Professional Advice for Maintaining an Electric Bike

Sam Townsend from Myron’s Extreme Machines in Fullerton California shared tips for how to maintain an electric bike. Some of the tips included regular maintenance, keeping the battery charged, keep your tires pumped up, bring a schrader adapter along in case you need to inflate your tire at a gas station, keep the chain lubricated, take brake pads off and use disc brake silencer to reduce squeek, adjust the derailleur using the thumb tighteners to keep shifting smooth and pedaling quiet, straighten the derailleur hanger (can sometimes be done by hand), make sure your bottom bracket and crankset are tight, if a square tapered bottom bracket comes loose it can ruin it (regular bike shops should be able to help replace this), keep cables lubricated to avoid fraying, extend the brake housing using the thumb screws near the brake levers to enhance braking as the cables stretch, keep the bicycle clean, patch flat tires vs. changing tubes if possible (this works for punctures not blowouts), adjust the brake caliper (so it floats) then pull the brake cable and it will center when you tighten them down again, keep the headset tight so your bars don’t twist, carry a patch kit, allen wrench set (sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6) sometimes an 8 and 10 will be necessary, tire irons, mini pump or CO2 air, carry around a cell phone for emergencies. If you have questions beyond this, call your local bike shop or ask Myron. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:


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    Where is his shop?

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    Broken the 666 comments! 😈😈😈

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    This man just taught me so much

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    Made IN China!

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    High pressure water will eventually kill Bosch mid motor bearings. Beware.

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    Not sure about his waterresitant statement. Water ingress is a problem with many EMTB .

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    Great info! I saved this one for sure!

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    I got my GoPed Pipe Upgrade from Myron’s in Fullerton when I was 12.

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    you can have pretty dry rollers after you wipe a chain and on the inside of the roller they are lubed

  10. chris price

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    look,,, ok... How often do people clean their chains?? they should clean them often as possible. with wd-40 i can clean my chain every 50miles and it doesnt need anything thicker than what wd-40 gives. and you wipe the chain after you clean it. this wd-40 talk is dumb snobbery

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    Could u make video on bow to lube bike

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    My back brake line is always stretching but my dad showed me how to fix that easy in 2 mins.

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    any recommendations on a solar charger for bikes?

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    Thank you Mr Townsend for sharing your knowledge , now more than ever e-bikes are becoming a great part of our daily lives, specially for baby boomers and retirees. I don’t know if you still in business, but if you are, you’ll have my business now that I’m getting an e-bike for myself.

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    presta valve is dumbshiz. shot be banned.

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    Great advice!...except, be sure to put something under you bike for padding if you are going to turn it upside down (you don’t want to rip your seat or scratch your instrument screen). Thanks again!

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    As a new bike owner (and it's an electric bike) this video was super useful. A bit more maintenance than I thought I had to do, cleaning and lubing the chain/drivetrain once every 200 miles... that's a bummer. It's so gross, you'd think we'd have chainless drivetrains by now. But oh well, no huge deal, in time I'll probably learn to do it in 5 minutes.

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    Gime the address please

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    Should tell some one where you are going and be getting back. then if you are late, they have some idear were you maybe. and if realy late they can inform emerancey. because the rider could have an injury and may not be able to get back on. Gerard.

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    where is this guys shop located

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    My chain is brown and doesn't turn 😂 on a Rad runner I never pedal and totally being neglectful

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    My new Ancheer $920 bike died after 2 weeks of gentle street riding. I can't get them to help. Anyone have an idea ?

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    Bro, I bought the Homie 3rd gen and still had issues. I bought the carbon fiber upgrades and the seat post did not fit. I almost broke my arm trying to adjust the seat height for my girlfriend because the bike was for her. Now I'm worried that the carbon handle bar may fail based on your initial review. Downloaded the Nireeka app and I couldn't even sign in. When I reported a problem with the seat post, they demanded a video. Don't they verify their own manufacturing process for customers who are forking out $3K+ for their stuff? Regardless, I feel you. It's not been what I expected either. Peace.

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    Super helpful. I had a tire for the longest time that doesn’t keep air in it even though it’s new and didn’t have a puncture. When I carry it downstairs I would accidentally bang the kickstand against the railing and then the tire would start leaking. It makes no sense

  26. David Viney

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    Some good tips I got 1 my friends who are professional cyclists saying to me your chain should be wiped off with a dry clean cloth. To wipe off dirt grit (any material on the chain because its lubricated can damage your gears. The once its clean again use chain lube wipe pedal your pedals and hold the chain with your hands. Bless

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    And 9 times out of 10

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    these bikes will come down in price , hang on we will all be able to afford one

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    They totally go curtain shopping together

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    Not only should you not drain your battery, it will last a lot longer if you only charge it to 80%. Keeping the battery between 20% and 80% is a good idea. This works for cell phones, too, and can double the life of your battery. One question - how about using Teflon sprays to lubricate the chain, and everything else?

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    Adjusting the front break caliper was super awesome!!!

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    *At the 12:48 mintue mark buddy turns around and the back of his T-shirt says Nickys Handlebar Harley Davidson. Where is that place because the rest of the writing looked like Thai language or something. similar.*👍😎

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    drrobotnikmeanbeanma 1 second ago I got a Pace Aventon ebike from Berts. How can I keep the ebike battery charged at the same time as I'm ridding to increase my distance. The Pace ebike is 500w and the charger is 48v.I have a Ever Start 750w Power Inverter and I attached it with a Scooter battery. So I went to Inter State and showed him how I hooked the battery to it to keep the ebike battery charged .He told me sense the charger is 48v I need 4 small batteries to make it 48v cause each battery is 12v. But see 1 scooter battery powered on the 750w power inverter. He told me to little volts can mess up some thing . Can any 1 add on that please ?? Reply

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    Excellent, excellent informative video. Thank you

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    I bought a goped from this dude back in the day.

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    professional advice

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    I need to replace my i zip battery. It’s the same one on the bike he’s working on and I can fine a replacement battery. Can u help

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    These videos are awesome! I just got a Radrunner and want to learn how to do basic maintenance. I just added some Tri Flow to my Amazon cart. What a great guy. Wish there was someone like Sam in Oakland, CA

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    I keep getting Error 37 in my Yosemite ebike. What does that mean?

  41. danceswithcarsdc

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    More that the pads wear, iirc MicroAdjust for that. And I wouldn't Lick a tire, spit or some other liquids (soda not great sugar mess, water bottle bubbles better), toxicity on the road: oil, brake fluid, etc can make you sick... Then whatever mess you've made has to be cleaned up in order for the patch seal to work, besides showroom tires and wheels are relatively clean by comparison to real world noisy outdoors for hearing hissing sounds. I rarely find the puncture on the road, carry tubes, and patches fail to work a lot too, roughing the surface , I tend to give away patch kits to people without the right/same size tires in distress and let them learn, usually the hard way, lend a pump, give it a try... Ymmv all seems to go back to call the shop here/ emergency towing...

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    Great reviews! Does Sam from California recommend a 20" fat tire ebike?

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    Great video and tips. I'm glad I watched it. The bit about centering the caliper on the rotor I didn't know about plus other stuff.

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    Good advice, but not too much advice on an e-bike.

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    tom arnold knows a lot about bikes

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    Whats up with women and low air pressure on every kind of tire?

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    Great guest! But let the man talk, he's an expert 😁. You keep interrupting him.... WD-40 "WD" literally means "water displacement" ...and the number 40 is in reference to the 40th time the guy who invented it tried 40 times to come up with the formula. He's absolutely right It's not a lubricant, It just displaces water.

  51. David Cockrell

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    RIZE BIKES Beware and Do Not Buy, with all the bike choices out there you can skip this company. -I bought 2 bikes. About US $3800.00 -I saved Rize shipping costs and picked them at the warehouse. -1 of the batteries would not charge on the bike with the larger battery, so it quickly died. -It took the company 6 days to get me a new battery. -The new battery in the bike did not last long and the bike began to not work well. -After 1 wk the bike died and would not turn on. -Rize would not refund me, fix the bike or offer any other solutions. -I emailed & called spending so much time to try and have them fix this issue but they kept making empty promises. -My next option, which is painful, will be take them to court & waste more of my time writing bad reviews until I am refunded. This has been 1 month since I purchased the bike and it just sits in my garage not working. The bikes were Christmas gifts for my sons to ride together....... that has not worked out. dave

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    I give this video 9 times out of 10

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    Hi thanks for sharing your how to videos, I need your help I have an Alva+A2b 2013 the wires for the rear wheel motor broke they came off of the connector connector and i can't tell which wires connectors where. If you don't sell these wires maybe you have a bad rear wheel and you can cut the wires with with the connector on it and i would purchase it from you. please respond. Thanks.

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    sam is the guy. I know him when he has long hair. He and his wife are awesome people.

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    I have a single speed cruiser coaster brake bike, what is the best conversion kit that would be the best ? I'm a older man,no need for speed but need torque to help me get up the hills,I'm thinking of a 750 watt mid drive ?

  56. YouMotorcycle

    YouMotorcycle3 months ago

    Kind of surprised by the suggestion not to replace a punctured tube but to patch it instead. I bought a new tube for $4 and replaced it in my driveway with no tools. And that was on the back tire of my Trek e-bike. Not sure I understand the suggestion of patching vs replacing. You're already there and it's just as cheap if not cheaper to replace the tube. By the time you've patched it, replacing the tube altogether isn't any more work and you don't have to worry about a patch failing down the road. What am I missing/not understanding?

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    Please how can someone remove speed limit from an eBike controller

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    I glad to actually see a video about keeping your electric bike in good shape and how to tune it up. Usually there are just a lot of videos about different new bikes on the market. The real question is when you got your electric bike what can you do to maintain it and keep it lasting for years to come. I was also taken by surprise to see that bike shop is locally close to me:)

  59. martha bell

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    Thanks for the good advice. My battery is fully charged and now that it's winter I'm not riding. Should the charge be reduced? How can I do that without riding the bike?

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    Excellent help for this newbie. Too bad we’re at opposite ends of the country.

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    Great video - nice tips.

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    Thanks Sam! Some good advice in there. I hope this vid gained more business than it lost ;-)

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    Could you use Tannus Foam Tires on electric bikes??

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    Third time watching, nothing but great imformation!

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    I'm going to put some oil down my throttle cable throttle cables wear out especially if they have an elbow

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    its funny on the Tri -flow bottle it says Penetrates and Lubricates

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    An excellent outline on how to maintain your eBike. Detailed and covers many issues. Thank you.

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    13:14 “Just keep it lubed and you are good to go.” Never had more truer words been spoken!😉

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    Tire pressure could affect range efficiency by as much as 3%

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    Hello sir. I was wondering if you can help me with my new brushless contoller. I’m assuming I got all my cables right. How do I know... well my problem is that when I switch it on and I throttle down, it won’t respond and I got power, I recheck the connection. Only time it spin or see it working is when i plug the self learning wire, it spins and when I throttle it change direction. When I unplug the self learning, it won’t response.Why is that

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    I got time rechecking on the internet if anyone had or has same problem and no luck.

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    I got the perfect advice for your electric bike! Dont buy one ever.. pay 100s Or 1000s$ even more for a bike that goes 25 miles then takes 10 hours to charge.... lame!

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    I was wondering if you think I need to take my battery out of my Lectric ebike in temps that get down to 30-40 degrees? I keep my ebike in my garage, which is probably not as cold as it is outside.

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    Hi I recently bought a revi bike. The predator. I’m so in need of some help. If possible could you possibly call me 323 944-4208

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    Mate how do I deal with a charging element that has broken off due to weather rain etc. Can it be replaced please ?

  81. Doug's E-Bike

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    Schrader valves are NOT car specific. They are used in every type of pneumatic system. Presta valves on the other hand were designed for a very specific purpose, to fit through as small a hole as possible to allow for maximum strength in very narrow road bike wheels. Why people believe presta is superior for wide wheels is beyond me. having to carry an adapter is laughable, exerting 2x more energy to fill a tire/tube through the presta's much smaller hole is asinine. And let's not forget that not all presta stems have a replaceable/removable core. All Schrader valves have a replaceable/removeable core.

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    ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.


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    Never buy a hub drive bicycle.

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    HOT SEX 18+

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    Lose crank bolt on new electric bikes , yep , i admit i was negligent and in too much of a rush to try out the bike , i did not check the crank bolts and 2nd day out while pedalling up hill i felt my peddle arm wiggeling a lot , I instantly stopped pedalling and thankfully the twist grip got me home on full electric , i found out both peddel arms where very lose , Why didn’t watch this video first , thanks for all your tips guys , and i wish your business the best of luck , you deserve it . 😎

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    Can you help me? Plz? I just bought a Magnum Pathfinder 350 w motor. Is this good for riding up hill and what gear should I have the pedal in.

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    10:42 IMO i think is the #1 top question that i always have in my mind that i just cant shrug off so easily considering the fact that not only am i purchasing a super expensive electric Mountain bike. I also live in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle WA where it rains all the time and can also get cold. Thank you very much you guys for answering that #1 top question am sure most people, especially new buyers such as myself are going to ask 👍

  89. Sigma Octantis

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    Thanks for the tips. Bending the derailleur fixed my issue after I had an accident and it had taken a knock. It wouldn't shift into the highest gear plus the arm was causing binding because it was getting too close to the cassette.

  90. Mach Fiver

    Mach Fiver5 months ago

    The models that have the torque sensor intergrated into the crank set check to see if the holes in the frame that your cables go into anod out of are properly sealed up tight. Either with a rubber grommet that envelopes any gaps that are there and if it isn't then use something like hot glue or silicone caulking to fill them in including the ones that are at the top of the frame. On my bike and literally every single Surface 604 bike I have seen or heard of that has any age to it the amount of dirt that enters through these holes and water too is incredible and will destroy your crank and torque sensor guaranteed. the wires that come off the torque sensor require a hole drilled into the bottom bracket and the hole on the frame is inline with that too and due to where it is low to the ground it acts as an amazing dirt scoop.

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    wow, guys,your video so cool,I can't help adding to my shopping list and trying ride it now

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    Ex US Nat'l Coach here. Not a bad primer on basic, very basic maintenance. He skipped scores of general maintenance but most riders let bike shops or pro mechanics deal with alignment, bearing maint., wheel trying, etc. Here's the basics for Electric bikes and motos. 1. Battery maint is paramount! Follow proper charging and storage guidelines and never let it freeze, ever. You can store your bike in the garage, but not the battery. 2. Electrical connections should be cleaned regularly with electronics cleaner and qtips. 3.Always air blow connections after cleaning to reduce oxidation. Carry a can of compressed air to dry connections after wet rides before loading bike to vehicle. Take care not to blow out your lubricants and re- lube as necessary. 4.These are the basics. More advanced- learn how electric motors, controllers, BMS's and batteries work. Perform zero mods before doing so. Enjoy the future of cycle/ moto riding!

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