Capital One's The Match: Champions For Change - Best Moments & Highlights

Phil Mickelson teams up with Charles Barkley to go against Peyton Manning and Steph Curry in The Match 3.
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  1. Waste Disposal Unit

    Waste Disposal Unit14 days ago

    Steph got a great swing

  2. andy rosengarden

    andy rosengarden16 days ago

    Did you see Charles knock that ball away at 19:00? Thats just liked basketball. do not let your opponent see the ball go in

  3. dash4800

    dash4800Month ago

    i really want to slap Curry for that outfit.

  4. Jacob Hernandez

    Jacob HernandezMonth ago

    chuck walk like he got bunyans

  5. Br0x

    Br0xMonth ago

    Lets be honest, you only watched this because of Barkley

  6. Bob Marjle

    Bob MarjleMonth ago

    Steph Curry acting like a G. Nah

  7. Nicole Kopka

    Nicole KopkaMonth ago

    Hey Phil. I would love nothing more than to play with you. Im a veteran both Marine corps as well as army. It would be my honor to hit a few golf balls with you.

  8. Tyler Busch

    Tyler BuschMonth ago

    I really enjoyed watching both matches this year. Hopefully more in the future

  9. Daniel Kong

    Daniel KongMonth ago

    Look at curry man

  10. - Swoosh -

    - Swoosh -Month ago

    They were in Tucson and I didn’t even know.

  11. What Fred Said

    What Fred SaidMonth ago

    Charles swing has come a long ways, that ugly hitch in the middle of his swing is gone.

  12. aliciawynn10

    aliciawynn10Month ago


  13. Will Addison

    Will AddisonMonth ago

    Chuck gets frustrated on that one putt and Phil is like "no, you're gonna make this" lol great coaching

  14. Will Addison

    Will AddisonMonth ago

    Phil is so supportive to Chuck lol

  15. nofightsnecessary

    nofightsnecessaryMonth ago

    Don't forget Chuck's got an Olympic gold medal.

  16. sohan1251

    sohan1251Month ago

    18:24 has to be one of the most beautiful views to take a shot to

  17. Kits

    KitsMonth ago

    They all clearly drive the same car.... Sponsor anyone?

  18. Eric the Red

    Eric the RedMonth ago

    Typical Phil...first tee off...

  19. Terry Smithson

    Terry SmithsonMonth ago

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  20. Albert Arroyo

    Albert ArroyoMonth ago

    Next Match... Brady and Trump vs. Curry and Obama. Barkley would host with Rogan.

  21. Richard Allsop

    Richard AllsopMonth ago

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  22. Garf2O

    Garf2OMonth ago

    @canuckeeeeAK and all the accounts was made at about the same time and theyre all less than 6 months old, shits fucking weird imao

  23. canuckeeeeAK

    canuckeeeeAKMonth ago

    A bunch of bots having a conversation.

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    Muneca veraMonth ago

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  25. Carry Brian

    Carry BrianMonth ago

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    Marcy QuickMonth ago

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  27. 빠트론

    빠트론Month ago

    steph really is a decent golfer

  28. Kevin Wood

    Kevin WoodMonth ago

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  29. Accidently on Purpose

    Accidently on PurposeMonth ago

    Manning is better than Curry lmfoa

  30. Accidently on Purpose

    Accidently on PurposeMonth ago

    Welp, Curry is a liar and or a cheat. No way in hell he is a +1 handicap!! Lmfao way to show the world

  31. robert garza

    robert garzaMonth ago

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  32. Tigers Fan All Day

    Tigers Fan All DayMonth ago

    Somebody kidnapped Chuck, killed him, took off his skin, wrapped that skin around them, and is now a good golfer within his body.

  33. Itsneight

    ItsneightMonth ago

    Barkley demonstrating why everyone who wears airpods looks like a tool perfectly.

  34. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyMonth ago

    15:58 is the best golf commentary I've ever heard 😆 🤣 😂

  35. Michael Holyk

    Michael HolykMonth ago

    I gotta respect how Charles just doesn't even care...he embraces it and just laughed and keeps going back out there

  36. Catina Norfleet

    Catina NorfleetMonth ago

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  37. Robert Branco

    Robert BrancoMonth ago

    Worst match ever not waste your time

  38. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyMonth ago

    15:58 is the best golf commentary I've ever heard 😆 🤣 😂

  39. Nathan tubera

    Nathan tuberaMonth ago

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  40. Joshua Gordon

    Joshua GordonMonth ago

    That fridge joke killed me

  41. Jorge Hernandez

    Jorge HernandezMonth ago

    My girlfriends sister made out with Peyton Manning last night at the bar 😂😂😂

  42. Coolbreeze

    CoolbreezeMonth ago

    Think steph has been hanging around too many yes men on the course lmao

  43. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouMonth ago

    Next one should be Phil and Charles vs tiger and shaq

  44. Kranthz Esparza Jr

    Kranthz Esparza JrMonth ago

    Ok here me out Pat Mcafee and Aaron Rodgers vs Patrick mahomes and steph curry

  45. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouMonth ago

    lefty is on another level

  46. Jackson McAllister

    Jackson McAllisterMonth ago

    Charles got a wagon

  47. George Ugas

    George UgasMonth ago

    Steph did not belong, good game but not very interesting or entertaining. 💘 Charles, Payton and Phil!👍

  48. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiMonth ago

    The only way to get me to watch Golf is by having Charles and Steph

  49. Albert Monson

    Albert MonsonMonth ago

    gary mccord sux so bad. shut up ffs

  50. Trump_Fedaykin

    Trump_FedaykinMonth ago

    Charles is the last guy that should be playing with PXG clubs. He needs game improvement clubs that have massive forgiveness. PXGs are for pros.

  51. Jacob Corbett

    Jacob CorbettMonth ago

    This is great to watch and he is great at golf, but god damn Steph Curry has such a dry personality

  52. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiMonth ago

    Love your video

  53. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenMonth ago

    Having a pro golfer on your team is a guaranteed win, at least he played left handed to give them a shot.

  54. Jim Aldridge

    Jim AldridgeMonth ago

    Gotta love Charles, a really good guy.

  55. 이일석

    이일석Month ago

    Mickelson looks like he drives for FedEx on the weekends.

  56. Roc Joc

    Roc JocMonth ago

    15:58 is the best golf commentary I've ever heard 😆 🤣 😂

  57. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouMonth ago

    Peyton is so great I swear 🤣🤣. Sidenote, curry could go semi pro when he retires 👀👀

  58. Nick Santos

    Nick SantosMonth ago

    i'm so happy this page posted some golf highlights even if it's only cause of chuck and steph

  59. Angad Singh

    Angad SinghMonth ago

    lefty is on another level

  60. Ben Durrand

    Ben DurrandMonth ago

    Next one should be Phil and Charles vs tiger and shaq

  61. steve smith

    steve smithMonth ago

    A pro with Charles beats any2 amateurs Phil with Charles sorry Stephen curry and Payton manning. Your way outclassed

  62. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouMonth ago

    I gotta respect how Charles just doesn't even care...he embraces it and just laughed and keeps going back out there

  63. Mike Kane

    Mike KaneMonth ago

    Not even two minutes and Barkley took a full swing. Hell yea🤘

  64. Kyle Haun

    Kyle HaunMonth ago

    I wonder how it would have played out if Charles had to play the same tee box. It did seem a little unfair that he could bunt a 5 iron out there on most holes allowing phil to always be the one hitting the approach

  65. Trump_Fedaykin

    Trump_FedaykinMonth ago

    Curry is good from tee to green like Tony Romo. Too bad neither can putt.

  66. Mike Haynes

    Mike HaynesMonth ago

    Drive for show, putt for dough

  67. TheDekysar

    TheDekysarMonth ago

    Charles was in Charge🏌🏿‍♀️⛳️


    SNAKE DΞLTAMonth ago

    I'm glad Charles B cleaned up his drive nice swing chuck, he looked before, like he was fighting the three musketeers with his driver


    LEE BRANDONMonth ago

    barkley is literally a professional comedian. he told B.A. to call the head of tnt and to get law and order re runs ready in about 5 holes. that is freakin hilarious to me.

  70. Kyle Sroufek

    Kyle SroufekMonth ago


  71. Courtney Hallcy

    Courtney HallcyMonth ago

    MJ and Tiger against Phil and Steph would raise more money than anything they can put out right now

  72. smooveXXX

    smooveXXXMonth ago

    I mean Phil is being very generous to Steph Curry basically being pro. Because he is not even close.

  73. Shirt Agency

    Shirt AgencyMonth ago

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  74. Shane Wilt

    Shane WiltMonth ago

    Getting tired of people taking shots at Chuck for not having a ring. Dudes an absolute legend

  75. Dr.JPX919

    Dr.JPX919Month ago

    Honestly Currys outfit looked like shit

  76. Joe Ellis

    Joe EllisMonth ago

    Mickelson looks like he drives for FedEx on the weekends.

  77. CJ Pockets

    CJ Pockets8 days ago


  78. 이일석

    이일석Month ago

    I wanna see Tiger and Michael Jordan vs Phil and Manning, THAT would be good and raise a TON OF money.

  79. Steve Pruett

    Steve PruettMonth ago

    You guys had to ruin it all with that SJW BS. You all make me want to puke my guts out.

  80. Alva Buck

    Alva BuckMonth ago

    I gotta respect how Charles just doesn't even care...he embraces it and just laughed and keeps going back out there

  81. 二鱼五饼

    二鱼五饼Month ago

    PXG,realy rich man Barkley

  82. GAO GO

    GAO GOMonth ago

    Did sir Charles fix his swing? Looks so much better without that pause or whatever he would do

  83. Kyle Knoblauch

    Kyle KnoblauchMonth ago

    0:57 Chuck's swing actually doesn't look terrible on the range......🤔

  84. Kyle Knoblauch

    Kyle KnoblauchMonth ago

    And it looks just as good on the course.....uh oh..... Steph and Peyton are in trouble....

  85. 210corona

    210coronaMonth ago

    Steph is not pro level lmao. Phil is hilarious

  86. cqvio doli

    cqvio doliMonth ago

    Like Peter Jacobsen once said, "I'll be playing center for the Chicago Bulls before Michael Jordan is a pro golfer."

  87. Adam Aaronson

    Adam AaronsonMonth ago

    How good is Phil? “That’s a strong, cocky move right there”. Dying.

  88. Kenneth Miller

    Kenneth MillerMonth ago

    I would never watch anything including Charles Barkley...and I’m a huge goof fan !

  89. Yongui Cho

    Yongui ChoMonth ago

    Why are you here then?

  90. Mike Marley

    Mike MarleyMonth ago

    Did. Barkley finally learn how to swing a club?

  91. cqvio doli

    cqvio doliMonth ago

    The pro is the only one rockin shorts

  92. David C

    David CMonth ago

    Barkley isn't a champion.

  93. dtucke17

    dtucke17Month ago

    I didn't watch this, but I bet they didn't drive up in those Electric Mustangs. They just had them park them and get out. When Barkley gets out, you can see the white one in the background (.32 sec mark) waiting to pull in. Barkley can barely fit, and Steph is looking for a button to close the thing. So stupid, but I guess Ford paid a lot of money for this crap.

  94. John in New Zealand

    John in New ZealandMonth ago

    Who were the commentators?

  95. Kyle97x

    Kyle97xMonth ago

    Chuck built like a nuclear bomb

  96. Maxwell Actual

    Maxwell ActualMonth ago

    Wait... Did Chuck finally shake his case of the yips? Swing and timing is SO much better. Well done, Sir Charles!

  97. matthew wilkinson

    matthew wilkinsonMonth ago

    Why is everyone going so hard at chuck?

  98. Chris Pellatt

    Chris PellattMonth ago

    WTF is Curry wearing?? Guy looks like a tool.

  99. dezinetech997

    dezinetech997Month ago

    Golf needs to be more like this lol. More fun with trash talk and funny commentary. I like how the boys were tuning in giving chuck a hard time and love Phil’s trash talk lol.

  100. Matt Armstrong

    Matt ArmstrongMonth ago

    Whats chucks swing doing with PXGs!?

  101. serdy ximi

    serdy ximiMonth ago

    "Open the refrigerator, close the refrigerator" XDD AHAHA

  102. D S

    D SMonth ago

    Phil Mickelson and a 10 year old golfer would’ve won this match…

  103. James Robinson

    James RobinsonMonth ago

    So you mean Phil Mickelson would have won this match on his own? You don't need the 10 year old lol

  104. smooveXXX

    smooveXXXMonth ago

    yeah - the difference between Phil and Steph (as the next best player) is freaking light years

  105. D S

    D SMonth ago

    Phil said that Curry was a professional level player… I don’t see it.

  106. John Coll

    John CollMonth ago

    Cause he ain't!

  107. Andy Freeman

    Andy FreemanMonth ago

    "How many zebras had to die so you could look so fly?" Iggy, classic as always!

  108. serdy ximi

    serdy ximiMonth ago

    Playoff should be a dwarf toss, in which Barkley is a +3 handicap.

  109. J. Ko

    J. KoMonth ago

    You can tell that Ford is trying the hardest, but no power trunk ?? Seriously? Funny to see Steph close that trunk LMAF!

  110. Kurbz Garage

    Kurbz GarageMonth ago

    The pro is the only one rockin shorts

  111. Geoff Davidson

    Geoff DavidsonMonth ago

    Did steph wear some yoga pants???

  112. Nick Whitson

    Nick WhitsonMonth ago

    Damn the woman at the beginning sounds like she has a serious cold

  113. No Way

    No WayMonth ago

    Did Barkley change his putter

  114. Adam O.

    Adam O.Month ago

    Tiger/MJ v. Phil/Romo would be competitive but probably not as fun and lighthearted because of that.

  115. mokeski 21

    mokeski 21Month ago

    Like Peter Jacobsen once said, "I'll be playing center for the Chicago Bulls before Michael Jordan is a pro golfer."

  116. Craig Cambridge

    Craig CambridgeMonth ago

    I love how Charles Barkley is able to laugh at himself.

  117. dash4800

    dash4800Month ago

    i mean, most golfers have to if they want to have fun. Hes just in the unfortunate position that all his golf buddies are famous so all his rounds are on tv.

  118. Byrdie BIL

    Byrdie BILMonth ago

    They should do this more often. Chuck was holding his own though!!!!

  119. Fried Rice

    Fried RiceMonth ago

    WAR EAGLE Chuck!!

  120. Tara Miller

    Tara MillerMonth ago

    This was a big yawn!!!

  121. J Hal

    J HalMonth ago

    They need to do this more often. Even after covid

  122. Corek BleedingHollow

    Corek BleedingHollowMonth ago

    lol Charles Barkley doesn't do that stupid stop motion in the downswing... bet the first thing Phil told him was to cut that shit out.