Michael Jai White, Who Worked with Tyler Perry, Breaks Down Why He's a Billionaire (Part 29)

In the latest clip, Michael Jai White described working with Tyler Perry after appearing in two of his films and six seasons of "For Better or Worse." White stated that Perry's greatest skill is being a "builder" and referred to him as the hardest working person he's ever met. During the clip, DJ Vlad breaks down Tyler Perry's wealth and refers to the media mogul as an inspiration.


  1. Love33

    Love3324 days ago

    Hater: I wouldn't trade places with him. No way in hell I would work that hard. Everybody: That's why you not a billionaire.

  2. Xman

    XmanMonth ago

    Interesting that Vlad isn't admiring Tyler Perry's work, he's admiring Tyler Perry's bank account.

  3. Jalyn Rouland

    Jalyn RoulandMonth ago

    By the help of Oprah to don't forget that a billionaire herself

  4. Jan Miller

    Jan MillerMonth ago

    Mark 8:36 When we leave this life we cannot carry anything! I feel sad for the interviewer. So impressed by material things. Really SAD!! One day we will stand before God! The bible says it is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgement!

  5. Dshonda Copeland

    Dshonda CopelandMonth ago

    Well damn if I knew the video was strictly about Tyler Perry and not on the ALSO TALENTED Michael Jai White I wouldn't have watched it 🤷🏾‍♀...🗑

  6. IB HE

    IB HEMonth ago

    Why did this video feel like he was fishing for information instead of an interview? Something about this seems fishy.🧐

  7. KK Daze

    KK DazeMonth ago

    You can tell Michael jai is not interested with all the money worship, he's more grounded. Grow up Vlad

  8. Prince Hallel

    Prince HallelMonth ago

    Tyler Perry, the first black man VLAD positively spoke about without mentioning 2 things: 1. His criminal history 2. "Oh yeah, I know Tyler, he's a good friend of mines. He and I have the same friend who is a real street OG." 🙄

  9. Nice Shot

    Nice ShotMonth ago

    Thanks to Oprah.

  10. Lucien Augustin

    Lucien AugustinMonth ago

    Im a fan of Tyler Perrys accomplishments but not really a fan of his movies. He writes, directs, produces and even edits his own films which to me is a ehhh no no. Remember his last movie "Fall From Grace" on Netfilx? That was horrible. So many mistakes, wardrobe fails ect. He still kept them in the film.

  11. CashFlowTy

    CashFlowTyMonth ago

    the landing strip everyone keep talking about is for a toy plane. i live around the corner from his property in douglasville, ga. he is building a massive mansion on the land that you can see from 3 diff cities, depending on which route you take (douglasville, lithia springs, atlanta). there is already a property on the 1100 acres he build back in 2013 which the landing strip is in front that property but again its for toy planes that are the size of a small car.

  12. Emmanuel Enyinwa

    Emmanuel EnyinwaMonth ago

    "He wore a dress..." He didn't "wear" a dress. He LIVED in it.

  13. Tee Woo

    Tee WooMonth ago

    Vlad talks to much. This ain't no interview what was the purpose of this interview. Really!!!!

  14. Donovan Holmes

    Donovan HolmesMonth ago

    Glad really does worships money lol.

  15. Conqueror

    ConquerorMonth ago

    Moral of the story, own your work. If rappers stop depending on record companies and own thier masters and publishing, more rappers would be billionaires. But doing so means you have to work your ass off.

  16. Dee M

    Dee MMonth ago

    Vlad your business nothing like Tyler Perry's in anyway ever; stop making yourself look stupid. You're lucky if you can reach Jerry Springer FOH LOL

  17. Lu Ra

    Lu RaMonth ago

    Reading alot of these comments puts me in the mind set of a bunch of crabs in a bucket. Our goal should be lift your fellow man up not pull down. Let's have the mind set to celebrate another's achievements. You could be the next billionaire. (Or crab out of the bucket). Life has your destiny.

  18. Young Reem

    Young ReemMonth ago

    He needs to reprise spawn

  19. Vick KnewZeus

    Vick KnewZeusMonth ago

    I want to be friends with Vlad, Michael Jai White, and Tyler Perry.

  20. come see me

    come see meMonth ago

    Vlad lowkey tryna get at grant by mentioning those stocks

  21. Stacey Doe

    Stacey DoeMonth ago

    VLAD is such a racist exploiter of black culture. I know so many folks that can't stand the guy. He's no good!

  22. Tristyy

    TristyyMonth ago

    He’s a billionaire cause he doesn’t pay anybody else 🤷🏾‍♂️

  23. Selfish Stockton

    Selfish StocktonMonth ago

    Vlad, you’re nowhere near the level of being on Tyler Perry’s level 😂😂😂

  24. Emilio Maurice

    Emilio MauriceMonth ago

    @Tyler Perry I think Vlad is jealous.

  25. Jerel Boza

    Jerel BozaMonth ago

    Honestly I don't like Tyler but gotta respect the hustle.

  26. brian Skillz

    brian SkillzMonth ago

    Michael jai white waiting to see if hes baiting him to diss Tyler perry

  27. Elsie Rose

    Elsie RoseMonth ago


  28. mathiso01

    mathiso01Month ago

    Damn, I thought racism had black men by the throat. I hear we were all oppressed and scared of the police. I hear black men need to protest more than build because of capitalism. What's going on here?

  29. Dejuan Martin

    Dejuan MartinMonth ago

    Vlad don't forget your a culture vulture some of your audience can't afford stock let alone have any idea on how to obtain it, stop mentioning it like you're dropping knowledge

  30. Emilio Maurice

    Emilio MauriceMonth ago

    Dejuan Martin by looking at MJW facial expression I could tell he was very annoyed by Vlad asking him stupid and trolling questions. Honestly I see MJW on Joe Rogan's podcast over Vlad any day.

  31. MoneyBoy YB

    MoneyBoy YBMonth ago

    Them plays used to be hilarious fr

  32. Ulysses Mcqueen

    Ulysses McqueenMonth ago

    You need to stop Glad! You are nothing like Tyler Perry!

  33. bobby cole

    bobby coleMonth ago

    It's well deserved with tyler!!! No need to explain any further

  34. jonz23m

    jonz23mMonth ago

    Vlad ain't making no content his guests are, big difference from actually writing movies.

  35. Mr. Chevy Mills

    Mr. Chevy MillsMonth ago

    " what we do is similar"? Vladimir don't ever fool yourself, you are not on Tyler Perry's level, or tax bracket. Tyler Perry was a self-made man with original content. All you ever do is leech off of people who are past their prime, or people who are on the "come-up". You never interview people in the prime of their career.

  36. Emilio Maurice

    Emilio MauriceMonth ago

    Mr. Chevy Mills it seems like Vlad is too cocky and full of himself.

  37. dee see

    dee seeMonth ago

    Hold up did Vlad just compare his self to Tyler Perry 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Marby The Great

    Marby The GreatMonth ago

    "He wore a wig and a dress" Vlad send shots

  39. Crystal Taylor

    Crystal TaylorMonth ago

    Who has the $$$$$...?

  40. mommawhit87

    mommawhit87Month ago

    Handsome man.

  41. Vermetrius White

    Vermetrius WhiteMonth ago

    Dont compare yourself to Tyler bro! Lol

  42. Raysaun Jones

    Raysaun JonesMonth ago

    "Michael jai white breaks down why Tyler Perry is a bi........" My ass thought it was gonna say "a bitch" or "a bisexual " 😂😅

  43. AlekiHaze

    AlekiHazeMonth ago

    Glad just interviewed himself right here.

  44. villanvar84

    villanvar84Month ago

    Vlad talks way too much for this to be an interview

  45. The one

    The oneMonth ago

    Somehow vlad makes this about himself from the start

  46. Jerome Clarke

    Jerome ClarkeMonth ago


  47. SuperPunch76

    SuperPunch76Month ago

    This is just part 29? Vlad bringing new meaning to “chopping it up” with someone, lol

  48. John Blaze

    John BlazeMonth ago


  49. David Diaz

    David DiazMonth ago

    Vlad loves pocket watchin'

  50. bkyungplaya

    bkyungplayaMonth ago

    vlad what you do is nowhere NEAR what tyler does..u still a little fish, humble yourself

  51. Haddy Smokes

    Haddy SmokesMonth ago

    Yeaa Vlad a Black man will humble yo ass and ya pockets

  52. Brown Royal

    Brown RoyalMonth ago

    Can someone please explain to me why Tyler is criticized so much for wearing a dress in a comedic role when Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, John Lequizamo, Milton Berle, Flip Wilson, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Robin Williams and many more did the same thing? Anyone? Bueller?

  53. Brown Royal

    Brown RoyalMonth ago


  54. Brown Royal

    Brown RoyalMonth ago

    @HOSTILE MGTOW It was a joke....

  55. Brown Royal

    Brown RoyalMonth ago

    @HOSTILE MGTOW I cant even respond anymore after you put those emoji's....

  56. Brown Royal

    Brown RoyalMonth ago

    @HOSTILE MGTOW Tyler is too busy to be walking around in dresses and heels for pleasure. Most who do that would not do it in private and for work. It would be either one. I think men who get off dressing up in women's clothing do it privately because there is a psychological need to do so. I am alluding to the fact that people think Tyler is gay so he is criticized more for it. Thats the difference.

  57. Brown Royal

    Brown RoyalMonth ago

    @HOSTILE MGTOW Not like Tyler has been criticized.

  58. Chiniwins Bastards

    Chiniwins BastardsMonth ago

    Talented guy. Oprah & Gayle's project.

  59. First Last

    First LastMonth ago

    When we are up to "part 29" , it's time to stop milking the interview and release the whole thing, lol. And a 3 minute snip, really? lol

  60. Alan J

    Alan JMonth ago

    Its called a helipad lol

  61. Lola Phillips

    Lola PhillipsMonth ago

    Tyler Perry is being blessed as he blessed others.

  62. Babe29doll

    Babe29dollMonth ago

    Vlad is money hungry

  63. chamber the gamer

    chamber the gamerMonth ago

    Tyler Perry lives right passed my work.. And yep.. There is a landing strip.. It's pretty cool..

  64. DjMadnassScrewed

    DjMadnassScrewedMonth ago

    Imagine meeting a guys last name white like hello Mr White wears Mr White I'm Mr White but ur black yeah and what's that got to do with anything in sorry I was expecting some one more familur good day sir

  65. DjMadnassScrewed

    DjMadnassScrewedMonth ago

    I wonder if Mr White Faught Chuck Norris who would win

  66. Derek Matthews

    Derek MatthewsMonth ago

    I knew his first few movies were low budget when I saw Shemar Moores wig in Diary of a Mad black woman 😂

  67. Ronald Chump

    Ronald ChumpMonth ago

    Vlad always pocket watching

  68. Doctre81

    Doctre81Month ago

    lmao why does Vlad always try to make everything about himself? No vlad you will never be a billionaire stop it lol

  69. Emilio Maurice

    Emilio MauriceMonth ago

    Doctre81 it seems to me like Vlad is jealous of Tyler Perry.

  70. Who Dat Nation

    Who Dat NationMonth ago

    "A woman shall not wear a man's garment, nor shall a man put on a woman's cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God." -Deuteronomy 22.:5

  71. cesar

    cesarMonth ago

    @Eric Wilson way different! Talk about twisting!

  72. cesar

    cesarMonth ago

    @James Mayden it still stands but you can't use grace to do the devil's work!

  73. cesar

    cesarMonth ago

    I'm glad someone recognize this! Amen!

  74. Shooga Sweet

    Shooga SweetMonth ago

    @Who Dat Nation what about for all have sinned and fall short of the glory. Or what about for he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. People like you are what's wrong with the christian church today. Judgmental towards people to make yourself feel significant...smh

  75. Tom storm

    Tom stormMonth ago

    I’m sure you breaks many messages in that book as well just as most Christians do. Pick and choose which scripture they want to quote as long as it doesn’t hit them and their lifestyle

  76. Norman Stansfield

    Norman StansfieldMonth ago

    Perry dressed up like a woman. L for life foh

  77. U Work 4 Me Now

    U Work 4 Me NowMonth ago

    Vlad has to be the worst interviewer

  78. Emilio Maurice

    Emilio MauriceMonth ago

    @U Work 4 Me Now I rather watch Joe Rogan than Vlad any day. At least Joe allows his guest talk instead of cutting them off and Joe isn't cocky and isn't self-absorbed like Vlad.

  79. U Work 4 Me Now

    U Work 4 Me NowMonth ago

    @Emilio Maurice like he's not even letting the man talk

  80. Emilio Maurice

    Emilio MauriceMonth ago

    U Work 4 Me Now you're actually right about that. Vlad ask too many stupid questions which annoys some of his guest. I can see Michael Jai facial expression that he was very annoyed by the questions Vlad was asking him. However, I'll pick Joe Rogan any day to do an interview MJW.

  81. Freedom Chance

    Freedom ChanceMonth ago

    Let the brother talk. He knows Tyler better than you. It amazes me how people are shocked, "Really!" when we talk about how hard Tyler works.

  82. Syed Ali

    Syed AliMonth ago

    Tk Kirkland “Me and Tyler got the same accountant”

  83. OneBoanerges

    OneBoanergesMonth ago

    Why do we listen to vlad? He is such a “black” culture vulture who’s emphasis is completely on money.

  84. Mikel Moon

    Mikel MoonMonth ago

    I don’t know about others, but I watch this type of content for the guests, whether it’s VladTV, Comedy Hype, All The Smoke, Sway In The Morning, or other channels.

  85. lentrell smith

    lentrell smithMonth ago

    thats all he care about is money

  86. Tokers Notes

    Tokers NotesMonth ago

    Mr. Run tell that said he is just like Tyler Perry.... lol if he don’t cut it out lol

  87. My Opinion So

    My Opinion SoMonth ago

    Glad “Pocket Watcher” TV

  88. Isa Shakur

    Isa ShakurMonth ago


  89. Isa Shakur

    Isa ShakurMonth ago

    😇He said he really repurposed (h)'is Shit out..God bless Vlad(tv)

  90. Isa Shakur

    Isa ShakurMonth ago


  91. BCizzle 123

    BCizzle 123Month ago

    Jae white literally didnt say ANYTHING

  92. Emilio Maurice

    Emilio MauriceMonth ago

    BCizzle from the look on MJW face it seems like he's getting tired of Vlad asking him stupid and annoying questions.

  93. Deji Adelekan

    Deji AdelekanMonth ago

    vlad just keeps interrupting and talking over his guests. He likes the sound of his own voice. Damn...

  94. DhowTo

    DhowToMonth ago

    Mr. Tyler Perry definitely amassed his wealth the right way!

  95. Yung-C-NO Rhodes

    Yung-C-NO RhodesMonth ago

    @Wale Akinsefunmi clown

  96. G C3

    G C3Month ago

    Glad you are not comparable to Tyler Parry. Tyler actually writes scripts, does character development, works on set with actors and so on. Glad you talk in behind a camera... what is your talent.. asking questions? Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  97. Wale Akinsefunmi

    Wale AkinsefunmiMonth ago

    @Yung-C-NO Rhodes Smfh....and TP did not steal any of that money, he made all his money from HARD WORK.... Now THAT is in the Bible....look it up!!!

  98. Yung-C-NO Rhodes

    Yung-C-NO RhodesMonth ago

    The wronq way clown this man is a cross dresser live in reality!! dont care abt his wealth the man is fraud not a man of god wat happen to the scriptures where it say a man should not pt on a women's garments nor should a women wear mens garments look it up

  99. STILL

    STILLMonth ago

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates✌️Non-Duality

  100. Ismail Abdul

    Ismail AbdulMonth ago

    I don't want millions and billions of dollars. Can't take none of it with you when leaving this existence

  101. Ismail Abdul

    Ismail AbdulMonth ago

    @r. jay26 Will you stop it. Just my opinions yo. It's all good. I never really gave no Fuks about money anyway. It comes and goes

  102. r. jay26

    r. jay26Month ago

    You sound like a defeated loser..... trying to get social points with other losers.... this was very inspirational I guess only a winner can see.

  103. cesar

    cesarMonth ago

    What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his sole.

  104. Much Love Gambine

    Much Love GambineMonth ago

    He’s a billionaire because he gets a 50 million dollar budget and make a 3 million dollar movie

  105. Robert James Jr

    Robert James JrMonth ago


  106. James Darling Jr

    James Darling JrMonth ago

    @Much Love Gambine Ownership in the business he's in is everything.

  107. Much Love Gambine

    Much Love GambineMonth ago

    @James Darling Jr if you wanna put it that way

  108. Dalton Hanley Jr

    Dalton Hanley JrMonth ago


  109. James Darling Jr

    James Darling JrMonth ago

    Wrong! Your math is backwards. He's a billionaire because he's smart and has ownership.

  110. 50levenhunnit

    50levenhunnitMonth ago

    "I gave Tyler Perry his first wig" -MJW

  111. Victor Steele

    Victor SteeleMonth ago

    "Work that hard" that's the magic.

  112. Cheryl Dugas

    Cheryl DugasMonth ago

    You're not interested in Michael Jai White you're interested in Tyler Perry why don't you get him to do

  113. Emilio Maurice

    Emilio MauriceMonth ago

    Cheryl Dugas it seems like Vlad is jealous of Tyler Perry.

  114. Larry Wyche

    Larry WycheMonth ago

    This should be titled vlad rant on tyler perry

  115. Antonio Olmedo

    Antonio OlmedoMonth ago


  116. brian rogers

    brian rogersMonth ago

    Vlad honesty happy about Tyler Perry success, you can hear it in his voice

  117. Emilio Maurice

    Emilio MauriceMonth ago

    brian rogers it seems like Michael Jai White is getting tired coming on Vlad's podcast. I honestly would like to see Joe Rogan interview Michael Jai White rather than weirdo Vlad.

  118. Titan 2020

    Titan 2020Month ago

    Vlad is putrid! Gets harder and harder to listen to his voice every interview. All he cares about is money and is so impressed with those who have it. F boy to the max!

  119. Emilio Maurice

    Emilio MauriceMonth ago

    Titan 2020 actually I've been watching and listening to Vlad very carefully lately and it seems like he's a instigator.

  120. Sharon Jo

    Sharon JoMonth ago


  121. Bean S

    Bean SMonth ago

    Let’s hear your numbers pocketwatcher Vlad.

  122. GeekX sir

    GeekX sirMonth ago

    Wow, this was the shortest interview I’ve ever heard. VLAD YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO LET THE PERSON YOU INTERVIEW TALK!

  123. Oscar Brog919

    Oscar Brog919Month ago

    Vlad pocket watching 👀

  124. b baxter

    b baxterMonth ago

    Glad wants a Tyler Perry interview...pay attention Mike

  125. SLIXQK Rowd

    SLIXQK RowdMonth ago

    You broke all that down but if you really think about it he is not a billionaire well he doesn't have a billion in cash thats stocks and assets take that away about 35 percent of that is cash but that's not just him that's slot of rich and wealthy people just saying

  126. Kel Gibson

    Kel GibsonMonth ago

    Vlad just ya typical everyday $$$ worshiper! Get $ but don’t worship that shhh! 😎 Shoutout to Tyler Perry tho🍾

  127. Vyshawn foreman

    Vyshawn foremanMonth ago

    Vlad stop talking...lol

  128. D M

    D MMonth ago

    The first couple tyler perry movies were great for what they were. He's got a formula, can't hate on the hustle if people are still buying

  129. Sean Trice

    Sean TriceMonth ago

    Why does Vlad do interviews? He never stops talking long enough for me to enjoy what his guest has to say.

  130. prince jones

    prince jonesDay ago


  131. Love33

    Love3324 days ago

    say that again

  132. D. J.

    D. J.Month ago

    Lol I was thinking the same

  133. Darrien Scott

    Darrien ScottMonth ago

    Godfrey are the best ones to me cause you cant talk over Godfrey.

  134. Gelo Negron

    Gelo NegronMonth ago

    His style is a conversation with guest, thats probably why. Some people do it better then others.

  135. Moshe X

    Moshe XMonth ago

    And Spike Lee hating on him & still begging to get his movies made

  136. Moshe X

    Moshe XMonth ago

    Tagz What I meant by my comment is he still has to beg people for finances to get his movies made. Then turns around and hates on Tyler Perry

  137. Tagz

    TagzMonth ago

    Spike just had a movie drop this year

  138. Terence Thomas

    Terence ThomasMonth ago

    Im not hating , but once you get to certain age range another man's money doesn't impress you !

  139. DatBoyNell1

    DatBoyNell1Month ago

    Right, Vlad worship money, to Vlad if u don't have as much as him, you're nothing to him. I heard him say on 1 interview that a guy was talking smack about him and Vlad said let me look up his network & then replied...awww this guy ain't $hit to me, he has no money

  140. madden Brown

    madden BrownMonth ago

    I wonder if I inbox him would he cash app me some money 🤷🤷🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ only one could dream 🙏💞🙏

  141. Rick Marshall

    Rick MarshallMonth ago

    Wake me up when VLAD stops talking 🤦‍♂️

  142. Helen Hamilton

    Helen HamiltonMonth ago

    Not going to happen.

  143. Plex Global

    Plex GlobalMonth ago


  144. winterbaby

    winterbabyMonth ago

    the Pandemic has Vlad stretching the hell outta these interviews 😂

  145. Love33

    Love3324 days ago


  146. SuperPunch76

    SuperPunch76Month ago


  147. richiepaidsotv

    richiepaidsotvMonth ago

    No what you and Tyler Perry do aren't on the same line Vladimir. Don't you dare compare your peasant USlikes channel to Tyler Perry's vast studio and terrific accomplishments.

  148. angique hines

    angique hinesMonth ago

    Need that stock help... Mike was at first like...where u going with this????