How To Beat "Koro-sensei" in Assassination Classroom (2016)

A bunch of outlaw students have to assassinate and beat their teacher Koro-sensei until the end of the term. If they don't make it in time he will supposedly destroy earth. The problem is he moves with mach 20 speed, is a former master assassin and has a love for questionable magazines.
In this video, we look at class 3-E, look at the mistakes they make and figure out multiple ways on how to beat "Koro-sensei" and save the world *cough, in Assassination Classroom (2016)
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  1. Leander Mesa

    Leander Mesa22 minutes ago

    That girl just came out of the cabinet

  2. Alastor The Radio Demon

    Alastor The Radio Demon41 minute ago

    but why will he destroy the world

  3. sai hpone hsean

    sai hpone hsean46 minutes ago

    watch the anime you can't

  4. Anthony Marquez

    Anthony MarquezHour ago

    𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚖𝚊𝚗 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚗𝚒𝚌𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚎 𝚔𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚍 𝙸 𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍𝚗'𝚝 𝚍𝚘 𝚒𝚝

  5. wario cap10 // serryn

    wario cap10 // serryn3 hours ago

    crazy that some of my favorite animes are getting live actions remakes.

  6. Don Caumeran

    Don Caumeran3 hours ago

    i like the anime version of this better

  7. SnowBoy1

    SnowBoy14 hours ago

    he is weak to water



    Nagisa in the real live action- HE AINT SAME BSJWSVSKSWKSKESJSHS

  9. SnowBoy1

    SnowBoy15 hours ago

    Bitch - Sensei Pog but not fluent in 10 languages of which 2 are english

  10. SnowBoy1

    SnowBoy15 hours ago

    rewatched the anime, rerealized nagisa looks like a girl

  11. Niku Khattra

    Niku Khattra5 hours ago

    So it's based off the anime

  12. TheUnknownOne

    TheUnknownOne5 hours ago

    UahhhhhHhHhhHh the starting🤤 I love ittttttttt

  13. Archie Campbell

    Archie Campbell5 hours ago

    so many things he said in this video could be taken out of context

  14. Dankey Kang23

    Dankey Kang236 hours ago

    Can I take his class or no? Cause at least I’ll graduate from A school😂


    WOS PUBGM6 hours ago

    i came here just to find good movies

  16. Colonel Sanders

    Colonel Sanders7 hours ago

    why doesnt nagisa in the live action dont look like a girl

  17. N0T_M1LK

    N0T_M1LK7 hours ago

    Where can I watch this

  18. Cris Emmanuel Maxi

    Cris Emmanuel Maxi7 hours ago

    they are 3m views and didnt subscribe to you

  19. Tyler Bonabon

    Tyler Bonabon8 hours ago

    The reason why the Live Action Assassination Classroom looks weird compared to the Anime Version because that Japanese Movies are pretty infamous for their Bizarre, Weird, Bonkers and Somewhat Creative Low Budgets Films such as: The Machine Girl:(2008), Mutant Girl Squad:(2010), Meatball Machine:(2005), Helldriver:(2010) Gothic and Lolita Psycho:(2010), Liverleaf:(2018), Tag:(2015), Yoroi: Samurai Zombie:(2008), Battlefield Baseball:(2003), Versus:(2000), Escape from Vampire Island:(2009), Nowhere Girl:(2015), Junk:(2000), Grotesque:(2009), Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Tetsuo 2: Body Hammer, and Tetsuo: The Bullet Man:( 1989, 1992 and 2009), Tokyo Gore Police:(2008), Gozu:(2003), Visitor Q:(2001), Red Room 1 and 2:(1999 and 2000), Pulse:(2001), Nuigulumar Z:(2013), Onechanbara:(2008), Tokyo Gore School:(2009) , Ichi the Killer:(2001) and etc....

  20. dark dulalevi The man of cult

    dark dulalevi The man of cult9 hours ago

    My idea when i started watching a vid And stab him back when he didn't would think of it

  21. Sandro Od

    Sandro Od10 hours ago

    what the fawk

  22. Mayo Mayo

    Mayo Mayo11 hours ago

    Let’s be honest. The live action movie was absolute trash. Watch the anime.

  23. Jordan Jackson

    Jordan Jackson12 hours ago

    1:33 went back just too hear hornny

  24. Teen Navy Aspirant

    Teen Navy Aspirant15 hours ago

    IRL Anime - Cursed

  25. Random STUFF

    Random STUFF15 hours ago

    Lol cgi sucked in assasination classroom lol

  26. Rokuyasu

    Rokuyasu16 hours ago


  27. Rindee Gaming

    Rindee Gaming16 hours ago

    bincoculars hahaha

  28. aarengaming

    aarengaming16 hours ago

    When ur teacher gives u more homework be like:

  29. Xray_Plays

    Xray_Plays16 hours ago

    Thats not my Nagisa

  30. Alex Stec

    Alex Stec18 hours ago

    Dude I bet you totally havent seen the anime its 1000000 times better and your 10000 more dumber than you actually think

  31. Yenty Zen

    Yenty Zen18 hours ago

    Bruh you can just put a grenade in front of the door then when he is about to come in the door throw the grenade

  32. Iqmal Iqram

    Iqmal Iqram20 hours ago

    All your attempt are useless Why ask? Ask himself

  33. Jeynell Batchar

    Jeynell Batchar20 hours ago

    Netflix make anime live action


    GAME ROBLOX21 hour ago

    13:40 Me:oh this should be family frie- 13:43 Me:nevermind

  35. Divine Baraclan

    Divine Baraclan21 hour ago

    I cant believe these weebs are hating this 5 years old movie. Yall, watch and reas the anime or manga if yall dont like it. Its presenting yall's toxic

  36. Jaiguy

    Jaiguy21 hour ago

    ‘Bino coe lares’

  37. hhhow

    hhhow21 hour ago

    The fuck I watched this is 2016 and didn’t know till now that live action came out

  38. Vhander Gacrama

    Vhander Gacrama21 hour ago

    dude this isnt true 1.this is an anime 2 WTF its not a world problem there's a lot of classrooms 2 THE ANIME IS BETTER AND U SHOULD DO IT EXACTLY LIKE IN THE ANIME

  39. EmmaXOX

    EmmaXOXDay ago

    I think they should all aim at a spot where he goes, Therefore he has nowhere to run meaning he would be killed.

  40. Cypherry

    CypherryDay ago

    i remember watching the trailer as a six year old

  41. Just an ant

    Just an antDay ago

    Suffer from the realization that Kurosensei's mouth moves when he talks

  42. general shark166

    general shark166Day ago

    Where can i watch this

  43. Banana Ewz

    Banana EwzDay ago

    But Koro Sensei Died....

  44. Toby Plays

    Toby PlaysDay ago

    Why is he a lemon head

  45. Carlos Vailoa

    Carlos VailoaDay ago

    koro sencaya is just to goddam fast

  46. Samuel J

    Samuel JDay ago

    10:08 he pronounces binoculars as bi na cu lars lol no offense it's just funny

  47. Furware EXE

    Furware EXEDay ago

    wait, there's a live-action version?

  48. Caleb Wilson

    Caleb WilsonDay ago

    In the anime they succeed

  49. A Human

    A HumanDay ago

    Ight time to get the SRAs be right back

  50. BikerX15

    BikerX15Day ago

    Koro sensei: good teacher Students: KILL HIM!!! Koro sensei: don't forget to be good. people

  51. Ongaku Neko Nguyen

    Ongaku Neko NguyenDay ago

    ...I had an idea, will this work? : SO IF there is a locker room separating boys and girls and everyone else is "absent" or "busy" and you "forgot" something you need, you can call Koro-sensei in (he'd prob go in at top speed) and have wire-thin strings using the material that can harm him and cut him while he goes in to give you, let's say, a towel... BUT I still need to figure out the what ifs

  52. Ongaku Neko Nguyen

    Ongaku Neko NguyenDay ago

    more anime how to beat pls

  53. Ongaku Neko Nguyen

    Ongaku Neko NguyenDay ago

    Nagisa = Deku Also I think the max amount of replies is 500

  54. no.

    no.Day ago

    But what if i dont wanna kill Koro Sensei

  55. SenkuIsAPoo

    SenkuIsAPooDay ago

    Wait a minute...

  56. Your Spy eater

    Your Spy eaterDay ago

    Give him colored water call it poison. He's slowed down to the point of visible mobility and a larger area a bullet could skim him have your cube child made of guns light him up.

  57. Debbie Portnoy

    Debbie PortnoyDay ago

    He is copying cinema summary.

  58. Brane Grumps

    Brane GrumpsDay ago

    Non-binary Metal Gear Solid Kid is now Koro-Sensei’s brother’s name

  59. coolinspace

    coolinspaceDay ago

    yellow rock lee

  60. webbtail245

    webbtail245Day ago

    the kid who stayed home that day must've been happy

  61. Anonymous User

    Anonymous UserDay ago

    This is the type of animation I would want to see Sam and max

  62. Maddox Smith

    Maddox SmithDay ago

    does every school in japan let kids have guns??

  63. ••

    ••Day ago

    Look at how theyve massacred... the entire thing. Just everything. No Nagisa. What the fuck is this.

  64. GhastlyGlint

    GhastlyGlintDay ago

    Why is there a live action Assassination classroom.... like, the anime actually looks good, but this... this is weird to see. Especially Nagisa. Why did they change the story....... WHY!

  65. no_name_for_no_one

    no_name_for_no_oneDay ago

    I don't know why and i don't know how but i do know that it should not exist

  66. Mr.Puppingson

    Mr.PuppingsonDay ago

    But I don't watch this so I wanna know why we wanna kill him?

  67. sosuk

    sosukDay ago

    So this video blowed hard wow! So proud of you XD

  68. GUKYU

    GUKYUDay ago

    If you watch the anime i would'nt kill koro sensei

  69. Jared Arneecher

    Jared ArneecherDay ago

    I thought korros sensi brother was jack frost

  70. Micheal Magallanes

    Micheal MagallanesDay ago

    This is uglier than my criminal record

  71. QuinnyNotFound

    QuinnyNotFoundDay ago

    the live action looks like *shit* !

  72. Carson Fox

    Carson FoxDay ago

    Bru kora sensei is faster then 40 flashes combined

  73. Amiable

    AmiableDay ago

    Koro-sensei mastered Ultra Instinct.

  74. KrXza

    KrXzaDay ago

    damn the fandom is still strong to this day

  75. Glenn Quagmire

    Glenn QuagmireDay ago

    Bruh good Job on pretending to be cinema summary

  76. Nice user 2 Face

    Nice user 2 FaceDay ago

    STOP 2 MINS IN ONE HAVE NOT SEEN THIS SO BRB N 2 WHY (not good with names) nagisa? HAVE NO BLUE HAIR!?!?

  77. Biswayan Sar

    Biswayan SarDay ago

    why Korean or Japanese films are so stupid ??

  78. Stefan Apostolovski

    Stefan ApostolovskiDay ago

    Irina Jelavic is maybe from Serbia.

  79. Galan hainig

    Galan hainigDay ago

    🤢🤮 when it shows the live action instead of anime i mean LOOK AT DAT HEAD

  80. Justine Leuterio

    Justine Leuterio2 days ago

    Ejecting bullet shells from the gun just doesn't make sense to me.

  81. Matek McDermott

    Matek McDermott2 days ago

    I Don’t Like That They Gave Koro-Sensei A Working Jaw Line

  82. anita sanchez

    anita sanchez2 days ago

    When I saw this 1 min thro im like this trash bc they don’t even look like the normal one and bich sumthing and nagisa dose not look like that like bru

  83. EL_CUH El mero verga

    EL_CUH El mero verga2 days ago


  84. Jianne Claire Imperial

    Jianne Claire Imperial2 days ago

    Tbh nagisa,kayano,karma looks weird i don't like it- and plus if koro-sensei was real I would've cried the moment he died

  85. Baby Face Koichi

    Baby Face Koichi2 days ago

    This vid got me to watch assassination classroom


    CURBKAGE2 days ago

    this live action is gross

  87. Green Neon

    Green Neon2 days ago

    3:26 I vote we don't praise Okajima.

  88. Pixel Player

    Pixel Player2 days ago

    I never thought this would be a live action show one day

  89. Matthew Muthee

    Matthew Muthee2 days ago

    if you, watched the anime, then everything he said in this video, would not make any sense, because in the anime you learned that Koro-Sensei was the best assassin, and now everything about him has been improved, he can also become invinsible, so there isn't much you can do about that so. Also like WHY, you obv didn't watch it bc he doesn't destroy the planet he saves it lol

  90. Chika Fujiwara

    Chika Fujiwara2 days ago


  91. Zack

    Zack2 days ago

    nagisa in anime: blue hair nagisa in live action: *B l a ck h a i r*

  92. NTH THN

    NTH THN2 days ago

    Those ''high-schoolers'' look hella fucking OLD.

  93. Bilal Wakili

    Bilal Wakili2 days ago


  94. Illusion RBX

    Illusion RBX2 days ago

    How to beat koro sensei: dont

  95. hi

    hi2 days ago

    Read my name

  96. Obbyperson72

    Obbyperson722 days ago

    nice movie. a killer who actually likes his students

  97. hi

    hi2 days ago

    No fr who the heck played as him

  98. Marlin Rivera

    Marlin Rivera2 days ago

    why does anime look so weird in real life like literally. 8:03 why does Itona LOOK LIKE THAT! 9:55 WHY DOES PREFESSOR (curse word) LOOK LIKE THAT

  99. Cayden Greensfeldergacha

    Cayden Greensfeldergacha2 days ago

    There making every anime live action