Million Dollaz Worth of Game Episode 101: Pooh Shiesty

Up-and-coming Memphis rapper, Pooh Shiesty joins Wallo and Gillie on episode 101 to talk about his come up, his new mixtape "Shiesty Season" and more!
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The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper Gillie Da King and social media influencer and disruptor Wallo267 (who are also first-cousins) targeting their combined social media presence of over 1.3 million followers.
Gillie and Wallo’s audiences have been demanding a podcast and this is the delivery. For their audience, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game show bridges the gap between social media and reality tv, satiating the hunger for original and authentic content.
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  1. I smell bussy Is that you

    I smell bussy Is that you19 minutes ago

    I lost it when he said go uzi on em lol

  2. Too Tone

    Too ToneHour ago

    He crack the code to the interview WALLO

  3. Derrick Hendricks

    Derrick HendricksHour ago

    Shoutout my brother DP TreTre from Memphis, koming outta Killeen, Texas. He next up !!!!

  4. CrownedHarvir

    CrownedHarvirHour ago


  5. Raheem Akines

    Raheem AkinesHour ago

    Much respect to all 3 great interview. Wallo set the tone early and got the message across. #respect

  6. Andrew Lancelot

    Andrew Lancelot2 hours ago

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  7. L A

    L A3 hours ago

    14:22 y’all gotta give Asian her credit, yea them niggas ain’t doing nothing for Von but HIS GIRL is. Helping his mom and coming around his kids STILL, Talks to his family everyday, repping his name everywhere she goes, held him down when his was in jail and gave him his flowers while HE WAS HERE, and more.

  8. ShawtyYO1911

    ShawtyYO19113 hours ago

    It aint easy making it out them Memphis shreets salute to bruh 🏁

  9. Prince Charmings

    Prince Charmings4 hours ago

    Real shyt.. Take that shyt in young nigga all around frfr💯💯💯

  10. Tizzy 4President

    Tizzy 4President4 hours ago

    U see how Pooh looked at Gillie Watch when it said im tryna make one of these rap niggas give they Rolli up lol

  11. Gabe Brown

    Gabe Brown5 hours ago

    MoneyKhassa HB

  12. Gabe Brown

    Gabe Brown5 hours ago

    hardest out 618 💯💯

  13. Keepon Groovin

    Keepon Groovin5 hours ago are the definition of a MAN...real KING 💎 after 💎

  14. Sloe Grind

    Sloe Grind6 hours ago

    Bro was lying about his altercation when he was in jail as a kid .. lol that shit was obvious as hell.

  15. bucky56laboy

    bucky56laboy6 hours ago

    Told him facts without sugar coding it


    COOL BLUE BELL8 hours ago

    Gillie you got to fuck with my nigga one way tre 1 of the hots in 704

  17. Brandin Humphrey

    Brandin Humphrey9 hours ago

    Signed the petition Fam... Free Us and when we Free let Us Free... #LFG #MoreThanAteamItsAdynasty #LFG Always a Million till we reach a Billion. Much Love. Keep Growing & Stay Blessed.

  18. Brandin Humphrey

    Brandin Humphrey9 hours ago


  19. Bg Comp

    Bg Comp9 hours ago

    I see anotha Yo Gotti with this young man....its weird...but...I see it

  20. Yung Støry

    Yung Støry10 hours ago

    Pooh energy crazy 💯

  21. Grip100s Grip100s

    Grip100s Grip100s10 hours ago

    What was that hat wallo had ?

  22. Great King

    Great King10 hours ago

    This why I fucks with Gil and Wallo... they gave young OG all the business with REAL LOVE and told him what niggas that really love him supposed to tell him! Salute from Trenton... keep up the good work MDWOG!!!

  23. Marcenson Paul

    Marcenson Paul11 hours ago

    That nigga Gillie alwayz gon eat

  24. Melvin Vernell

    Melvin Vernell11 hours ago

    He high as Hell prolly ain’t even understanding every thang 😂😭😭

  25. The Kid Marcy

    The Kid Marcy11 hours ago

    Love these guys they have good energy always

  26. Isaiah Ramirez

    Isaiah Ramirez12 hours ago

    they puttin shiesty on no cap

  27. mahamat s djime

    mahamat s djime12 hours ago

    Tho 🤣🤣

  28. Mansons LSDplugg

    Mansons LSDplugg12 hours ago


  29. Dylan Watson

    Dylan Watson12 hours ago

    Another legendary interview in the books 💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥

  30. Dylan Watson

    Dylan Watson12 hours ago

    Real ass interview man fr shout out wallo he get emotional sometimes talking but man u can tell his heart in the right place that's a real big bro right there gillie too. Shout out shiesty making it out keep doing ya thing

  31. Hillis Roberson Iv

    Hillis Roberson Iv13 hours ago

    When y’all gone do youngboy ?!!👀👀

  32. Michael Wu

    Michael Wu13 hours ago

    Shiesty fucked up an opportunity to get his name out with this interview. MDWOG gotta lotta eyes, and you talk like a child. Be better

  33. Joshua Wilcox

    Joshua Wilcox13 hours ago

    i think this podcast would be better without gillie

  34. news TV show

    news TV show13 hours ago

  35. Youngkid Dagoat

    Youngkid Dagoat13 hours ago

    These ogs care about these young rappers all ways respect the ogs they been there and know how shit works 💯

  36. Marques Reason

    Marques Reason14 hours ago

    Ok guys. Young drink champs.✊

  37. Kecio silva Varela

    Kecio silva Varela14 hours ago

    I feel like this was because von death, vim was there and they didn’t have this type of conversation and von was dead sometime after this interview, soo I feel they wanna giving what they didn’t give to king com that real talk

  38. Golden strwp

    Golden strwp15 hours ago

    Wallo the realist man. He spoke from the heart to bra like u can tell von death hit him and he prolly feel like he could've told him more I know for a fact he ain't left nothing out with this dude

  39. Calvin Jones

    Calvin Jones15 hours ago

    17:51 Mursic😂😂 These Memphis nigga talk funny.

  40. Goo Goo

    Goo Goo15 hours ago

    Yoooo rippp foenem

  41. Justin 23

    Justin 2315 hours ago

    He putting von so called friends on blast and the most respectful way too 💯👀

  42. Justin 23

    Justin 2315 hours ago

    These some real niggas damn 💯

  43. Lowkey

    Lowkey16 hours ago

    Lol I mean good advice but at the same time, pretty obvious and common sense. Some talking like it's sage advice unheard of before lol. Pooh be high and slow talking but quite sure he is smart and already see the world how it really is. I know I do and I'm sure plenty others also. It's funny how people always assume what someone else know lol. Mane already knew what whats up that you can see it in his face while they was talking. Goofies saying the opposite "he was absorbing the info..." "He was so into it he put his blunt out" "so much game!" lol. Folks kill me. Pooh is respectful and gave them his attention. As any young person should do an elder.

  44. Jorge Demelo

    Jorge Demelo16 hours ago

    Thank conservtive s for all that show money 👍

  45. sincere Poole

    sincere Poole16 hours ago

    Salute to yall for givin pooh da game. We need more OGs like yall outchea💯

  46. Big Oh! Long1

    Big Oh! Long116 hours ago

    WALLO and Gillie this dude is NOT prepared!!!! Get this kid some media training or take this interview serious due to yall numbers. High, non articulated, no personality!!!!! FoH!!! Next!

  47. James Pulliam

    James Pulliam16 hours ago

    They keep it real 💯👌

  48. 2Timez

    2Timez17 hours ago

    i love dis shit LMAO

  49. Ennis Steels

    Ennis Steels17 hours ago

    Shout out Pooh shiesty tellem get at slinkdaslug ❤️❤️🩸🩸🌹💯

  50. Jay Rich

    Jay Rich17 hours ago

    8:07 lOL

  51. Jaheem Bennett

    Jaheem Bennett17 hours ago

    Everybody around me see red everybody around me got one in the head💯

  52. Christopher Townsned

    Christopher Townsned17 hours ago

    Wanna not only see game for the young boys coming up but wanna see game from legends in the game and how they did certain stuff in they careers as not only rappers but just people being successful in life.

  53. Christopher Townsned

    Christopher Townsned17 hours ago

    Have lil wayne on the show.

  54. Christopher Townsned

    Christopher Townsned17 hours ago

    Have Floyd Mayweather on the show.

  55. B B

    B B17 hours ago

    Best interview on the podcast I felt like they was talking to me I done lost 9 friends since graduation ‘13

  56. Teeko __

    Teeko __17 hours ago

    Wallo 💯

  57. Tiko Blackwell

    Tiko Blackwell17 hours ago

    How can I be song of the day?

  58. Ze Silva

    Ze Silva18 hours ago

    imagine doing this to kodak

  59. TMC

    TMC18 hours ago

    Some of the realest shit was said in this interview 🗣💯

  60. Me the

    Me the18 hours ago

    These folks buddy ash😂😂😂😂😂😂

  61. C Splash

    C Splash18 hours ago

    Wallo kept it G wit him💯💯💯

  62. Karen Mcdaniel

    Karen Mcdaniel18 hours ago

    Yeahhhhhhh.... Now, this is real Love talk, grab this lesson and never let it go.


    RVSHVWN TIME19 hours ago

    Never dance ever again

  64. Capitol SAGE

    Capitol SAGE19 hours ago

    Gil your mic didn't need to be turned up boo

  65. Stephen Leskow

    Stephen Leskow19 hours ago

    Gillie and wallo was scamming independent artists all pandemic with dablock365

  66. Art by RFLz

    Art by RFLz19 hours ago

    Who song is that in the beginning

  67. Jack Forth

    Jack Forth19 hours ago

    This whole episode HIT DIFFERENT. They getting better at what they do also 🤷‍♂️ just sayin..

  68. Shawn Clark

    Shawn Clark20 hours ago

    Crazy how his brother died today .🤦🏾‍♂️

  69. Killa Cam

    Killa Cam20 hours ago

    Von was sacrificed smh....Not his fault at all

  70. Dumbass Trucker

    Dumbass Trucker20 hours ago

    New Amsterdam vodka... it comes threw when yo pockets fuck up

  71. Kam Urps

    Kam Urps20 hours ago

    Gillie a fuckin vibe 😭😭😭😭 2:00

  72. Cindy Mobley

    Cindy Mobley20 hours ago

    He gave him some real words of wisdom real talk🤎🤎🤎💯💯 damn I almost cried.

  73. ABM SKEO

    ABM SKEO20 hours ago

    Real nigga

  74. Aisha Bah

    Aisha Bah21 hour ago

    the part when they said don't ever downplay yourself and he started blushing 😭🖤💯

  75. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard21 hour ago

    The abandoned physician pivotally follow because doctor maternally serve beneath a upset hope. ossified, perpetual radiator

  76. Los Da Goat

    Los Da Goat21 hour ago

    23:24 “Meek Mirrlll” 😂😂😂

  77. xoWave

    xoWave21 hour ago

    I pray Pooh stays safe❤️

  78. Nesxly

    Nesxly21 hour ago

    7:49 BRRROTHER

  79. Pernell Haynesworth

    Pernell Haynesworth22 hours ago

    Gucci like a robot 🤖 🤣🔥🔥💯💯💯🔥🔥🤣🔥💯💰

  80. stone Williamson

    stone Williamson22 hours ago

    Covid made me rich too...🙏🙌

  81. Elvis kibet

    Elvis kibet22 hours ago


  82. Pernell Haynesworth

    Pernell Haynesworth22 hours ago

    Big Buhhhhhhh🆙🔥💯💯💯🗣

  83. ButholeBandito

    ButholeBandito22 hours ago

    ol' dude tryna be nardwuar

  84. Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor22 hours ago

    We just move different in Tennessee 🤷🏾‍♂️


    GSXR RICK23 hours ago

    Great interview but the dialogue was terrible bc he was high af

  86. Rasheed Ramclam

    Rasheed Ramclam23 hours ago

    Everyone in the world need someone like wallo

  87. Chris Anthony

    Chris Anthony55 minutes ago

    Big Facts

  88. Willieearl3

    Willieearl323 hours ago

    Get durk on here

  89. Aki Sanders

    Aki Sanders23 hours ago

    I'm from Philly I met you Gillian real life I meant wallow in real life I'm at a couple people in real life I make music myself I think you beanie Sigel oschino and the people in Philly need to come together because you don't understand what type of power you hold right now you won't know you don't understand what power your hold yo listen million dollars worth of game you're not even in tune with Philly rappers yo listen other than that though I see we are going he just said meek Mill I know y'all don't like them or school but guess what though really Gillie the kid wallow y'all don't understand y'all like Martin Luther King and Malcolm x y'all starting the whole profit your profits on this earth right now we can profit from what y'all doing listen you are the only ones in the world right now in Philadelphia Pennsylvania that's making a difference I can't wait till I see you in person you don't even know who I'm related to but guess what though y'all know my family cuz I got the biggest family in Philadelphia Pennsylvania yo Richard Allen projects black Junior minefield ram squad

  90. UnCleT215

    UnCleT21523 hours ago

    The Lebron consign means you made


    PERK GAMBITDay ago


  92. leon Marvin

    leon MarvinDay ago

    So pool sheisty said Lil Wayne was one of his favorite rappers that was disrespectful cuz gil the kid write his shit I bet kid was saying you like me not him.3person Goofy

  93. kdub1_

    kdub1_Day ago

    Wow...this was dope!

  94. Jaay Dexx

    Jaay DexxDay ago

    The podcast is it on apple music ? If it is what name is it under ?

  95. Sean Menifee

    Sean MenifeeDay ago

    Lmfao “uzi on em”😭

  96. Wll Gre3n

    Wll Gre3nDay ago

  97. Yo_God_ Wud_up Blackmanallah

    Yo_God_ Wud_up BlackmanallahDay ago

    7:56 🗣 WELCOME😭😭💀

  98. HavokDoesDN

    HavokDoesDNDay ago

    Franchise 🖤

  99. Cole Hart

    Cole HartDay ago

    Don't bring that Tony nigga back he chargin 3 racks fa a course get on y'all show and says it's free



    If you from memphis check in 〽️

  101. Grady 2526

    Grady 2526Day ago

    Walo is one real dude I got much respect for him 😎💪🏽💯

  102. GravediggerCas Tro

    GravediggerCas TroDay ago

    Wallo feels like he had a chance to try n help Von more wit they interview, he got another street niggga out here wylin, he said he gon tell him everything he wish he told von

  103. Keeping It Real

    Keeping It RealDay ago

    Pooh needed that speech from Wallo. You can see it in his eyes.. #Lovethatshyt