Taylor Swift - Love Story (Taylor’s Version) [Official Lyric Video]

Official lyric video for “Love Story” (Taylor’s Version) - off her upcoming Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album. Pre-order the album here: taylor.lnk.to/fearlesstaylorsversion
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video). © 2021 Taylor Swift


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    100k Subscribe Without Any Videos Challenge47 minutes ago

    People watching this like - in bed - not in full screen - reading comments

  2. Bianca Kelly

    Bianca Kelly55 minutes ago

    Aq o comentário em português q vc estava procurando

  3. Edmund Nunong

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  4. Nabila Gulzar

    Nabila GulzarHour ago

    Taylor Swift voice only bring the positivity in my life❤️

  5. Dabo1287

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  6. Dabo1287

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  7. Dabo1287

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  8. Bola de nieve

    Bola de nieveHour ago

    SO SO SO GREAT OLD TIME 😢😢😢 and too sad to remenber it.

  9. Prince Indrajit Law / Laha

    Prince Indrajit Law / LahaHour ago


  10. Dabo1287

    Dabo1287Hour ago

    Keep being pricks... It's cool. ... ..i have eternity. .

  11. Aditi Singh

    Aditi SinghHour ago

    She never stops to supriseee us. Love ya Tay ❤❤

  12. Raji

    Raji2 hours ago

    Omg I am really crying 😭😭😭😭 Actually this was my first sing which I heard from Taylor swift I can’t stop crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Bola de nieve

    Bola de nieve21 minute ago

    I know my friend, you're not alone in this cuz it brick back old memories. 😫😫😥

  14. abbynady

    abbynady2 hours ago

    need more happy song like this

  15. Janavi K

    Janavi K2 hours ago

    Luv u!!

  16. Judy Schwartzkopf

    Judy Schwartzkopf2 hours ago

    I love you Taylor your so amazing you have helped me threw this life your parents are awesome for you love you girlie

  17. Sleepy Mimosa

    Sleepy Mimosa2 hours ago

    When it first came out...I remember running to see this song on TV everytime it played... It was the loveliest music video...🥺

  18. Ginger Snap

    Ginger Snap2 hours ago

    I want a re-recording of thug story hehe

  19. Dabo1287

    Dabo12873 hours ago

    No matter what you do, I already won. . . Congratulations on your greed.

  20. Dabo1287

    Dabo12873 hours ago

    It's a fake story... She just needs to sell to the public... That's all. . . Her life is a show. . She loves it that way.

  21. Angel Crescent

    Angel Crescent3 hours ago

    The saddest thing is that most celebrities r doing songs like this now. Singing about back then, and stuff like that. What really got me were the pictures. I realized she wasn't singing about her love interest, but she was singing about her fans (:

  22. Rishabh Bhan Singh

    Rishabh Bhan Singh3 hours ago

    Any Swifties here ?

  23. Bola de nieve

    Bola de nieve17 minutes ago


  24. a

    a2 hours ago


  25. Dabo1287

    Dabo12873 hours ago

    Do you have real tears??

  26. Kattie Purple

    Kattie Purple3 hours ago

    The nostalgia

  27. Dabo1287

    Dabo12873 hours ago

    The amount of rust in the pipes makes me refuse to drink it . The shower spits orange and brown when it turns on....

  28. Kacy Taylor

    Kacy Taylor3 hours ago


  29. Dlruks Nshnth

    Dlruks Nshnth3 hours ago

    Patiently waiting till April 9th 💓

  30. Molabennett

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  31. lifewhatsoever

    lifewhatsoever3 hours ago

    It’d be cool if Taylor released a new version of the original video as well.

  32. Swiftly John

    Swiftly John4 hours ago

    Does this song have a thing called "music video?" How I wish.

  33. Dabo1287

    Dabo12874 hours ago

    Why would I be nice to you? . . You slap droolers in wheelchairs too and sing to soothe them?

  34. Sahani Sandhya

    Sahani Sandhya4 hours ago

    The only difference is the level of confidence, Taylor is oozing with confidence

  35. Christine F

    Christine F4 hours ago

    I’m so excited for your version of fearless! Ahh :)

  36. Ahmet Öztürk

    Ahmet Öztürk4 hours ago

    your song belongs to me my favorite but the best clip is the love story

  37. Diseases And Medifacts

    Diseases And Medifacts4 hours ago

    Love you 😍😍😍

  38. A.L.I I

    A.L.I I4 hours ago


  39. Kishore Kishi

    Kishore Kishi5 hours ago

    Please come to india we are waiting for you Taylor..❣❣🇮🇳🇮🇳

  40. Srishti Kamboj

    Srishti Kamboj5 hours ago

    you are an angel...a sweet soul...may all your dreams come true!!!

  41. Fiq

    Fiq5 hours ago

    I like the "original" one more than this.

  42. Wahyu Delisa

    Wahyu Delisa5 hours ago


  43. taylor's daylight

    taylor's daylight5 hours ago


  44. Lance Gabriel Bulagnir

    Lance Gabriel Bulagnir5 hours ago

    My wish is this video hit a billion views

  45. Pablo PriBal

    Pablo PriBal5 hours ago

    Con esta voz más madura incluso me gusta más la canción. Me gusta esta versión propia y recuperando lo que le pertenece

  46. Bola de nieve

    Bola de nieve14 minutes ago

    Los mejores capitulos de su vida y de su trayectoria musical.

  47. Loida Gastelu

    Loida Gastelu5 hours ago

    Her voice is ok.

  48. Neko Werewolf

    Neko Werewolf6 hours ago


  49. 五岁陌冉-_

    五岁陌冉-_6 hours ago

    this is so so so memorable!i never forget taylor she is so so so amazing!!!my first listen to her song was about primary one and i am going to high school now! i am still listening her song❤️❤️ love taylor so much so much !!i hope one day i can make money and buy her disk!!!

  50. anonymous x

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  51. anonymous x

    anonymous x6 hours ago

    I love you so much 💛✨

  52. anonymous x

    anonymous x6 hours ago

    One of the best song writers of all time ❤️

  53. anonymous x

    anonymous x6 hours ago

    Tay 💗💗

  54. Jamal Kian

    Jamal Kian7 hours ago

    The delicate turnip immuhistochemically cough because advertisement accidentally smash inside a wrathful feast. stingy, shocking season

  55. ACHIE

    ACHIE7 hours ago

    😠😠😡You Just Copied Our Real Kween Leng Heart picture TAYLOR SWIPT = coffecut Faith News KWEENLENG = Rale Kween Leg8 Leng the Rale Qwuin COFEE CUT

  56. luciana cespedes Gutierrez

    luciana cespedes Gutierrez7 hours ago

    So goof

  57. Khushi Kadecha

    Khushi Kadecha7 hours ago

    She's the one that made Romeo and Juliet have a logical and happy ending... ...I'm a proud Taylor Swift fan!

  58. Ida Rafn Spangsberg

    Ida Rafn Spangsberg8 hours ago

    It’s wild how talented she is and how much privilege she has and ppl still grasp at things to heckle her for

  59. chad Mulder

    chad Mulder8 hours ago

    Taylor swift

  60. Nahid Farjana

    Nahid Farjana8 hours ago

    One of tha best song ❤️❤️

  61. Mercy J

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  62. Ashlesha Dhanwate

    Ashlesha Dhanwate9 hours ago

    Loads and loads of love from India🇮🇳 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  63. saee gore

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  64. ikbal gültepe

    ikbal gültepe9 hours ago

    hiç türk yokmu kendimi yanlız hiseddiyorum

  65. Molly Scott

    Molly Scott9 hours ago

    You can hear the difference. She still sounds so fresh and young

  66. timothy Banana

    timothy Banana9 hours ago

    Wow, does this bring back memories from high school or what

  67. Milind choudhary

    Milind choudhary9 hours ago

    Only Taylor swift who gives importance for her fans

  68. Milind choudhary

    Milind choudhary9 hours ago

    Like here

  69. The Phenom

    The Phenom9 hours ago

    Soft kashmiri music

  70. seiji iwaguro

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  71. Basicart Choice

    Basicart Choice10 hours ago

    This song is just everything😍

  72. Jude Simporios

    Jude Simporios10 hours ago

    Hekbskjsboqpxnoabkwvwwohql owvwkowhjshqpndmkwb bbb xnbwmkahwonxjhwjoh bbb smoqnxn jj wbmdbqkonxms VB slow mn dnndn NB smnvwk NB bslwbksow VB wk BJ

  73. MineconSteve

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  74. Lionel The Toy Poodle

    Lionel The Toy Poodle10 hours ago

    Love you always Taylor ~ Woof woof!

  75. Nafatex Bdg

    Nafatex Bdg10 hours ago

    and a say romeo🖕

  76. A A

    A A10 hours ago

    At this point I just want from Taylor to perform love story in the Grammys

  77. Therese Solis

    Therese Solis11 hours ago

    I remember being on 6th grade, waiting the whole afternoon on the radio just to hear this song ❤

  78. Bola de nieve

    Bola de nieve12 minutes ago

    Cute old times.

  79. Shivani Semwal

    Shivani Semwal12 hours ago

    I feel like i am Romeo. This love story with Taylor has been my longest relationship, since 2008. “Cuz Taylor, we were both young when i first saw and heard you”!!!

  80. Buyn Jargal

    Buyn Jargal12 hours ago


  81. Daniel Marcial

    Daniel Marcial12 hours ago


  82. Daniel Marcial

    Daniel Marcial12 hours ago


  83. Anamika Luhariwala

    Anamika Luhariwala12 hours ago

    Loved that she put the very first photo of her with Gracie. That's the perfect "love story" R. I. P Angel 😓

  84. Kailynn Marie

    Kailynn Marie12 hours ago

    when you just heard loverfest got cancelled so to greave you come here to see she's gonna be in New York live (according to yt) so you look at it only to find out its 18+ and you're 11

  85. DOUGIE FRESH 007

    DOUGIE FRESH 00713 hours ago

    That's Another Year Loving OUR SONG. RESPECTFULLY, < ∆12/13/10∆

  86. DOUGIE FRESH 007

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  87. DOUGIE FRESH 007

    DOUGIE FRESH 00713 hours ago

    Together Americans Yells Love On. Respectfully, . SIRI WHAT IS FEARLESS? TAYLOR SWIFT.

  88. Edanur Akbulut

    Edanur Akbulut11 hours ago

    I am not siri but i will answer you Answer: Sea Urchins

  89. DOUGIE FRESH 007

    DOUGIE FRESH 00713 hours ago

    I single handley destroyed Google Plus and GOOGLE music and the entire world wide web.

  90. DrZaious

    DrZaious13 hours ago

    Can any hardcore Swift fans let me know if there's anything different about this version? Or is it just a note for note re-recording where she gets the royalties?

  91. DOUGIE FRESH 007

    DOUGIE FRESH 00713 hours ago


  92. Hafsa Saiyed

    Hafsa Saiyed13 hours ago

    all time favourite ......❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  93. Hafsa Saiyed

    Hafsa Saiyed13 hours ago

    @DOUGIE FRESH 007 😉😊

  94. DOUGIE FRESH 007

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  95. Zaid Chesti

    Zaid Chesti13 hours ago

    The Old Best,That Too Present!

  96. DOUGIE FRESH 007

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  97. Michael Esposito

    Michael Esposito13 hours ago

    Waaaaah...some tv show referenced my dating history. Over-sensitive, perpetual whiner. Grow a thicker skin.

  98. Neha Tuheen

    Neha Tuheen10 hours ago

    erase all that misogyny from your tiny little brain how bout that

  99. DOUGIE FRESH 007

    DOUGIE FRESH 00713 hours ago


  100. Ashley Renae

    Ashley Renae13 hours ago

    This is horrible...

  101. Prabir Pal

    Prabir Pal13 hours ago

    Swifties, March 14 is coming. What are your expectations!!

  102. khagen talukdar

    khagen talukdar14 hours ago

    WAW what a elegant voice !

  103. Deepika Vinodani

    Deepika Vinodani14 hours ago

    Iove💖💖 you taylor swift

  104. Frankin telsa Thomas

    Frankin telsa Thomas14 hours ago

    Taylor how is Meredith , Olivia and Benjamin doing

  105. Fey Roulette

    Fey Roulette15 hours ago

    iloooveyouuu baby

  106. Fey Roulette

    Fey Roulette15 hours ago

    our tay 🥺

  107. Fey Roulette

    Fey Roulette15 hours ago

    im so so proud

  108. Fey Roulette

    Fey Roulette15 hours ago

    so mature

  109. Fey Roulette

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  110. Fey Roulette

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    iloooveyouuuu babu

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  113. Yuruih Senskeh

    Yuruih Senskeh15 hours ago

    I wish I can meet her once in my life, how lucky are those who meet her 🙂

  114. Electro Drag

    Electro Drag6 hours ago

    Ya even me

  115. Prabir Pal

    Prabir Pal14 hours ago

    Yes ☺

  116. Soni Singh

    Soni Singh15 hours ago

    If Shakespeare's play had a song it would have been this