(WARNING) RANDONAUTICA IS CREEPY - Cursed Object Found! Do NOT Play This App ALONE!!

WARNING Scareanoia and Randonautica are Creepy and Real! Do NOT Play These Apps ALONE!! On today's Adventures We Found A Cursed Object! This App is Scary, we've found Poltergeist, Creepers, Abandoned Houses, Etc....
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  1. Maximus Meridius

    Maximus Meridius13 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Alicia! Hope your day was great. Jody that van was super sketch. So was Mickey Mouse and that clown music box. Creepy! Love ya both!

  2. The Deaman

    The DeamanDay ago

    Happy belated birthday

  3. Mark Thompson

    Mark Thompson3 days ago

    Happy Belated Birthday sweet Pinky Pie!! Love you guys to pieces. 🐤🐴🐷🐮🐰🐭🐶🐔🐢🐦

  4. Tammy Capito

    Tammy Capito4 days ago

    Could be going off with the vibration of the car just saying Jody and Alicia ❤️❤️

  5. Tammy Capito

    Tammy Capito4 days ago

    Could be for a baby's grave or a young child's grave and the wind might have bloated over there I know it could have been a big wind that has done that you have put some flowers back on some of the graves love you guys you all are awesome people God bless each and every one of you all and stay safe ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Keith L Johnson Jr

    Keith L Johnson Jr4 days ago

    Any music box , if it is jared just a little will play. I have a lot ofusic boxes that do that. Love your videos. Keep up the awesome work!

  7. Chili Peppa

    Chili Peppa5 days ago

    Laura holtz. K. C. The chili 🌶️ peppa! Hi my beautiful homies. Jody and aleshia! Blessings always guys. Happy to see this video. Hope you both are being safe. And careful. With gods love and light. And mine. ☝️😘🤗✌️☮️👍🙌💯

  8. Brian Rivers

    Brian Rivers5 days ago

    pinkypie aka mrs. HTD needs a pov camera in the car

  9. Janice Torres

    Janice Torres5 days ago

    Happy Birthday Alicia

  10. Janice Torres

    Janice Torres5 days ago

    It sounds like the song is Bring In The Clowns

  11. Sarah Mayer

    Sarah Mayer6 days ago

    Happy late bday beautiful hope you had a beautiful night and my bday is on March 4 ❤️💛🧡❤️💛🧡

  12. Jennifer B #HTD4LIFE

    Jennifer B #HTD4LIFE6 days ago

    Absolutely loved this one Jody and Alicia you guys 👍👍 HTD4LIFE

  13. Toni Hawkins

    Toni Hawkins7 days ago

    You should get behind the van and follow them. 🤣 Also... You still didn't put your gloves on, just picked the clown up!

  14. Perri Roumbos

    Perri Roumbos7 days ago

    Your not so TOUGH now without your buddies joe ftom urban ghosts and OMARGOSHTV to back you up you WEAK PIECE OF SHIT.

  15. Miss Q

    Miss Q7 days ago

    The music is called. “ send in the clowns “

  16. poisson ivy4

    poisson ivy47 days ago

    It's a motion censored play box

  17. poisson ivy4

    poisson ivy47 days ago

    Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman alicia Mrs htd

  18. Becky Maney

    Becky Maney7 days ago

    i have a clock the stoped working so we took the batteries completely out and when my grandma died(she died in her bed) the clock started working again and it only chimes on the time she died....it still does 3yrs later.... we cant get rid of it bc we feel its our grandnother telling us shes with us

  19. Claire Skey

    Claire Skey6 days ago

    That's spooky yet not scary, I think you're right, I know spirits can attach themselves to items, not just places. RIP Grandma. 🇦🇺🤗❤

  20. SuperSneakyDevil

    SuperSneakyDevil7 days ago

    happy belated birthday missus htd

  21. Kenneth Millar

    Kenneth Millar7 days ago

    Hi Jose is your app going to be available through googleplay in the United Kingdom? Love your videos

  22. Hunting The Dead

    Hunting The Dead6 days ago

    I'm not sure, I'll know more when the developers put it out here first.

  23. Kenneth Millar

    Kenneth Millar7 days ago

    Hi Jodi is your app going to be available through googleplay in the United Kingdom?

  24. Vivetta Kisamore

    Vivetta Kisamore7 days ago

    Happy Birthday Pinkypie luv u guys

  25. Lee Hurley

    Lee Hurley8 days ago

    I was going to tell you to give The clown to Omar. Happy Birthday Alicia.

  26. Roberta Hurley

    Roberta Hurley8 days ago

    oh yes put your blinker on and tell them were you are going that is someway to lose some one if h wants to follow you he can

  27. Roberta Hurley

    Roberta Hurley8 days ago

    you thinking you are being followed all the time is getting old and think everyone looks suspicious is really old if you have these feeling maybe you need to stop playing the game and seek some professional help that is a serious mental issue if you think every white van is following you and every looks suspicious

  28. Roberta Hurley

    Roberta Hurley8 days ago

    so what you have a white van that keeps getting behind you you guys are so paranoid you think ever white van, car that gets behind you is following you get over it that van did get over behind you because of the other lane being closed do to road work right oh after the road work you got over and so did the van maybe he did want to stay in that lane since it was a turn lane if they wanted to harm you they would have jump out at the traffic light and look suspicious they look like a bunch of men going to work or lunch

  29. Kathy Zahnow

    Kathy Zahnow8 days ago

    On the randonautica app I thought I heard let me out. I could be wrong.

  30. Carol Garrett

    Carol Garrett8 days ago

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    Zodiac Nation8 days ago

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  32. Angel B.

    Angel B.8 days ago

    Happy Belated Birthday to you... 🎂🎂🎉🎉✨✨

  33. Nathan Dowland

    Nathan Dowland8 days ago

    the clown was probably a gift to a child on their grave. put it back.

  34. Lianne Andrews

    Lianne Andrews8 days ago

    Awesome video you guys 👍💚👍

  35. Kelly Courtney

    Kelly Courtney8 days ago

    OMFG! That evil giggle from Necrophonic was insane! I have never ever heard that noise or sound all the times I've used that app. For me that gives the app a little more validity in my mind. I thought it was just preprogrammed sounds that spirits could manipulate but that giggle was outside the loaded sound bank for sure.

  36. fallen angel- Caroline

    fallen angel- Caroline8 days ago

    Send in the clowns where are the clowns dont worry they're here. Old song

  37. Kristi Riegel

    Kristi Riegel9 days ago

    Happy Birthday Ms.HTD

  38. CT Ranger

    CT Ranger9 days ago

    the only people who looks suspicious every video is you guys. you guys have become so paranoid.

  39. Cynthia Hawley

    Cynthia Hawley9 days ago

    The United Nations is the same color as the U.N. trucks and SUVs I have seen. We have seen stacked coffins by the hundreds in places all over the country.

  40. Teresa Francis

    Teresa Francis9 days ago

    Happy belated Birthday Alicia

  41. liz milne

    liz milne9 days ago

    Hi Jody and Alicia I hear music jody. in the woods wow a clown. the music send in the clowns that's so freaky. a happy birthday Alicia you have a good day on your birthday. micky mouse find. good explore jody Alicia. I heard a laugh the clown music box keeps going. they vaults are so creepy jody. and jody Alicia take care from scotland good video

  42. Funkoholic

    Funkoholic9 days ago

    Happy Birthday pretty lady.

  43. Debbie Bell

    Debbie Bell9 days ago

    The movement of the car is causing the music box mechanism to activate.

  44. Jeffrey Plummer

    Jeffrey Plummer9 days ago

    I keep hearing kid sounds. Maybe it’s a little kid attached to it.?.

  45. Sandra Smith

    Sandra Smith9 days ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Alicia!!!

  46. kathleen Griffiths

    kathleen Griffiths9 days ago

    Hi, I love your videos. Got some catching up to do though. I used to have one of them clown musical ornaments when i was a teenager. The smallest vibration can set it off. Maybe your car in motion is setting it off. Be safe and take care x

  47. Princess Consuela Bananahammock

    Princess Consuela Bananahammock9 days ago

    That musical clown could've belonged to someone buried there. Taking things from cemeteries is not cool, regardless of where it was. Also, I doubt it's "haunted" , any type of movement is going to make it go off.

  48. Alana Dawn Ibbitson

    Alana Dawn Ibbitson9 days ago

    Happy birthday Alicia

  49. Mickey Shepard

    Mickey Shepard9 days ago

    My name is Mickey lol 😝

  50. Electronic Medium - Life IS Paranormal

    Electronic Medium - Life IS Paranormal9 days ago

    I listen to you guys on the way to and from work. Every time your blinker turns on I think it’s mine, lol. Sending some Arizona love ❤️

  51. Adam James

    Adam James9 days ago

    Hey just an idea rather than using an intent how about thinking of something specific like an object or a toy from when you was a child that's not sold anymore see if the app will take you to something like that, could be an interesting video because you ask is that what your meant to find we don't no so maybe if you have some sort of idea what you'd like to find at these locations with these intentions maybe visual something you'd like to find because then you'd get a pretty good idea if that's what you was looking for

  52. Christian Morgan

    Christian Morgan9 days ago

    Happy birthday, Pinky pie.

  53. Marie Nihlman

    Marie Nihlman9 days ago

    Love from me Marei

  54. Trudie Murdoch

    Trudie Murdoch10 days ago

    Happy birthday to you pinky.

  55. Down2Earth Paranormal

    Down2Earth Paranormal10 days ago

    those cameras r cool like a game in a car

  56. Down2Earth Paranormal

    Down2Earth Paranormal10 days ago

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  57. Down2Earth Paranormal

    Down2Earth Paranormal10 days ago

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  58. Down2Earth Paranormal

    Down2Earth Paranormal10 days ago

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  59. Down2Earth Paranormal

    Down2Earth Paranormal10 days ago

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    Down2Earth Paranormal10 days ago

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  61. Jessica A

    Jessica A10 days ago

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  62. Down2Earth Paranormal

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  65. Denise Longtine

    Denise Longtine10 days ago

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  66. surita koen

    surita koen10 days ago

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  67. Decayed Nation

    Decayed Nation10 days ago

    If Omar dose not want the haunted clown music box, i will take it off your hands 🤍🤍🤍👻😱 Send it too Timothy McCafferty Erie, Pa 505 w 10th 16507

  68. Devil Hunter Radio

    Devil Hunter Radio10 days ago

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  69. Decayed Nation

    Decayed Nation10 days ago

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  70. Angela Bunch

    Angela Bunch10 days ago

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  71. helen mcsparron

    helen mcsparron10 days ago

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    Michael Cambaliza10 days ago

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  73. Michael Cambaliza

    Michael Cambaliza10 days ago

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  74. Steven bishop

    Steven bishop10 days ago

    The box is communicating through the spirit box you have stop clowning around I am laughing on that

  75. Steven bishop

    Steven bishop10 days ago

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  76. Steven bishop

    Steven bishop10 days ago

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  77. Steven bishop

    Steven bishop10 days ago

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  78. ZombieGirl Fanter

    ZombieGirl Fanter10 days ago

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    Steven bishop10 days ago

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    Vanessa Hiscock10 days ago

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    The Little Green Ball10 days ago

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  100. The Little Green Ball

    The Little Green Ball10 days ago

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