Carrie suspects her daughter was molested by Tommy who is married to her mother Annette. The family has been torn apart because of this accusation. But Carrie says her nightmare has gotten worse because her 2 year old twins have been acting out the same way and Tommy is being accused of molestation once more!
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  1. Funny Videos by Taliea

    Funny Videos by Taliea14 hours ago

    Just because the mom was never touched ,, there is atleast a possible chance atleast 1 kid or all is gonna be sexual abused like it’s a chance there’s mad sick ppl ,, and parents always think there lying when kids don’t rlly lie for serious things like dat 😐‼️

  2. Rachel E

    Rachel EDay ago

    For some reason, i knew it. I knew he did it.

  3. Charlie Gerald jr

    Charlie Gerald jrDay ago

    This made me 😢

  4. Kittie Jones

    Kittie Jones2 days ago

    Update update update

  5. Nichelle Walker

    Nichelle Walker2 days ago

    Just sound so ghetto saying going to have some drinks that’s why the kids are in danger in the first place and her having a girlfriend kinda scary your son and daughter being touched no dad and y’all messing around drinking etc way too go

  6. hollyobaby

    hollyobaby2 days ago

    Props to the daughter to taking her mother. It’s gotta be hard to believe for some people’s souls but I think she learned everything she needs to. His ass is probably in the wind.

  7. hollyobaby

    hollyobaby2 days ago

    She whoop those glasses right off his nasty face.

  8. hollyobaby

    hollyobaby2 days ago

    Tommy will burn in hell

  9. Canela Medina

    Canela Medina2 days ago

    I wouldn't like hem that child if I was her daughter I would not. Like hem to because he is a child and a predator so. But and I like your videos steve

  10. Canela Medina

    Canela Medina2 days ago

    Your the best youtuber I watch you every day I'm 8

  11. Manifesting Leo Goddess

    Manifesting Leo Goddess2 days ago

    That was Ted Bundy not Jeffrey. Ted was the one that was in law school and volunteered for a Republican party. Ted was said to be charming and a very likeable guy. Unfortunately, on his off time he enjoyed brutally murdering young women that resembled his ex that dumped him in college.

  12. Shakes

    Shakes3 days ago

    I teach the boy how to take the rubbish out..... Wot a hero...wot a divvy! The old girl stop squeezin tears out fast!

  13. doxiiee

    doxiiee3 days ago

    It's always the old men going after the young kids-

  14. Miss_Candace_ 1229

    Miss_Candace_ 12293 days ago

    Thats the same for the mother too though, she thought something happened with her first daughter but sent her back and then her twins. She should have never trusted it again and if she didn't this would not have happened. You gotta be more careful where u send ur kids. Always go with your first instinct, it's called that for a reason.

  15. Trey Hearon

    Trey Hearon3 days ago

    He is a even more sick individual for swearing to God that he didn't touch them when he failed the lie detector test for touching his own grandchildren!

  16. Alice Aniston

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  17. Frank Mancha

    Frank Mancha4 days ago

    Wait a min. Paused the vid.. The baby said grandpa. she maybe was crying for him bc she was hurt not bc he hurt her ?

  18. Omega Glitch

    Omega Glitch4 days ago

    Lives ruined over a polygraph. Insane world.

  19. Oceania TheCreator

    Oceania TheCreator4 days ago

    The mom didnt look surprised

  20. Kieran -

    Kieran -4 days ago

    is it me or does this guy sound like Big Smoke from GTA Sanadreas xD

  21. Amanda woods

    Amanda woods4 days ago

    I have a gift and I can tell when the mfs lying. You can tell if Steve reads the results after each question there lying. If he reads them at the end then there not lying. Also if it’s a group of people taking the test. He reads it from the person who’s telling the truth then he reads the liars last

  22. kayla Brown

    kayla Brown4 days ago

    Wow you ruined them babies they are soooo traumatized I pray that they get counciling

  23. Jade Wolff

    Jade Wolff5 days ago

    The way the mom reacted about the boy kinda makes me feel like she knew.

  24. Optimus

    Optimus5 days ago

    He's not even mad so that proves that he did it bc any accusation against you of this magnitude would make anyone mad as hell if they were to be accused of molesting kids but he's not upset at all w/his Roger looking as from What's Happening. He's guilty af!

  25. Bob mck

    Bob mck5 days ago

    Is founded a ward?

  26. Lataejah H.

    Lataejah H.5 days ago

    Whew idk how they weren’t beating his ass on that stage. Cause I could not

  27. Samantha P

    Samantha P5 days ago

    LOL you teach him how to “cut grass, clean, sweep, clean up?” Sorry to bust your bubble but that is not what makes a man. *A REAL MAN* - Overcomes adversity - Persists - Protects - Wise - Fair - Forgives - Teaches/Leads - Balanced - Selfless - Secure - Vigilant - Humble - Generous - Patient - Tempered - Courageous/Brave - Honest - Meek - Hold themselves accountable - Genuine - Honorable

  28. Wolvesgirl156

    Wolvesgirl1565 days ago

    If anyone EVER told me my babies were being abused this way by my spouse, I would call the cops and keep them away from the children until proven innocent.

  29. IamMarishka M

    IamMarishka M5 days ago

    The grandma didnt seem shocked by the results

  30. II STCK

    II STCK5 days ago

    not defend him but, lie detectors use the voice stress analysis method therfore if he was upset or hurt hy being accused it ouod drastically change his voivfe stress i know because my uncle wjd granddad were are police plus I've failed lie detectors for being to excited etc

  31. BabySharksCantFly I Tried

    BabySharksCantFly I Tried5 days ago

    Booboo us weirdos don’t claim him don’t give him our title🙄

  32. The Comedian

    The Comedian6 days ago

    Manager : hey I know it's your day off but I'm here by myself. Do you think you could come in and help me out? Me 7:57 8:05

  33. Big Breezy

    Big Breezy6 days ago

    the mom probably fucking knew

  34. jam man

    jam man6 days ago

    Yoooo the comments

  35. Karen Tucker

    Karen Tucker6 days ago


  36. DD Bears36

    DD Bears366 days ago

    That grandma is a loser

  37. Justin Dobbs

    Justin Dobbs6 days ago

    I love th security guard wearing the face shield lol

  38. Vee Bee

    Vee Bee6 days ago

    Sis slapped the glasses OFF his face! Loved @ 8:18 How she smiled and told him, " Ya goin to JAIL" 😂😂😂 He deserves to be put UNDER the jail hopefully they got justice and he got the time he deserves!💯


    KAIIYUU6 days ago

    the mother was crying cus what he did she crying because she was wrong asf

  40. Trill Fly

    Trill Fly7 days ago

    While I love the SW show, I often wonder how many people’s lives have been ruined by the inaccuracy of lie detector tests? The reason why lie detector tests are inadmissible in court is bc results can mean so many things and are actually unreliable in detecting actual lies. What if this man was telling the truth about this situation but he was thinking about another situation he was found guilty of in the past? He’d fail the test! I’m not so quick to celebrate when it’s not without a shadow of doubt.

  41. Thabo Ngwepe

    Thabo Ngwepe7 days ago

    For some are already turned aside after Satan. 1Timothy 5:15

  42. Brenda Shelton

    Brenda Shelton7 days ago

    This is absolutely disgusting and that woman knows what she is married too but doesn't care as long as it doesn't interrupt her pathetic relationship!!! I hate this shit!!!

  43. Guiness World Records

    Guiness World Records7 days ago

    Steve Wilkos has a beautiful face

  44. Tiffany Alexander

    Tiffany Alexander7 days ago

    Mom looks like Deb Anty

  45. China Jackson

    China Jackson7 days ago

    Jail Jail put him in main population 😋😝let the inmates have him! 🙏🙏🙏

  46. Shannon

    Shannon7 days ago

    I nm dont like how the daughter said it was unfounded with the 1st.child so I had no choice but to let my continue to watch them with him , Wrong! If I ever thought anyone touched my child last thing I'd ever do is send them back !

  47. ThePerfect Complex

    ThePerfect Complex8 days ago

    These women be so happy to have a man they’ll sacrifice their own children and grandchildren just to have a man.

  48. Star Star

    Star Star6 days ago

    So sad

  49. Lynnette Dixon

    Lynnette Dixon8 days ago

    That damn grandmother put those kids in bed in between her & her nasty mouth looking husband 🤷🏽‍♀️😱 Now that’s some inappropriate 💩to do PERIOD!!! That grandmother is messy as hell😡😡😡😡😡. I hate these type of parents against their grands believing their damn nasty ass husband 🤷🏽‍♀️😡😡😡😡😡

  50. Zephyr Shadow

    Zephyr Shadow8 days ago

    8:15 she was moving the stage someone shoudl get that nailed down

  51. Izzy King

    Izzy King8 days ago

    Y was she so happy 🤕💀

  52. YungRichKid Gaming

    YungRichKid Gaming8 days ago

    I can never understand a woman choosing a man over their kids or in this case grandkids smh

  53. Numba1 Heathen

    Numba1 Heathen8 days ago

    Where Chris Hansen at?!?

  54. Venita Strong

    Venita Strong8 days ago


  55. every woman

    every woman9 days ago

    are u really so slow u dont get that OF course the grandmom didnt know he was a predator just like the mom didnt b4 hand. No one knows b4 - if that were the case No one would be abused

  56. Allison Lara

    Allison Lara9 days ago

    That big nasty man an I have some words for gramma don't swear for man only God knows what in a man heart u should wait for the results before u swear for your man he surpose to protect those little babies

  57. Shaniqua Noble

    Shaniqua Noble9 days ago

    Mom said it right freaking WEIRDO ewl

  58. Marie Charles

    Marie Charles9 days ago

    It ain't that much love in the world when ur picking a wolf in sheep's clothing over ur own blood ,,,helllllllllll fkn no Huge redflag....

  59. Gwendolyn Collins

    Gwendolyn Collins9 days ago

    Weird how she focused on having drinks oppose to getting justicr for the baby. She asshole backwards too

  60. Julio ramirez

    Julio ramirez9 days ago

    You guys know those test arent always accurate

  61. Molly Sito

    Molly Sito9 days ago

    What's wrong with this men molesting the children I don't know what's going on through their mind

  62. Jagkid777

    Jagkid7779 days ago

    "Lets go have some drinks" Probably not a normal reaction to what was revealed. Q

  63. Queenfearless

    Queenfearless9 days ago

    Sorry ma,watcha not gonna do is bring those musty men around my kids. U maybe my mom....but hell will break loose real quick in the house.

  64. CY N

    CY N9 days ago

    She looks like Deb from LHH🤣

  65. Miareager t

    Miareager t9 days ago

    “So you going home with him? 😂”


    SUPREME9 days ago

    That whole family is perverted and twisted

  67. tuesdayschild007

    tuesdayschild0079 days ago

    Creepy Granuncle in real life

  68. Marlene Trujillo

    Marlene Trujillo9 days ago

    Yeah having drinks will help smh

  69. lonely Ghost

    lonely Ghost9 days ago

    That grandmother was more annoyed with her daughter being gay than a predator. Priorities are all.mixed up lady, get your head sorted.

  70. Kayla Birdsong

    Kayla Birdsong9 days ago

    So did he pass the lie detector test the police gave him bc wtf?

  71. Monique Catalina

    Monique Catalina9 days ago

    Gotta do update

  72. Book Bag

    Book Bag9 days ago

    Lie detector tests are not 100% accurate so......

  73. TheRenard10

    TheRenard109 days ago

    Families suffer through abuse and molestation of any child. My prayers for this family 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  74. undertakerz fanz

    undertakerz fanz9 days ago

    He looks like Raj from What's Happening

  75. TheRenard10

    TheRenard109 days ago

    Let this be a warning to all families that you must watch whom you have in your homes. If a guy does something sexual to any child once, he'll do it again 😟

  76. Dwayne jackson

    Dwayne jackson9 days ago

    Did that chick jus say they gone go have some drinks after what she jus found out smdh

  77. lexe smith

    lexe smith9 days ago

    He’s a creep

  78. Catrina Rollins

    Catrina Rollins9 days ago

    Prisoners waiting on him. Kids & old ppl is a Nooooooo...........Noooooo.............

  79. Chris Mazelle

    Chris Mazelle9 days ago

    yall need to stop sayin “I swear to G*d” when yall know yall lying

  80. Sky Wallpaper

    Sky Wallpaper7 days ago

    You’re right 🤦‍♀️😑 they want to look innocent.

  81. Jimmy Brown

    Jimmy Brown9 days ago

    The grammar is so bad it's hard to even watch

  82. Terri Green

    Terri Green9 days ago

    When he first got accused and was locked up those fake cops have no business sending him back home without the truth the real results the wife stupid as hell why did it have to wait until he touched his step grandchildren for her to wake up and see his true colors

  83. CarrieNicholas xo

    CarrieNicholas xo10 days ago

    Honestly, think the mom did very well. She knew. I hope that man rots in prison

  84. Wubs

    Wubs10 days ago

    Predators deserve nothing less than a bullet to the head but that’s just my opinion

  85. jage

    jage10 days ago

    Mama knew. She just never wanted to know the truth. Take it from one who had the sad experience. My mom held her anger her whole life. Both gone both said they sorry. I already forgave so I can move on. The abuse stops with me.

  86. Tamia P

    Tamia P10 days ago

    Anybody named Tommy, Kirk, or Patrick can’t be trusted smh

  87. Shanny Rolle

    Shanny Rolle10 days ago

    How can you swear to God and you're lying.....🤨🤨🤨

  88. Bmore Pretty

    Bmore Pretty10 days ago

    He looks like the pervert, Mr Omar from "Everybody hates Chris"


    SHANNA GLYNN9 days ago


  90. dallas thomas

    dallas thomas10 days ago

    It’s so weird not hearing the audience clap

  91. Jasmine Smith

    Jasmine Smith10 days ago

    Istg I was eating when he said the results and when it came back he lied I almost threw tf up literally🤢🤢

  92. Fly Eagles Fly!

    Fly Eagles Fly!10 days ago

    She's not sad that her grandchild got touched she is sad because she can't be with him anymore

  93. Jamie Everett Askew

    Jamie Everett Askew10 days ago

    He failed for molesting his two grandchildren.

  94. Jvvg Sghhy

    Jvvg Sghhy10 days ago

    It shows like this I wonder if they're fake like obviously Jerry Springer's fake but this show I don't know anybody who would willingly make themselves out to be a pedophile so I think it has to be real right??.. but people will do anything for money

  95. Tara Hill

    Tara Hill10 days ago

    He's a lie as his lips are dry

  96. Tara Hill

    Tara Hill10 days ago

    If my child ever told me that there's no way she would've been back over there ...swept it under the rug wtf

  97. Damonia Berrian

    Damonia Berrian10 days ago

    The grandmother is trash. I could tell before any results were read simply because she stuck up for this man, not worried about her grandchildren’s wellbeing. Her whole demeanor in the interview was off. Idk but the women who get with predators always have that same mentality of desperation and denial.

  98. Moon Baby

    Moon Baby10 days ago

    The mom needs to go to jail Too

  99. TaMya McIntyre

    TaMya McIntyre10 days ago

    His face ashy as hell 😭😭

  100. Julie Inhester

    Julie Inhester10 days ago

    Speaking from experience ... always the ones closest 😡😡

  101. Mia Mia

    Mia Mia10 days ago

    Bet she will still stay/lay with him

  102. Saya Ebony

    Saya Ebony10 days ago

    i miss the audience

  103. Kae Rose

    Kae Rose10 days ago

    Is it possible for the lie detector test to be inaccurate?!

  104. Johnathan Patrick

    Johnathan Patrick10 days ago

    Kae Rose Yes it's possible. I think the tests Dan uses are 95% - 99% accurate, so there's room for error. Accuracy could be and usually is even lower than that range dependent upon the test and/or examiner or other factors. But in this case, a half pass and a half fail...if the test was inaccurate, that would have meant Carrie's young twins weren't molested but the older daughter was (Tommy passed that part). His goose is still cooked.

  105. Saya Ebony

    Saya Ebony10 days ago

    I would like to know that too (wondering emoji, im on pc so ye)