"He wrecked me for the win. Son of a ____!" | NASCAR RACE HUB'S Radioactive | NASCAR Cup Series

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  1. doire aintu

    doire aintu5 days ago

    Underdogs need some victories to, good for him man.

  2. Jaden Porterie

    Jaden Porterie6 days ago

    I didn't like that move

  3. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose6 days ago

    Imagine if every radioactive was like this

  4. Grand Champion Plays

    Grand Champion Plays6 days ago

    I think I was more mad then every driver combined when some nobody takes out my 2 fav drivers!!!!!!!!!

  5. John M

    John M7 days ago

    McDowell must be a popular driver. Nobody is complaining about him wrecking the 2 and 22 on the final lap. 22 even hugs him

  6. doire aintu

    doire aintu5 days ago

    All the interesting nascar stories have been played out already.

  7. Rayburn Neal

    Rayburn Neal7 days ago

    Waiting an additional 5 hours? 🤔🤔

  8. doire aintu

    doire aintu4 days ago

    show the true chaos happening on a track, it really is like a constant thunder storm that you feel in your chest. This one gave me chills for sure!!!

  9. Raymond Kirkpatrick

    Raymond Kirkpatrick7 days ago

    Only race he will ever win!! Lmao 😂

  10. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose6 days ago

    end up crashing! And the other drivers many of them crashed so hard and so bad they nearly got killed! And we just keep making a big hero out of Michael mcdowell! He was

  11. Nancy Smith

    Nancy Smith7 days ago

    Till next race

  12. doire aintu

    doire aintu4 days ago

    All the interesting nascar stories have been played out already.

  13. Nancy Smith

    Nancy Smith7 days ago

    Your all still winners to your fans

  14. Nancy Smith

    Nancy Smith7 days ago

    It's definitely a death defying sport, hats off to those drivers, looked "death race " the movie

  15. Nancy Smith

    Nancy Smith7 days ago

    Hope drivers are okay. Congratulations on victory!!

  16. Nancy Smith

    Nancy Smith7 days ago

    First with a team behind you and a car that works helps make a driver successful... Great job to everyone who make a day like this happen and then to cover it for everyone to see. The grass amazing,fencing that was fixed,clean stands/track, stickers, uniforms, sponors, workers, and fans who support. Good job

  17. Nancy Smith

    Nancy Smith7 days ago

    Debris the series, coming March 1st... Maybe the woman defying gravity had eaten one of those particles.

  18. wjlintz

    wjlintz7 days ago

    Is his car held together with duct tape?

  19. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss7 days ago

    Underdogs need some victories to, good for him man.

  20. Corey Griffin

    Corey Griffin7 days ago

    So happy for Michael!!! He deserved one!

  21. RATTL3R186

    RATTL3R1867 days ago

    Now I remember why I quit watching this crap .

  22. It's TILLER

    It's TILLER7 days ago

    As a keselowski fan im kinda pissed but I also can't be mad to see someone who's been in nascar as long as McDowell finally get a win

  23. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss7 days ago

    Big respect to Joey, a man who just crashed in the biggest race, congratulates the winner. Joey is a true man for that

  24. Eric Chillston

    Eric Chillston7 days ago

    All the interesting nascar stories have been played out already.

  25. 2INFINITI&beyond

    2INFINITI&beyond7 days ago

    Wow what an awesome video! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 filled with epic action and emotions, jeeeez some of those shots were just spectacular 😳 I like when they add some shaky footage to show the true chaos happening on a track, it really is like a constant thunder storm that you feel in your chest. This one gave me chills for sure!!!

  26. Anita H

    Anita H7 days ago

    Congrats on your win. Hated to see the crash. So thankful no one was hurt.

  27. Ray Dunbar

    Ray Dunbar7 days ago

    This was a terrible finish! Michael mcdowell caused that wreck! I have seen that played back a dozen times! He pushes Brad keslowski into Joey logano! Then Brad and logano end up crashing! And the other drivers many of them crashed so hard and so bad they nearly got killed! And we just keep making a big hero out of Michael mcdowell! He was a total a****** and caused that entire wreck and goes on to be the champion of all champions shame on NASCAR for never even asking the question, what happened? They know what happened and they don't want to talk about it!

  28. PugsNotDrugs4

    PugsNotDrugs48 days ago

    It's the Daytona 500...if you aren't doing whatever you can to win, you don't belong there.

  29. CTRL Noxious

    CTRL Noxious8 days ago

    No Brad you didn't get wrecked for the win : l

  30. Scotty Lewis

    Scotty Lewis7 days ago

    We may be looking at a new Kyle Busch

  31. Charles Hosea

    Charles Hosea8 days ago

    The 34 car wrecks the #2 and #22 cars and wins the Daytona 500. Great job (sarcasm)

  32. Spy-clone

    Spy-clone8 days ago

    Those sounds, and video edits are 💯 Top notch edits wow

  33. James Hansen

    James Hansen8 days ago

    Crashlowski cut down 2 car lengths to block McDowell lol, he wanted McDowell to punt him, past Joey, well McDowell punted him alright lol

  34. James Hansen

    James Hansen8 days ago

    Brad blocked, McDowell was going so fast he punted 2 cars lol

  35. James Hansen

    James Hansen8 days ago

    I thought you blocked him for the loss 🤔

  36. alida flus

    alida flus8 days ago

    “That was just “_____” fantastic!” “Why do we suck so bad at plate races?” “Do you think Kyle Busch will make radioactive this week?”

  37. Evan Kraemer

    Evan Kraemer8 days ago

    I wish we could get a uncensored version of this. We're adults! We can handle it.

  38. bearbob187

    bearbob1877 days ago

    @humelakecabin The pigs are the most fun.

  39. humelakecabin

    humelakecabin7 days ago

    Why lay down with pigs in the mud, ( listen to vile profanity ) when you don't have to. ?

  40. Russ Modell

    Russ Modell8 days ago

    Keslowski was right, and he really had to bite his tongue, when they asked him after race, everyone they interviewed basically did as well..

  41. Ricky Burton

    Ricky Burton7 days ago

    2 got caught up with the 22 the 34 wasn't gonna be able to exactly lift on the 2

  42. Paul Elliott

    Paul Elliott8 days ago

    I don’t know if they still are but Bristol, Martinsville & Darlington were payback tracks for Daytona & Talladega mistakes & straight up dirty driving. Maybe NASCAR should have a penalty board made up of former drivers like Mark Martin, Labonte brothers, Jeff Burton, Rusty, Bill Elliott.

  43. The Grey Bush

    The Grey Bush8 days ago

    Sorry but these “stages” are the dumbest change ever in NASCAR... They need to go

  44. Kyle Raymer

    Kyle Raymer5 days ago

    @The Grey Bush All Motorsports have become less popular. It's just the newer Generations are not into cars like the older where. However, Nascar is still the most popular in the US and still racking in money. I don't see them dying anytime soon.

  45. The Grey Bush

    The Grey Bush6 days ago

    @Kyle Raymer I give it a chance from time to time... For me, I’m definitely old school in NASCAR but I understand they had to make changes for the current generation. Just feel like it also pushed away a lot of the OGs of NASCAR fans though, made them hardcore fans to casual fans. I fear NASCAR is going to be no longer within 10 years with the way these drivers and teams struggle to find sponsors and money to stay afloat

  46. Kyle Raymer

    Kyle Raymer6 days ago

    @The Grey Bush Pit road is still a huge part of the race and strategy, maybe even more now because you have a choice to stay out for points, or go in and get the lead to start the next stage. As far as back in the day, many people still complained the races were too boring during the middle. Nascar never really did anything because it was still popular, now with the popularity of motorsports in general dropping, they are gonna do what they can. That said, I don't agree with your reasons, but atleast you have reasons and that I can respect. Atleast you aren't just someone saying they hate something simply because it's not the same thing they have always seen. Someone afraid of change.

  47. The Grey Bush

    The Grey Bush6 days ago

    It’s like giving participation trophies...

  48. The Grey Bush

    The Grey Bush6 days ago

    @Kyle Raymer it’s the stopping and starting. What made nascar so intense was getting into the middle and end of the race when PIT road was such a huge part of the race and strategy. They tailored these races to a generation of people whose attention spans are so small and I just don’t like it. I grew up watching the late 80s and 90s races with my dad and it just had a different feel and intensity to it. This just feels... Mediocre to those days

  49. igotthis

    igotthis8 days ago

    Super speedways are the worse kind of racing hands down!

  50. Fathom Darkness

    Fathom Darkness8 days ago

    Keslowski? The driver who only wins by wrecking people complains about getting wrecked for the win? What a cry baby hypocrite

  51. Cyn Thee Uh

    Cyn Thee Uh9 days ago


  52. Ray Sanchez

    Ray Sanchez9 days ago

    It took patience, but it was worth it!


    MAMMOTH9 days ago

    Just became a McDowell fan.

  54. John EEE Cash

    John EEE Cash9 days ago

    another daytona 1 hit wonder...

  55. George Tincher

    George Tincher9 days ago

    McDowell was certainly an underdog here, but his win was no fluke. He had a really good car for this race that handled well and was fast. And he drove a great race. And having a little luck never hurts at a plate track. I bet he ends up running well at the other superspeedway races this season too.

  56. Paul Camp

    Paul Camp9 days ago

    Chase Elliot won the Daytona 500

  57. Kyle Raymer

    Kyle Raymer7 days ago

    To think, that man got screwed in back to back races by a controversial yellow flag. But this is how his season went last year too....

  58. mjac167

    mjac1679 days ago

    Where does the quote in the headline appear and who made it?

  59. Tom Upchurch

    Tom Upchurch9 days ago

    🤡Is Bubba Rusty Wallace's son?

  60. Reel Wicked Fishing and Outdoors

    Reel Wicked Fishing and Outdoors9 days ago

    Brad Keselowski. When did you forget that wrecking is a part of racing. You have done your share as well. Suck it up buttercup?

  61. Stephen

    Stephen9 days ago

    McDowell didn’t deserve to win this.


    YNFGUCCI9 days ago

    First ever 500 win for mcdowell congratulations

  63. TallSomeone

    TallSomeone9 days ago


  64. Bobby Wolford

    Bobby Wolford9 days ago

    Brad is a punk. Couldn't happen to a bigger jerk.

  65. William Trueman

    William Trueman9 days ago

    McDowell wasn't rubbing he was plowing, let's not sugarcoat it

  66. Gilberto Pierdicca

    Gilberto Pierdicca10 days ago

    From Italy...great video. Sounds like a movie. Great job.

  67. Josh C

    Josh C10 days ago

    I don't think I've very seen Brad K. that angry!!!

  68. David Calbert

    David Calbert10 days ago


  69. David Calbert

    David Calbert10 days ago


  70. K LUCKO

    K LUCKO10 days ago

    McDowell #34 Clearly Hard hit #2 inhis rear causing #2, to hit 1st place car #22 a rear to side hard bump, which spun both cars in frunt of McDowell out and into the wall ! The Hit was intentinal and mean . I hope he chocks on that cheat to Win forever !! McDowell is no NASCAR driver, He needs to go back to his destruction Derby Cars !!

  71. Tom Cornwell

    Tom Cornwell10 days ago


  72. David Houghton

    David Houghton10 days ago

    This will be the best nascar season ever. So much talented drivers in the big league now.

  73. AD

    AD10 days ago

    Can someone explain why pit stops were separated by brand?

  74. PugsNotDrugs4

    PugsNotDrugs47 days ago

    They weren't in the sense that they had to, it's just that teams tend to team up with other teams that drive the same manufacturer so if one teams Toyota's come down pit road, other Toyota teams may follow, but not always. Also some teams have 4 cars (the maximum allowable), so if you see 4 Toyota's coming down pit road, they are likely all on the same team. So in this race, when the announcer said "here come the Toyota's, all 3 that pitted together were on the same team.

  75. Shahbaz ahmed

    Shahbaz ahmed10 days ago

    Good nice video very much for your kind

  76. TJ McDonald

    TJ McDonald10 days ago

    Kesolowsky full textbook pits legano and then says that legano wrecked him fo the win. I’m not 100% that it was an intentional pit but a pit nonetheless. But it worked out for McDowell.

  77. Andrew Marshall

    Andrew Marshall10 days ago

    Dang it

  78. Karyssa Vega

    Karyssa Vega10 days ago

    for real McDowell really plowed Brad into Joey and sent them both. just like Dillon and Almirola lol


    FLORIDA ECHL10 days ago

    Lucky win

  80. Mikapica 831

    Mikapica 83110 days ago

    "Car ram-rod!"

  81. Rob C

    Rob C10 days ago

    Man .. Kryle Tee BONED Brad BIG TIME. @___ YEAH !!

  82. Arturo Topete

    Arturo Topete10 days ago

    This is why I’m a NASCAR FAN...THIS IS RACING 👍👍👍👍👍

  83. Robert H

    Robert H10 days ago

    What am I supposed to learn from a Black woman with blue hair who starts the race ? I have nothing against anyone but I feel she was picked for a reason . What am I missing ?

  84. ᗰY KITTY ᑭᗴᖇᑕY

    ᗰY KITTY ᑭᗴᖇᑕY10 days ago

    The craziest thing about this is Logano and Kesolowski are teammates 😂

  85. DD Yodaman

    DD Yodaman10 days ago

    The racing stunk! But as usual Daytona pulls off a couple good bash ups! It seems the aggressive racing of great drivers is gone!

  86. Greg D

    Greg D10 days ago

    I hope McDowell is proud of himself. Thank god his douchbaggery didn't hurt or kill someone. Literally SLAMMED Keselowski into the back of Logano causing the entire wreck. TERRIBLE.

  87. Aiden The Aviator

    Aiden The Aviator10 days ago

    He wasn’t really being a douche. In his defence, Brad tried to go low when he was getting bumped to get by Logano but Logano, being poor at blocking tried to go down and block him but he got loose and took himself and Brad out. Look at last year’s 500. Hamlin pushed Blaney loose a bit and caused him to unintentionally spin Newman into that nasty crash he had.

  88. Joe Cron

    Joe Cron10 days ago

    He didn't mean to wreck him...all he wanted to do was rattle his cage.:)

  89. cervix-a-lot

    cervix-a-lot10 days ago

    Way to go Michael McDowell!!!... well deserved!

  90. Rusty Nuts

    Rusty Nuts10 days ago

    Kyle got nailed. Damn

  91. Dani Budalić

    Dani Budalić10 days ago

    Deserved winner. Who wants to see the same guys win every time. Boooring

  92. Joseph Sedotto

    Joseph Sedotto10 days ago

    Hollow win

  93. Dennis Janda

    Dennis Janda10 days ago

    I'd be pissed if Kyle did it..Just Sayin' !!

  94. PhotonBread

    PhotonBread10 days ago

    Radioactive is usually better than the race. The better the race, the better Radioactive is. You guys really have something with this show, keep it up!

  95. marcus David

    marcus David10 days ago

    The 34 pushed the 2 in the 22. Nothing the 2 could have done. He tried to move and the 2 blocked.

  96. Lucas Schneider

    Lucas Schneider10 days ago

    really great radiactive!!

  97. Paul Janssen

    Paul Janssen10 days ago

    One thing about NASCAR they sure do know how to turn a bunch of cars into a power crap scrap metal least nobody was hurt or was anybody injured and nothing's being said

  98. Steve Utgaard

    Steve Utgaard10 days ago


  99. WideEyedDriver

    WideEyedDriver10 days ago

    So excited to see Michael McDowell finally rewarded for his faith and hard work.🤛

  100. what the egg str

    what the egg str10 days ago

    Joey: let me li- *🅱️rad*

  101. Twisted Jedi

    Twisted Jedi10 days ago

    Me and Matt Kenneth approve of this race😏

  102. Mic Philpot

    Mic Philpot10 days ago

    To the people that thought Bubba Wallace was going to win the Daytona 500 the idiot bought out the first caution flag

  103. Mic Philpot

    Mic Philpot11 days ago

    Congratulations Michael Mcdowell

  104. J Wagz

    J Wagz11 days ago

    The little peuk wrecked himself. Kez was going for the pass with a good push from mcdowell and joey tried to block. Teammates or not. There all out there as individual drivers trying to win...isn't that why theres only one driver in a car? If thats the case they better start setting up them cars with 2 seats. Get the picture. If not your either dumb, left or both. Pretty sad when even nascar itself is all about politics.. I was always under the assumption racing was driver, car, win...

  105. Mic Philpot

    Mic Philpot11 days ago

    Do you know what affirmative action and NASCAR have in common answer Bubba Wallace

  106. Fred

    Fred11 days ago

    34 bumped into Brad and Brad bumped into Logano and turned him. 34 should be DQed Chase for the win lol.

  107. Fred

    Fred11 days ago

    Bubba Wallace would have gotten stage 2 win if when he got the lead to get in front of Hamlin. Thats what separates the great racers to the ones that suck LOL.

  108. Arthur Elkwood

    Arthur Elkwood11 days ago

    Meh. Great reminder of why I stopped watching NASCAR. Arbitrary win after field taken out after an entire day of investing your passion and energy. Quitting NASCAR was more rewarding than quitting cigarettes.

  109. Evan

    Evan11 days ago

    Still feel like chase won but oh well

  110. bull Winkle 69

    bull Winkle 6911 days ago

    There is the pot calling the kettle black, I have watched the 2 wreck Many cars to win race, but cry baby brad doesn't like it when it's used on him, # cry baby bradley

  111. Paul Elliott

    Paul Elliott11 days ago

    I hope Penske quits building MM’s.cars. He can use the use the excuse that he can’t afford to build more 34s since he has to replace/ build 2 more Super speedway cars.😂

  112. Michael Falkner

    Michael Falkner11 days ago

    There's only two ways you can prevent that -- stop the pack being 15 MPH faster than anyone trying to do anything, or actually start punishing drivers if you can prove fault.

  113. Seraphim Shoals

    Seraphim Shoals11 days ago

    Great exciting win for Michael...

  114. Joaquin Corzo

    Joaquin Corzo11 days ago

    Titanium frame leightweight judd f1 v10 cut into V8 one day

  115. Derezz999 N

    Derezz999 N11 days ago

    Turbo snail at it again

  116. Rick Davis

    Rick Davis11 days ago

    Anybody else catch that right rear tire, that came off of the #2, blow when it hit that catch-fence upright pole?

  117. Dwayne M.

    Dwayne M.11 days ago

    Brad Keslowski- “He wrecked me for the win” Carl Edwards- “Gee, what a pisser” 😏