RLCS X | North American Regional | Day 3

This new season represents the most fundamental changes to the RLCS since its inception in 2016. On top of a huge $4,500,000+ overall prize pool, the league is switching to an all-new, circuit-based format that's made to deliver even more of the heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled action that Rocket League Esports is known for.
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  1. Igara DJ Music

    Igara DJ MusicMonth ago

    *LEST GOO!!*

  2. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuMonth ago


  3. sayntsphan

    sayntsphanMonth ago

    We NEED some 1v1 in RLCS!!!

  4. sayntsphan

    sayntsphanMonth ago

    Literally it's just Johnnyboi and FeerRL carrying all the 1v1 weight on youtube

  5. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueMonth ago

    3:47:27 Wavepunk: RoGuE!!!!!

  6. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuMonth ago

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  7. Sem Emons

    Sem EmonsMonth ago

    3:58:55 me talking to the girl i have a crush on. 😂

  8. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiMonth ago


  9. Gojira Graphics

    Gojira GraphicsMonth ago

    Why does Turtle have lesbian hair?

  10. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueMonth ago

    Upper Bracket Semi: 3:30:42 Lower Bracket: For the spot to face Upper bracket Semi contender (Insanely good match!!) V1 (Version1) vs NRG: 4:26:00

  11. Noah Stimax

    Noah StimaxMonth ago

    Jknaps why?!!!!

  12. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiMonth ago

    3:47:27 Wavepunk: RoGuE!!!!!

  13. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiMonth ago

    This is on trending....

  14. Patty Yesh

    Patty YeshMonth ago

    I'm streaming live rocket league right now

  15. amatercsu

    amatercsuMonth ago

    I wish nrg beat envy I'm hella upset

  16. Dylan Howe

    Dylan HoweMonth ago

    "And here we have the teams Kronovi has been kicked off of." - Liefx 1:35:20 ... what a savage!

  17. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiMonth ago

    3:47:27 Wavepunk: RoGuE!!!!!

  18. Xtremium SSL

    Xtremium SSLMonth ago

    Who’s watching the other stream and saw Envy win

  19. Roflmau5

    Roflmau5Month ago

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  20. letszer

    letszerMonth ago

    Lowkey spoiler That nrg/V1 game was absolutely nuts, so close to an upset

  21. Johan Høybye

    Johan HøybyeMonth ago

    Thx for calling spoiler first

  22. James Burch

    James BurchMonth ago

    firstkiller and taroco were insane

  23. James Burch

    James BurchMonth ago

    i love RL i hope this game never dies

  24. mmarckiell

    mmarckiellMonth ago

    Beginning song plz

  25. Brian David Music

    Brian David MusicMonth ago

    Wow, fun watching Squishy pop off against eunited

  26. James Johnson

    James JohnsonMonth ago

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  28. Zorroborro

    ZorroborroMonth ago

    All the matches. You are welcome :) Upper Bracket presentation: 11:13 Lower Bracket presentation 11:59 Overall Bracket look: 21:40 First match: Rogue Vs V1 (Version1): 35:30 EUnited vs G2: 1:07:40 Lower Bracket matches (spoilers If you haven’t seen above games) Pioneers KC vs V1 (Version 1): 1:39:49 EUnited vs NRG: 2:37:22 Rogue vs G2: Upper Bracket Semi: 3:30:42 Lower Bracket: For the spot to face Upper bracket Semi contender (Insanely good match!!) V1 (Version1) vs NRG: 4:26:00

  29. Fun and Adventure

    Fun and AdventureMonth ago


  30. duceysanem

    duceysanemMonth ago

    This is on trending....

  31. GF1X

    GF1XMonth ago

    33:20 he says kronovi helped him and helped him grow but as soon as he joins the team he say he got one upgrade now need another (on about kicking kro) bruh

  32. GF1X

    GF1XMonth ago

    @James Burch ye and I feel sorry for kro hes a one of the a few players from day one still playing and to just yet him like that must suck

  33. James Burch

    James BurchMonth ago

    that was kinda savage like he should have at least had something better to say about kro

  34. Jonathan Handojo

    Jonathan HandojoMonth ago

    Is it just me or are their goals stronger than all my games by far? I can't even go over 75kph

  35. Austin Hwang

    Austin HwangMonth ago

    You gotta practice

  36. Airil Bazil Azamin

    Airil Bazil AzaminMonth ago

    3:47:27 Wavepunk: RoGuE!!!!!

  37. Ege

    EgeMonth ago

    i dont even play the game but damn this is great

  38. Reaper Krew

    Reaper KrewMonth ago

    Yay I get to watch the vod before they throttle the fuck out of the quality...because that's what we do nowadays

  39. Fun and Adventure

    Fun and AdventureMonth ago


  40. DeKu Musikk

    DeKu MusikkMonth ago

    I hope the person reading this had a nice day and will be successful in life

  41. Aaron Lehmus

    Aaron LehmusMonth ago


  42. PixL

    PixLMonth ago

    honestly sad to see my homeboys G2 and KCP get knocked out but tbh they were all very good games and day 3 was really entertaining

  43. KonekoPlayzz

    KonekoPlayzzMonth ago

    NRG is so overrated, I was really hoping EUnited won

  44. Sccrrambled

    SccrrambledMonth ago

    EUnited let go of a 2 win lead LOL

  45. Dylan Mackenzie

    Dylan MackenzieMonth ago

    Johnnyboi_i friggin' hilarious as always.

  46. Chill

    ChillMonth ago

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  47. Burrito CZ

    Burrito CZMonth ago


  48. Will Campbell

    Will CampbellMonth ago

    You can’t call it luck when they consistently beat these teams lol

  49. Заблокированный Канал

    Заблокированный КаналMonth ago


  50. Cupid

    CupidMonth ago

    Can someone please explain to me what’s going on? Is rlcs x over ? or is this a continuing of it

  51. duceysanem

    duceysanemMonth ago

    There are also 16 regionals, and 4 splits and the winners of each regional get a cash prize, and for the LAN or the live event happens later this year the winner will get a cash prize of 4m i think

  52. Jamal Jubeh

    Jamal JubehMonth ago

    Cupid, RLCS X is continuing and will go on for a long while. Basically if you want a summary, in RLCS they are looking for the best teams in NA/Europe, and those teams will compete for the final cup championship ^that video, is as I said, about finding out which teams are best in NA

  53. Mr. Pavalček

    Mr. PavalčekMonth ago

    Wow the best games ever

  54. Mr.screwy Gaming

    Mr.screwy GamingMonth ago

    G2 threw so hard it is mind blowing.

  55. YOIZZ

    YOIZZMonth ago

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  56. Vijayant Patel

    Vijayant PatelMonth ago

    Now I want squishy with gimmick and torment😋

  57. Chris S

    Chris SMonth ago

    G2 is too wild of a team

  58. Xzander Graves

    Xzander GravesMonth ago

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  59. Vijayant Patel

    Vijayant PatelMonth ago

    4:07:00 this was just insane

  60. Ashton Peacock

    Ashton PeacockMonth ago

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  61. Amar Alfar

    Amar AlfarMonth ago

    Preach brother.. G2 fans need jesus

  62. Kai Coates

    Kai CoatesMonth ago


  63. Ryzyn

    RyzynMonth ago


  64. Riel de bonk

    Riel de bonkMonth ago

    Jorby is the best Simpsons character

  65. Life In Color

    Life In ColorMonth ago

    1:27:08 top goal contender

  66. The Ultimate Player

    The Ultimate PlayerMonth ago

    the speed that he did that with was insane. didnt even slow down a bit to get that goal

  67. PixL

    PixLMonth ago

    no cap

  68. Zair

    ZairMonth ago

    Holy hell NRG that reverse sweep had me on the edge of my seat the entire series. Absolutely nuts and the whole reason I love rl so much

  69. darkyz

    darkyzMonth ago

    First song?

  70. G2 Fan

    G2 FanMonth ago

    Test me by slushii and Dion timmer:D

  71. Zane Isaacs

    Zane IsaacsMonth ago

    If you're looking for strictly gameplay: 35:30 Rogue vs Version1 1:07:30 EUnited vs G2 Esports 1:46:50 Version1 vs KC Pioneers (Starts at 4 minutes because of tech difficulties) 2:37:20 EUnited vs NRG 3:30:40 Rogue vs G2 Esports 4:26:00 Version1 vs NRG Also check out the RLCS b-stream for some other excellent games! --> www.twitch.tv/ugc

  72. RandomJapaneseGuy

    RandomJapaneseGuyMonth ago

    stop trapping ball instead of boom clear squishy

  73. RandomJapaneseGuy

    RandomJapaneseGuyMonth ago


  74. Salem Gatoulis

    Salem GatoulisMonth ago


  75. Cody Conn

    Cody ConnMonth ago

    big brain idea: play back speed 2x

  76. Felix Doge

    Felix DogeMonth ago

    Torment gets what he gets for breaking rule one

  77. SlickNoodles

    SlickNoodlesMonth ago

    Could someone please give me a fennec on PS4? I havent been able to get my hands on one yet and would like to see if I like it

  78. Music locate

    Music locateMonth ago

    Rl garage

  79. Arham Zayan

    Arham ZayanMonth ago

    @Gaara yeah

  80. Gaara

    GaaraMonth ago

    @Arham Zayan same hit box right?

  81. Arham Zayan

    Arham ZayanMonth ago

    Its literally an octane

  82. SunA

    SunAMonth ago

    I want to see eUNITED get a dub sometime they deserve one man best team NA!!!!

  83. AmericanOtter

    AmericanOtterMonth ago

    Wheres my guy at with the timestamps 😢

  84. Daniel

    DanielMonth ago

    No cap

  85. Allen Duffy

    Allen DuffyMonth ago

  86. Shotzz

    ShotzzMonth ago

    Imagine buying a game and ruining it rip my 600$ car

  87. Connor Mignault

    Connor MignaultMonth ago

    Can we see PK? Why are they constantly on the B stream throughout today during their amazing run??

  88. Spencer Nelson

    Spencer NelsonMonth ago


  89. The boi

    The boiMonth ago

    bruh jknaps

  90. James Burch

    James BurchMonth ago


  91. Omega Oof

    Omega OofMonth ago

    Today was absolutely insane.

  92. SunA

    SunAMonth ago

    Hell yeah man

  93. Vague

    VagueMonth ago

    man NRG is a beast of a team, no nerves even though they‘ve been so close to being knocked out TWICE

  94. MD12134MD

    MD12134MDMonth ago

    Damn it, just want to see G2 win one...

  95. Paul Link

    Paul LinkMonth ago

    @Life In Color damn I feel bad for you that was a heartbreaking loss 😔

  96. Life In Color

    Life In ColorMonth ago

    @Paul Link so true! I’m sweating watching G2 play PK rn 😅

  97. Paul Link

    Paul LinkMonth ago

    @Life In Color lol the pandemic is bad for everyone...rogue also has the best chances atthe time right now but lets just settle this and hope for a nice playoffs day :)

  98. Life In Color

    Life In ColorMonth ago

    @J. right 😂🤣 it’s not a competition lmao

  99. Life In Color

    Life In ColorMonth ago

    @Paul Link I see what you mean. But I been a fan of G2 since day 1 just the same. Imagine the one year we actually have the best chance of winning worlds...... but there’s a pandemic so worlds doesn’t even happen lol no need to get triggered bro

  100. dfocus

    dfocusMonth ago

    *RLCS SEASON X | North America Regional | Day 3* *Quarter Finals* Q1: 35:35 Rogue vs Version1 Q2: 1:07:45 eUnited vs G2 *Loser Round 3* L3.1: 1:46:59 Pioneers vs L of Q1 L3.2: 2:37:25 NRG vs L of Q2 *Semi-Finals* S1: 3:30:47 Q1 vs Q2 *Loser Round 4* L4.1: 4:26:05 L3.1 vs L3.2

  101. MansterBear

    MansterBearMonth ago

    How to watch rocket league: 1 Wait 1 day 2 Control+F 3 Type “dfocus” 4 Enjoy.

  102. Erin Hill

    Erin HillMonth ago

    I appreciate you

  103. blah ling

    blah lingMonth ago

    Thank you very much for not spoiling the matchups with the time-stamps

  104. jigar talaviya

    jigar talaviyaMonth ago

    Thanks dude.

  105. Josh Pizzey

    Josh PizzeyMonth ago

    Your a saviour especially with no spoilers!

  106. Stadtfeld

    StadtfeldMonth ago

    SSG... shouldn't have shit talked lol. Great job from Knights for taking the W away from them *and* Alpine. Sad to see my homestate boys KCP lose out but hey, V1 has proven to be pretty damn good this past week. GGs

  107. Vinnyy

    VinnyyMonth ago

    SSG didnt trashtalk, retals did and that was his own opinion. That too he was talking about EU, not NA. I don't understand why losing to PK is such a bad thing either lol, even G2 lost to them in the playoffs? Everyone seems happy to jump on the retals hating bandwagon for some reason. He has more than backed up all of his talk up to this point by winning the last major and we won't really know if he can back it up again till we see BDS vs SSG on the next LAN.

  108. James Burch

    James BurchMonth ago

    it sucks because i want to like arsenal and sypical but then retals just leaves such a bad taste

  109. jigar talaviya

    jigar talaviyaMonth ago

    Overconfidence is a mind killer.

  110. Omega Oof

    Omega OofMonth ago

    I’m glad retals got put in his place :D

  111. Bass Ventura

    Bass VenturaMonth ago

    They make this look so easy! It’s nuts how hard it is to do this stuff

  112. oranjelibertine

    oranjelibertineMonth ago

    I agree - I get so frustrated with this game I keep missing the ball 9 times out of 10.

  113. YA PA

    YA PAMonth ago

    You came from Epic Games ? Because my man, you're not at the end of suffering

  114. Bass Ventura

    Bass VenturaMonth ago

    Damn NRG Envy was so intense just now holy shit

  115. Kenneth Rys

    Kenneth RysMonth ago

    That's the definition of a pro.

  116. Sunny 730

    Sunny 730Month ago

    First game starts at 35:35 for anyone wondering

  117. Sunny 730

    Sunny 730Month ago


  118. yevad

    yevadMonth ago

  119. Spectrud

    SpectrudMonth ago


  120. -reazaki-

    -reazaki-Month ago


  121. Othmane Hassouna

    Othmane HassounaMonth ago


  122. nobody here

    nobody hereMonth ago

    Remember the other time when Retals trash talked EU (Dig S8 LAN)? I’m starting to see a pattern here

  123. Adam Levin

    Adam LevinMonth ago

    @J. I meant it helps prove the NA > EU that he said because it shows the depth of NA. But I agree that there is no way BDS aren’t the best team in the world right now

  124. Vinnyy

    VinnyyMonth ago

    @J. He won the last RLCS X Major my guy?

  125. nobody here

    nobody hereMonth ago

    @Adam Levin no it doesn’t lmao. His original point was that BDS weren’t the best team in the world because of the region they play. He’s implying that SSG are the best team in the world. By losing to 2 top 20 teams doesn’t help his situation

  126. No body

    No bodyMonth ago

    @Adam Levin ssg has been looking awful the funny thing they got reverse swept they thought it was over

  127. Adam Levin

    Adam LevinMonth ago

    He lost to an NA team so it kind of proves his point

  128. DRKS_Lucas

    DRKS_LucasMonth ago

    I love nrg bro

  129. TheRoadster1

    TheRoadster1Month ago

    @Omega Oof NRG has a pretty good record with Envy. G2 has many infield passing plays and NRG is struggling to score on teams like EU and V1. With the way G2 is playing and NRG is playing G2 would win that match before NRG can get to Envy or Rogue. So NRG needs to step up their game to beat G2. As an NRG fan NRG isn't looking good.

  130. Andrei Calinescu

    Andrei CalinescuMonth ago

    I love NRG too bros. But let's what they will do on the next matches. I hope that they will won.

  131. Omega Oof

    Omega OofMonth ago

    @TheRoadster1 they will also have to face against envy tho whose defense can match rouges offense I think. Rouge vs envy will be close imo

  132. TheRoadster1

    TheRoadster1Month ago

    @Omega Oof I think Rogue will probably win. They were able to dominate V1 who beat SSG and took NRG to Game 5 and 4-1'd G2 who were destroying who were slapping teams they played against. The second highest team that has a chance of beating Rogue is probably NRG cause of all that Momentum from winning 7 series in a row and beating G2 assuming (assuming they do make the lower bracket run and beat G2) but this is Rogue's best chance to win a regional.

  133. Omega Oof

    Omega OofMonth ago

    I really don’t think they are going to win. There is prob a 50/50 with ghost, as they lost to them before, and then they need to go against either knights or g2, which they will prob win, but then they will prob need to beat rouge through the lower bracket meaning a bracket reset so yea I don’t think they will win

  134. Omkar Tikar

    Omkar TikarMonth ago

    who's gonna play the next game?

  135. Joshua Murray

    Joshua MurrayMonth ago


  136. TheTechnoBucket

    TheTechnoBucketMonth ago


  137. RSB . PlayzGamez

    RSB . PlayzGamezMonth ago

    Wheres the chat lmao

  138. Rusty Shackleton

    Rusty ShackletonMonth ago


  139. duceysanem

    duceysanemMonth ago

    Twitch not here

  140. ELew22

    ELew22Month ago


  141. Kobe 2408

    Kobe 2408Month ago