Trying a PET FOUNTAIN for the first time!

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  1. marie williams

    marie williams5 hours ago

    My St Bernard was like koda lol a big chicken

  2. Fredrik Hellqvist

    Fredrik Hellqvist14 hours ago

    Feel like it's very shallow.

  3. c:

    c:Day ago

    "filtered water"... you mean tap water, right?

  4. Rye

    RyeDay ago

    Highly recommend pet water fountains the sound of the running water helps promote more drinking

  5. Zoe McCallum

    Zoe McCallumDay ago

    Animals always prefer flowing water, cats favourite is a running tap

  6. Mr Bond

    Mr BondDay ago

    This reminds me of my childhood cat she would wait for me to feed her a few pebbles of her food before she started eating 😭

  7. 1 D 0 G G 0 1 6

    1 D 0 G G 0 1 6Day ago

    owner : we don't even give you tap water dog : that's what i respect about you ! you always let me drink toilet water

  8. Boost Lee

    Boost Lee2 days ago

    From poop water to fresh filtered water! Dog is moving up in the world!

  9. Mats Gustavsson

    Mats Gustavsson2 days ago

    Now put a bowl of carbonized water next to the fountain and see what he goes for :)

  10. Sweaty Skinfolds

    Sweaty Skinfolds3 days ago


  11. doowroh

    doowroh3 days ago

    So, a plugin plastic piece of crap to replace a simple bowl? No thanks. It's just garbage.

  12. DuhDuh

    DuhDuh3 days ago

    I feel like the fountain should have taller walls... so it splashes out less

  13. Samantha James-Cooper

    Samantha James-Cooper4 days ago

    You stick fish in filtered water and they die [as a couple of friends of mine nearly found out until they asked me why they were looking so sick] Be sure the calcium and other trace minerals in regular water are sufficient withing the rest of the diet. Technically fresh river water is perfect......

  14. tricia mcpeak

    tricia mcpeak4 days ago

    Love the close ups. I have been thinking of getting one but don't think the reserve is big enough for two Great Pyrenees and maybe Black Lab. Love your videos.

  15. Quinn Sweetman

    Quinn Sweetman4 days ago

    Cats are clearly dumber

  16. ptphil64

    ptphil644 days ago

    Not plumbed. Not filtered. Useless gadget. Sponsored video. Dishonest USlikesr.

  17. John Eastman

    John Eastman5 days ago

    The pets are just fine... it’s the male owner who needs observing...

  18. Andrew ///

    Andrew ///5 days ago

    My mastiff drools a very thick drool into her bowl when drinking. Do you think this is strong enough to filter that out?

  19. ceecrb1

    ceecrb15 days ago

    Overpriced unnecessary crap.

  20. Mads Ebskov

    Mads Ebskov5 days ago

    The best water I ever had is when i'm in the austrian mountains.

  21. Benji Playz Roblox

    Benji Playz Roblox6 days ago

    Koda: the water is endless! I must keep drinking it..... Cooper: hmmm this water is good! I shall bring an offering! Bella: ehh the water is nice but no

  22. Matt Sherer

    Matt Sherer7 days ago

    it’s funny because i have the same condition as koda so when i don’t take my medicine this is exactly what i dream of.

  23. Internet Trolli

    Internet Trolli7 days ago

    how long did you keep that dog thirsty before making the video?

  24. theawesome1rjc

    theawesome1rjc7 days ago

    You couldn’t fill a bowl up with water and leave it on the floor? 😂 I get it though, money takes precedent 🤦‍♂️

  25. DrawSketchGamingYT

    DrawSketchGamingYT8 days ago

    When you hear the dog in the corner say- enough talk

  26. maxine faulkner

    maxine faulkner8 days ago

    Every episode cooper gets a toy 🤣

  27. maxine faulkner

    maxine faulkner8 days ago

    Koda:must get all waterrrr

  28. D BG

    D BG8 days ago

    Your welcome.thanks

  29. Jaime Denio

    Jaime Denio8 days ago


  30. Jaime Denio

    Jaime Denio8 days ago


  31. Zethan Yeo

    Zethan Yeo8 days ago

    Is think his sick because he drinks water out of the water

  32. Ron Simons

    Ron Simons8 days ago

    Nice gadget for your pets, but my dogs get a very large bowel of ice water changed twice a day. Gotta clean the feeding area twice a day anyhow, so might as well fell the bowel. Very cute dogs btw.

  33. Jewish Banker

    Jewish Banker9 days ago

    i had one for my rabbits and they just chew the cable

  34. Jon Whick

    Jon Whick9 days ago

    Cats love these things ...its ingrind in them to fear standing water so giving the option most cats pick running fountain

  35. Green Report

    Green Report10 days ago

    VAncouver city hall

  36. Shen Gao

    Shen Gao10 days ago

    I‘m your fans

  37. Maria Lozano

    Maria Lozano10 days ago

    That was funny! Love hearing the licking sound and seeing different animations pass by

  38. M C

    M C10 days ago

    I just love how when Trev and Chels have a sponsor in one of their videos they make it fun! Not like other people who just do a lot of yip yappin 😂❤️❤️


    DIANA ALBERT11 days ago

    Koda was really like: Must. Drink. All. Water.

  40. Gaurd dog the furry dog

    Gaurd dog the furry dog12 days ago


  41. Cat E.S

    Cat E.S12 days ago

    Have you guys checked there's a feeder that comes with a tag for your pet's collar and the feeder I my opens for the pet with the tag. That's amazing if you have a pet that tend to eats the other pet's food!

  42. lobe1028

    lobe102812 days ago

    I don’t know if they would like this comment but your dogs are adorable and obedient and sooooo cuteeeeeeeee !

  43. pamela hewitt

    pamela hewitt12 days ago

    Great idea! I need one for my fur babies.

  44. Kiera Giovanini

    Kiera Giovanini12 days ago

    You should get a snow machine and play with it with Cooper and Koda.

  45. Sarthak Dhanorkar

    Sarthak Dhanorkar12 days ago

    You should try like , When you cry , what the dogs reply

  46. Nicholas Sharp

    Nicholas Sharp12 days ago

    Somebody has been working out. I see u big dog. 😉

  47. zjow18

    zjow1812 days ago

    8** S****g***d Drive, Orland florida GG

  48. S.N.F FISHY

    S.N.F FISHY12 days ago

    Listen to the sound of them licking it


    JGAMING12 days ago


  50. Chonekz Spryz

    Chonekz Spryz12 days ago

    Hai super cooper Sunday I’m been watching for over three years I Meade several accounts just to make you noticed me please pls like I’ve been an og

  51. vewles tric

    vewles tric13 days ago

    You should use the feder next vid

  52. Music Music

    Music Music13 days ago

    Do y’all not know that licking out of the toilet is nasty but u recorded him licking it um..

  53. LifeIsShort SoHaveFun

    LifeIsShort SoHaveFun13 days ago

    Do you live in a 3rd world country? Here in Denmark, we got clean tap water, that both humans and dogs can drink.

  54. Michele Obrien

    Michele Obrien13 days ago

    I've tried some fountains that needed cleaning all the time. But they were a nightmare to take apart and clean and put in new filters. I gave up.

  55. King The bunny

    King The bunny13 days ago

    Most dogs: get excited over a toy or food. Koda: gets excited over water 💦 Haha😂😂😂

  56. shalomhea

    shalomhea10 days ago


  57. The gob father

    The gob father13 days ago

    have you considered setting it up on a timer so that koda doesnt drink the whole thing?

  58. Maged Abdelmonem

    Maged Abdelmonem13 days ago

    That would make a great ASMR video 😀

  59. Aish Yerapothu

    Aish Yerapothu13 days ago

    Can you please do a koda goes up stairs like last time but with mats on both of the parts of stairs. I have never seen him be upstairs . Give a like if you wanna see him do it 👇👇

  60. MP

    MP13 days ago

    Koda: WHAT the water is magical it never goes empty ? So now if I drink from my normal bowl it will always be full?Epic 😎

  61. L G

    L G14 days ago

    Bella's mind: I'm just going to take it slow and careful Coppers mind: I love water swimming in it or drinking it but I prefer swimming in it Koda's mind: I must think of a way to drink all this never ending water#so delicious

  62. Some one ?

    Some one ?14 days ago

    I got a new account because my old one got hacked 😥 but I have been watching ever since you got cooper and I found your channel when I got my new dog so I looked up puppy tricks and I found your channel 5 years ago but sadly my dog Chevy passed away and your videos cheered me ⬆️

  63. RotAtion

    RotAtion14 days ago

    I am a big fan I love your Chanel and tmartn2

  64. Red Tigress

    Red Tigress14 days ago

    Just ordered the fountain , with three cats it could be goood

  65. Molly Hart

    Molly Hart14 days ago

    We have a kitten that looks just like Bella lol

  66. Chatterjee Sutopa

    Chatterjee Sutopa14 days ago

    Hello and Hi everyone! Are all of you Okay?😍♥️

  67. Travelers Paradise

    Travelers Paradise14 days ago

    Oh so you guys are still alive. I was wondering where you guys disappeared to with your travel channel. I mean I know the pandemic and all but no updates. Cute dog😍


    TELEVISIBLE14 days ago

    cat will love it , for they love running water

  69. Mandy Pauletich

    Mandy Pauletich14 days ago

    Hi i am a big fan i just got done watching the camping video on the trampoline from last year for the 5th time i love that video so much and i was thinking that to do another test you should do it on the island for the night and see how it goes. Like if you agree please.

  70. Anisah Zainab

    Anisah Zainab15 days ago

    What breed are your dogs? 😭

  71. Sumair Singh

    Sumair Singh14 days ago

    Golden retriever

  72. Central Hub

    Central Hub15 days ago

    Love Koda

  73. Eve Billington

    Eve Billington15 days ago

    hey there's a question i would like to ask for your next Q&A whats does TmarTn2 mean i love your vids btw ❤❤❤❤

  74. Ruby Turner

    Ruby Turner15 days ago

    you guys should try the 'woof washer'

  75. - RokiWolverine -

    - RokiWolverine -15 days ago

    I remember watching this channel with my brother when I was younger. I don't think this was the exact channel we watched but anyway. Its good to know you guys are still posting

  76. King jellyjam

    King jellyjam15 days ago

    Fridge water is tap water the fridge connects to the water of the house the same as the sink

  77. SAM l

    SAM l15 days ago

    3 for 3 - well done!

  78. David potter

    David potter15 days ago

    It's better then drinking out of the toilet

  79. Bradley gaming

    Bradley gaming15 days ago

    Koda will drink till all the oceans are drained

  80. Ai Rine

    Ai Rine15 days ago

    Hey you a new video now

  81. Morgan Widdison

    Morgan Widdison15 days ago

    First 29 seconds Koda be like: SSssSkeeEeTcHed. Then he's like: FINALLY. SOMETHING I CAN ACTUALLY ENJOY.

  82. Sola-lalala

    Sola-lalala15 days ago

    Is that water moving? Oooh nooo, that would scare me..

  83. Linda NWFirefighter

    Linda NWFirefighter15 days ago

    Dogs drink mud puddle water why do they need filtered water? 😳🤔🙄

  84. Minigirl Girl

    Minigirl Girl16 days ago

    I love looking back from when coop and koda first met and look at them now! Hope koda gets better. Ps koda you get that water😂

  85. Malinda Hall

    Malinda Hall16 days ago


  86. isabella wierman

    isabella wierman16 days ago

    HI i love Cooper and Koda and Bella they make me smile.

  87. YADII ofc!!

    YADII ofc!!16 days ago


  88. Allison Scriboni

    Allison Scriboni16 days ago

    I bet this is Kodas favorite video

  89. robertstamer

    robertstamer16 days ago


  90. TheAlpha WolfShadow

    TheAlpha WolfShadow16 days ago

    Cooper: HEY MY DUCK!!!

  91. Rafaella Whittembury

    Rafaella Whittembury16 days ago

    Like for nwe pappy

  92. Brooke Gaynor

    Brooke Gaynor16 days ago

    Shout out plz

  93. Brooke Gaynor

    Brooke Gaynor16 days ago

    I'm back guy remember me plz

  94. Minecraft creations

    Minecraft creations16 days ago

    😍a polar bear

  95. Rayah Joyner

    Rayah Joyner16 days ago

    I have a pet Fountain for my cats.I love these videos

  96. Lauren Roberson

    Lauren Roberson16 days ago

    Plzzz make a lazykoda channel lol

  97. Slow Turtle

    Slow Turtle16 days ago

    A cheaper version of this is a big bowl.

  98. Comedy Dude

    Comedy Dude16 days ago

    Haha! Koda always seems to make ME thirsty as well- no idea why lol

  99. Matt Presley

    Matt Presley16 days ago

    Every time I see Bella I wonder if the loser that dropped her off randomly on someone’s porch is watching.

  100. Patsy Glass

    Patsy Glass16 days ago

    i love how koda just ran right to the fountain and was like i must finish it.

  101. Kristen Leblond

    Kristen Leblond16 days ago

    I have a pet fountain and I have to say that all my dogs love it. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. My Maine Coon still prefers to drink from a glass or the funning faucet. But, on occasion, he will drink from the pet fountain.

  102. Eric Hutson

    Eric Hutson16 days ago

    I know he’d love that keep it up guys hope you doing good Is there any plans to re-launch the Travel Channel once this mess is over I really enjoy those as well