We Snuck Drugs Into Canada With A Teddy Bear - UNFILTERED #67

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JC Caylen is in the house!....if that IS his real name...this week we’re raising the roof, and the boys are all too familiar with being up there. Hear the most shocking untold party stories, behind the scenes secrets of your favorite TV shows, and outsmarting cop experiences. WE CAN’T MAKE THIS UP!
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  1. hanaraebug

    hanaraebug2 hours ago

    Is anyone else losing it at the part when Zane says “peep”. And Matt’s reaction 😂🤌🏼😂 I’m dying over here.

  2. Toni Pompeo

    Toni Pompeo4 hours ago

    Ummm I just watched my first episode of happy tree friends and.... what the fuck is wrong with you jc😭

  3. Saviya Masih

    Saviya Masih6 hours ago

    *happy tree friends* Jc: it’s on USlikes Me: 👩🏽‍💻

  4. Skylar Spino

    Skylar Spino7 hours ago

    when matt and mariah are laughing that jc looks like the lead singer of that band and they are dying laughing and zane goes "thats a hearty one right there" i never laughed so hard in my life 58:51

  5. Megan

    Megan8 hours ago

    Mariah wanting to be a witness 😬

  6. Natanya D

    Natanya D8 hours ago

    Can we please recognize how funny and how much Mariah actually contributes to the podcast! She is comedy goldddd

  7. Alexandra Lefebvre

    Alexandra Lefebvre9 hours ago

    Where tf is kenny

  8. Alexandra Lefebvre

    Alexandra Lefebvre9 hours ago

    Where tf is kenny

  9. Kellyn Warne

    Kellyn Warne10 hours ago

    Omg how offended Zane got when JC didn’t know his last name “oH yEa?!” Lmfao

  10. Leo Cieri

    Leo Cieri10 hours ago

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  11. Amy Ochoa

    Amy Ochoa14 hours ago

    the way zane froze at 1:25:57 AJDKSKDJ

  12. Jackie Chan

    Jackie Chan19 hours ago

    okayyy maybe just me but I miss kian haha please make an episode with both of them !!!!

  13. holly miller

    holly miller20 hours ago

    Should I go buy some bit coin now?

  14. Kathleen M

    Kathleen M21 hour ago

    Matt, on Are You the One they choose someone and then a professional matchmaker finds your match and recruits them too so it’s not just a bunch of random people. It’s all people that were hand selected but none of the contestants know because they’re all approached the same way.

  15. Rasmieh Sallaj

    Rasmieh Sallaj23 hours ago

    Wait jc broke up with his girlfriend ???

  16. Caroline

    Caroline23 hours ago

    This has got to be one of my favorite episodes!! Pls bring back JC again!💗

  17. Caitlin Otwell

    Caitlin OtwellDay ago

    1:27:50 “that sparked my french or fry” TOOK ME OUT

  18. Chuck S

    Chuck SDay ago

    Don't worry Matt we all know banjo was one of the best n64 games and only noobs wouldn't know what that game is

  19. Joy Singleton

    Joy SingletonDay ago

    why does he look like todds younger brother. Literally blinks just like todd

  20. Tina Alexandrovna

    Tina AlexandrovnaDay ago

    Why is no one talking about 1:11:25 HAHA or is it the couch that makes this sound

  21. Serenity Argo

    Serenity ArgoDay ago

    You guys should get the CEO of the Bubnation aka Kevin Langue on the podcast.

  22. Sheila Flores-Crabb

    Sheila Flores-CrabbDay ago

    Ive been a juror on a murder case once. It wasn't as fun as i thought it would be. I cried. I'll just say that.

  23. Zhané Ross

    Zhané RossDay ago

    JC is such a precious being

  24. Samantha LaFrance

    Samantha LaFranceDay ago

    Anyone else thinks JC looks like a combination of Toddy and Scott with curly hair???

  25. Joanna Maestas

    Joanna Maestas2 days ago

    the clip when Matt was like is the camera on to Mariah had me dead

  26. Heaven Owens

    Heaven Owens2 days ago

    Did anyone else sense a little hostility from matt at the end towards jc?? I dont wanna just assume cause this is only a 1hr30m podcast but it definitely seemed like there was some tension closer to the end of the podcast

  27. Depressed Teen

    Depressed Teen2 days ago

    Happy tree friends was my shit

  28. Sydney P

    Sydney P2 days ago

    i love JC so much 🥺🤍

  29. tania ً

    tania ً2 days ago

    girl i said amber before u said that i think thats a sign

  30. F.A

    F.A2 days ago

    Matt looks like his name is Tom 🤣👍🏽

  31. Madi Angle

    Madi Angle2 days ago

    invite kian too!

  32. Eunice Arroyo

    Eunice Arroyo2 days ago

    i loved this episode. I cried laughing 😂🤍

  33. Analisa Valiquette

    Analisa Valiquette2 days ago

    I love these episodes

  34. lilmumy _

    lilmumy _2 days ago

    When JC said “I wish”, I really felt that

  35. Emmitt 2215

    Emmitt 22152 days ago

    My high-school started in 7th grade

  36. Julia Feeney

    Julia Feeney2 days ago

    Justice for Banjo Kazooie

  37. jennzilla

    jennzilla3 days ago

    zane wearing scott's merch 👌

  38. Kawehi Mahuiki

    Kawehi Mahuiki3 days ago

    when did matt come back?

  39. salamasina tuitama

    salamasina tuitama3 days ago

    Im happy that Matt is back but for some reason I just didn't really like him in this episode.. Especially towards the end when JC asked if he had a girlfriend and then he says "and you don't".He says just kidding after but.. c'mon. Idk just something about this episode I didn't like the way Matts vibe. Some people might say its his sarcasm but I can be sarcastic af but just something about his vibe, wasn't feeling it. Much love though

  40. Nicole B

    Nicole B3 days ago

    let jc talk omg

  41. MaksymLozOfficial

    MaksymLozOfficial3 days ago

    You should also get Dominic Deangelis on the show

  42. Koree McDonald

    Koree McDonald3 days ago

    You guys should make a USlikes VR Video!!

  43. Bree Jeffcoat

    Bree Jeffcoat3 days ago

    I met Tyler & Jc when they were there in Hawaii for the O2L tour hahah

  44. evelyn

    evelyn3 days ago


  45. Sierra Carrico

    Sierra Carrico4 days ago

    mariah looking at the camera after they all laugh. 😂

  46. Meliza Hernandez

    Meliza Hernandez4 days ago

    PLEASE BRING JC BACK!! We need that crackdad back

  47. Nat Dom

    Nat Dom4 days ago

    Really sad no one gor the jewbaited reference

  48. Sophia Uy

    Sophia Uy4 days ago

    bring sarah baska back she was so fun

  49. Pamela Angela

    Pamela Angela4 days ago

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  50. Ashley Simpkins

    Ashley Simpkins4 days ago

    Seeing JC calm is weird😂 I like it!

  51. Lorena Johnson

    Lorena Johnson4 days ago


  52. Evan Anderson

    Evan Anderson4 days ago

    Talk about Seth

  53. Ella Wilkie

    Ella Wilkie5 days ago

    110% need an ep with kian but also one with kian & jc at the same time!!!

  54. Cheyenne First-Raised

    Cheyenne First-Raised5 days ago

    Does anybody remember when Kian & JC were in Teen Wolf 👀

  55. JmillerTV

    JmillerTV5 days ago

    we heard it definitely sounded like a sliding door window crashing.

  56. Jessica coyotl

    Jessica coyotl5 days ago

    The mountainous sand isely complain because mice bareilly fool like a level bakery. automatic, useless william

  57. bryana gomez

    bryana gomez5 days ago

    I love these guys but it was sooo frustrating hearing jc trying to say something and they kept interrupting😭 idk if that's just me lmao

  58. Reina NaserAddin

    Reina NaserAddin5 days ago

    Haram & halal 💀💀

  59. Celsea McNutt

    Celsea McNutt5 days ago

    I’m so happy the family is back together 🥺 this has been my favourite podcast episode in a long time!! Also, I’m from Canada and weed is legal :)

  60. Heather Goulet

    Heather Goulet5 days ago

    You guys should do a last one laughing video on one of your personal channels

  61. Riley Marsh

    Riley Marsh5 days ago

    Charlie has a really good video explaining the kid that got shot for the youtube prank

  62. Jacque Garcia

    Jacque Garcia5 days ago

    my dog’s name is Bambi 🥺

  63. Sorelity

    Sorelity5 days ago

    The look on Zaynes face .. when jc laughed about what he wants to name his kids 😑🤬 Heath was the only one took em seriously. Then Zane tosses his drink towards jc & accidentally got heath . And the look on heaths face 🙁

  64. Sorelity

    Sorelity5 days ago

    Zane so fascinated by female dogs have periods 😱

  65. Ruth Sotelo

    Ruth Sotelo5 days ago

    matt: “i think it’s a gas meter” 😂😂😂💀💀

  66. skye

    skye5 days ago


  67. Bella

    Bella5 days ago


  68. Khia'sworld

    Khia'sworld5 days ago

    jc has a nice voice

  69. Brielle Goldstein

    Brielle Goldstein6 days ago

    oop heath's the imposter there's no green wire

  70. Pamela Angela

    Pamela Angela6 days ago

    The disillusioned bladder terminally reach because onion noteworthily request throughout a unnatural head. impolite, burly shade

  71. Abdol Faravas

    Abdol Faravas6 days ago

    AHAHAHHA "is elon musks kids name still x double squared 12"

  72. Brianna Montelongo

    Brianna Montelongo6 days ago

    i went to o’connor ahhhh i love you JC

  73. Grace Charette

    Grace Charette6 days ago


  74. Paige ciallela

    Paige ciallela6 days ago

    i literally love his voice like damn JC

  75. Brandalyn Lazo

    Brandalyn Lazo6 days ago

    JC really does sound like Dave Franco. Jesus

  76. Evelyn Sanchez

    Evelyn Sanchez6 days ago

    All of Matt’s rude sounding comments & the way Heath defends JC real quick is so cute lol

  77. emotio9s

    emotio9s6 days ago

    idk why but jc just reminds me of scotty

  78. Moe

    Moe6 days ago

    I love y’all and am probably one of your biggest fans but you guys interrupted JC Sooooooo much

  79. Grace Corrado

    Grace Corrado6 days ago

    uslikes.info/house/p5ulrcl-z5l5oJk/video.html JC hitting his head is in this video!

  80. Jessica Tavares

    Jessica Tavares6 days ago

    he is so sweet

  81. Vina Mistry

    Vina Mistry6 days ago

    JC has such calming vibes

  82. deexx_

    deexx_6 days ago

    matt: if you have twins " haram " and " halal " that shit is fucking underrated

  83. deexx_

    deexx_6 days ago

    it is just me or he looks like scotty?

  84. vicki

    vicki6 days ago

    when JC talks about his dog Zane thought he was talking about Furries hahahahha

  85. vicki

    vicki6 days ago

    this episode is killing me

  86. Samantha Dawn

    Samantha Dawn6 days ago

    My dad worked for UPS too for 26 years and had to retire early bc he was diagnosed with agoraphobia. The life of a UPS fathers kids was spening time with dad after 8pm or weekends until Christmas then you dont see them until after Christmas lol.

  87. Merell Fetterhoff

    Merell Fetterhoff6 days ago

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  88. Okashi Fox

    Okashi Fox6 days ago

    I want all the other guests to come back so I can see them interact with Matt

  89. Mariana C

    Mariana C6 days ago

    I will teach Jc Spanish I am fluent in English and Spanish

  90. Army Only

    Army Only6 days ago

    Omg Jc !!! I hope to see Kian soon

  91. Gaby Gallego

    Gaby Gallego6 days ago

    Jc looks like Craig Mabbitt from Escape the Fate

  92. Emilia Haungs

    Emilia Haungs6 days ago

    Babyface heath scares me

  93. Angie Madrigal

    Angie Madrigal6 days ago

    I love his voice.

  94. Hailey Kittleson

    Hailey Kittleson6 days ago

    literally no one will care but.. at 44:22 when Mariah says "caylen" it sounds like "taylen" depending on what you try to listen for

  95. Jocelyn Castillo

    Jocelyn Castillo6 days ago

    NERD CLUSTERS!!!! they’re my favorite!!!

  96. amaya hunzeker

    amaya hunzeker6 days ago

    Yo he said PNW and I lost my shit yo that's my hoooooome.

  97. Lauren Reddington

    Lauren Reddington7 days ago


  98. Taylor Jade

    Taylor Jade7 days ago

    Ok they are so funny but when Zane named his kids 😂😂😂

  99. Rebecca Soria

    Rebecca Soria7 days ago

    I loved this episode! I hope y'all bring him back for another!

  100. Neesha Carter

    Neesha Carter7 days ago

    What happened to Kenny I’m not convinced that they are being truthful