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Top 10 Fortnite Season 2 SECRETS YOU MISSED!
Top 25 FUNNIEST Fortnite Fails IN SEASON 2!


  1. Top5Gaming

    Top5Gaming7 months ago

    post funny comments so I can heart them... these fake Mr Beasts are WACK

  2. RTX Gr3y

    RTX Gr3y18 days ago

    dude for 23, that's stupid compared to how i found. I fell from a fu****** choppa

  3. RTX Gr3y

    RTX Gr3y18 days ago

    A chipotle burrito actully fell in my arms 10 secs later


    NIKOLAS MONTOYA19 days ago

    @NightCoreMusic aww

  5. Progamer11ojn Hi

    Progamer11ojn Hi20 days ago

    @Pokey's Fortnite Tutorials are good

  6. Miagamez

    Miagamez23 days ago

    I have no food on my roof

  7. Angela Villanueva

    Angela Villanueva9 hours ago

    I’ve killed Fred before

  8. Parker Shumate

    Parker Shumate13 hours ago

    My roof has snow on it so my burrito is gonna be cold😭😭

  9. Mr Noobpool

    Mr Noobpool2 days ago

    I was gonna red my dad but I died right on the edge of the storm and placed 2nd

  10. chris dowling

    chris dowling2 days ago

    I actually got the burrito

  11. Little Lions

    Little Lions2 days ago

    The many times I watched this the Christmas one I did notice the duo lol

  12. Aisha Mohd

    Aisha Mohd4 days ago

    I had to look at the Christmas tree 3 times

  13. Princess A

    Princess A5 days ago

    I saw the 3 one

  14. kaleb denton

    kaleb denton5 days ago

    One time I fell and my dog hit my face with his tail

  15. Jaekob Muirragui

    Jaekob Muirragui6 days ago

    Kid when he loses llama: uR sO sTuPiD

  16. supreemxj _

    supreemxj _6 days ago

    where ma burrito

  17. NoahRHero6 Rissen

    NoahRHero6 Rissen6 days ago

    I actually sat on my roof for an hour

  18. Pete Smith

    Pete Smith9 days ago

    t 5 g

  19. Fakhir Yusuf

    Fakhir Yusuf10 days ago

    Where's my burrito

  20. The twin destroyers get deystroyed Parlay

    The twin destroyers get deystroyed Parlay11 days ago

    Was number 9 Michael Jackson’s son

  21. Ethan Hendricks

    Ethan Hendricks11 days ago

    pause the video at 12:43 there is a person running right under the tree like if u see it

  22. Jamesgamesfornitehuter Playerxxmaster6383

    Jamesgamesfornitehuter Playerxxmaster638311 days ago

    That was smart

  23. Jamesgamesfornitehuter Playerxxmaster6383

    Jamesgamesfornitehuter Playerxxmaster638311 days ago

    First I did not see them then I saw them

  24. Tanner Kingston

    Tanner Kingston13 days ago

    I think I'm just waiting for my business

  25. Chantelle Lundberg

    Chantelle Lundberg14 days ago

    T5G:am I the only one that didn’t see the people. Me:yes,yes you are.

  26. Gaming pheonix

    Gaming pheonix15 days ago

    Thanks Here is a cookie for a boritto 🍪⊂(◉‿◉)つ🍪

  27. Leslie Wieland

    Leslie Wieland15 days ago

    One time i was pvping my friend he was better than me and i beated him at the bsttle

  28. YoDylanツ

    YoDylanツ15 days ago


  29. Bryce and the Blood Ninjas

    Bryce and the Blood Ninjas15 days ago


  30. Elijah Herndon

    Elijah Herndon16 days ago

    Atacc of the toilet/attack of the clones

  31. Phaiza Zeeshan

    Phaiza Zeeshan16 days ago

    I went to my roof there was nothing

  32. Charlie Lindström

    Charlie Lindström17 days ago

    2:10 Talk about skins not being pay to win! I just wanna say...Christmas tree skin was FREE...


    SHADOW KNIGHT RULES17 days ago

    Be sure to check my channel shadow knight rules

  34. Drenom Got

    Drenom Got15 days ago


  35. JTown19#YEET JTow19#YEET

    JTown19#YEET JTow19#YEET18 days ago

    like if in 2020 aka life sucks

  36. Jayden Sadler

    Jayden Sadler18 days ago

    I don’t like chipotle 😂

  37. Reiss Murphy

    Reiss Murphy18 days ago


  38. Tiko

    Tiko19 days ago

    Him: WHAT IS GOING ON! Also him: *talks in deep voice* Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Maudie Webb

    Maudie Webb19 days ago

    They said AND nowadays


    GOLDEN MAGEMC19 days ago

    What happened to It'sWilliam happened to me,but instead of falling,I died from flying into the sky=/XD...

  41. Hudson Chapel

    Hudson Chapel20 days ago

    hi i just want one like please 8D

  42. Himu Kabir

    Himu Kabir20 days ago

    In one game

  43. Himu Kabir

    Himu Kabir20 days ago

    I founded 5 lamas

  44. Drenom Got

    Drenom Got15 days ago

    One game I found 3 in one

  45. Isaac Rendon

    Isaac Rendon20 days ago

    3:45 Finally Fred is safe 😇

  46. Aaron Johnston

    Aaron Johnston20 days ago

    One time i went to to a tele phone thing and a plane crashes and destoryes my and the hole isalnd

  47. Jacob Merideth

    Jacob Merideth20 days ago

    Fake mr beasts are horrible

  48. Kim Manders

    Kim Manders20 days ago

    Literally got caught in a freaking big fight

  49. chrissy

    chrissy21 day ago

    i jumped out a heli with the kingsman.. lol i died

  50. Maria Crispin

    Maria Crispin21 day ago

    u KINDA sound like fearless A LIL BIT

  51. sivan eswar

    sivan eswar21 day ago

    Burrito did not fall 😂 so I unsubscribed

  52. Gabby Bycina

    Gabby Bycina22 days ago

    Why did the chican cross the road. I don’t know go ask him

  53. ProZonic

    ProZonic22 days ago

    I liked and luckily I baritos plane flyed over my house and a barito sloped on my roof

  54. NoobDog972 YT

    NoobDog972 YT22 days ago


  55. The REV

    The REV23 days ago

    Mmm... That chipotle tasted better than the one Deadpool made.

  56. مرام القرني '

    مرام القرني '23 days ago


  57. I’m a BRZY BOY

    I’m a BRZY BOY23 days ago

    The glider speed isn’t a glitch

  58. Kai

    Kai23 days ago

    Where’s my Maria

  59. Blaze

    Blaze23 days ago

    I think it's funny how his name is top5gaming but he never posts just 5 things😂

  60. Paddy Fitzpatrick

    Paddy Fitzpatrick24 days ago

    No burrito came

  61. Yoon Kang

    Yoon Kang24 days ago

    I got ut

  62. Yoon Kang

    Yoon Kang24 days ago

    I got it

  63. Yp Yb

    Yp Yb24 days ago

    No you are a scammer for likes and money scammer I will unlike

  64. James Berry

    James Berry24 days ago

    I don’t like chipotle

  65. dylan labrash

    dylan labrash24 days ago

    Can you rocket ride a moterbout

  66. Olivia Heritage

    Olivia Heritage25 days ago

    I saw the trees on #23

  67. Drago

    Drago25 days ago

    The choppa broke because The propeller blades hit up against the wall

  68. Pierce Tackett

    Pierce Tackett25 days ago

    That fox was me

  69. SandGarra

    SandGarra25 days ago

    Me waiting for a burrito going in my roof: 👁👄👁

  70. natever pr

    natever pr26 days ago

    I Miss light saber s

  71. Siba Soropogui

    Siba Soropogui27 days ago

    I want the travis scott shoes

  72. Jacob Constantin

    Jacob Constantin27 days ago

    I already know you can yeet them

  73. caydengame yt

    caydengame yt27 days ago

    What happend to lemor

  74. afraz khan

    afraz khan27 days ago


  75. Missy C

    Missy C27 days ago

    i see them

  76. Milo Hoeflin

    Milo Hoeflin28 days ago

    .      .     。   。 .   .   。   • .    •     •   ゚   Red was not An Impostor.  ඞ。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   .     .  .

  77. TigerVelocityPlays

    TigerVelocityPlays28 days ago


  78. Chase Tucker

    Chase Tucker29 days ago

    When are you going to do a face reveal

  79. Nicholas Bernal

    Nicholas Bernal29 days ago


  80. WWEAlfie Ford

    WWEAlfie Ford29 days ago

    This fish stick fell from the funny looking sky then the funny old Christmas trees hid in the tree and fricking spread out on them

  81. Bruno Jan Milek

    Bruno Jan Milek29 days ago

    4:44 when your rocket league ping goes to 999

  82. Mel Root

    Mel RootMonth ago

    I hate Bush campers

  83. Mel Root

    Mel RootMonth ago

    Knock knock :who's there Irish stew :Irish stew in the name of the law

  84. McLoser

    McLoserMonth ago

    “Imagine pay to win” that skin is free

  85. king peely

    king peelyMonth ago

    How can I get my briedo whith out my dtink

  86. ihavetennakedchildreninmybasement

    ihavetennakedchildreninmybasementMonth ago

    Legend says the 147k people are still waiting for there burrito

  87. SlurpNinja

    SlurpNinjaMonth ago

    These aren’t funny the people that die are most likely so annoying think about them geez

  88. Trinton Garrett

    Trinton GarrettMonth ago

    im not joking the brito was on my roof

  89. Sarayu Sekaran

    Sarayu SekaranMonth ago

    I was literally eating a chipotle burrito while watching this.

  90. Lizzie Vlogs

    Lizzie VlogsMonth ago

    I just noticed the tree clip is myn

  91. Jordan Willis

    Jordan WillisMonth ago

    Ric avemo 22077

  92. Nayeli Salgado

    Nayeli SalgadoMonth ago

    You played yourself and what does it mean

  93. Catherine Cameron-Pazera

    Catherine Cameron-PazeraMonth ago

    this is awesome

  94. protube Pro

    protube ProMonth ago

    Do you know if you get boogie bombed and you gonna launchpad it will cancel out your boogie bomb

  95. botgamer

    botgamerMonth ago

    The Christmas tree skin isn't a pay to win skin u got it in the presents event where u got free stuff like the falcon

  96. PooLala PooTata

    PooLala PooTataMonth ago

    Now where is my burrito

  97. Fennec games

    Fennec gamesMonth ago

    I don’t like burritos🌮

  98. Kent Kubitza

    Kent KubitzaMonth ago

    No burrito

  99. Jack O Lantern

    Jack O LanternMonth ago


  100. Liva Nika Jakobsone

    Liva Nika JakobsoneMonth ago

    dont do glithes in fortnite or fortnite will die

  101. Daking234

    Daking234Month ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I didn’t get taco thing

  102. Christian Johnston

    Christian JohnstonMonth ago

    I never got my burrito Screw you t5g I un subbed your fault you should never do that!👿😈😡😡😡😡

  103. B Ca

    B CaMonth ago

    I never got the burito😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  104. JustGetGooder

    JustGetGooderMonth ago

    I hit him for 37 x 2 thats like um thats um its a lot

  105. Ph0tixel_ 243

    Ph0tixel_ 243Month ago

    Who else is here in season 4

  106. gameing kirbo

    gameing kirboMonth ago

    Ok were are my burrito

  107. Eric Salgado

    Eric SalgadoMonth ago


  108. Jerry Lopez

    Jerry LopezMonth ago

    I see no burrito, so sad 😞