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  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast12 days ago

    Unsubscribing and resubscribing doesn’t do anything. My total sub count stays the same lol

  2. ADY marzok

    ADY marzok4 days ago


  3. itzduckydoge

    itzduckydoge6 days ago

    just make lots of alts XD

  4. Supahot Fire

    Supahot Fire10 days ago

    MrBeast come on do it

  5. Ness.C

    Ness.C12 days ago

    That was my first thought

  6. Rupam Kumari

    Rupam Kumari12 days ago

    I got caught....I just did that

  7. Jeremiah Sadykay

    Jeremiah Sadykay4 hours ago

    @mr beast your changing many lifes i wish if i was able to comr to your country so i can participate on videos😭

  8. Shijito_

    Shijito_4 hours ago

    Well then time to make a army of account >:) I just want to help ppl to

  9. Itismartina Martina

    Itismartina Martina4 hours ago

    Done I need too Get somthing noe plaes

  10. Jack Bronson

    Jack Bronson4 hours ago

    I want jake back😢

  11. Serox

    Serox4 hours ago

    Mr Beast has money

  12. Rosalinda Fernandez

    Rosalinda Fernandez4 hours ago

    i was just wanting money :(

  13. Miguel Joaquin Romasanta

    Miguel Joaquin Romasanta4 hours ago

    my fav burger is beast style lol

  14. JagoLaw Gaming

    JagoLaw Gaming4 hours ago

    I will subscribe if you will haha! You always have some cool challenges dude! 🤣🤣👍

  15. Strange Dwarf

    Strange Dwarf4 hours ago

    Watching people getting thousands of dollars and being happy, making me happy too

  16. Izma Shaique

    Izma Shaique4 hours ago

    can you please tell us about your source???

  17. IamNotColdBg

    IamNotColdBg4 hours ago

    People:beg for money Mrbeat:beg to people to take his money

  18. Money Games

    Money Games4 hours ago

    MrBeat = Fed Stimulus Chq

  19. S.S GAMING

    S.S GAMING4 hours ago

    Please give me one ipad pro

  20. Sumed shanbhogue

    Sumed shanbhogue4 hours ago

    Hello Mr beast it's my birthday please comment back please

  21. IamNotColdBg

    IamNotColdBg4 hours ago

    I dare u to spend 999. Trillion dollars cause I can't control people to subscribe

  22. Ragnar

    Ragnar4 hours ago


  23. IamNotColdBg

    IamNotColdBg4 hours ago

    U MESSED UP NOW now u be homeless from my 500mil alt accounts k I don't have that much accounts

  24. James Burbridge

    James Burbridge4 hours ago

    Влибшм шпионам шпонках шпиц

  25. Anneysha Syantan

    Anneysha Syantan4 hours ago

    I wish I be the lucky one and help to pay my family loans❤️

  26. sonia sharma

    sonia sharma4 hours ago

    Can you give me a pokemon toy

  27. M K

    M K4 hours ago



    ATRIK BANERJEE4 hours ago

    Love from india Mr. Beast, though it's hard to say and beleive that you are an angel in this world. I belong to a poor family and want to help my family 😭 love from India

  29. KoFlo Productions

    KoFlo Productions4 hours ago

    how did he get the car out it was stuck in the middle???

  30. Anneysha Syantan

    Anneysha Syantan4 hours ago

    Already subscribed 😍

  31. MI6 Official

    MI6 Official5 hours ago

    Hi my dad died yesterday...

  32. Roman Purser

    Roman Purser5 hours ago

    i didnt know mr beast watched aot lol

  33. xFurry PoC

    xFurry PoC5 hours ago

    i just did lmao

  34. DxrkMøødz

    DxrkMøødz5 hours ago

    When mr beast was born he was born with money

  35. klizma is a raver

    klizma is a raver5 hours ago

    Hi, go report A4?

  36. Raymond Alayon

    Raymond Alayon5 hours ago

    I wish MrBeast can give me Gaming PC so that i can work from home

  37. Zehnpie

    Zehnpie5 hours ago


  38. Haya Nagri

    Haya Nagri5 hours ago


  39. The Grim Reaper Gaming

    The Grim Reaper Gaming5 hours ago

    Hai mr beast

  40. Mr. Bruh

    Mr. Bruh5 hours ago

    My sis says that your really rude but i dont think that your one of the nicest people I’ve known glad you are successful!!

  41. zeuz Cuaton

    zeuz Cuaton5 hours ago


  42. smiley face

    smiley face5 hours ago

    Hi i am new :)

  43. tyriek mckinley

    tyriek mckinley5 hours ago


  44. Jayesh Sonagara

    Jayesh Sonagara5 hours ago

    હોય રામ રામ ભાય... 🙏🙏

  45. India

    India5 hours ago

    Can you remember me when i get famous❓ :) thats all i want :)

  46. MNM Xtremez

    MNM Xtremez4 hours ago

    Man! You're a country! Btw I'm from Pakistan

  47. Mikeal, Aayan, Khalid Exhibition

    Mikeal, Aayan, Khalid Exhibition5 hours ago


  48. jack Warne

    jack Warne5 hours ago

    Yo remember when he was making videos about buying out stores and now he's just casually doing it in random videos, as you do

  49. sean cool

    sean cool5 hours ago

    i did it

  50. Enigmarus sigmarus

    Enigmarus sigmarus5 hours ago

    comment on ma track

  51. Failovec

    Failovec5 hours ago

    me starting with YT pls help me

  52. Abdul Noor

    Abdul Noor5 hours ago

    He is just crazy

  53. Failovec

    Failovec5 hours ago

    mr beast pls give me money me poor

  54. Tshiwela Prudence Rambau

    Tshiwela Prudence Rambau5 hours ago


  55. Yaseen Patel

    Yaseen Patel5 hours ago

    Legends now that thumbnil is changed

  56. Lonelyvan Lonelyguy

    Lonelyvan Lonelyguy5 hours ago

    mrbeast should be president. he help lots of people and give them money, he planted 20m tree and he is kind



    Hi, sir can I help sponsor motor bike gear. I'm rider in philipines. Take care sir.

  58. Luc

    Luc5 hours ago

    comments fearfully

  59. Evis Bakiu

    Evis Bakiu5 hours ago

    We love you

  60. JAYxYNWA

    JAYxYNWA5 hours ago

    Ur crazy, how do you have that much money that you can just give it away 😂🤨🤦‍♂️

  61. 4k Abhiz

    4k Abhiz5 hours ago

    You're awesome mahn I love youh💕

  62. Priya Pande

    Priya Pande5 hours ago

    Can I get something @mrbeast please

  63. Milo and Zay

    Milo and Zay5 hours ago

    You should make buga play minecraft

  64. Trin Trin

    Trin Trin5 hours ago

    Plz go to Chicago man

  65. Danielle

    Danielle5 hours ago

    Mr Beast- modern day hero

  66. •Bluexberry•

    •Bluexberry•5 hours ago

    I don't think MrBeast will ever run out of money

  67. Sonical Gaming

    Sonical Gaming5 hours ago

    Give some money to indians they will find the smartest way to spend it Including me 3,500 $ to me

  68. ace ace gaming channel

    ace ace gaming channel5 hours ago

    press subscribe for making mrbeast go to nba that he is good but there is virus but he will go to nba :)

  69. ZoltRBLX

    ZoltRBLX5 hours ago

    imagine mrbeast getting something for my birthday

  70. Little Beast

    Little Beast5 hours ago

    MrBeast in 2069: Destroying Eiffel Tower and surprise France with a taller one.

  71. Khalid Abdullah

    Khalid Abdullah4 hours ago


  72. Haunted

    Haunted5 hours ago

    So true

  73. user128

    user1285 hours ago

    lol, he changed the splash screen.

  74. Im_Belix

    Im_Belix5 hours ago


  75. Andrei Tanasescu

    Andrei Tanasescu5 hours ago

    Sony can't supply stores with PS5 fast enough. MrBeast: Gotten catch them all

  76. animeSoul

    animeSoul5 hours ago

    Mrbeast wallet ❤

  77. Forev4ik

    Forev4ik5 hours ago

    A4 sucks

  78. Antonin Develay

    Antonin Develay5 hours ago

    He is the perfect youtuber

  79. J10sh

    J10sh5 hours ago


  80. Default

    Default5 hours ago


  81. verjhel montero

    verjhel montero5 hours ago

    im in luzon city im in cezon city

  82. Jasmin Gregory

    Jasmin Gregory5 hours ago

    i subscribed and liked

  83. ANIKET Yadav

    ANIKET Yadav5 hours ago

    I subbed

  84. vipul rupareliya

    vipul rupareliya5 hours ago

    i have always wondered that how much money does this has i think its a trillion

  85. Agent Mango

    Agent Mango5 hours ago

    Imma subscribe. Mrbeast is a wonderful guy.

  86. Panda Gamer_5864

    Panda Gamer_58645 hours ago

    Mr beast for president

  87. Sulayman Sylva

    Sulayman Sylva5 hours ago

    I think u shul go to the hospital

  88. YO FLOW

    YO FLOW5 hours ago

    Bruh + meme = breme

  89. Георги Пенов

    Георги Пенов5 hours ago


  90. Sheth Bhavin official

    Sheth Bhavin official5 hours ago


  91. Mohammed Bondoq

    Mohammed Bondoq5 hours ago

    I am from jordan can you help me plz?

  92. Laurence Pop

    Laurence Pop5 hours ago

    ha ha

  93. Gaming With Hallsy

    Gaming With Hallsy5 hours ago

    what can i get

  94. Gaming With Hallsy

    Gaming With Hallsy5 hours ago


  95. BDS memes

    BDS memes6 hours ago

    I will make a thousand account and sub

  96. Max McC

    Max McC6 hours ago

    Man, I wish the U.K. had a MrBeast haha

  97. BDS memes

    BDS memes6 hours ago

    bank rubbing time

  98. LAI KOK SAM Moe

    LAI KOK SAM Moe6 hours ago

    I already subscribe to your channel

  99. Joaquin Carilla

    Joaquin Carilla6 hours ago

    Mr Beast can I get a shoutout. Thanks.

  100. Dipti Regmi

    Dipti Regmi6 hours ago

    You are poor

  101. El Al

    El Al6 hours ago

    I feel bad for the kid that got the Ps4

  102. Hellzone CODM

    Hellzone CODM6 hours ago

    I subbed with my 3 more account

  103. Siu Perenise

    Siu Perenise6 hours ago

    Chupapi munyanyo

  104. Faiza Nazar

    Faiza Nazar6 hours ago

    Please I need an iphoen6to gift my mother

  105. Ole Gran

    Ole Gran6 hours ago

    You are the best one mr beast you have a heart of gold

  106. Faiza Nazar

    Faiza Nazar6 hours ago

    None of you are responding

  107. Faiza Nazar

    Faiza Nazar6 hours ago

    Inhave been commenting many

  108. Faiza Nazar

    Faiza Nazar6 hours ago

    Pleased I need an iphone

  109. Ole Gran

    Ole Gran6 hours ago

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