Husband and Wife Swap Phones for a Day!

Husband and wife swap phones for a day! In today's video, Audrey and Spencer will be swapping phones, playing games on each others phones, watching TikToks, and pranking each other. Would you swap your phone with someone else for 24 hours?
Thank you all for subscribing and coming along on this journey with us. Hugs!
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Audrey and Spencer


  1. Audrey and Spencer

    Audrey and Spencer16 days ago

    Thanks for watching today's video! Would you swap your phone with someone else for 24 hours? (Yes that's the question from the description, don't @ me)

  2. Julius Araracap

    Julius Araracap5 days ago

    Yessssssssssssssss girl yesss

  3. Ava Plays

    Ava Plays9 days ago

    I would if they only want to play games or watch USlikes

  4. Olivia and Emely Plays Roblox

    Olivia and Emely Plays Roblox9 days ago

    Yeah yes

  5. Fung Yin Yuk

    Fung Yin Yuk9 days ago

    your dad

  6. Samantha Hutson

    Samantha Hutson10 days ago

    My BFF Addy since kindergarten btw I’m a senior now

  7. Emily Carreon

    Emily Carreon2 hours ago


  8. sweaty peeps

    sweaty peepsDay ago

    The registry is still open

  9. Megan Hanna

    Megan HannaDay ago

    Spencer needs to see Jake and ty's clones

  10. Tessa Bennett

    Tessa BennettDay ago

    mine is friday

  11. Nico Collard

    Nico Collard2 days ago

    My phone is a OnePlus Nord

  12. Aspen Schlachter

    Aspen Schlachter2 days ago


  13. Noriza Rizvi

    Noriza Rizvi3 days ago

    every kid: i wanna be a doctor or a firefiter or a astronout Spencer:i wanna be a yoyo specialist

  14. EJ H

    EJ H4 days ago

    My favorite day of the week is Wenesday.

  15. Jamahlynn Parson

    Jamahlynn Parson4 days ago

    Audrey did you know apple uses Samsung parts in there phones so technically you do like androids

  16. Josephine Jaloway

    Josephine Jaloway4 days ago

    I can literally smell the cardboard from my screen

  17. Brylee Carlson

    Brylee Carlson4 days ago


  18. Kim Ricketts

    Kim Ricketts4 days ago

    my favorite day of the week is Friday because that's when I get off of school

  19. MaKenna Couchman

    MaKenna Couchman5 days ago


  20. MaKenna Couchman

    MaKenna Couchman5 days ago


  21. RobloxJane Dang

    RobloxJane Dang5 days ago

    I did not know you guy’s where husband and wife

  22. Elyse Tan

    Elyse Tan5 days ago


  23. • Umzy •

    • Umzy •5 days ago

    When the heck did u get married

  24. Norfieandharvey Lover

    Norfieandharvey Lover5 days ago

    Ilysm Audrey

  25. Jenz Simpson

    Jenz Simpson6 days ago

    At 3:55 is the best face I have seen Spencer make 😂🤣🤣

  26. Sophia Varela

    Sophia Varela6 days ago


  27. Emily Adventures

    Emily Adventures6 days ago

    Saturday or Friday

  28. Eva Tucci

    Eva Tucci6 days ago

    IVE GOT 50K photos sooo....

  29. Sunnydayabl

    Sunnydayabl6 days ago

    Last time I watched tytf you were a teen!!!

  30. Sienna

    Sienna7 days ago

    Audrey:”Are you hacking my Instagram?” Spencer:No Audrey:”Well I am gonna hack yours” Spencer:Go ahead Lol haha

  31. Savannah Mosley

    Savannah Mosley7 days ago

    friday or saturday

  32. Atta Ur Rasool Raja

    Atta Ur Rasool Raja7 days ago

    i suscribed to all of your and your family channels and i follow all of u guys

  33. Makena Skarbek

    Makena Skarbek7 days ago


  34. Josh Helton

    Josh Helton8 days ago

    How was a android I love android I have LG V 60

  35. Heidi Cooke

    Heidi Cooke8 days ago

    My fav day of the week is Saturday

  36. PizzaPop 13

    PizzaPop 138 days ago

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday!!!

  37. Ashima N

    Ashima N8 days ago

    My favorite day of the week is Wednesday. It is because I have classes on both Tuesday and Thursday, so it is a break from classes. I don't like Saturday or Sunday because I have classes early in the mornings. Even though I have no classes on Monday it is just the start of the week. I also have a class on Friday. Also If I had a phone I would probably swap it with my mom. Because when I get a phone she can go on it anytime to see what I am doing.

  38. KennaPlaysGames 16

    KennaPlaysGames 168 days ago


  39. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez8 days ago


  40. Danny Jo

    Danny Jo8 days ago

    Who youst to ship Audrey and spencer oh wait they are shipped

  41. Joanna Fu

    Joanna Fu8 days ago

    there grown uppppp last time i saw her she was going into college

  42. Lucy Marquez

    Lucy Marquez8 days ago

    I love how spencer doesn’t care if he doesn’t have a iphone

  43. Xxgacha-loverxx

    Xxgacha-loverxx8 days ago

    You guys should get couple home screens so when you put them together they make a picture

  44. Ava Plays

    Ava Plays9 days ago


  45. Emily Alter

    Emily Alter9 days ago

    That's the best phone every

  46. Lily Proctor

    Lily Proctor9 days ago

    Who remembers when ThatYoutub3family done mail time at the end of every video. That’s called memories 😀By the way you both have come so far and I love your videos, they are so funny x

  47. Kathleen Maffei

    Kathleen Maffei9 days ago

    I can’t believe Audrey is married

  48. Beth Barshinger

    Beth Barshinger9 days ago

    My favorite day of the week is Friday LOL

  49. ExtreemeTrooper5 Productions

    ExtreemeTrooper5 Productions9 days ago

    i love y'all vids and y'all are so funny

  50. autumm summer

    autumm summer9 days ago


  51. Kendall Gaming

    Kendall Gaming9 days ago


  52. Tyf.sistows _jords

    Tyf.sistows _jords10 days ago

    I get the same voicemails and calls and I don’t even have a car I’m 9 also I’m the one who sent the trash can also my favorite day in the week is Friday

  53. Shaikha74x

    Shaikha74x10 days ago

    My favorite day of the week is Thursday

  54. Sienna Zapata!

    Sienna Zapata!10 days ago

    Who else saw when they were in the office and hello welcome back . In the background of Audrey it was Jordan and someone else

  55. Maisy Scarlett

    Maisy Scarlett10 days ago

    Can u guys do play among love u guys u so cute together xx

  56. VoldysGoneMouldy !

    VoldysGoneMouldy !10 days ago


  57. Michelle plays

    Michelle plays10 days ago

    I dare u to say hi I dare u

  58. Brooke Scheunemann

    Brooke Scheunemann10 days ago


  59. Taylor Thiele

    Taylor Thiele10 days ago

    My best friend

  60. Taylor Thiele

    Taylor Thiele10 days ago


  61. Sara Pranjkic

    Sara Pranjkic10 days ago


  62. Jayda Duckett

    Jayda Duckett10 days ago

    en she says she is doing work but she is really just watching youtube vids

  63. Rhonda Pearce

    Rhonda Pearce10 days ago

    hi Spenser hi Augery

  64. Wolfy_Gaming

    Wolfy_Gaming10 days ago

    I meant year and by youtube I mean that youtube family

  65. Wolfy_Gaming

    Wolfy_Gaming10 days ago

    I stoped watching youtube for a week and I come back TO THIS WHAT I'm so cunfused

  66. imadog doggy

    imadog doggy10 days ago

    Audrey casually watching Jordan’s vid

  67. lolbit 5

    lolbit 510 days ago


  68. Catty Kylie _

    Catty Kylie _10 days ago

    That’s way to easy for Spenser

  69. Catty Kylie _

    Catty Kylie _10 days ago

    It’s night time my spelling isn’t on point

  70. megan magliano

    megan magliano10 days ago

    Friday and Saturday

  71. Melissa Gerbrandt

    Melissa Gerbrandt10 days ago


  72. Melissa Gerbrandt

    Melissa Gerbrandt10 days ago

    Cool video

  73. Marissa Fershee

    Marissa Fershee10 days ago

    I saw Jordan vid playing in the back

  74. Shaya White

    Shaya White10 days ago


  75. Reagan Tschakert

    Reagan Tschakert10 days ago

    @Audrey and Spencer. YESS

  76. Kylee Wilson

    Kylee Wilson10 days ago


  77. Cassidy Wisbiski

    Cassidy Wisbiski11 days ago

    My family gets spam calls to

  78. Haylee b

    Haylee b11 days ago


  79. skyalphawolf

    skyalphawolf11 days ago


  80. Kaylence Bennett

    Kaylence Bennett11 days ago

    Where did Audrey get her phone case

  81. Gaming with Nay

    Gaming with Nay11 days ago

    Friday or Saturday

  82. Tay Tay

    Tay Tay11 days ago

    Wednesday because early out

  83. Robyn Zwilinske

    Robyn Zwilinske11 days ago

    My favorite day of the week is Thursday because at school I do fun things

  84. IhinaRockx271

    IhinaRockx27111 days ago

    apple just recreates android products and sells them at a higher price

  85. The faith girl Girl

    The faith girl Girl11 days ago

    Hiiiiiii oh and my dog said hiiii

  86. Vicky Baillargeon

    Vicky Baillargeon11 days ago

    Jordan in bake round:*Bla bla bla but can not here her


    KHLOE HIGGINS11 days ago

    My favorite day of the week is Wednesday

  88. anmeet sachdeva

    anmeet sachdeva12 days ago

    hi I agree with spencer because i have a oneplus 6T and it is the best phone and i love your videos they are the best.

  89. Wendy Zeigler

    Wendy Zeigler12 days ago

    my fav day is saterday

  90. Lilly Studios

    Lilly Studios12 days ago

    I used to watch her and her family years ago. I’m come back because it’s in my recommendation- AND SHE IS MARRIED-?!! BEJDJSISBD

  91. iicookie builds

    iicookie builds9 days ago


  92. Ashley Awe

    Ashley Awe12 days ago

    Where's your 💍

  93. Suger ._. Plum

    Suger ._. Plum12 days ago

    ya i dont like apple

  94. Cerenity Gonzalez

    Cerenity Gonzalez12 days ago

    On Audreys desk top I saw Jordan

  95. erin maskell

    erin maskell12 days ago

    Friday because I go to my dads

  96. Alyssa Angeles

    Alyssa Angeles12 days ago

    the thumb nail is staring at me!!!!!!!!!

  97. Nevaeh Arquette

    Nevaeh Arquette12 days ago


  98. Laila Islam

    Laila Islam12 days ago

    My fav day of week is sat

  99. EvaPearl

    EvaPearl12 days ago

    I love your videos so much there so fun and cool 😎

  100. Susan Gassman

    Susan Gassman12 days ago

    Friday after 3:00 because that’s when I am done with school and the rest of that day is the weekend

  101. Marc Ducharme

    Marc Ducharme12 days ago

    I have a intro idea it’s simple but not basic >>>>>>>>>>>>>what’s up guys it’s Audrey and spencer welcome back to today’s video today we will be doing........

  102. Mélody Cool

    Mélody Cool12 days ago

    Friday is my favorite d’au of the week

  103. Richard Wadham

    Richard Wadham11 days ago

    Me tooooooo

  104. arianna kanhai

    arianna kanhai13 days ago

    i am on team android

  105. Lexi Albritton

    Lexi Albritton13 days ago

    monday is my fav day of the week

  106. Kaydence Shepherd

    Kaydence Shepherd13 days ago

    my fav day of the week is Friday I LOVE FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Ka12a19

    Ka12a1913 days ago

    my fav day of the week is probably saterday

  108. Tianna Cain

    Tianna Cain13 days ago

    My favorite day of the week is Saturday I love you Audrey and Spencer

  109. Hannah Bruni

    Hannah Bruni13 days ago

    I think audrey and spencer are really funny together and i also think they should do last to leave the bouncy house