

    I was recently told that my mum's friend was dating someone my mum knew and when the lady was getting proposal vibes the man went with another woman (they are married now). Literally never shit myself before or since.

  36. Kris B

    Kris B9 days ago

    I have asked plenty of guys on dates and they always love it that's how I got my hubs. I have found that if you flirt and say the right things you can guide them to finish up, like u say hey I have to tell u something, I have a crush on you, your really cute and sweet and I'd love to get to know you more, then they know it's a sure deal and say would you like to go on a date, you've done the hard work but they finish it up and still feel like the man if they are that type of guy.

  37. amricatt

    amricatt9 days ago

    I've asked out people in the past. Overall it was a pretty good experience.

  38. Bobbie-Jean

    Bobbie-Jean9 days ago

    Okay so the one and only time that I asked a guy out was actually my daughter's father is before we had my daughter obviously we were hanging out and you know doing the nasty he helped me get away from an abusive relationship so I really liked him he's very attractive he was very funny and sweet and Charming yeah like I said he end up being my daughter's father and he was worse than the first guy that he helped me get away from Sonu I and I haven't asked a guy out since then in high school I was too shy to ask people out I just usually hang out in group settings and if a guy ask me to catch a movie and I like them I said yes well I guess you can kind of say ass out the guy that I'm engaged to now even though I didn't really his mom told me he was trying to get ahold of me by change my number so I contact him and said hey your mom said you were trying to get ahold of me is Fabi and I said this is my new number if you wanted it cuz we should go kayaking and stuff together and he was actually one of my younger brothers best friends growing up so we knew each other for a very long time a little did I know he had been in love with me since he was like 12 years old you know what I mean or he was infatuated with me when he was 12 and as you know he got older I guess he still had an interest and I didn't know that I really didn't know until you told me but yeah we've been together almost 8 years now I get asked out here and there I'm going to say all the time or frequently but when I worked at McDonald's and I was still in my daughter's father I swear to you I'm not trying to sound conceited but I would have guys asking me for the phone numbers and girls asking me for my phone number I'm going to do is I'm at work this is totally not inappropriate 9 to be asking me sometimes they see me leave work and see my car so when I get off work there do you like a note on my car with a phone number for asking me to go to the fair or go to the movies with them 90% of the time I was in a relationship you know and I have a kid so a lot of people I don't blame them prefer not to me. Listen to someone that has a kid because they're not ready for that kind of commitment anyways long story short yes I asked one guy out said no actually my daughter's father said no he didn't think that either one of us was ready for a relationship but he still want to hang out I think it's because he was still sleeping with the girl he was hanging out with before me and you I found that out and I said dude seriously if we're going to be having the sex you're not going to be having sex with other women that is disgusted I cut him off for about two months I didn't have sex with anybody else you know I just got out of a really bad abusive relationship and I was trusting him you know and he kind of took advantage of it and we still talk we hung out and then two or three months later apparently she liked me better I don't know I was a teenager okay I was stupid and then eight nine months later we ran away together to Kentucky and a year-and-a-half later I got pregnant yep so that's part of my story and that's why I never asked anybody hurt again if somebody wanted to hang out they'd asked me to hang out you know hey you want to get dinner it's not really a date Seiko I like that restaurant you like that restaurant with get food will split it you know usually a date if I ask someone on the date I'll pay for dinner if they ask me they pay for dinner you know what I mean I just yeah my fiance ask me on dates all the time I make them work for it though hahaha

  39. robskalas

    robskalas9 days ago

    Plenty of women have run away from me, Charlotte. You're not alone.

  40. Latifah Gordeeva

    Latifah Gordeeva9 days ago

    Damn that first one was cold

  41. Reese

    Reese9 days ago

    in 4th grade i asked this guy out through a bit and had my best friend give it to him at lunch. He showed it to everyone at his lunch table. People made fun of me for years because the note was extremely corny. His mom posted a pic of it on facebook. So i guess you could say it didn’t go very well 😂

  42. Hailey Holt

    Hailey Holt9 days ago

    I asked this guy out. Other people found out, and this guy blamed me for their torment. He is still mad at me to this day.

  43. Kim Whitehead

    Kim Whitehead9 days ago

    The Aristotelian triangle works in all forms of discourse. That’s why us University professors preach it!

  44. Lily Shika

    Lily Shika9 days ago

    Last time I asked a guy out we were together for about six months. It was fine for a while but at some point I got sick of his snoring (imagine a train right next to you, in your ear. Literally) and was OVER him not trimming his TOE NAILS! It was GROSS! I asked him to trim them and he literally said, “What? You don’t like them?” Had to YEET myself outta that.

  45. molissa allen

    molissa allen9 days ago

    I kissed my crush of 3 years and then we got married, had two wonderful children and then he got cancer and died. Besides the dying part it worked out.

  46. alok swift

    alok swift9 days ago

    Sending u love from India ❤️

  47. Mina Martinez

    Mina Martinez9 days ago

    I asked a guy out once... we’ve been married for eight years and have three kids 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  48. tweeotch

    tweeotch9 days ago

    When I was in sixth grade I asked out my crush. She said no. So I moved ten feet down the line to the bus and asked out another girl. She also said no. Double shot down. Although I started dated the second girl a few days later. Elementary School love.

  49. jz

    jz9 days ago

    when I was drunk,I chased her from the bar and asked for a kiss.She ran with her girlfriend and they drove off.I was smooth baby...

  50. fresh_fit_chef

    fresh_fit_chef9 days ago

    I also have a dog...Just saying hmu

  51. fresh_fit_chef

    fresh_fit_chef9 days ago

    you can ask me out, I won't mind.

  52. Miss. Scarlett

    Miss. Scarlett9 days ago

    So I had a huge crush on this guy I went to school with and I had asked him out to just hangout (on a date) well he said yeah he'd like to hangout sometime. A week later after I believe spring break we get the news that the college is closed due to the lockdown. I never talked to that boy again and we never had that date 😭. That was literally my first time asking someone out and it didn't really go to well.

  53. MarrisaPlays

    MarrisaPlays9 days ago

    My best friend from Middle and high school was my biggest crush sadly i was solidly in the "I love you like a sister" camp. I guess my preteen self could just tell what kind of man he was ganna grow up to be, The one every woman wants. Solid dependable trustworthy and a great father. Cant tell you how many times i cried that it would never be more and stayed his friend after the ever so uncomfortable conversation that he wasnt into me any other way, I have spent many days over the last 20 yrs holding it in knowing it wont happen but desperate to keep him in my life in some way. I am happily married but not to him.

  54. Sarah W

    Sarah W9 days ago

    I just found this channel and have been binge watching I have not laughed this hard in a entire year!! Thank you so much for your awesome content.

  55. It's Doofen

    It's Doofen9 days ago

    I was rejected they was my first crush. That has really f...ed up my self esteem. Ever since I've been sure that someone I like won't like me back, boooi I was so wrong.

  56. Munkee Finkelbeen

    Munkee Finkelbeen9 days ago

    I seriously want to ask my crush out...I don't expect much out of it, but at least it will stop eating at me, asking "what if?"

  57. Christi Shepherd

    Christi Shepherd9 days ago

    I kinda didn't ask him... I walked up to (my now husband) and asked him when he was going to take me out. He asked when I wanted to go out, we had one date... June 8th we'll have been married for 12

  58. Laura Hunter

    Laura Hunter9 days ago

    Yep asked my now husband out at 14. Been together nearly 18yrs and married for 14 this year.

  59. T1MB05L1C3

    T1MB05L1C39 days ago

    Have not asked anyone since high school because no isn’t the worst answer. Getting mocked by an entire group for asking is. Years later, being single really ain’t so bad.

  60. Nikki

    Nikki9 days ago

    I have only asked one man to go out, I figured it would be a fling because he’s much younger so no pressure...we’ve been happily married for going on 9 years 😁

  61. Ashley Sarah

    Ashley Sarah10 days ago

    I asked two different guys to senior prom.... ended up going with a gal pal bc I was turned down by both guys who were juniors that said, guy 1 "I'm not allowed to go for religious reasons" and the other said he was going to a different schools dance with someone so he couldn't.... they were both there with no females. Just guy friends.

  62. Tylagwr Greenwaygwr

    Tylagwr Greenwaygwr10 days ago

    I asked my first crush out for a drink ...lemonade,!! ..i was rejected 😟 I was 12 years old.. he broke my heart😟I'm healed & happy married for 20 years. 😊 (with someone else)😛 his bold, fat, single and unemployed for few years... who's laughing now 🤣😂🤣

  63. dev oconnell

    dev oconnell10 days ago

    first and last time i asked a guy out i thought we'd grab some lunch down by the water (at this great food truck) so i asked him "hey i was wondering if sometime you'd like to get some water . . . with . . .me . . ." then immediately froze 😬. he kindly smiled, waiting. then my motor started up again and i said "i meant get some lunch, down by the water." he said yes but i was forever traumatized. now i appreciate the sheer courage it takes to be a guy. 😍

  64. Emmanuella Khoom

    Emmanuella Khoom10 days ago

    Met a guy, through his parents, he was cute, we went for coffee to chat. In the middle of the convo, I blurted out "You wanna go out with me?" he said "sure!" 6 months later, we were married, and have never been happier!

  65. Eddwardo Chesterfield

    Eddwardo Chesterfield10 days ago

    At least this is a decent challenge.

  66. Ted E.

    Ted E.10 days ago

    If you ask me out, I promise not to run far far away.

  67. Alexys Becerra

    Alexys Becerra10 days ago

    My crush asked me out on a date over Facebook and we have been together for 7 and a half years :-)

  68. Erika Heyns

    Erika Heyns10 days ago

    Charlotte me and you both🙈 But with me I kinda low-key feel like if I do ask him he'll reject me😂😂 but in a kinda nice way and aau his not ready for a relationship👀😒🚮 so I rather not ask him🙌🏼😂

  69. Erika Heyns

    Erika Heyns10 days ago


  70. Kimble D

    Kimble D10 days ago

    I asked someone out 18 years ago. We’ve been together ever since, and married for 7 years :)

  71. Cynthia Salinas

    Cynthia Salinas10 days ago

    That one guy just wanted to have her around for "gaming" but really for sex. Lol that's what that meant.

  72. Agito Yoshiro

    Agito Yoshiro10 days ago

    I did I was 0 for high school but to be fair after Freshman year I gave up. I had a huge crush on a girl in my Senior English class. Sitting arrangement by the teacher had me sitting beside her all year. Never did ask her out but talked to her everyday I was just thinking to myself don’t say anything so stupid you want to put your words back in your mouth with a shotgun. One girl liked me and told me to kiss her on the bus. Only kissed twice that was it. Still friends 🎼 hello darkness my old friend 🎶

  73. Miss Severi

    Miss Severi10 days ago

    When I was 15 I asked out my crush and he told me to f$&k off!! 🤣 🤣

  74. Anica Walden

    Anica Walden10 days ago

    Ask me out!

  75. Rose C

    Rose C10 days ago

    The boldest I got in life was when my crush ( a friend from work who lived in the same neighborhood) was talking to me on my front porch. I asked if he was interested in going out sometime and he said he had a new fiance. There was a 2 second beat as I processed that new information and then said "that's too bad, if you decide she's not the one, I'm still interested". #mic drop

  76. Haze Sister

    Haze Sister10 days ago

    I dropped a guy my number once and we’ve been together ever since. We are planning our wedding for next year, after 4 years together 🥰😍🥰

  77. Erin Martin

    Erin Martin10 days ago

    I have no shame. If wantd to go out with a guy, I'd ask. 9/ get rejected. But the last time I asked a guy out, he's been with me for 3.5. Our 4 anniversary is this July. ❤

  78. annia copeland

    annia copeland10 days ago

    Naw you just don’t got game baby girl

  79. Chereisie Crawford

    Chereisie Crawford10 days ago

    Oof. Last person I asked out was in high school and they started laughing. They laughed so hard in fact that that whole hallway of other students stopped to watch. That stuff is hard to live down when you live in a small mining town @.@

  80. RacinGIRL911

    RacinGIRL91110 days ago

    Several years ago when I was in high school there was a guy who asked me if I wanted to hang out. I’m not sure if there’s a time limit for hanging around with someone, but here we are still hanging out 47 years later! 👰🏻👰🏻🤵🏻‍♂️💍

  81. God is Ariana

    God is Ariana10 days ago

    Last Saturday, I told the guy I had feelings for that I like him, I didn’t really ask him out cus I was pretty certain he didn’t feel the same way. He was very mature about it and the part that hurts isn’t that he rejected me but that I don’t talk to him anymore. He said he wants to stay friends and that he figured out that I liked him and nothing has to change but I can’t move on if I keep talking to him :/

  82. Esteban Fernandez

    Esteban Fernandez10 days ago

    i asked one at end of high school write her a love letter with poems and song self made she did not even went on a date with me before deciding she did not want anything to do with me ouch!!! Self steem minus 100

  83. LiL [ash]

    LiL [ash]10 days ago

    I love watching Charlotte's excitement throughout this.

  84. Sarahlovee

    Sarahlovee10 days ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO A REACTION VIDEO TO THE NEW DUTCH CHILDRENS SHOW "JOHN DILLERMAND" they have English subtitles one most the videos on USlikes clips

  85. Sarahlovee

    Sarahlovee10 days ago

    Wholesome video qnd still amazing

  86. Sarahlovee

    Sarahlovee10 days ago

    Yes, I've asked people out. Had to in some.. hard to not let the female doing the asking out when you're both female

  87. Edelweiss

    Edelweiss10 days ago

    I would love to get a part 2 of these!

  88. Sarahlovee

    Sarahlovee10 days ago

    I swear to God Gen Z just puts the word "challenge" after any activity Quick let's all start the fold your laundry perfectly speedy challenge

  89. RuthiesRascals

    RuthiesRascals10 days ago

    I was at the hospital with my mom and sister. My mom was getting outpatient tests. A really hot guy was in the same area getting X-rays. I looked at my married sister and said wow. We went outside to smoke knowing he would have to leave in the same area. I saw him ready to leave. When he was outside I went up to him and said you don’t have to answer now but I would like to go out with you. I gave my name and said I was in the phone book and left. Two days later he called and wanted to go out. I had a new car at the time. I got a ding pulling in the gas station because he was smiling and I was looking at him instead of where I was going lol. Nice guy!

  90. Lal Rin

    Lal Rin10 days ago


  91. Nicole Lavigne

    Nicole Lavigne10 days ago

    I’m with you. In high school I told my crush, a friend of mine, I liked him and got “I’m not sure about you.” It was kind of sweet though cause he said if anyone hurt me he would hurt them, including himself in which case he would run himself into a wall. Another time (post uni) I tried to ask a guy out but wasn’t direct and clear enough so he thought it was just hanging out. He asked me during the not date why I was nodding so much like a bobble head (so embarrassing). Confirmed after the fact about the date aspect and he said that he broke up recently and wasn’t ready to date again and all platonic chatting also stopped.

  92. Blowing Free

    Blowing Free10 days ago

    Men like to be asked out. I love it myself. It is flattering. Of course it is a bit awkward if the man is not attracted to the girl doing the asking, but I usually find a "You must be joking luv" does the trick nicely in those cases....(that was a joke, honestly!). Attractive girls with personality like Charlotte probably get asked out a lot so have little need to ask boys out themselves. That sounds like a great position to be in, but if the girl does not fancy many of the man asking then that is a lot of awkwardness to deal with. So swings and roundabouts. Some years ago I asked a girl out at work. She turned me down. A month or so later she invited me to her flat after work. Ha Ha I thought! There were lots of photos of Marilyn Munroe and other women on her walls. I got the picture. She was gay, so we became friends. I would never ask a work colleague out again though. Rejection is too embarrassing and things can never be quite the same again.

  93. Lorna Gemmell

    Lorna Gemmell10 days ago

    I met my now husband online, we were chatting away for ages, I finally said “are you ever gonna ask me out for a drink” so I kinda asked him. 10 years later married, he’s step daddy to my two older kids and we’ve had two more babies

  94. Trude

    Trude10 days ago

    I've never been on a date either. We don't do that shit here in Scandinavia 😂

  95. Asian Nkutt

    Asian Nkutt10 days ago

    That Lagos guy is a good guy. An average Lagos guy will leave you in your house to his wedding! 😂😂 Also I’ve never asked anyone out.. 😁😁

  96. Sankaritarina WarriorsTale

    Sankaritarina WarriorsTale10 days ago

    I asked my crush out in HS and she said, "no"(she stopped being my crush after that). So I got into sports and played in the football(soccer) and became physically built and she soon after asked me out and I replied, "no" and walked away from her. I was still bitter about her.

  97. Jessica Alsop

    Jessica Alsop10 days ago

    Asked out my big crush in high school, he lied and said he was gay.

  98. Mary mega

    Mary mega10 days ago

    😂😂😂 who's gonna tell her......ok i will Charlotte love its pronounced Lay-gos, my head when you said lah-gos. Love you soooooo much, and you really are funny btw

  99. Karina Comanescu

    Karina Comanescu10 days ago

    It's always me asking out the guys I like🤣🤣🤣 a coffee is enough to understand who goes to the next level(10levels minimum)

  100. Lana Jig-maker

    Lana Jig-maker10 days ago

    I got one... Me: Hey you seem interesting. Would you go out with me on a date? Guy: Me: uh been a few days, since I've asked. You cool? Guy: (Yeah so...the disrespect haha. People should be given the yea or no, not crickets.)

  101. Wynie Asara

    Wynie Asara10 days ago

    Around Jan, a very nice guy from Toronto came on holiday to my country, and stayed at the hotel where I work. We talked daily about distinct and random stuff..and, one day he literally told me to accompany him to a very nice restaurant down the street that night but I declined thinking that it was just a usual sentence guests usually make with staff for fun. Later that night, I realised that he actually wanted to go on a date with me...I was very busy the next day he checked but, a letter was brought to where I sit addressed to me with his phone number and a few funny sentences. I was confused whether to text him or not..gladly I did after 26hours when it took him 21hours to land in Canada. He actually replied for he thought I'd never text, We both have each other's contacts, but how on earth am I going to feel confident enough to tell someone's son who's 7000Miles away from me that my heart and soul aren't the same ever since he left. It stupidly hurts. On a side note, Thanks for keeping us entertained dear Charlotte.