Steve Rogers Gets Vibranium Shield Scene | Captain America The First Avenger (2011) Movie CLIP 4K

Steve Rogers Gets Vibranium Shield Scene | Captain America The First Avenger (2011) Movie CLIP [4K ULTRA HD]
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  1. BestClips

    BestClips8 days ago

    Steve Rogers And Lorraine - Kiss Scene :

  2. prashant singh thakur

    prashant singh thakur5 days ago, 💕💕❤❤

  3. Caleb Craig

    Caleb Craig6 days ago

    let me have a girlfriend

  4. alexander Guy

    alexander Guy7 days ago


  5. RKB Kirin

    RKB Kirin7 days ago

    I forgot this scene was right after Peggy caught Capt kissing another woman :)

  6. TheGamingLlama Windows

    TheGamingLlama Windows4 hours ago

    I just realised peggy was mad because she caught him kissing a women and was jealous, thats why she grabbed the gun and shot at him

  7. ahmed Alkhiary

    ahmed Alkhiary5 hours ago

    This scene is played like a joke but that chick is crazy, she needs a therapist or something

  8. dieter rosswag

    dieter rosswag5 hours ago

    Feminism is strong here

  9. Quick Knowledge

    Quick Knowledge8 hours ago

    Marvel is usually logical but The smartest person of world war time decided to make a shield out of the rarest metal on earth that doesn't sound smart

  10. Siga12

    Siga128 hours ago

    0:23 Ku##a?

  11. nipsey hussle

    nipsey hussle15 hours ago

    *peggy carter hits rogers with a bullet* Credits roll

  12. El Benezer Mirabuena

    El Benezer MirabuenaDay ago

    Comment section:Vibranium frisbee. Dogs:Trying to catch it with it's mouth but teeth broke.

  13. Scarletbull

    ScarletbullDay ago

    Peggy not letting Cap kissing on the blond slide! 🤣🤣🤣 Sigh! Women! 😂

  14. javier book shadows contributor du

    javier book shadows contributor duDay ago

    609th comment

  15. Maruk Chozt

    Maruk ChoztDay ago

    It shouldn't make a sound like that if it's completely vibration-absorbent

  16. luckyyu2004

    luckyyu2004Day ago

    Jealous woman. #cough

  17. ayu dwirima

    ayu dwirima2 days ago

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  18. IlIl IlIl

    IlIl IlIl2 days ago

    0:50 She's beautiful. What's her name?

  19. Jeremy

    Jeremy2 days ago

    I'd actually forgotten just how lacking in colour a lot of this movie was 🤔

  20. Larry Laurenzi

    Larry Laurenzi2 days ago

    That scene was PURE awesome. Everyman fell in love with her in that moment. Thank you God!

  21. Roberto Osorio

    Roberto Osorio2 days ago

    I just love this scene I don’t know why. I also find it kind of funny for some reason.

  22. xSteel FeveRx

    xSteel FeveRx2 days ago

    How is it that Cap and Howard Stark are bros but Tony cant get along with either of them? Lol

  23. Saurav Gupta

    Saurav Gupta2 days ago

    If the shield was Vibranium then Thanos was Orgasm

  24. Red Symbiote

    Red Symbiote2 days ago

    Everyone: Ha! A vibranium frisbee that is just lying there The loaded gun: ...

  25. ItsZer0

    ItsZer03 days ago

    wait but why was the gun loaded when peggy picked it up

  26. Furness Prime

    Furness Prime3 days ago

    They need a Peggy and Howard movie;

  27. Faisal Enzo

    Faisal Enzo3 days ago

    Legend was born here

  28. lawlzen

    lawlzen3 days ago

    "That's rarest metal we've got." *literally under the table.*

  29. Cape

    Cape3 days ago

    What kind of idiot would shoot I loaded handgun in the middle of a lab. If that would’ve hurt because she or she missed she could’ve killed someone. She should’ve been fired

  30. Ethen Allen

    Ethen Allen3 days ago

    What kind of an idiot leaves a loaded hand gun on a table in a lab?


    AYUMI ASUKA3 days ago

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  32. Captain_Context

    Captain_Context3 days ago

    Actually quite accurate. Its 100% energy absorbant. Which means the bullets would not bounce off it and would fall directly down. But in the rest of the Marvel Universe, they use that shield to reflect and bounce things off. And when he thows it, it should also not bounce off walls and stuff, but fall down directly.

  33. Axingsword Lol

    Axingsword Lol3 days ago

    That shield clearly vibrated after it was shot

  34. Barack Obama

    Barack Obama4 days ago

    They really needed the flirting scene before this for context on why she was so quick to shoot him.

  35. 3dbadboy1

    3dbadboy14 days ago

    Steve: I've never had any experience with women and none have ever noticed me before. I didn't know what to do. Peggy: Doesn't matter, you're still on my shit list. You could be a million miles away stranded on a remote island and you'll still be wrong.

  36. Mr Zlxe

    Mr Zlxe4 days ago

    When u make your crush jealous

  37. Parker Teo

    Parker Teo4 days ago

    Imagine if Tony's suit was made of vibranium

  38. Chandler Gloyd

    Chandler Gloyd4 days ago

    “That shield doesnt belong to you. my father made that shield” “your dad caste a frisbee with a billion dollars worth of metal and then cast it aside congrats”

  39. Freddy Diz

    Freddy Diz4 days ago

    thats when Cpt America fell in LOVe with peggy

  40. Jesse A

    Jesse A4 days ago

    Man how I wish we could’ve got a scene of Howard painting the shield.

  41. Yeonseung Shin

    Yeonseung Shin4 days ago

    Plot twist: that shield was actually aluminum and steve died

  42. Jaylen Mayorga

    Jaylen Mayorga4 days ago

    What if you heard Howard Stark start screaming cause the bullet ricochet and hit him🤣🤣🤣

  43. Jaylen Mayorga

    Jaylen Mayorga4 days ago

    Women 🙄🙄😂🤣

  44. tailedgates9

    tailedgates95 days ago

    Even his choice of weaponry is so humble. Miss you Steve.

  45. Piotr Brys

    Piotr Brys5 days ago

    vibration resistant, yet vibrates enough to make a loud sound - hmm yes movie logic go brrrrr

  46. Luke stokes

    Luke stokes5 days ago

    "Its better you have it, any longer and Morgan would have taken it sledding"

  47. MissLaraAshcroft

    MissLaraAshcroft5 days ago

    You would think a stuff made from one of the most precious metals on earth like the vibranium which is very rarely found outside Wakanda would be handled in more special care. Instead, it just randomly laid there among other stuffs in the bottom shelf, lol

  48. 지민박

    지민박5 days ago

    i would prefer the shield broken by mjolnir than some random sword of a purple guy, lmao.

  49. Sean W

    Sean W5 days ago

    And the ricochet from the shield hits 3 officers and Peg is tried for treason and sent to a firing squad. Furious oved the way the allies treated her, Rogers goes to Germany to consider defecting, upon learning the truth of central banking and Zionism, he agrees to fight for the axis and helps bring a swift end to the era of usury, thereafter known as the era of the black star. He watches economic recovery, and returns to America a hero, but wants nothing to do with America and passes the shield to Bucky, who was surrendered to the Germans following a successful operation: typhoon. Rogers and his best friend retire, and keep a watchful eye on the world. Ensuring that freedom, peace, and stability continue.

  50. AlexIsModded

    AlexIsModded5 days ago

    Peggy is more badass than anyone to have ever walked the Earth.

  51. J.L. Liu

    J.L. Liu5 days ago

    "Lady! You do not shoot a fxcking gun on a fxcking deflective shield in a room full of people! The Russians have more workplace safety awareness than you."

  52. Sara Carr

    Sara Carr5 days ago

    Why am I just realizing how sepia tone this movie is?

  53. Dorian Crutcher

    Dorian Crutcher5 days ago

    So the rarest metal on earth, and the government used to it make a shield and they stored under some random desk?

  54. GamingBlarg

    GamingBlarg5 days ago

    It's very American when you think about it isn't it?

  55. Selly Sex

    Selly Sex6 days ago

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  56. r

    r6 days ago

    the real question is: How did the cut the vibranium to make that shield?


    DEVIL GAMING6 days ago

    Fuck you captain America We love ironman always

  58. Nathaniel Lampman

    Nathaniel Lampman6 days ago

    Peggy shot at Steve Rogers/Captain America because she is pissed that he kissed another woman Lorraine earlier instead of her. LOL

  59. Noah Makujina

    Noah Makujina6 days ago

    Howard: "Hydra's not gonna attack you with a pocket knife." Bucky: Not yet

  60. NRG Sxpreme Ψ

    NRG Sxpreme Ψ31 minute ago

    Love that

  61. makala bishop

    makala bishop3 days ago

    the sound i made was demonic

  62. Laudya Bohay

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  63. Paul

    Paul6 days ago

    And Cap drew up his own suit, more examples of him as an artist. Wish we'd gotten more than his monkey drawing and Stark Towers in the 1st Avengers.


    ANDREW TEH ZHI HENG Moe6 days ago

    Cap: what you think Agent: grab thanos sword Cap: shit

  65. Dewa Jackson

    Dewa Jackson6 days ago

    Is that harley davidson 00.05 tht the guy fixing

  66. Wrekinwolf

    Wrekinwolf6 days ago

    Hahaha she just shot at him. Lol

  67. Aries Thezodiac

    Aries Thezodiac6 days ago

    I still don't get the appeal of a Phalanx shield for high stakes modern warfare. Just aim for the legs and he's down like a sack of potatoes.

  68. vcwchen

    vcwchen6 days ago

    a woman does it it's feisty hot a man does it he's a misogynistic psychopath

  69. HavenHale

    HavenHale6 days ago

    Some smart mouths in this comment section talking about vibranium... A fictional metal with a fictional science in it. It's a damn movie. Sound effects is needed for that particular scene. 🙄

  70. KANNAN A

    KANNAN A6 days ago

    0:50 ha ha

  71. Crazy Evo

    Crazy Evo6 days ago

    Wait till she finds out he kissed her niece.

  72. Ahmed Munir

    Ahmed Munir6 days ago

    Hydra secretary boss why don't we shoot him in the leg what are you stupid that will defeat the whole purpose of the shield

  73. Goldenart 121

    Goldenart 1216 days ago

    “Hydras not gonna attack you with a pocket knife” *bucky later proceeds to attack him with a knife*

  74. Regular Latina

    Regular Latina6 days ago

    When Steve peeped out of the shield he really said: damn😳

  75. Terra

    Terra6 days ago

    If its completly vibration absorbent how can it ring ? ever thought about that

  76. daryl washington

    daryl washington7 days ago

    Use your words, agent carter

  77. AgentMoche

    AgentMoche7 days ago

    bruh imagine if they had two shields the same shape but different materials and Steve grabbed the weaker one and Peggy just straight up kills him

  78. Tony Electionfraud

    Tony Electionfraud7 days ago

    Dumb broad. Reverse the roles and the man would be a villain

  79. The Danish Chilean

    The Danish Chilean7 days ago

    Why does Steve have jump wings?

  80. Sam Foston

    Sam Foston7 days ago

    I used to go school with Dom Cooper. Still funny seeing him in clips and films.

  81. Bootaro Shoejo

    Bootaro Shoejo7 days ago

    Everyone: The shield is invincible The Thanos copter: *CZOP CZOP*

  82. Samael Morningstar

    Samael Morningstar7 days ago

    Nothing scarier than a jealous girl 😂

  83. karee Ong

    karee Ong7 days ago

    The lowly dream clearly separate because lotion morphometrically shop regarding a adaptable network. gainful, nondescript sunday

  84. Littletime

    Littletime7 days ago

    Someone is on their period!

  85. SouthTexasPrepper

    SouthTexasPrepper7 days ago

    Do you think that Agent Carter is a bit pi**ed at "Cap?"

  86. Snigdha K P

    Snigdha K P7 days ago

    Most rarest metal on earth Lying casually under table

  87. clash of clan

    clash of clan7 days ago

    Moral of the story: dont ask questions when your woman of interest is in a mood.

  88. clash of clan

    clash of clan7 days ago

    There was venom in every one of those bullets and they both knew it.

  89. ETHRON1

    ETHRON17 days ago

    I was waiting for..."I'm in love".

  90. Blender Booster

    Blender Booster7 days ago

    So how they say it’s vibration proof but it makes sound everywhere he moves it

  91. Yang Wang

    Yang Wang7 days ago

    Not Tony Stark's father making a frisbee out of the rarest metal on earth which is their entire supply and the fact that he wasn't even planning to show Steve-

  92. Viet HV

    Viet HV7 days ago

    Ah, she wants to kill him out of pure jealousy! Definitely the woman he should marr.... oh wait! He did.

  93. True Words

    True Words7 days ago

    Imajine if the bullets bounced back and hit someone .

  94. Ria Fuziawaty

    Ria Fuziawaty7 days ago

    Savage scene

  95. qwertiedota

    qwertiedota7 days ago

    Plot twist: The prototype is made of Aluminum. Steve Roger died this day.

  96. Addison raee

    Addison raee7 days ago

    The ubiquitous queen scientifically deliver because ketchup metrically queue sans a ugly waiter. worried, messy shape

  97. Idontevenknow 64

    Idontevenknow 647 days ago

    Imagine he didn’t put the shield up in time and she shot him in the head

  98. Akai Seigo

    Akai Seigo7 days ago

    Gosh, you gotta love that woman!What an awesome gal!

  99. Royal Shuvro

    Royal Shuvro7 days ago

    YES 🥰

  100. kemuael

    kemuael7 days ago

    Woman are crazy, nuff said. Lol

  101. but why

    but why7 days ago

    He is so lucky that no one ever shot his legs...

  102. Logan McSharry

    Logan McSharry7 days ago

    I'm sorry I just can't get over Peggy in this scene. She is not happy at all

  103. Will Jackson

    Will Jackson7 days ago

    * bullet ricochets, killing Howard stark, subsequently putting agent Carter in prison, story ends *

  104. Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson7 days ago

    “Go for the Legs” - Tony Edward Stark probably

  105. Siddharth Chakraborty

    Siddharth Chakraborty5 hours ago

    Anthony Edward stark .... But anyways iron man is ❤️

  106. Imran Satar

    Imran Satar7 days ago

    wow this is asome

  107. Ishika Kumari

    Ishika Kumari7 days ago

    Are you not upload Hindi dubbed 🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

  108. Chuma Works

    Chuma Works7 days ago

    So what if she just fucking shot him in the face, ultimately dooming the entirety of the universe lmaooo

  109. Yash Raj Singh Rathore

    Yash Raj Singh Rathore7 days ago

    Earu is the hardest metal harder than vibranium also thatswhy thanos was able to break the shield