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  1. Bulba1x

    Bulba1x24 days ago

    I don’t like sour faze berry I used 12 oz all I taste is sour will a little bit of grape

  2. o shine

    o shineMonth ago


  3. dirt_baggg

    dirt_baggg2 months ago

    the music is just really in your face...

  4. Sebastian Xd

    Sebastian Xd2 months ago

    i was a month ago trying to get the hype sauce but then i got mad expensive with the shipping it would be 92 euro like 100$ maybe and then i ordered of a finnish website cuz i live in finland but they didnt have hype sauce so i bought the lemonade instead

  5. Redhurricane

    Redhurricane2 months ago

    I just got my first gfuel, I got hype sauce!

  6. ByZevol

    ByZevol2 months ago

    @Redhurricane okay thanks bro!

  7. Redhurricane

    Redhurricane2 months ago

    @ByZevol yeah but I can’t really compare it to other favors since hype sauce is the only one I had, but I would recommend it

  8. ByZevol

    ByZevol2 months ago

    Do you think it’s good?

  9. McFluffyoKirbs

    McFluffyoKirbs2 months ago

    cool vid but too loud music

  10. Lil Loogi

    Lil Loogi2 months ago

    Mate turn the rave music down

  11. Luis Vasquez

    Luis Vasquez3 months ago

    I just watched this video but I made a purchase of gfuel a couple days ago for black Friday buy one tub get one free. The 2 i chose were the nemesis tea being a die hard fan of resident evil and the next was guva. Im excited to get them now after watching this video. Its funny how they were back to back in your video as well.

  12. finn 123

    finn 1233 months ago

    We get it, we’re gonna be suprised..

  13. slyFi

    slyFi3 months ago

    Is French vanilla actually nice I’ve heard so many different opinions and Im lost.

  14. country candies

    country candies2 months ago

    If you get the vanilla coffee make sure you use milk instead of water

  15. tieuquy linthinh

    tieuquy linthinh3 months ago

    it up there for best choice try LOCO coffee MONSTER is better

  16. That lil Hunta

    That lil Hunta3 months ago

    What do u mix French vanilla with to make it good

  17. Ihazdapuncake :p

    Ihazdapuncake :p3 months ago


  18. Sam HS

    Sam HS3 months ago

    The music is so damn loud can barely hear you bud

  19. spiccyZ

    spiccyZMonth ago

    @Bubos :)

  20. Natalie Wagoner

    Natalie WagonerMonth ago

    How can you not here him

  21. Bubos

    BubosMonth ago

    @Brock Shrubb stop the cap

  22. Brock Shrubb

    Brock Shrubb2 months ago

    @spiccyZ stfu

  23. spiccyZ

    spiccyZ3 months ago

    stop the cap

  24. Justin Duane

    Justin Duane3 months ago

    Voice:😁 Music: Ali a intro bass booster

  25. Xxero Chronicles

    Xxero Chronicles3 months ago

    Is black on blackberry any good? In your review you seemed to praise it a lot. Personally I haven't understood the hype around hype sauce. It was the gfuel i was looking foward to the most but its actually my least dranken flavor. Its not the worst but its a hard reach for me. I like sweet and sour and i love raspberries and lemonade but it doesnt really peak my intreast when i drink it. You should also make a new review, id love to see an updated list since you seemed to say peach rings was good, and now with faze x, starfruit, a new gfuel coming tommorow and wumpa fruit id love to see your thoughts and opinions since wumpa fruit is my fav. I just ordered sonic and black on blackberry. Keep up the good work man!

  26. G/R Hadex

    G/R Hadex3 months ago

    Im buying my first gfuel now, Im thinking about the jev’s raging fish and watermelon. Does anyone have any suggestions

  27. Average Sensei

    Average Sensei3 months ago

    Pewdiepie or Lemonade don't get the raging fish or cotton candy they taste like peptobismol

  28. Sarkazym

    Sarkazym3 months ago

    i LIKE peach iced tea but ist meh... nemesis better?


    THE TRYHARD SCENARIO4 months ago

    I'm mostly vegan.. this doesn't look very vegan healthy

  30. peekol

    peekol4 months ago

    i need ur mic settings

  31. Shadez

    Shadez4 months ago

    I am probably going to get french vanilla iced coffee or guava

  32. Seth Hargis

    Seth Hargis4 months ago

    Don’t get French vanilla

  33. xuros

    xuros4 months ago

    really enjoyed the review but maybe cut back on the background music? Its really loud and distracting trying to listen to what you're saying.

  34. Khameleon269

    Khameleon2694 months ago

    I like pewdiepie better than hype sauce, its the first 2 flavors i tried! Still both are great!

  35. Sunnyくん

    Sunnyくん4 months ago

    My guy actually put a discord ping in the background made me check discord

  36. peter kalcounis

    peter kalcounis3 months ago


  37. Lionel Barnez

    Lionel Barnez4 months ago

    Battle Juice 🤘

  38. Marcus

    Marcus5 months ago

    Yo what’s up just watched your pink galaxy knife showcase on USlikes, and clicked on here for gfuel, madness.

  39. JoRtado

    JoRtado5 months ago

    my top 10 is a little weird since i haven’t had that many flavors.... 10.fruit punch 9.tropical rain 8. green apple 7.ragin’ gummy fish 6. faze berry 5.sour blue chug rug 4. blue ice 3. peach rings 2. hype sauce 1. pewdiepie

  40. Огњен Добрић

    Огњен Добрић5 months ago

    I was thinking of getting ragin gummy fish or the bahama mama. Wich one do u suggest

  41. H Walker

    H Walker5 months ago

    I mean I never had those flavours before but on almost every review I’ve seen they don’t like the gummy fish one so I would go Bahama mama

  42. tmorell3

    tmorell35 months ago

    Many are in work

  43. jakob kastepõld

    jakob kastepõld5 months ago

    ay guys i need your help. i play alot rust cs and stuff. what is the best flavor to go with. i have the exact money for 1 tub of gfuel. i was finna get the hupe sauce and he said its the best too. just tell me whats ur favourite. thanks

  44. jakob kastepõld

    jakob kastepõld4 months ago

    @Brady M. thanks man

  45. Brady M.

    Brady M.4 months ago

    I got hype sauce and Chug rug. Now I am getting green apple or sour cherry, but that's my type. Tbh I live chug rug and hype sauce is good but nothing special. I'm not saying not to get it, but I prefer chug rug

  46. smdfire101 _

    smdfire101 _6 months ago

    It’s the RGB man

  47. Just Fire

    Just Fire6 months ago

    Hype sauce is such a meme name for something that is actually poggers

  48. Homer Drew

    Homer Drew6 months ago

    I can barely have 1 a day and he had like 3-4

  49. Justt Chris

    Justt Chris6 months ago

    For any of you in a rush 10.Bahama Mama 9.Fruit Punch 8.Pewdiepie 7.Sour Faze Berry 6.French Vannila 5.Peach Ice Tea 4.Nemesis Tea 3.Guava 2.Watermelon 1.Hype Sauce Your welcome!

  50. Iggy The dog

    Iggy The dogMonth ago

    @Landon Sandifer idk

  51. Landon Sandifer

    Landon SandiferMonth ago

    Where’s ragin gummyfish

  52. AtharvFN

    AtharvFNMonth ago

    we need more people like this

  53. tieuquy linthinh

    tieuquy linthinh3 months ago

    @HeyCbas for Vanilla coffe

  54. Iggy The dog

    Iggy The dog3 months ago

    I fucking love you

  55. Xxero Chronicles

    Xxero Chronicles6 months ago

    How is french vanilla and peach ice tea up there but no sour blue chug rug? I mean, peach ice tea isn't bad but theres so many more unique and better flavors

  56. Bot Envy

    Bot Envy6 months ago

    Where sour blue chug rug

  57. Arthotor

    Arthotor7 months ago

    Sick vid man helped me out alot! Think im gonna try sour fazeberry out!

  58. SAW 89

    SAW 897 months ago

    French vanilla taste like soap

  59. Mystic60Hz

    Mystic60Hz7 months ago

    I got sour chug rug for my first tub and it is bad in my opinion

  60. SkisFN

    SkisFN7 months ago

    how do i convince my parents to let me get gfuel?

  61. ali Abusini

    ali Abusini4 months ago

    Tell them it a healthy alternative to other energy drinks. Its also safe for kids if used properly. Its also hasent killed anyone😂

  62. Extranosense

    Extranosense5 months ago

    SkisFN bruh moment

  63. SkisFN

    SkisFN6 months ago

    Daniel Lissing she said yes but my dad said no bc “I’m too young to be drinking that crap”

  64. Daniel Lissing

    Daniel Lissing6 months ago

    Did she say yes

  65. SkisFN

    SkisFN7 months ago

    Alvxqッ k thx

  66. Christian Ravn Eriksen

    Christian Ravn Eriksen7 months ago

    What abt snow cone

  67. Theofficalorbit

    Theofficalorbit7 months ago

    I think im going to get Sour FaZe berry if my mom lets me 🥴

  68. Theofficalorbit

    Theofficalorbit5 months ago

    BG GAMES omg same

  69. Extranosense

    Extranosense5 months ago

    @ttv yvngchief your point?

  70. ttv yvngchief

    ttv yvngchief5 months ago

    Extranosense bc he’s a fortnite kid

  71. Extranosense

    Extranosense5 months ago

    Same anyone think it's worth it?

  72. Extranosense

    Extranosense5 months ago

    ttv yvngchief why u being so toxic

  73. Elliot

    Elliot7 months ago

    I watched this vid after getting my first ever gfuel. It was pewdiepie’s. I loved it so I’ll make sure to try sour fazeberry.

  74. Sleep Knightly

    Sleep KnightlyDay ago


  75. Tyler

    Tyler5 months ago

    Same. Got my first tub and decided to go with 'Tropical Rain'. Thinking about either Pewdiepie or Fazeberry next. I just don't know why I'd want Sour Fazeberry. Why would I want my drink to taste like a Warhead?

  76. S Z.

    S Z.6 months ago

    I recommend that you try it as a pack first, people have different taste, i spilled my fazeberry after two sips. So trying a packet first is much safer

  77. Nades FN

    Nades FN7 months ago

    Ayo what a legend im also picking up pewdiepie gfuel

  78. Eoghan Madigan

    Eoghan Madigan8 months ago

    Anyone know the music?

  79. Jack Brennan

    Jack Brennan8 months ago

    Who is watching this when Tiktok might get banned in the USA

  80. Огњен Добрић

    Огњен Добрић5 months ago

    Who's watching this when tiktok will actually get banned

  81. JinnChino The Noob King

    JinnChino The Noob King8 months ago

    Is sour blue chug rug good?

  82. Boqxx

    Boqxx7 months ago

    JinnChino The Noob King nah it tastes really artificial. Like it is hard to drink the whole thing

  83. dripy

    dripy8 months ago

    yep it's my favorite flavor sour blue rasberry not to sour but has enough sour ya know! it has it's own unique bluerasberry flavor it's good you should try it.

  84. Xoc_RemixX2 YT

    Xoc_RemixX2 YT8 months ago

    Love the setup

  85. Zpeedz

    Zpeedz8 months ago

    Wheres chug rug

  86. Mac Snow

    Mac Snow8 months ago

    I live in the uk and I love ragin gummy fish but I have to wait a long time for it to arrive

  87. Harold6782

    Harold67828 months ago

    hello i am thinking what flavor i should get i am a begginer

  88. Xxero Chronicles

    Xxero Chronicles6 months ago

    Honestly try a started pack though. I just about like every flavor ive tried(except dubmelon mint, its disgusting. My best friend and mom both thing the mint tastes horrid and not like a mint at all) but some people don't like gfuel in general cause they think it tastes like expired cough medicine, some people obviously love gfuel and others need to find their flavor. I would say try a normal flavor first for a first impression. Pink lemonade or peach ice tea which ever you like. Because those taste just like they say they do and will give you a good baseline if gfuel is for you or not

  89. Xxero Chronicles

    Xxero Chronicles6 months ago

    @Sortifyy nah green apple is amazing. Its my favorite flavor out of the 11 i have had so far(Swedish fish, green apple, pewdiepie, sour chug rug, tropical rain, grape, Blue Ice, Pink Lemonade, Tropical Rain, Peach Iced Tea, dubmelon mint, watermelon),i just ordered hype sauce

  90. Sortifyy

    Sortifyy8 months ago

    The peach ice tea is also alright

  91. Sortifyy

    Sortifyy8 months ago

    Get a starter pack. I don’t recommend green apple, I think it’s ass. Try hype sauce if u wish. It’s a good beginner flavour, watch the video 👍

  92. lasagna is just pie

    lasagna is just pie8 months ago

    The 1 dislike is the 9 year old who can't drink gfuel Cuz his mommy won't let him

  93. ROMAN

    ROMAN8 months ago


  94. Basil Ruys

    Basil Ruys8 months ago

    Good vid man! music isn't needed tho...

  95. Dreamz V5 2.0

    Dreamz V5 2.08 months ago

    that the classic billeh touch ouch me and lots of ppl come to love it

  96. B411INH45

    B411INH458 months ago

    How i love the ghost from destiny

  97. Divine Dragon

    Divine Dragon8 months ago

    Love Jurassic park 👌

  98. his sound of reason

    his sound of reason8 months ago

    You have a good setup and you make great videos. I wish you success.

  99. A90 Surge

    A90 Surge9 months ago

    Next flavor is either sour grape,nemisis tea,or sour faze berry

  100. randy

    randy9 months ago

    dont cuss bby also love the vid lav ya billeh

  101. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia9 months ago

    So next flavors i may get is either Hype Sauce, Type O, PewDiePie or Dubmelon mint? What’s y’all recommendations

  102. dylz

    dylz6 months ago

    @Xxero Chronicles snowcone is horrid don't buy

  103. Xxero Chronicles

    Xxero Chronicles7 months ago

    Im ordering dubmelon mint tommorow. Whats the point of getting flavors you can buy cheaper (lemonade, raspberry lemonade, ice tea, etc) when theres unique flavors out there to try(such as dubmelon mint, moonpie, snowcone, etc)

  104. endless

    endless8 months ago

    Hype Sauce and Pewdiepie are the best of them flavors

  105. A90 Surge

    A90 Surge9 months ago

    Type o

  106. Kash Gamez

    Kash Gamez9 months ago

    Hey billeh awesome vid! also have u shipped out the can yet😀

  107. TooBoredToComeUpWithAUsername

    TooBoredToComeUpWithAUsername9 months ago

    Bahama mama only NUMBER 10!!!!!??? Watermelon at NUMBER 2?!!! Come on Billeh boy hehehehehehe

  108. JHZ

    JHZ9 months ago

    watermelon is the best

  109. User 1234

    User 12349 months ago

    Where’s the chug rug at

  110. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n08 months ago

    That's what I was thinking

  111. RandomVendom

    RandomVendom9 months ago

    Bahama at top 10? Thats weird from you lmao

  112. Highball

    Highball9 months ago

    Great Vid

  113. Tyler Hoffman

    Tyler Hoffman9 months ago

    No Strawberry Banana😔 Great Vid Bill keep it up man!!!

  114. Burkeson

    Burkeson8 months ago

    He said only water flavors. Yes you can drink it with water but it’s not as good as it is with milk.

  115. Cyndi S

    Cyndi S9 months ago

    Love it!

  116. Eastonia

    Eastonia9 months ago

    Nice shirt Billeh! 👕🦖

  117. ThankyouRug 7654

    ThankyouRug 76549 months ago

    I honestly think hype sauce is so overrated

  118. Sharki

    SharkiMonth ago

    hype sauce is amazing idk what ur up to lol


    SPARTATARDMonth ago

    IMO I the best flavor is chug rug. Ive only had like 5 gfuel flavors tho lol

  120. Redhurricane

    Redhurricane2 months ago

    Hype sauce is good

  121. Faceless

    Faceless4 months ago

    It's really good without a doubt.

  122. Stilllwater

    Stilllwater5 months ago

    I don't know dude I think it kinda tastes exactly like Pez. Off-putting.

  123. Tone Chaser

    Tone Chaser9 months ago

    Love your reviews man and have the same taste buds !!! I have french vanilla on the way and was worried but this made me feel as ease. Along with hype sauce, so pumped ! Great review as always brother, and cya in stream !

  124. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n09 months ago

    Thank god, been waiting for this video for so long

  125. Awesome Artie

    Awesome Artie9 months ago

    My top 10: 10. Bahama mama 9. Strawberry shortcake 8. Rainbow sherbet 7. Ragin gummy fish 6. Blue ice 5. Fazeberry 4. Hype sauce 3. Watermelon 2. Peach iced tea 1. Pewdiepie

  126. xXxLANGOxXx

    xXxLANGOxXx9 months ago

    Great vid

  127. JHZ

    JHZ9 months ago

    Great vid

  128. Owen W

    Owen W9 months ago

    idk if u have done one but u need to do a setup tour like in depth u got some crazy shit in there man

  129. Owen W

    Owen W9 months ago

    NEVERMINDfound it

  130. Ulisses Perez

    Ulisses Perez9 months ago

    Great vid billeh! Keeping on the grind

  131. Brady MacDonald

    Brady MacDonald9 months ago

    I love pink lemonade!

  132. bucket hat boys

    bucket hat boys8 months ago


  133. Dreamz V5 2.0

    Dreamz V5 2.09 months ago


  134. scopezwrld

    scopezwrld9 months ago

    Yessss thank you so much billeh live the vids

  135. scopezwrld

    scopezwrld9 months ago

    CarNage V5 oh yeah sorry

  136. Dreamz V5 2.0

    Dreamz V5 2.09 months ago

    Love* you mean