Eminem seeing a therapist

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  1. Lil Windex

    Lil Windex17 days ago

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD WHERE YALL AT?! 🔥💯 Which part was YOUR favourite? 🙌🏼

  2. Mr Coco

    Mr Coco2 days ago

    0:40 LOLOLOLOLOL i am dying

  3. Jacob Lee

    Jacob Lee6 days ago

    "And not actually machine gun kelly"

  4. Thank You Jesus My Lord, My God

    Thank You Jesus My Lord, My God7 days ago

    @Lil Windex Bro these video are hilarious. Has Em ever hit you up about them?

  5. David Anucinski

    David Anucinski7 days ago

    Lil windex is a dope rapper too ,he just ain't serious about it

  6. Josh Wheeler

    Josh Wheeler8 days ago


  7. Jeremiah Rochon

    Jeremiah Rochon9 hours ago

    probably my fave from the series

  8. FanbaseZ

    FanbaseZ11 hours ago

    when he roasted the therapist, I felt that 🤣🤣

  9. Fade Frosty

    Fade Frosty16 hours ago


  10. Bonnie Fouzou

    Bonnie FouzouDay ago

    So you DON'T have a guilty conscience. Tight.

  11. Nadeem Sanity

    Nadeem SanityDay ago

    I want eminem trying to meditate

  12. DGV

    DGVDay ago

    The talent is underrated here.


    MAFIA FPVDay ago

    I love the slow motion hand movement 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Summer dawson

    Summer dawsonDay ago


  15. 3097 Pawar Shubhangi

    3097 Pawar ShubhangiDay ago

    When I read the name ‘Lil Windex’ it reminded me of that song by Mariah dissing Eminem ‘see right through you like you’re bathing in windex’ 🤣🤣

  16. Terrance Hoffman

    Terrance HoffmanDay ago

    Did you know hes black from the waist down

  17. Emphanie Mines

    Emphanie Mines2 days ago

    imagine Em's real therapist tho lmfao, everyone'll keep referring him to a different psychiatrist because they can't take it 😂...

  18. Jiu Pui

    Jiu Pui2 days ago

    Ive wondered this about Em if he thinks in rhymes and if its something he controls or does it drive him insane

  19. Mr Coco

    Mr Coco2 days ago

    0:40 LOLOLOLOLOL i am dying

  20. Grimsanity

    Grimsanity2 days ago

    When you bring a Kelly to a gun fight.

  21. No Pain

    No Pain2 days ago

    This guy through these Eminem videos is trying to show off his own rhyming skills..

  22. Fab Puff

    Fab Puff2 days ago

    Hilarious 😂 😂 😂 he’s taking his characters very seriously.

  23. The Plant Whisperer

    The Plant Whisperer2 days ago

    Love you windex this shits perfect lol.

  24. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover2 days ago

    Ooofff more of that original content

  25. Kevin Perera

    Kevin Perera2 days ago

    It took me a while to notice that its the same guy. 😂

  26. Qorzo

    Qorzo2 days ago

    "Not actually a real machine gun kelly" leaveeee the poor man aloneeeee

  27. mill b

    mill b3 days ago

    uslikes.info/house/qHaIqdKKqo6wqbo/video.html !?!

  28. Azzaamu abudulu Imaaadhu

    Azzaamu abudulu Imaaadhu3 days ago

    When his therapist drops an album

  29. Deadpool - MWTM

    Deadpool - MWTM3 days ago

    I'm going to look on his face when he flinched

  30. lisa karson

    lisa karson3 days ago

    "My dad wasn't really around, it's an awful topic.."😂

  31. CuddlesCareBear

    CuddlesCareBear3 days ago

    "I didn't murder him my boys did it" Realest shit lololol

  32. Jacob Locke

    Jacob Locke3 days ago

    See what I mean it's fucked 🤣 lmao haha

  33. Ethromel

    Ethromel4 days ago

    The Mke Tyson, and breath line was nice.👌

  34. chochelle

    chochelle4 days ago

    liked this guy until he use r word 🤡

  35. Go Cat

    Go Cat2 days ago

    be offended lol

  36. Chxtzy

    Chxtzy4 days ago

    Eminem seeing a therapist bro see a dentist fuck

  37. A.B.M

    A.B.M4 days ago

    man i remember you,,, u are the guy who always answer first to the rappers that dissing EM, like Nick Cannon i guess, i still catch the sound of ur voice, am i right?

  38. juancroman07

    juancroman074 days ago


  39. Maize St John

    Maize St John4 days ago

    This guy should come up with a better name than windex and go on tour, make a little Mulah anc invest

  40. Alex Cooper

    Alex Cooper4 days ago

    F*** off that ant Eminem

  41. Matthew Murphy

    Matthew Murphy4 days ago

    Still better acting than Nicholas Cage

  42. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson5 days ago

    Once again, well done truly comedy. this guy should get at least a little famous right?

  43. Daniel McCallum

    Daniel McCallum5 days ago

    These bars beat anything

  44. Gedeon Tchibo

    Gedeon Tchibo5 days ago

    😂😂😂🤣Yoooo this dude is funnyyyy

  45. Cavin Fingerboards

    Cavin Fingerboards5 days ago


  46. Torie Torreano

    Torie Torreano5 days ago

    For anybody who doesn't knows, this guy wraps as Lil Windex. He's actually Good and even though they're supposed to be funny, they are catchy as hell!

  47. Your Ordinary Twat here

    Your Ordinary Twat here5 days ago

    ”you see it’s fuucked”💀💀💀

  48. No Sympathy

    No Sympathy6 days ago

    🤣🤣keep grinding this funny

  49. Alexander Dragneel

    Alexander Dragneel6 days ago



    I LIKE SKITZ6 days ago


  51. Sanketh B. K

    Sanketh B. K7 days ago

    Plot twist : this is Eminem's secret USlikes channel and he writes the script.

  52. Delayne Mareikura

    Delayne Mareikura7 days ago

    Funny when the killshot missed mgk

  53. Minnie Cooper

    Minnie Cooper18 hours ago

    ...not. 🤣

  54. Bigg Mack The Wack Slack

    Bigg Mack The Wack Slack7 days ago

    Wow what a roller coaster, that last part tho

  55. Charles Stickney

    Charles Stickney7 days ago

    How do you rhyme better then M and M

  56. L L Senju

    L L Senju7 days ago

    Anyone wanna start a raid were gonna raid pewdipies comments. #MRBEAST/RAID share to every server

  57. Bonito Flake

    Bonito Flake7 days ago

    "What's been bothering you" Flashback to 8 mile

  58. Duke A Man

    Duke A Man7 days ago

    Not actually a machine gun Kelly. Lol

  59. Low Spec Crap PC

    Low Spec Crap PC7 days ago

    He's killed more than 3 people though lol

  60. McKinzie M8

    McKinzie M87 days ago

    He always gotta mention that Machine Gun Kelly is not a real machine gun 😂

  61. nightrider ghost

    nightrider ghost8 days ago

    “See what I mean it’s fucked”... that got me dead🤣

  62. Anel

    Anel8 days ago

    Bro I fucking love this!

  63. MixSona Productions

    MixSona Productions8 days ago

    Joker but he rapping instead of laughing

  64. Abdul Wageed Fransman

    Abdul Wageed Fransman8 days ago

    lol not really a Machine Gun Kelly

  65. Anarous

    Anarous8 days ago

    only thing missing is when Eminem like says you know what I mean, you know what I mean?

  66. Allahu Memebar

    Allahu Memebar8 days ago

    “bukakke target practice”

  67. I Komang Andika T.

    I Komang Andika T.8 days ago

    put a space in front of "e" in therapist 😳

  68. Greg DeBacker

    Greg DeBacker8 days ago

    He got Ems flow pattern down son its like he's been around some

  69. Mark Thorburn

    Mark Thorburn8 days ago

    "Your face looks like it was used for bukkake target practice" I FUCKING DIED

  70. uberlupe1

    uberlupe18 days ago


  71. Acacia Colon

    Acacia Colon8 days ago


  72. JackDaGOAT Prange

    JackDaGOAT Prange8 days ago

    Dude got roasted so hard

  73. Mr. Boi

    Mr. Boi8 days ago

    Eminem goes to the office

  74. Aden

    Aden8 days ago

    lost it at the ja rule comment "I kinda orchestrated it"

  75. Matt C

    Matt C8 days ago

    what I'm noticing more and more is that em is right, he is using his bars. He just rehashes them, without realizing. It's almost hilarious how lil windex is making fun of himself by making these.

  76. mattlocks1973

    mattlocks19738 days ago

    Why hadnt I watched this sooner...is there a beef going on? If so this is great....fuck LEMonEM!

  77. Ramen Seller

    Ramen Seller8 days ago

    Pls- the way he puts MGK in every ending of his video has me dead 😭😭💀💀💀💀

  78. Ramen Seller

    Ramen Seller8 days ago

    I’m so glad that I found this channel, he’s so fucking talented tho

  79. Lydell Moore

    Lydell Moore8 days ago

    This shit hilarious 😂

  80. Elias Ferris

    Elias Ferris8 days ago


  81. Mann Gupta

    Mann Gupta8 days ago

    Mike Tyson punched her 😂😂


    SKILLZ SETT8 days ago

    This is fuckin' Hilarious 😆

  83. nat e

    nat e9 days ago

    eminem content wow funny.. whens the next one??

  84. Joe Morgan

    Joe Morgan9 days ago

    Nice Chris delia impression

  85. Marcus Thomas

    Marcus Thomas9 days ago


  86. YaboiPlank

    YaboiPlank9 days ago

    clearly fake the therapist isnt dr.dre

  87. Kevin J

    Kevin J9 days ago

    This guy could have a really bright future if he went into rap

  88. Sage Legend

    Sage Legend9 days ago

    Who else goes into the comments to find the comment they were about to post? 😁

  89. user jk7

    user jk79 days ago

    Imagine Em actually watchin all these impressions

  90. The Inside Man

    The Inside Man9 days ago

    Ur Face is a bukake practice.. I literally choked when he said that 😂

  91. K. K.

    K. K.9 days ago

    what "ya face nukkake targe practis" yoo

  92. Casen Rausch

    Casen Rausch9 days ago

    Lol honestly this is what my brain thinks happens to wrappers who constantly get put on the spot to free style😂

  93. weezie

    weezie9 days ago

    I thought the so you don’t have a guilty conscience got it part was the best lmao this dudes making awesome vids

  94. Nic Bowden

    Nic Bowden9 days ago

    You’re a fucking genius my dude 😂😂😂

  95. slimcoty

    slimcoty9 days ago

    Man idk why but "your face looks like it's used for bukkake target practice" got me so hard lmao. 💀

  96. Kryptic 06

    Kryptic 069 days ago


  97. Dustin Gore

    Dustin Gore9 days ago

    Low key wanna hear the rest of the first verse

  98. ___

    ___9 days ago

    That's very, eh, Psychotic.

  99. NotBenParker

    NotBenParker9 days ago

    Should've just said "all it out of my wallet" missed a possible rhyme there. But still made me laugh

  100. Jessica Sarno

    Jessica Sarno9 days ago

    Im scrolling for Eminem's comment😅

  101. Keynu Davis

    Keynu Davis9 days ago

    i had to go back and restart the damn video i busted out laughing after bukkake target practice i couldnt hear shit else i cant be the only one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  102. Audrey Strouse

    Audrey Strouse9 days ago

    Bukakke target practice 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  103. Alex Alex

    Alex Alex9 days ago

    That shit was funny 😂

  104. Cody Adle

    Cody Adle9 days ago

    Bruh. We need to get this dude to link up with EM and let them have a freestyle.. EMINEM VS EMINEM. ~SINCERELY, STAN

  105. KenJen KillaSounds

    KenJen KillaSounds9 days ago


  106. brain dying

    brain dying9 days ago

    "Not an actual machine gun Kelly" YUHHHHH POP OFFFFF😂💅✨

  107. Doge Gang

    Doge Gang9 days ago