Open That Coca-Cola (Music by Tyler, The Creator)

Open that Coca-Cola!
What does Coca-Cola even taste like?
The thing is, it's more than just a taste, it's a feeling beyond words.
✨ Oooh! ✨ Aaah! ✨ Yeeah! ✨
#OpenthatCocaCola #CocaColaKickShuffle


  1. Wave jepp

    Wave jepp15 minutes ago

    Just get along with the fact that the world isn't just made up of white people.

  2. Aiden Nurse

    Aiden Nurse19 minutes ago


  3. Nico

    Nico22 minutes ago

    Ohhhhhhhhhh so if they dance to some new techno-hipster music it means they’re not white! I feel like USlikes is deleting dislikes again 😂

  4. Miranda Cosgrove

    Miranda Cosgrove26 minutes ago


  5. bean75

    bean7549 minutes ago

    this needs less whiteness!!!

  6. balota Cristi

    balota CristiHour ago

    poor tyler he got his song in the cringiest add after grub hub perks

  7. Michael Smith

    Michael SmithHour ago

    Be less white.

  8. Arthur

    ArthurHour ago

    Hey coke.... Screw you and your be less white campaign. Get woke go broke!!! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER coke PRODUCT!!!

  9. Rene Droetboom

    Rene Droetboom2 hours ago

    why "be less white" @Coca-Cola this is real rassism

  10. RoiTheBoi

    RoiTheBoi2 hours ago

    Coca Cola fans when there Coca Cola fans:

  11. Huracan360

    Huracan3602 hours ago

    Song: 🔥🔥🔥 Video: 🤮🤮🤮

  12. Huracan360

    Huracan3602 hours ago

    Coca Cola tells people to be less white yet back in the 50's they were out making vending machines that only served white people

  13. Claudiiaa

    Claudiiaa3 hours ago

    (0:47)its Addison rea!!😱omggg🥺❤

  14. The Ragoo overlord

    The Ragoo overlord3 hours ago

    I'm less white now after watching this. Waz up wichoo dawg ?

  15. Ralph Jacob

    Ralph Jacob3 hours ago

    Get woke go broke coke.

  16. Ralph Jacob

    Ralph Jacob3 hours ago

    Be less white, we gotta be less white, I'm switching to Pepsi and it's all alright 👍 😅

  17. Char

    Char3 hours ago

    I thought Tyler was releasing an actual song

  18. amyx95

    amyx953 hours ago

    here for Tyler

  19. janni2k

    janni2k3 hours ago


  20. Clevelan Cummings

    Clevelan Cummings4 hours ago

    Is this commercial about the Woke pandemic?

  21. Nyla Flippin

    Nyla Flippin4 hours ago

    Tyler has went from working at Starbucks to this I'm so happy for him!

  22. Christian Schmitz

    Christian Schmitz4 hours ago

    this is disturbingly cringy...

  23. Robert Suthers

    Robert Suthers4 hours ago


  24. Felicia KPBSFS

    Felicia KPBSFS4 hours ago

    What's with this 'To be less white'? Im sorry I didn't understand :

  25. Felicia KPBSFS

    Felicia KPBSFS4 hours ago

    He betrayed Mountain Dew😭😂😂😂

  26. Potto

    Potto5 hours ago

    ay hang on they less white yet???

  27. Semi_ kai

    Semi_ kai5 hours ago

    yeah I'm part of the 50% Tyler fans

  28. Raiyn

    Raiyn5 hours ago

    At this point coca cola's probably trying to look bad like grub hub

  29. Sam Vision

    Sam Vision6 hours ago

    Grubhub live action

  30. GhostFuel PL

    GhostFuel PL6 hours ago

    Making song for an ad that is more polished that some albums xd

  31. hetbestek

    hetbestek6 hours ago

    this is fire, i love tyler man

  32. That one person Oo

    That one person Oo6 hours ago

    That’s not very human of you all

  33. That one person Oo

    That one person Oo6 hours ago

    Some body messed up and the ad

  34. That one person Oo

    That one person Oo6 hours ago

    He posted the song I actually liked a song for a commercial

  35. Sniper King

    Sniper King6 hours ago

    Ion get it

  36. sajid bashir

    sajid bashir7 hours ago


  37. Sydney Swan

    Sydney Swan8 hours ago

    "What does Coca-Cola even taste like?" *white*

  38. Iron Man

    Iron Man8 hours ago

    Be less white, wow coke you are the worst!

  39. SMUS16475

    SMUS164758 hours ago

    They're putting actual Coke into Coke? They might as well call it Coca-Cola².

  40. 水分補給Hydration

    水分補給Hydration8 hours ago

    White oppression doesn’t exist. If your feelings are hurt then cry about it.

  41. Some Ome

    Some Ome8 hours ago

    I think that Tyler's music should be published with better music videos rather than this.

  42. Francisco Blazquez

    Francisco Blazquez8 hours ago

    Be lees white.... shame on you.

  43. Sucka free

    Sucka free9 hours ago

    2:06 lemme know when y’all spot Tyler😂😂

  44. Jake C

    Jake C9 hours ago

    Is this better than the Mountain Dew commercial Tyler directed?

  45. Ali C

    Ali C10 hours ago

    I have never wanted to drink a coke less

  46. ssjedward

    ssjedward10 hours ago

    w tyler

  47. will

    will10 hours ago

    cant believe this is the song he dropped bro.

  48. {b} ?

    {b} ?10 hours ago

    this is a commercial that plays in a black mirror universe

  49. Aytek Atik

    Aytek Atik10 hours ago

    Commercial is accurate, that’s how coke feels like

  50. C RN

    C RN11 hours ago

    can someone explain what people are mad at

  51. RoiTheBoi

    RoiTheBoi2 hours ago

    Coke try to make ppl “less white”

  52. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido11 hours ago

    Not the white people here trying to be oppressed and call this racist😭

  53. vodkaa

    vodkaa8 hours ago

    alt girl

  54. makenna Morris

    makenna Morris11 hours ago

    how about we just be proud of Tyler here and not make this ad about races. at the end of the day we are all people. our color of skin doesn’t define us. just live life knowing that all people are amazing and great.

  55. Ali zimmitti

    Ali zimmitti11 hours ago

    shoutout tyler

  56. Fernando Gabriel

    Fernando Gabriel12 hours ago

    tyler genial

  57. AnTbEgAmInG97

    AnTbEgAmInG9712 hours ago

    Mug is 🔥

  58. Amelia Madden

    Amelia Madden12 hours ago

    No way they put Addison ray in the same ad as Tyler the creator

  59. DCENT

    DCENT12 hours ago


  60. Saket

    Saket13 hours ago

    i mean the song is not bad

  61. Ramatou Diallo

    Ramatou Diallo13 hours ago

    nice one tyler nice one

  62. Christian Manhattan

    Christian Manhattan14 hours ago

    im honestly just here for tyler's song

  63. Jeremiah Cherry

    Jeremiah Cherry15 hours ago

    Coke lost me as a customer. Not only because of that woke race nonsense.. but this godawful attempt to be hip. No company should stoop to this level. Its pathetic.

  64. William

    William15 hours ago

    If coke were to tell there African American employs to be “less black” it would be more racist then when Coca Cola told the white employs to be “less white” because of the toxic political climate we live in since just about everyone is at each other’s throats

  65. MinotauruZzz

    MinotauruZzz15 hours ago

    Hopefully Tyler's 2021 album will have this kind of vibe, we want a whole album of dance / club / rap music.

  66. MonkeyMan

    MonkeyMan15 hours ago

    “be less white” *~a white woman*

  67. Drew Pagie

    Drew Pagie15 hours ago

    "Be less white", try being less racist next time Coke. Or should we all just call you Joke now?

  68. Soren James

    Soren James15 hours ago

    I have stopped being white

  69. qQuiltt

    qQuiltt16 hours ago

    Let's be honest, no one is here for the coke add, we just want the new Tyler, the Creator Song

  70. Lizo Marchito

    Lizo Marchito16 hours ago


  71. Josb 983

    Josb 98317 hours ago

    this is appalling

  72. Samuel Bailey

    Samuel Bailey18 hours ago

    This should be the ‘be less white’ training video.

  73. burbtoy

    burbtoy18 hours ago

    this is actually a cool ad

  74. RoiTheBoi

    RoiTheBoi2 hours ago

    Wow a underrated opinion btw I also like the ad

  75. The challengrr

    The challengrr20 hours ago

    What are all those "less white" jokes

  76. Ape the kid

    Ape the kid20 hours ago

    Love this it’s a little different from what he normally makes

  77. Aesthetical

    Aesthetical20 hours ago

    This is worse than the grubhub ad

  78. José Cubano Santiago

    José Cubano Santiago20 hours ago

    Coca cola is poison

  79. Callum Lawlor

    Callum Lawlor21 hour ago

    I can’t wait to hear this song on Spotify bay bee

  80. Alejandro Leon

    Alejandro Leon21 hour ago

    Can someone kindly explain what exactly is wrong with this. I think I missed something.

  81. Bro Day

    Bro Day21 hour ago

    1:42 looks like somin from midsommar

  82. GoGo Remakes

    GoGo Remakes21 hour ago

    This song is dropping tonight apparently

  83. Rezy Roszalez

    Rezy Roszalez21 hour ago

    1st time in a long time that a commercial actually made me want what theyre advertising

  84. drew werd

    drew werd22 hours ago

    Tyler goated for this one

  85. andrei drei

    andrei drei22 hours ago

    Imma be less white = no more coca cola for me

  86. Mete Elbeyli

    Mete Elbeyli22 hours ago

    Mtn Dew missed out

  87. Cre8ive YexaM

    Cre8ive YexaM22 hours ago

    He’s dropping this song tonight

  88. datb0ii

    datb0ii22 hours ago

    i heard this song comes out today-

  89. Awribalh Idugagk

    Awribalh Idugagk23 hours ago

    Coca-Cola : "Be less white"

  90. Matthew paine

    Matthew paineDay ago

    Be less Coca-Cola

  91. Hey it’s Mya

    Hey it’s MyaDay ago

    I’m so proud of Tyler, especially because this is my favorite drink

  92. Hey it’s Mya

    Hey it’s MyaDay ago

    Dude in the beginning lowkey dress how Tyler use to😭

  93. Nicholas Costas

    Nicholas CostasDay ago

    I’m so inspired by this to be less white. Mmm. 😂

  94. Casey K

    Casey KDay ago

    Does everyone in the comments think saying the same thing over and over again is that funny?

  95. James Cooke

    James CookeDay ago

    So who's switching to go Pepsi??

  96. RoiTheBoi

    RoiTheBoi2 hours ago

    Not me

  97. King Leonidas

    King LeonidasDay ago

    Its Okay to be white Coke-Cola!

  98. cara

    caraDay ago

    How bout you open that wallet I smell a lawsuit coming on soon

  99. GymRat

    GymRatDay ago

    I don't know how to be "Less White" but I sure do know how to buy less Coke

  100. Alex Lex

    Alex LexDay ago

    Officially switching to PEPSI. Too white, not enough sun to get a tan 😥...

  101. Luca108

    Luca108Day ago

    So they put the cocaine thing back in it?

  102. ProDeo04

    ProDeo04Day ago


  103. Clay

    ClayDay ago

    Drink Pepsi......Pass it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Justin McCown

    Justin McCownDay ago

    "You can't be racist against whites because you need institutional power which only whites have" Institutions with power: