Bricklaying - Buttering A Brick

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Been A Bricklayer Half My Life And I Post Videos Of The Job I Love To Do. Thank you For The Support 👍🏼
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  1. SquooshyCatboy

    SquooshyCatboyHour ago

    butter that brick hell yeah nice job man hope you get good pay

  2. M Fawaz

    M FawazDay ago


  3. JOHN Albert Silva

    JOHN Albert Silva2 days ago

    You good congratulations

  4. Hicret Hicret

    Hicret Hicret3 days ago

    Hiç beğenmedim

  5. Ibtsiam qatnani

    Ibtsiam qatnani3 days ago

    😍🤩ىةةبا راعؤؤي ىة 🥰😠😡🤬😸😻🧡

  6. Gary Lee

    Gary Lee4 days ago

    Sooooooo satisfyinggggg

  7. Buckshot

    Buckshot4 days ago


  8. JeanSpielt Clips

    JeanSpielt Clips4 days ago

    Still better than TikTakToe-TikTok-Trash

  9. javier błaszczyk ッ

    javier błaszczyk ッ6 days ago

    His moves are so smooth :0

  10. arya chandhramouli

    arya chandhramouli6 days ago

    Most affordable cake

  11. 1969 Jeep J-20

    1969 Jeep J-206 days ago

    Finally, I have found Real Satisfying video

  12. LEEIOH

    LEEIOH7 days ago

    I wanna eat it

  13. Joe Bring

    Joe Bring7 days ago

    That’s the way it’s done!

  14. Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav Sharma7 days ago

    That's so satisfying that I feel hungry

  15. SuperWasted Productions

    SuperWasted Productions7 days ago

    I don't know why but I would love this job

  16. Süreyya Blc

    Süreyya Blc7 days ago


  17. The Tonapi Sisters

    The Tonapi Sisters8 days ago

    Ah, yes. Breakfast of the industrial world.

  18. Ras_KrysTafari

    Ras_KrysTafari9 days ago

    That's butter???? 🧈🥜🧈🥜🧈🥜🧈🥜🧈🥜🧈???

  19. Phatafat gaming Op headshots

    Phatafat gaming Op headshots9 days ago

    I think it’s bread butter 😆

  20. RamSLade on Blitz

    RamSLade on Blitz10 days ago

    that's satisfying, idk why.

  21. Bariq Aulia s

    Bariq Aulia s27 days ago

    Kuli jawa: ahkelamaan

  22. Deacon Blues

    Deacon Blues28 days ago

    I was expecting more.

  23. Victor Renderos

    Victor Renderos28 days ago


  24. Checkne Konare

    Checkne Konare28 days ago


  25. Siddharth Williams

    Siddharth Williams29 days ago

    This was oddly satisfying 👌👌🤟

  26. Lalit Kant

    Lalit Kant29 days ago

    ताजमहल में डिजाइन तुम ने डाली थी❤️

  27. Connor Rich

    Connor Rich29 days ago

    Nice, thank u for constructing

  28. Motivation and Inspiration for Life

    Motivation and Inspiration for Life29 days ago


  29. Sunny Sam

    Sunny Sam29 days ago

    Quite (oddly) satisfying 😉

  30. Fernando Alparducci

    Fernando Alparducci29 days ago

    Este e pedreiro

  31. Jrko

    Jrko29 days ago

    This Video is about Bricks

  32. Lorenzo Ricci

    Lorenzo Ricci29 days ago

    Ma tu sei un grande artista

  33. Ghulam Nabi tv

    Ghulam Nabi tv29 days ago

    Very nice

  34. Marsh Marsh

    Marsh Marsh29 days ago

    Yea buttering the brick isnt the problem its getting the right mix haha

  35. sam ad20

    sam ad2029 days ago

    Love it thanks

  36. David Scanlon

    David Scanlon29 days ago

    Work of Art. 👌

  37. Pey Piedad

    Pey Piedad29 days ago

    Looks delicious.

  38. せめ

    せめ29 days ago


  39. Maurice M.

    Maurice M.Month ago

    The forbidden sandwich 🥪

  40. Abraham Garcia

    Abraham GarciaMonth ago

    Si no es nutela jaja

  41. Deadpoolmen Satir

    Deadpoolmen SatirMonth ago

    Надо ещё больше воздуха туда загнать. Надеюсь ты себе строишь

  42. Bear Tuck

    Bear TuckMonth ago

    This is more satisfying than a lot of the other videos on here. Nice job man

  43. Sami Nathan

    Sami NathanMonth ago


  44. sarge jackson

    sarge jacksonMonth ago

    wow thankyou appreciate that. stay bless n keep it moving

  45. Cesar Espinal

    Cesar EspinalMonth ago

    Cool 😎🆒️😎

  46. Enrique Lopez

    Enrique LopezMonth ago


  47. vianka lobos valenzuela

    vianka lobos valenzuelaMonth ago