we met up with her

we met up with Vanessa Lynn & it went down...
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  2. Pretty Girl6

    Pretty Girl68 hours ago

    Where the video at

  3. la.thr333

    la.thr33313 hours ago

    10:24 wait cause I see 35k likes lol 😂

  4. Sincere Grant

    Sincere Grant16 hours ago

    @Jose _Hoopiest yoooooooo

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    Payton Jones16 hours ago

    You have 30k now show ussss

  6. Next Up J

    Next Up J18 hours ago

    Ong jus drop the vid it’s at 34k ! WE WANNA SEE EM GET ACTIVE

  7. Have Faith

    Have Faith39 minutes ago

    Bri be getting mad about everything💀

  8. Kaysha

    KayshaHour ago

    Bad angle for me

  9. Jaszmin Nobles

    Jaszmin NoblesHour ago

    😂😂😂 yall play to much

  10. Paul XO

    Paul XO2 hours ago

    Literally so free

  11. NoclipxSweat

    NoclipxSweat2 hours ago

    Full vid otw

  12. Queen Samoria

    Queen Samoria2 hours ago

    why yall did it at a family park and infront of publix bye

  13. Jay Rorie

    Jay Rorie2 hours ago

    Maneee wtf I’m tired of getting clickbaited

  14. KD_Jeremiah

    KD_Jeremiah4 hours ago


  15. Germayah Lipsey

    Germayah Lipsey5 hours ago

    Post the video it got over 30k post the video just do that are you taking too long the stuff was posted 4 days ago suppose the other video so we can watch We want to watch the full video you wasting people's time please

  16. Shawn Hueston

    Shawn Hueston6 hours ago

    Oh yea oh yeaaa

  17. Shalyn Winston

    Shalyn Winston7 hours ago

    They both can’t fight all they did was roll like a dman boat

  18. Cloudsley Falconbridge

    Cloudsley Falconbridge8 hours ago

    That's a thicc bank boi

  19. Nassir Clark

    Nassir Clark8 hours ago

    we need that full vid it at 35k like tf

  20. Ashonte' Pope

    Ashonte' Pope9 hours ago

    Stwepz this is bull shit

  21. vibe.wit. niyaa

    vibe.wit. niyaa9 hours ago

    bri look like she one of those girls who talk then when it come to fighting she scared and can’t fight ..this look fake

  22. Dynisha Jones

    Dynisha Jones9 hours ago

    ok u got 35k so put the fight out

  23. Diamond D

    Diamond D9 hours ago

    Man they goofy

  24. H4L_marion 7

    H4L_marion 710 hours ago

    My boi davine jay said “ima vlogger ima vlogger

  25. mariah logan

    mariah logan10 hours ago

    bruh wrf😂😂

  26. Antwan Terry

    Antwan Terry10 hours ago

    Vanessa is a Punk cause she waited till she was not looking to hit her like cone on wit that lil girl shit🙄😂🤔🤔

  27. Cristopher E Goodwin

    Cristopher E Goodwin10 hours ago

    This shit looks like a prank cause if you going to fight you are not going to talk you just throw hands

  28. Gabrielle Woodard

    Gabrielle Woodard10 hours ago

    Ohhhh noooo

  29. Kennedy Curry

    Kennedy Curry11 hours ago

    sit down this is the most fake thing i’ve ever saw y’all so lame

  30. Kinglightskin

    Kinglightskin11 hours ago

    Wheres the full video🤣

  31. Jay Green

    Jay Green11 hours ago

    Nigga your editing is ass. Can you learn to record better next time😡.

  32. Zayianna Glaspie

    Zayianna Glaspie11 hours ago

    Nobody not doing nothing

  33. Cupcake Magic

    Cupcake Magic11 hours ago

    That was lame.

  34. Monad93

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  35. 247_ JAYY

    247_ JAYY12 hours ago

    Bra dis shit gotta be a prank

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  37. Kamiyah R

    Kamiyah R12 hours ago

    We got it to over 30k gives the full video

  38. Jasmine Reese

    Jasmine Reese12 hours ago

    now ik they didn’t just end the video like that 😒✋🏽

  39. Kaira

    Kaira12 hours ago

    bruh when females fight like this it rlly put a stereotype on how all females fight wtf is this fr such a disgrace😒🤦🏼‍♀️ like arent yall embarrassed!! fuck

  40. Mack McMurty

    Mack McMurty13 hours ago

    "swing swing swing, roll roll roll, stop stop stop" BRUH THAT SHIT IS DEADASS THO THATS HOW IT BE LOOOOL

  41. LilReece Tdrum

    LilReece Tdrum13 hours ago

    Wtf is this😐

  42. NotDisnxy

    NotDisnxy13 hours ago

    At least go bodies bruh omg

  43. Camdasweat 45

    Camdasweat 4514 hours ago

    We here for you guys

  44. BIG boss

    BIG boss14 hours ago

    you made me go from the other channel to this channel thinking it was a fight 😂😂😂😂

  45. BIG boss

    BIG boss14 hours ago


  46. Pain Yt

    Pain Yt14 hours ago

    U know she can’t fight

  47. Messiah 4 life

    Messiah 4 life14 hours ago

    We went to the link and no fight vid show whole thing

  48. Messiah 4 life

    Messiah 4 life14 hours ago

    Fake fight she did not even hit hard stop faking shit then Nigga don’t wanna like your shit

  49. SaucyWyd

    SaucyWyd15 hours ago

    Wtf did I jus watch 😂😂 staged ass shi

  50. Tragiic Span

    Tragiic Span15 hours ago

    Where the fight at

  51. Teresa Teresa

    Teresa Teresa15 hours ago

    This is so crazy she got the baby out there and it is cold as hell they got on shorts and I thought they were friends. What is going on?

  52. Quemel Hunter

    Quemel Hunter15 hours ago


  53. Morgan Williams

    Morgan Williams15 hours ago

    Their is no way. I know Vanessa would swing. This ain’t real.

  54. Mukunde Nturubika

    Mukunde Nturubika15 hours ago

    This happened in Orlando FLorida or Am i ttripping

  55. Amir Carter

    Amir Carter15 hours ago

    you jus knew it was fake who tf says “ like for the whole fight “ gtfoooo

  56. Jan b

    Jan b15 hours ago

    Tht fake

  57. Sincere Grant

    Sincere Grant16 hours ago

    Is this a clickbait🤔👀

  58. Sincere Grant

    Sincere Grant16 hours ago

    30k where that videos lol bruh she gonna try to sneak bruh I got bri💯💯💯💯💯

  59. Sincere Grant

    Sincere Grant16 hours ago

    Sports mode alert jay you ain't know that c'mon bro🤣🤣🤣🤣that sports mode make yo shot better💯💯🤣

  60. Sincere Grant

    Sincere Grant16 hours ago

    I bet how ever much money I have in my pocket so I bet 4 dollars on Bri but we already know she finna win💯💯💯🔥

  61. Life of Jayyonna

    Life of Jayyonna16 hours ago

    Where is the full fight !!!🙄🙄

  62. Sincere Grant

    Sincere Grant16 hours ago

    Yeah that girl was too scared she brought her kid fa back up🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣bri was fine clap big W

  63. Sincere Grant

    Sincere Grant16 hours ago

    Bri ready bro nooooooo cappppp💯💯💯💯

  64. Sincere Grant

    Sincere Grant16 hours ago

    Its durk time it's dark time outside🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣love the video bro 💯💯💯🐐

  65. Sincere Grant

    Sincere Grant16 hours ago

    I know this fight finna be crazy let me watch this intro bro🤣🤣hold on.

  66. Richard Adewale-safa

    Richard Adewale-safa16 hours ago


  67. Queen Janiyah

    Queen Janiyah16 hours ago

    I waste my time for this in ain’t shit happened this fight look fake as hell 🙄🙄! Dislike this video

  68. IGrxxn YT

    IGrxxn YT16 hours ago

    Man wtf was that!

  69. Quentin Gamble

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  70. Lifewith Bj

    Lifewith Bj17 hours ago

    Can someone tell me what’s going on

  71. Cyber wolf Darkness

    Cyber wolf Darkness17 hours ago

    LMAO 😂

  72. Mekhayla Claiborne

    Mekhayla Claiborne17 hours ago

    Yeah don't care

  73. Cyber wolf Darkness

    Cyber wolf Darkness17 hours ago

    Rug rat for life

  74. NSU ELI

    NSU ELI17 hours ago

    34 k likes drop dat shit bih

  75. Isaac Villalobos

    Isaac Villalobos17 hours ago

    She didnt wanna mees up her hair

  76. shaniah martin

    shaniah martin17 hours ago

    Thats not even a fight

  77. Iconz_ Official

    Iconz_ Official18 hours ago

    When bri mad she fights..

  78. E JEEZY

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  79. Rahmad Roberts

    Rahmad Roberts18 hours ago

    Fake ass shit 🚮

  80. Sunny Boi4800

    Sunny Boi480018 hours ago

    Wtf is that

  81. Ziggy Got bandz

    Ziggy Got bandz18 hours ago

    Bruh this has to be the most cringe ass video u ever posted bri literally let her get a free hit and she grabbed her hair instead 😐

  82. AŚTARIX!

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  83. Its Crooklyn’s Tv

    Its Crooklyn’s Tv18 hours ago

    Fake ass shit 🤣😭😭

  84. Timothy Monroe

    Timothy Monroe19 hours ago

    Never watching you again cuh

  85. Dereon Anderson

    Dereon Anderson19 hours ago

    We do need that video😂

  86. Shay Flawless

    Shay Flawless19 hours ago

    Lmao If Zavi Not there it's a prank. He'd never let nessa fight regardless

  87. Rayven Stewart

    Rayven Stewart19 hours ago

    That was weak as hell😹

  88. Diamond Dalyn

    Diamond Dalyn19 hours ago

    😑😑 tf was this

  89. Ghost Fn

    Ghost Fn19 hours ago

    They both scared to fight each other

  90. T. Metoyer

    T. Metoyer19 hours ago

    U can tell they didnt want to fight. It was a prank just to get us to give them 30k likes to be click bait on the next one. Did shawty think bringing a baby was go stop a fight. She could lose custody of her baby off dumb shit thats on camera showing she put her baby in a fucked up situation. Than leave the child to fight. Hope it was real.and she made every lick count lol

  91. Ethan Epps

    Ethan Epps19 hours ago

    My dude you said full fight and now you want us to like ight I’ll like but it better be full fight I like fights

  92. Precise FPS

    Precise FPS19 hours ago

    Ain’t no way this real😂mans gave her a whole run down on how to fight💀p.s it’s now the full fight

  93. TREduB

    TREduB20 hours ago

    Drop the fight vid

  94. Cynthia Jimenez

    Cynthia Jimenez20 hours ago

    She have a child with her.. wow...so sad

  95. DBoy Bentleys

    DBoy Bentleys20 hours ago

    Trash errbody in the video need they ass whooped weak Weak WEAK

  96. Dwyane Wade

    Dwyane Wade20 hours ago

    Fake asf 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  97. Lul Rry Norrae

    Lul Rry Norrae20 hours ago

    Bruh ain’t you niggas grown⁉️

  98. ll ZTrain ll

    ll ZTrain ll20 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 shii is fake asf 😂😂😂😂😂

  99. Jia Black

    Jia Black20 hours ago

    Nigga waisted 10 mins of my day i could have been sleep

  100. young fella

    young fella20 hours ago

    Lol bitch sed a lot of families and wat she mean being nosey who doesn’t wanna watch a fight and ya makin a scene

  101. Isaiah Calhoun

    Isaiah Calhoun20 hours ago

    u lame asf

  102. Jonathan Cazares

    Jonathan Cazares20 hours ago

    Stay posting fake fights 😂😂

  103. fw. deyor

    fw. deyor21 hour ago

    that was a kid fight

  104. amari reid

    amari reid21 hour ago

    Davine is bad influence 😂😂😂

  105. Saniyah Smith

    Saniyah Smith21 hour ago

    We at 34k like ok where the full video