Queen Naija - Butterflies Pt. 2 (Acoustic / Visualizer)

Music video by Queen Naija performing Butterflies Pt. 2 (Acoustic / Visualizer). © 2020 Queen Naija, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. T Lawson

    T LawsonMonth ago


  2. wattpad tvd and hp bish

    wattpad tvd and hp bish4 months ago

    And she's famous for a song about her ex cheating? Sis I have ex's that cheated on me but I never wrote a song for my ex to get more clout

  3. Amaya Harris

    Amaya Harris4 months ago

    You came, came into my life Then made everything right again I was once in a dark place (Place) I remember when you told me You were scared to fall in love again Still you found a way to fall for me [Chorus] I-I still get butterflies Crazy how we vibe Even when we fight I-I still get butterflies Crazy how we vibe Even when we fight [Verse 2] Let’s go everywhere together Turn two years into forever We’ll make diamonds under pressure And turn the pain into pleasure I wanna have your last name No matter how long it takes You always make me feel so safe And that’s how I know, you're worth the wait [Chorus] I-I still get butterflies Crazy how we vibe Even when we fight I-I still get butterflies Crazy how we vibe Even when we fight [Outro] Safe to say I know that you’ll catch me when I fall Now I got you here, boy I’m givin' you my all Dangerously in love, I don’t ever wanna leave I know you feel the same, you're the only one I see (See) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

  4. Tina Wicks-Jones

    Tina Wicks-Jones5 months ago


  5. Courtney&Cookie

    Courtney&Cookie5 months ago

    This song got me in my feelings

  6. Music Production

    Music Production6 months ago

    This song got me thinking about crush who doesn’t even notice me😂

  7. Abe Kelley

    Abe Kelley6 months ago


  8. chalsey castro

    chalsey castro6 months ago

    this song is really the love story i’m living

  9. Alisha B

    Alisha B6 months ago

    Ok but why is all her comments turned off for all her videos except the music ones

  10. Skye Amaya

    Skye Amaya7 months ago

    The song is short, but it’s so beautiful that it feels like it lasts forever.

  11. iiaxaxixhii

    iiaxaxixhii7 months ago

    This is on the radio while I’m typing😂 love it💗

  12. Jalia Liverpool

    Jalia Liverpool7 months ago

    This song have me crying think bout my pass relationship

  13. Mr. G

    Mr. G7 months ago

    Only if...... My true love... knew how i felt for her........

  14. suat ekiz

    suat ekiz7 months ago


  15. Charlie Shamps

    Charlie Shamps8 months ago

    Yes this is what I wanted from sis! Happy I found this

  16. katie zwick

    katie zwick8 months ago

    elmo's world

  17. MarieFoxx

    MarieFoxx8 months ago

    need to do this song cover eventually 😩

  18. Best Life of AJ

    Best Life of AJ8 months ago

    Lets go everywhere together Let's turn 2 years into forever Let's make diamonds under pressure 💕

  19. lulu lucy

    lulu lucy8 months ago

    My daddy don't like this song but for a 8 year old I love this song

  20. badkidominique Harris

    badkidominique Harris8 months ago

    Queen NAIJA AND CHRIS SAILS CUSTODY CASE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Reaction uslikes.info/house/g56wlrp-0aWdkcg/video.html

  21. Rosie Mars

    Rosie Mars8 months ago

    Beautiful ❤

  22. Alana DeSouza

    Alana DeSouza8 months ago

    Love this song... got me thinking bout a whole relationship, even tho im single

  23. Jaliah W

    Jaliah W8 months ago

    I was watching Chris and queen (with my older sister) when i was like 5 or 6 now I’m watching the royal family I stuck with her I ’m in middle school.

  24. Manny007

    Manny0079 months ago

    Check it out uslikes.info/house/hY6Y1KmszoajfZ0/video.html

  25. Sam Backing Tracks

    Sam Backing Tracks9 months ago

    Acoustic backing tracks karaoke on my new channel!

  26. Pretty Nikk

    Pretty Nikk9 months ago

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  27. london stacksss

    london stacksss9 months ago

    do a cypher with you,sza and summer walker

  28. MalRulesAll

    MalRulesAll9 months ago

    Vocals on point 🎯🎯🎯

  29. Kiahni H

    Kiahni H9 months ago

    Amazingggg.. I’m over here tearing up lol

  30. Derricka Richard

    Derricka Richard9 months ago

    Sooo can someone explain to me why some girls don't like Queen?

  31. Gabby & Yaixy

    Gabby & Yaixy9 months ago


  32. burgundy butterflies

    burgundy butterflies9 months ago

    I'm so proud of you queen

  33. 2TallChambers

    2TallChambers9 months ago


  34. Olivia O'Clair

    Olivia O'Clair9 months ago

    Best Artist Ever!!!!

  35. Yaara Leve

    Yaara Leve9 months ago

    This is so beautiful❤️❤️❤️. Vulnerable and sweet.

  36. Bryant Allen

    Bryant Allen9 months ago

    queen I love u so much like you don't even know u fine asf on gang

  37. Author Majestic Nicole

    Author Majestic Nicole9 months ago

    This fit Queen voice perfect🙌🙌🎊🎊👌💲💲💲keep getn that bag young lady💪💪❤

  38. Clifford Jerio

    Clifford Jerio9 months ago

    Chris the donkey really missing out😒 But keep doing you queen♥️♥️

  39. Diamond Flawless

    Diamond Flawless9 months ago

    I swear queen u changed my life and made me appreciate myself again I wish the up most best for u and clarence and the kids life is funny sometimes it takes for bad to being good and I can tell clarence is for sure for u I luv u guys the whole royal family so happy for u you definitely deserve all of it

  40. Nulaa guzmané

    Nulaa guzmané9 months ago

    Queen x jhené rn ATP 🦋🌩 .

  41. Jaleciea McCree

    Jaleciea McCree9 months ago

    Told my crush i like him and he kinda already knew and he said ''What?'' And I was like in my mind ''I WANNA MARRY YOUUUUU''

  42. Snenhlanhla Snenhlanhla

    Snenhlanhla Snenhlanhla9 months ago

    She got me fall in love

  43. Marquis Williams

    Marquis Williams9 months ago

    This song is epic! Dopeness. Ladies new sexy alert www.toyacatour.com

  44. Madmax Pelham

    Madmax Pelham9 months ago

    This song is beautiful and I love this song ❤️❤️

  45. Gemini_Queen_Ms - Racquel

    Gemini_Queen_Ms - Racquel9 months ago

    Love this song 😍😍😍😍

  46. Aaliyah Moore

    Aaliyah Moore9 months ago

    This song really makes me feel likeee I’m in a whole relationship thatt I’m not in at alll...😭😭😭🥺😫

  47. Paris Williams

    Paris Williams9 months ago

    I dedicate this song to my husband for our 5 year anniversary

  48. NJHD

    NJHD9 months ago

    Her and ddg are not youtube artists they are artist that do youtube the talent is just raw

  49. Shay P

    Shay P9 months ago

    This version is better than pt.1, there's a simplicity to her writing but it works and her voice floats over the instrumental

  50. Tiffany Berry

    Tiffany Berry9 months ago

    You know what I know what this reminds me of😨 Remember love don't cost a thing and Christina Milian talked about being this cool girl with dreads that walked around with a guitar. This photo so close to what I envisioned

  51. MARI H

    MARI H9 months ago

    this a pretty song here

  52. הלן יח

    הלן יח9 months ago

    My love

  53. Mbc6k Capone

    Mbc6k Capone9 months ago

    Sorry to say it music career over wit ir

  54. Jalen Stephens

    Jalen Stephens9 months ago

    you make no sense. Its most definitely not over. What makes you say that?

  55. keisha Atkins

    keisha Atkins9 months ago


  56. Simply Christina

    Simply Christina9 months ago

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  57. Whxte_xXx_gacha_bby

    Whxte_xXx_gacha_bby9 months ago

    Yass hunny

  58. Nneka Okeke

    Nneka Okeke9 months ago

    Beautiful song!!!!

  59. Dani simz

    Dani simz9 months ago

    Can't wait to meet you 1day Queen. I don't even have the urge to meet any other more well known famous artist. There is something special and unique about you. My 15year old daughter started me of watching your videos about 3 years ago. You have had 1 hella journey. BUT YOU ARE STRONG AND STILL STANDING! X MAKES ME LIKE YOU EVEN MOOOORE. #AMBITIOUS,BEAUTIFUL QUEEN. X

  60. Lighting Lotus

    Lighting Lotus9 months ago

    There's gonna This Man that comes into my life and when I'm crying tears for him it'll be because I'm Walking Down The Aisle excusing me running because he'll learn all my pain and only wanna make it better, he won't run away and he'll give it all he has, he won't see me as difficult, he'll see me as someone he could never picture himself without. And one day when I listen to this song I want have this pain in my throat and silent tears downs my face. Shit I'm tired of heart break.

  61. Silver SZC3

    Silver SZC39 months ago

    *Now this is the definition of ASTHETIC*

  62. Never Cared

    Never Cared9 months ago

    Queen Summer walker and jhene aiko should make a song together 💕

  63. Never Cared

    Never Cared9 months ago

    Queen and Summer Walker need a song together😩

  64. Ndeybeautystyle

    Ndeybeautystyle9 months ago

    Oh nice

  65. TheNeverFraudulent

    TheNeverFraudulent9 months ago


  66. Shantel Song

    Shantel Song9 months ago

    This song is so beautiful love you Queen 😍😍😍😍😍😍🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  67. David Bates

    David Bates9 months ago

    Got me in my feelings thinking abt Jailyn 😢 💔

  68. Anime Gang

    Anime Gang9 months ago

    Plz don’t quit USlikes 🥺😢

  69. Bryanna Cherise

    Bryanna Cherise9 months ago

    I love Quuen and how she expresses herself through her music! Such a soothing, genuine soul! Im going to add this song to my playlist on my channel!! I just started my channel a week ago and lets just say my editing skills are on point.

  70. adnan saleh

    adnan saleh9 months ago

    I felt this song through my soul aswear thank u queen god bless u and your family

  71. Matianna Gibbons

    Matianna Gibbons9 months ago

    I believe in true love because Of her..she literally been HEARTBROKEN n she still found a way to smile n be happy with a man 🥺❤️ I love her sooo much I been a fan FOR SOOOO LONG it’s crazy 🥺❤️

  72. Heather C.

    Heather C.9 months ago

    Love queen. So beautiful inside n out. I love acoustic music n performances better. Look at ur medicine remix from Kay Crazy. That kid is fire! Catalog of remixes are so good. His song tik tok, loyal medicine remix, song NVR Again, owe u, autographs etc the kids USlikes is lit. I love u queen. Sorry had too shout out Kay Crazys too.

  73. Samara Sylvester

    Samara Sylvester9 months ago

    I love Ur songs it just takes me I love this song n each one of them 🥵🥶🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰😘

  74. Mikaili B.Savoie

    Mikaili B.Savoie9 months ago

    I hope they'll be a guitar instrumental cos omg

  75. malliyah tyrianna

    malliyah tyrianna9 months ago

    love youuu!😘😘😭

  76. Martina Hillery

    Martina Hillery9 months ago

    Waiting patiently for my husband. No rushing this time!!!

  77. Izzy Gamezz

    Izzy Gamezz9 months ago


  78. Tatiana

    Tatiana9 months ago

    So much soul in queen voice 😩🔥😍

  79. Nemabeema

    Nemabeema9 months ago

    I love this song so much but Ik I’m not the only one getting a little upset that she ain’t posting or the royal family and it was Mother’s Day what you get for her Clare?💙but I love u Queen we miss u 😘

  80. Yalladore Dai

    Yalladore Dai9 months ago


  81. Aaliyah Serrano

    Aaliyah Serrano9 months ago

    This the one 😍

  82. It’s Lucy

    It’s Lucy9 months ago


  83. Vallencia F

    Vallencia F9 months ago

    I literally looooove this it makes me want to randomly text my boyfriend and say I love you😍😍😍

  84. lisa ramirez

    lisa ramirez9 months ago

    your a whole vibe! love love this song😭❤️


    THE MIGHTY FAMILY9 months ago


  86. Mo money In pocket

    Mo money In pocket9 months ago

    Just found this song. I’m sharing with my family!

  87. LaShawn Murden

    LaShawn Murden9 months ago

    dont wait forever for the ring queen !!! love this song momma

  88. Eloina Massb

    Eloina Massb9 months ago


  89. Joshuka Otasowie

    Joshuka Otasowie9 months ago

    I cried so hard to this song when I first heard it😩

  90. Bre

    Bre9 months ago

    Joshuka Otasowie me too I cried till my head hurt

  91. Shavae' Gomez

    Shavae' Gomez9 months ago

    Yaaaaaaasss Queen!!!! 🎶

  92. Jane Ramirez

    Jane Ramirez9 months ago

    I always said it would be even more fire if it was slowed down like this 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  93. Life with Mariam

    Life with Mariam9 months ago

    This is my favorite song now

  94. Bella 86

    Bella 869 months ago

    Very relaxing n soulful 😊🎷🎶

  95. Deashaa Maniyaa

    Deashaa Maniyaa9 months ago

    I’m so inlove with this song😩

  96. Leila Kirkpatrick

    Leila Kirkpatrick9 months ago

    I Love this so song soo much! Amazing!♥️

  97. brandnew new

    brandnew new9 months ago

    Queen be making song sound pretty but .....hope more of a display of how pretty her voice is. Like longer draws of words, pitch, tone etc.

  98. Queenbee Tingz

    Queenbee Tingz9 months ago


  99. Ferzy Jele

    Ferzy Jele9 months ago

    😥😭😭😭 never related to a song so much

  100. Tamarrah BELLE Jefferson

    Tamarrah BELLE Jefferson9 months ago

    Anybody recognize the Tynisha Keli sample? Love the song 💕

  101. Neiish Neiish

    Neiish Neiish9 months ago

    Amazing song ❤️❤️. I love your singing

  102. Yama Bondi

    Yama Bondi9 months ago

    Queen true me cant stop listening to this song ❤💕