Great Backyard Bird Count - The event was a hit!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone around the world who joined in the Great Backyard Bird Count 2021! Here are some of the participation numbers so far. If you enjoyed this event, please consider our other fun and easy birding activities this year:
View more GBBC results at
Many thanks to all GBBC photographers!
Bird photos were all shared via Macaulay Library. Photographer credits, in order of appearance:
Carolina Wren by Gary Mueller; American Kestrel by Michiel Oversteegen; Black-and-white Warbler by Suzanne Beville; Blue-and-yellow Macaw by Valerio Vilela; Bohemian Waxwing by Michael Hatton; Tree Swallow by Jhoneil Centeno; Common Myna by Leonardus Adi Saktyari; Cooper's Hawk by Alex Muench; Dark-eyed Junco by Estela Quintero-Weldon; Downy Woodpecker by Anonymous eBirder; Eastern Bluebirds by David Clapp; Egyptian Geese and Blacksmith Lapwings by Piet Du Preez; Bearded Reedling by Rego Ostonen; Eurasian Siskin by Jacques Erard; Eurasian Tree Sparrow by Anonymous eBirder; Blue-gray Tanager by Manuel Pérez R.; Eurasian Wigeon by Frank King; European Robin by Миша Zlatarov; Evening Grosbeaks by David Griffin; Flame-throated Bulbul by Novelkumar M S; Barred Owl by Anonymous eBirder; Common Redpoll by Francois St-Cyr; Cape Sugarbird by Bruce Ward-Smith.
Participant photo credits, in order of appearance:
Nanda Currant; Janine Smallman; Christina Woodson; Lourdes Molinar; Greg Slak; Cynthia Staszak; Debbie Kosater; Diane Quance; Cheryl Taylor; Delbert Penner; Uma Pandiya; Tiare Rivera; Maria Joao Chambel; Linda Miller; Leslie Weitzel; Paula Brown; Shirley Andrews; Uma Pandiya.
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  1. Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology6 days ago

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    WILD NATURE BRAZIL5 days ago

    Of Course! Just did it!

  3. Anand G

    Anand G7 hours ago

    "Black-browed babbler found in Borneo 180 years after last sighting" Patrick Barkham @ Thu 25 Feb 2021 01.00 EST writes for Guardian.

  4. Devika Rani

    Devika RaniDay ago

    This year my count was on coastal India. West coast . The day I watched the sea eagle fly over me was a great feeling.

  5. Anand G

    Anand G7 hours ago

    👍, any luck from the respective area for spotting oriental honey buzzard (Pernis ptilorhynchus), during it's 2021 winter migration 🙏.

  6. Cockatiels and California birds

    Cockatiels and California birdsDay ago

    Thank you so much for hosting! It was great!

  7. 白文鳥のひなちゃん

    白文鳥のひなちゃん2 days ago


  8. Mitchell Brennan

    Mitchell Brennan2 days ago


  9. battakh family

    battakh family3 days ago

    Very nice....👍👍👍

  10. Michele Koenig Augeri

    Michele Koenig Augeri3 days ago

    I confess that when I saw the number of countries and individuals who participated I began to weep. At a time when the biodiversity of our planet is in such danger and the news about the natural world is so often dire, this reminder that there are people everywhere around the world who care enough to notice and acknowledge the creatures with whom we share this planet was really really appreciated. Thank you so much!

  11. Anand G

    Anand G7 hours ago


  12. Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology3 days ago

    Thank you for these kind words.

  13. Chuenguey Hwang

    Chuenguey Hwang4 days ago

    Nice.Thanks for sharing.

  14. cassandra Fashano

    cassandra Fashano4 days ago

    Great fun . We saw birds that were rare and my hubby, niece and I heard owls at night

  15. Zunair Birds

    Zunair Birds4 days ago


  16. Penny Simmons

    Penny Simmons4 days ago

    I was so excited to do this but with this horrible pandemic, I wasn’t able to go anywhere. In my area (Pinckney, Mi.) my house is in a swamp area. I was able to see one red headed woodpecker, (at a neighbors bird feeder) and a group of, not sure what. Too far in the water area to identify, but looked the size of cranes. I will do this again, and happy to help anyway I can. It made me excited to look for more birds when the weather is better. That timeframe, I was basically locked in and snowbound. Wish I had binoculars you can take photos with (is there such a thing. Lol)

  17. Francesca S

    Francesca S4 days ago

    Was not able to join, hope to next year. Glad it was a success!

  18. Sir Albatoris

    Sir Albatoris4 days ago


  19. Joe Doaks

    Joe Doaks5 days ago

    I did the Christmas bird count for around 10 seasons late 90's into mid 2000 and we noted a decline in transients and some for locals. Is there anyone contrasting past and present? I've noted a big decline in the local finch, sparrow and transient numbers. I'm in the flyway on the east side of the Northern Sierra.

  20. Carol Mahoney

    Carol Mahoney5 days ago

    Thanks for inspiring me to take a closer look at the beautiful and fascinating birds we enjoy so much!

  21. wutz4tea

    wutz4tea5 days ago

    I loved doing it!

  22. Manuel Alberto Pérez Ramírez

    Manuel Alberto Pérez Ramírez5 days ago

    Proud to participate and see one of my photos in the video, Tks. a lot for your great work!

  23. Suzanne Schrein

    Suzanne Schrein5 days ago

    I was disappointed that I wasn't going to be home that weekend but I was able to do 1 day of watching while traveling. I love participating in the count!

  24. Ellen Schecter

    Ellen Schecter5 days ago

    My first time! I had no idea I was part of such a large effort. Thrilled to help.

  25. Sweet Stuff

    Sweet Stuff4 days ago

    SAME! 😀

  26. Ivan Novotny

    Ivan Novotny5 days ago

    Thank you for giving me another pleasure in live. Just love it!

  27. Apple

    Apple5 days ago

    Was a lot of fun 🙂 looking forward to next year

  28. Mary

    Mary5 days ago

    So impressive! "Well done" to all!

  29. Vivian Krug

    Vivian Krug5 days ago

    Wonderful! I enjoyed participating!

  30. fRiGhTfUl

    fRiGhTfUl5 days ago

    I had a great time birding alone while it snowed in Emmett Idaho looking for birds to add to the #GBBC. Thank you Cornell Lab of Ornithology!


    CAMPFIRESKY5 days ago

    I had not participated in 2 years. Now that I am in North Carolina, I have all sorts of "new birds" to enjoy.

  32. Pamela Spooner

    Pamela Spooner5 days ago

    I am in Texas and our power outages also affected my phone and the ebird app. On Feb 13 the app had some kind of glitch and it recorded no time period but did capture my bird count (one of 2 submitted that day). It was a day with a flock of 70 robins and 20 plus cedar waxwings so was significant. How can I correct the time error? Thanks.

  33. sally mac

    sally mac5 days ago

    You are my peeps! It's been my experience that people who love people love Nature in all her manifestations. Birds sang out their hearts during lockdown and kept my spirit alive. I welcome them back this Spring :-)

  34. YouLose Is a loser!

    YouLose Is a loser!5 days ago

    What's up with the swirls in your bird sign? We know what that means and we also know who went to Cornell and the things done in the dark. Repent before it's too late.

  35. Dating & Relationship Coach

    Dating & Relationship Coach5 days ago

    I had a ball! It was a wonderful weekend and I even found a new bird I hadn't seen before!

  36. Susan Harrison

    Susan Harrison5 days ago

    Loved doing this! Fun fun fun! 🦆🦅🦉🦩🕊 learned a bunch by looking up each bird and learning more about them.


    WILD NATURE BRAZIL5 days ago

    Congratulations from the Brazilian Pantanal!

  38. Nobody

    Nobody5 days ago

    Love and big air hugs to all bird lovers worldwide 😸㊗️😍🦆🐦🦅🦉🦄

  39. Deborah Kogan

    Deborah Kogan5 days ago

    I enjoy doing this every year. Thank you for keeping the world's records!

  40. Conservative Patriots & Oath keepers

    Conservative Patriots & Oath keepers5 days ago

    Colorado: I am retired and go every day getting those shots that are so hard to get. I am big into the Big birds of prey but will shoot, camera click, anything that will make you stop breathing. I use a Nikkon D7500 with a NIKKOR 300mm and 70mm lens. My settings are always setting custom at 5k and still shot action. I have a photo of an owl that is flying, pitch dark except headlights, in front of my car at 10,000k ft., Jefferson Colorado, with a 10 foot wingspan. He flew for about 10 seconds in front of the car going 55 mph. Each wingtip were about 8 to 10 inches outside of each left / right of the front of the car. I hope that made sense. This dude was HUGE...... I did the hummingbird still shots for awhile as well. If anyone ever wants to share their knowledge or excitement you can email me at I am now, today, into some great Colorado mountain top pics ~ Salute! This piece was great ~ Thx Cornell Lab

  41. Tricia Martin

    Tricia Martin5 days ago

    Why did the video move so fast over the birds and so slow over the people. I was really disappointed in barely being able to view the birds.

  42. Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology4 days ago

    Hi Tricia, please find a playlist of birds to enjoy here:

  43. Miguel Ortiz

    Miguel Ortiz5 days ago

    Gracias Cornell Lab. Thank you for everything.

  44. Anand G

    Anand G6 days ago

    👏👏👏👍, sad that I could not join in... when is the next count. btw, paying respects the words of Uma Pandiyan 🙏

  45. chandrakant mane sky for birds

    chandrakant mane sky for birds6 days ago

    Thanks to 'Cornell Lab'.🙏🌹💐🌱🌳🕊️🕊️

  46. Joe Shmoe

    Joe Shmoe6 days ago

    Too cold that weekend here. -25C. House Sparrows, Magpies, Flicker, Nut hatch(red b) of course Chickadees, and the odd Downey. Of course this is every day. The sparrow count is 20, 30 , 50, 100...depends on the day. The max flock is around 150. I put out various feed, and since I have done that I have seen a total of 30 species, including 6 other sparrow types. Clay Colored, Lincoln, White Throated, White Crowned, Savanah, and Chipping. Coolest was the Lazuli Bunting a few years back. Last spring. was a first for Yellow Rumped Warblers. Cheers

  47. Carol Reifsteck

    Carol Reifsteck6 days ago

    Thank you so much for making this a very special GBBC this year for me. Loved your reaching out to everyone, webinars and the beautiful video. Thanks!!!

  48. Good Karma Birding

    Good Karma Birding6 days ago

    Amazing! We had so much fun participating! We were able to report close 30 species over the weekend!

  49. nancynesytofreske

    nancynesytofreske6 days ago

    My 15 month old granddaughter was watching with me!

  50. Anand G

    Anand G6 days ago


  51. SL Bullens

    SL Bullens6 days ago

    Look forward to it every year! Thank you!!

  52. Adrienne Wilson

    Adrienne Wilson6 days ago

    This was and always is fun!! Love my birds and love that there are so many bird watchers. Thanks to everyone!!

  53. battakh family

    battakh family3 days ago

    I love my ducks....I have ducks and duck channel 🦆🦆🦆🤗👍

  54. Massimo Bafetti

    Massimo Bafetti6 days ago

    Thank you so much for hosting this! I was able to get some of my school friends to start birding because of the GBBC!

  55. Youtuberwithswag

    Youtuberwithswag6 days ago

    Thank you so much! I really loved participating.

  56. Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology6 days ago

    You're so welcome!

  57. Scott O'Keeffe

    Scott O'Keeffe6 days ago

    Hello from NSW, Australia! I got rained out. 😞

  58. sally mac

    sally mac5 days ago

    lots more opportunities!

  59. MiTmite9

    MiTmite96 days ago

    Participating was loads of fun.

  60. tbc27Z

    tbc27Z6 days ago

    Nice 🐦

  61. Cris Guenter

    Cris Guenter6 days ago

    This was such fun and an eye-opener for how many species frequent the area around my home. Can I continue to submit checklists ongoing or do I have to wait until February 2022 before I can submit checklists and photos? Thank you for encouraging and supporting this global event!

  62. Cris Guenter

    Cris Guenter4 days ago

    @Sim Wood Thank you so much, Sim! That is exactly what I wanted to know! I can continue to log sightings during the year for my learning and eBird account.

  63. Sim Wood

    Sim Wood5 days ago

    Results towards GBBC can be added until March 1st but you can add any sightings of your own on eBird at any time though, I regularly submit whenever I've seen something of note. When you are logged in on the desktop site the Submit button is to the right of the word eBird and on a mobile page it is in the three bar menu, or you can use the app too.

  64. Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology6 days ago

    Yes you can! Data entry remains open until March 1, but the information you enter should only be from the four days of the Great Backyard Bird Count.

  65. Shanti007

    Shanti0076 days ago

    It's always a pleasure, thank you for bringing us together with Nature and each other!

  66. Cherrybomb510

    Cherrybomb5106 days ago

    It's always a pleasure to participate, thanks Cornell for bringing us together!❤

  67. Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology6 days ago

    Thanks for taking part!

  68. Coby the Bird Nerd

    Coby the Bird Nerd6 days ago

    Thank you for this!

  69. Pat Gordon

    Pat Gordon6 days ago

    How very wonderful, so much to see and study.

  70. Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology6 days ago

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  71. Bird-O-Mania

    Bird-O-Mania6 days ago

    Thank you for hosting this!

  72. Vishnu Vallabh

    Vishnu Vallabh6 days ago

    Very cool