We played Dodgeball in a 5 Star Restaurant! *things got messy😂*

Hey guys! In this video, we play dodgeball in a five-star restaurant! We had some friends over at Hi5 studios help set up and battle this crazy game! Players must throw balls through the tables and try their best to get every single person out! There are food and drinks being served though out the entire game so it's going to get messy!! Who do you think will win? Some other videos you may like are Eating 1 Color Food for 24 hrs | Who will give up first?, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Pull Wrong Tooth & Get EATEN by the CROC!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win??
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  1. Mikael Wise

    Mikael Wise5 hours ago

    Best idea ever

  2. Star Storm_

    Star Storm_17 hours ago

    I love how Bryan asked Jordan to join his table and right afterwards, A ball gets thrown by Kevin to Jordan’s head. And it kills me everytime I watch this video.

  3. Heather Keogh

    Heather Keogh17 hours ago

    This one had me rollin! Loved this one...they need to do another one like this.

  4. Serena

    Serena17 hours ago

    Omg please more of these

  5. Liam Fan

    Liam Fan18 hours ago

    connor looks deppresed 0:36

  6. Delphi

    DelphiDay ago


  7. Lord Velociraptor

    Lord VelociraptorDay ago

    Josh be lookin like Gordon Ramsay

  8. Dylan Luongo

    Dylan LuongoDay ago

    I feels so bad for the waiter

  9. Laranya satpathy

    Laranya satpathy2 days ago

    I wheezed when j-Fred said “ I’m alive!!”

  10. Brady Hamm

    Brady Hamm2 days ago

    We need a part 2 with more teams

  11. Rednecks with no Paychecks

    Rednecks with no Paychecks2 days ago

    “I’m alive” - Joey 2021

  12. Rednecks with no Paychecks

    Rednecks with no Paychecks2 days ago

    “ I’m alive “ - Bobby 2021

  13. Rednecks with no Paychecks

    Rednecks with no Paychecks2 days ago

    I mean joey

  14. Mobile Goat

    Mobile Goat2 days ago

    You guys should do dinosaur dodgeball

  15. zebraspot

    zebraspot2 days ago

    was I the only one that disliked it because they were being very mean to the waiter

  16. Wraith

    Wraith3 days ago

    Watching this made my day a bit better reminded me of when I use to play dodgeball during pe

  17. Spencer Gruse

    Spencer Gruse3 days ago

    At 12:30 did Joey say sh*t

  18. Rosalia Rosales

    Rosalia Rosales3 days ago

    This was the funniest video I’ve ever watched 💀

  19. I don’t Know

    I don’t Know3 days ago

    This reminded me of the show “Silent Library” 😂 everyone is just minding their own business meanwhile there are two teams just doing stupid things around them 😭😂

  20. lucas nielsen

    lucas nielsen3 days ago

    i think this the funniest video they have made, hands down the best.

  21. mysterious world

    mysterious world3 days ago

    i'm crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 who ever came up with this game , god bless you

  22. Leon Venegas

    Leon Venegas3 days ago


  23. Rozlynd Young

    Rozlynd Young4 days ago

    Can Bobby be on our team for dodgeball at youth group😭

  24. Tony burger

    Tony burger4 days ago


  25. Sarah Pounovich

    Sarah Pounovich4 days ago

    This is so funny

  26. Jake Eves

    Jake Eves4 days ago

    jordan got hit in the head so many times only on the second hit was he like oh then what is wrong with you people on the first time he dident even flinch

  27. ItzKitKat

    ItzKitKat4 days ago

    I loved this video so much!

  28. Jyothy Cijupanicker

    Jyothy Cijupanicker4 days ago

    This looks like john wick in the photo

  29. TITANO

    TITANO4 days ago

    Josh resident badass dodging balls ever so flawlessly.

  30. Jehrgrhe

    Jehrgrhe4 days ago

    Karol count: is 8

  31. Hovering Dolphin

    Hovering Dolphin5 days ago

    Is it just me or did I just see Brian dip a bread in water

  32. Dalena Torres

    Dalena Torres5 days ago

    This is my 4th time watching this video because I love it

  33. Eternal Sword of durendal

    Eternal Sword of durendal6 days ago

    Connor trying to get that joke so hard but no one gets it

  34. JackKahn Playz

    JackKahn Playz6 days ago

    bobby looks like a chick-fil-a manager

  35. Tandr06 Gaming

    Tandr06 Gaming6 days ago

    Honestly one of the funniest Team Edge videos I’ve ever seen.

  36. mysterious world

    mysterious world3 days ago

    totally agree their latest videos were okay, i laughed a little bit and mostly smiling but in this video i was crying from 🤣 till the end reminded me of team edge old times, were i used to get stomachache from laughing hard on every video

  37. CatBait Playz

    CatBait Playz6 days ago

    Bobby: *gets hit in the head* also Bobby: cold spaghetti

  38. Alpha CB

    Alpha CB6 days ago

    in the championship i think bobby was just trying to take out the waiter

  39. Cheesy Charizard

    Cheesy Charizard6 days ago

    I really hope they do more dodge ball stuff like this

  40. French potato

    French potato7 days ago

    The waiter jus scooping up the food on the floor I feel so bad for him

  41. Avi Ellenoff

    Avi Ellenoff7 days ago

    Ok clicking on this, I didn't think it would be anything special but omg this was one of the funniest videos ive seen in a while also welcome back connor!

  42. DaniXSD_

    DaniXSD_7 days ago

    Bobby laughing at bryan’s acting is wholesome

  43. Maxyboy

    Maxyboy7 days ago

    YOU NEEEED to do another one of these, it's too good

  44. Jursiboii

    Jursiboii7 days ago

    Stuntman Kevin shooting straight fire on Jordan's head but he didnt almost even budge 🤣🤣

  45. Jorge Ascanio

    Jorge Ascanio7 days ago

    Why the USlikesers don’t react you’re video

  46. Ethan Spicer

    Ethan Spicer7 days ago

    0:41 I'm gonna ask?

  47. Wyatt Edwards

    Wyatt Edwards7 days ago

    The way Josh dodged the ball and it moved his hair😂complete swag

  48. Tycos Hollow

    Tycos Hollow7 days ago

    Kevin looks like chef Ramsey

  49. gaming with ocean

    gaming with ocean7 days ago

    i really love my floor salad with water dressing

  50. Kirk Renee B. Etcobanez

    Kirk Renee B. Etcobanez7 days ago

    Kiven and bobby looks like clydes fathers from the loud house

  51. Jaxon Heads

    Jaxon Heads8 days ago


  52. Roy Curtii

    Roy Curtii8 days ago

    Savage oohhh

  53. Neilmen Hauslendale

    Neilmen Hauslendale8 days ago

    I love this video

  54. Emily Elizabeth Buchanan

    Emily Elizabeth Buchanan8 days ago

    Conner's laugh at 6:33 is priceless!

  55. TALA

    TALA8 days ago

    This is so funny. I can not stop laughing at it.🤣🤣

  56. Noah Hinton

    Noah Hinton8 days ago

    If that was my restaurant, I would say “go right ahead”. Other people:🤬

  57. Luka Markovic

    Luka Markovic8 days ago

    The guy who all most got hit that guy with blond hair is a beast

  58. Rodney Francillon

    Rodney Francillon8 days ago

    So were not going to talk about the baby?

  59. SandSt0rm19

    SandSt0rm198 days ago

    This is one of my new favorite videos

  60. Matthew Nichols

    Matthew Nichols8 days ago

    Part 2 this is so funny

  61. Jacob Jacinto

    Jacob Jacinto9 days ago

    Lowkey thought Josh. Was Jason nash😂😂😂

  62. Ragan Young

    Ragan Young9 days ago

    They Named the restaurant and it is a real buffet

  63. Legend19 •

    Legend19 •9 days ago

    3:48 Kung Lao wins 😂

  64. the predator867

    the predator8679 days ago

    5:11: Bobby gets hit in the head and says I will take the cold spaghetti had me dying

  65. Arshad Siddique

    Arshad Siddique9 days ago

    Need a part 2

  66. Anime dweeb

    Anime dweeb9 days ago


  67. Janet A.

    Janet A.9 days ago

    Connor is my spirit animal. "You wanna date me instead? He is yelling"

  68. Blueguy _10

    Blueguy _1010 days ago

    Did any1 get a concussion from this vid

  69. A.C. Gonzalez

    A.C. Gonzalez10 days ago

    Josh looks like gordon ramsay


    ASHLYN RODRIGUEZ10 days ago

    Do another one of these I loved this video soo much ❤️❤️

  71. Devyn Dimartino

    Devyn Dimartino10 days ago

    Funniest vid on their channel

  72. Eija-Leena Lehtola

    Eija-Leena Lehtola10 days ago

    More!!!! Plsssss

  73. Trax Company

    Trax Company10 days ago

    Anyone know the name of the song in round 2?

  74. Phoenix Gaming

    Phoenix Gaming10 days ago

    6:27 LOL RIP BOBBY

  75. Simple Person

    Simple Person10 days ago

    Anyone wants a Part 2 of this chaos?

  76. Cathlaine Vylette Devijo

    Cathlaine Vylette Devijo11 days ago

    I laughed so hard when i saw bobby just throwing the ball at the waiter

  77. - Tzadakim -

    - Tzadakim -11 days ago

    I miss playing dodgeball in school :(

  78. Maxwell Liu

    Maxwell Liu11 days ago

    Omg Jordan's hair lol

  79. Shadow Mix

    Shadow Mix11 days ago

    I wanna see another video like this, it's funny and made my day

  80. MrSon

    MrSon11 days ago

    i feel bad for the waiter, this video wasted so much food

  81. Legacy Maul

    Legacy Maul11 days ago

    J-Fred and Bryan should be called J-Bread

  82. Unusable

    Unusable11 days ago

    Also why does Jordan keep getting hit in the head he already got a concussion last time

  83. Brorons

    Brorons11 days ago

    Kebby looks like a happy same-sex couple and I love it

  84. Jonah Pierre

    Jonah Pierre11 days ago

    11:07 "You keetch it you cap it!!!"

  85. Jonah Pierre

    Jonah Pierre11 days ago


  86. Snorlax ff

    Snorlax ff11 days ago


  87. EthanVenlivrenVari

    EthanVenlivrenVari11 days ago

    Oh my god this is great. XD

  88. T.A.B.S Boxing League

    T.A.B.S Boxing League11 days ago

    Poor jordan XD 4:03 and 8:18

  89. Wade Mifsud

    Wade Mifsud11 days ago

    So hilarious 🤣

  90. xxTopTigerxx

    xxTopTigerxx11 days ago

    I really love this! There has to be a part 2!

  91. nevan fabian

    nevan fabian11 days ago

    So funy

  92. Akii 24

    Akii 2411 days ago

    That must be the funniest Team Edge video I have watched😂😂😂😂

  93. Stephen Flores

    Stephen Flores11 days ago

    It’s so funny😆😆😆😆

  94. Aditya bhowmik

    Aditya bhowmik12 days ago

    there is a ghost nearby can u see it???? Karol:huh?

  95. Broke_ 6oisb

    Broke_ 6oisb12 days ago

    I was thinking of Who I Smoke when the background music in the beginning was playin💀

  96. Ashlee Pigg

    Ashlee Pigg12 days ago

    Connor: I love my water dressing Connor 2 seconds later: the dressing’s a little plain

  97. American McGee’s Collins

    American McGee’s Collins12 days ago


  98. Casey Brannstrom

    Casey Brannstrom12 days ago

    1:26 Bobby's hangry

  99. Blaine O'Brien

    Blaine O'Brien12 days ago

    8:50 now that’s a face you make when you play dodgeball😅😂

  100. southern rayen

    southern rayen12 days ago

    This was the best!!! 😂😂❤️

  101. Ashlyn Hessler

    Ashlyn Hessler12 days ago

    Omg so funny 😂 can’t stop laughing

  102. Nanania

    Nanania12 days ago

    I love that Stunt Kevin has become an honorary part of the Team Edge family! He’s funny