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  1. Jay Deno

    Jay DenoHour ago

    waiiiiit? the rapper? nah man...stick to music.. Leave the scary stories to @chills and/or @mrballen ;) both GREAT w the YT wariness w Proof! crazy sh#t ! But..yeah man.. stay w what you LOVE

  2. LibertyorDeath

    LibertyorDeath5 hours ago

    Should create a new channel called “Tom’s Bedtime Stories”

  3. The Average Chinese Guy

    The Average Chinese Guy6 hours ago

    This makes me realize how cheap jump scares are.

  4. Eric Freeman

    Eric Freeman16 hours ago

    Dude this story had me hooked from the get go. Excellent speaker.

  5. Brandon Clymer

    Brandon Clymer17 hours ago

    I don’t even care if it’s real or not. This was an incredible story and I straight up got a little scared not gonna lie. If this is actually true like... DAMN. I hope he does more of these.

  6. Don Lowe

    Don Lowe22 hours ago

    Fuckin' awesome Tom.

  7. Derek Church

    Derek Church22 hours ago

    If you need help I'll help you win rock paper scissors.. its a mind game

  8. Derek Church

    Derek Church22 hours ago

    This made me so anxious

  9. Derek Church

    Derek Church22 hours ago

    These sound affects tho



    The Illuminati disliked this video.

  11. Garner Jansen

    Garner JansenDay ago

    23:38 did anyone else see the black dot fly over him because I swear that was a poltergeist?

  12. Keller Kills

    Keller KillsDay ago

    If he does the actual ghost hunting and debunking himself...... I am game to watch. I will wait for me to come out of this channel before I subscribe.

  13. Keller Kills

    Keller KillsDay ago

    Wait for *more* to come out the channel

  14. Steven Hall

    Steven HallDay ago

    This needs an animation

  15. Red Cook

    Red CookDay ago

    Tom let's go stay a couple days there and do some ghost adventure shit we will record the whole thing this would be awsome

  16. amike4211

    amike4211Day ago

    Hey Tom if the rap thing doesn't work out I'd buy into a creepy pasta channel by you lol.

  17. Colton w

    Colton wDay ago

    I found the concrete hallway thing funny

  18. Larry Cannon III

    Larry Cannon IIIDay ago

    who else knows tranquille means quite? CRAZY!!

  19. Ibrahim Mwaura

    Ibrahim MwauraDay ago

    Yo that’s why the kids warned them about falling because that’s how they pasted away that’s crazy how the shitt just connected to the whole story shitt man it’s 11 am and I’m scared

  20. Ibrahim Mwaura

    Ibrahim Mwaura15 hours ago

    @meeekoo jin yeah that’s the point 😂😂😂 I was scared in the morning 😂😂😂

  21. meeekoo jin

    meeekoo jin21 hour ago

    11 am is morning lol

  22. Van Peter

    Van PeterDay ago

    I love this story.Whether it‘s real or not...I'm happy to keep this story as my bedtime reading haha

  23. Dylan Harper

    Dylan HarperDay ago

    Gave me goosebumps. Thanks for the story!

  24. Bigbug Nowadaze

    Bigbug NowadazeDay ago

    We need two Toms so one can focus on a spooky stories podcast ❤️



    Crossing the boarders- aka dimensions. God only shows the gifted the truth 😘 💜

  26. Steffanie Strickland

    Steffanie StricklandDay ago

    Holy Fuck that is some insane shit right there Tom! Like damn.

  27. Joshua Richardson

    Joshua RichardsonDay ago

    You got lucky watchers early show them selves

  28. Uy Somnang

    Uy SomnangDay ago

    I want moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  29. AJ Winter

    AJ WinterDay ago

    Stop it! Omg I should not have watched that alone! Amazing story teller, I got full on goose bumps at the end!

  30. Thomas George

    Thomas GeorgeDay ago

    I really shit my pants listening to this story, especially at the end...crazy stuff, great story though.

  31. Isaiah_TGI

    Isaiah_TGIDay ago

    This needs to be a movie

  32. Hillbilly Headley

    Hillbilly HeadleyDay ago

    It’s 2 am. Time for the nightmares 😂

  33. TheWinterfinger

    TheWinterfingerDay ago

    you tell stories well Tom...

  34. Spilt Taco

    Spilt TacoDay ago

    Yeah... but did you die?

  35. LucidOxboy 05

    LucidOxboy 05Day ago

    I don't wanna sleep EVER

  36. Grace

    GraceDay ago

    Am I the only one who would have just given the director money for a new light. Like no thanks, you can go back to get your light if you want to if it's that important but I'm not going.

  37. Tigerlily Lily

    Tigerlily LilyDay ago

    Why didn't I wait until morning to watch that

  38. Paula Osburn

    Paula OsburnDay ago

    I love you songs

  39. Paula Osburn

    Paula OsburnDay ago

    I am a fan uf you

  40. James Parker

    James ParkerDay ago

    AWESOME story telling holy SHIT! I could binge watch Tom telling scary stories for 8 hours straight!

  41. the narrative is real.

    the narrative is real.Day ago

    This is amazing! PLEASE do more of these!

  42. Amelia Auerswald

    Amelia AuerswaldDay ago

    U should do more of this

  43. Don't Believe Everything That You Breathe

    Don't Believe Everything That You BreatheDay ago


  44. Corey Cano

    Corey Cano2 days ago

    Yo I loved this storey amizing

  45. edward ray

    edward ray2 days ago

    my dad is a janitor at the sanatorium and you guys scared the shit out of him that night. glad you got your light.

  46. China Lewis

    China Lewis2 days ago

    Dude....I got major fucking chills with anymore stories....would you be willing to go. back

  47. Georgios Papadopoulos

    Georgios Papadopoulos2 days ago

    Would you go back?


    IMPERIAXE2 days ago

    Mold hallucinations are great arent they

  49. Samara Steffenhagen

    Samara Steffenhagen2 days ago

    Why does he use more descriptive words the my English teacher who says he’s descriptive

  50. Chad Niggle

    Chad Niggle2 days ago

    This better not be cap 😤👌

  51. Triple D

    Triple D2 days ago

    Yea bro u can really tell good stories we can all picture the place an events as u tell it if u wasn’t a rap god bro u could do story’s or audio books Lol the white Morgan freeman of story telling bro

  52. Irie Rogue

    Irie Rogue2 days ago

    Dude. The end gave me chillllllsssss

  53. My name Josh

    My name Josh2 days ago

    Bro, I was glued to this one. What a story

  54. Jeffrey Petkau

    Jeffrey Petkau2 days ago

    I've seen the same thing you saw but I didn't run I tried to fight it....that was the worst idea I've ever had to date and ended poorly for me. I definitely believe you

  55. clay carpenter

    clay carpenter2 days ago

    Who low-key thinks he maybe making a run at WWE?? He would bring a whole new audience possibly and he is entertaining. He could cut some great promos.

  56. Terrie Tonka

    Terrie Tonka2 days ago

    Imagine, amazing...

  57. Brody Babes

    Brody Babes2 days ago

    Did you get that F-ing light?

  58. Dawn Sims

    Dawn Sims2 days ago

    You're pretty fly for a white guy

  59. big gamer

    big gamer2 days ago

    Look it up it's TRUE but I don't know if he seen the boy and girl I mean he could of..who knows face to face with a ghost that's pretty fucking scary and didn't even know they were ghost and was talking to them...

  60. Nomad Grim

    Nomad Grim2 days ago

    I would love to have Tom tell stories on youtube

  61. Just a Dakota

    Just a Dakota2 days ago

    Tom this was great buddy thanks for sharing it with us.

  62. Michelle Elle

    Michelle Elle2 days ago

    Awesomeness! Great story

  63. Brian Miller

    Brian Miller2 days ago

    you have a cool look. Thank God we have a milatery to keep you out of my country.

  64. Brian Miller

    Brian MillerDay ago

    Did I reply to this?

  65. Master Lock

    Master Lock2 days ago

    you gotta finish the story i thourolly enjoyed thats and pictured what you were saying

  66. Bazza Stevens

    Bazza Stevens2 days ago

    And that some shit bro u gave even me goosebumps

  67. Michael Blackburn

    Michael Blackburn2 days ago

    I found your music by accident (someone had a video in their sig) not only fantastic music, but a superb storyteller. Thank you, sir :)

  68. gecko 1

    gecko 12 days ago

    Pls do more this shit was crazy best fuckin story teller no bs

  69. Guilt-Toy Racing

    Guilt-Toy Racing2 days ago

    good stuff!

  70. Trisha Dennis

    Trisha Dennis2 days ago

    Dude.... Do you have fucking eye balls tatted on your lids.... Sick Bru. Love it.

  71. Kevin Riley

    Kevin Riley2 days ago

    He's pretty good true or not have him tell childrens bedtime stories with the same emotion they would love it. They should make a reenactment of that story for celebrity ghost stories or something seeing it on T.V would be nice

  72. Jeremy Hohrein

    Jeremy Hohrein2 days ago

    brah. this was absolutly money. Chills for real! damn good job tom!

  73. Conservative Drama

    Conservative Drama2 days ago

    Awsome bro

  74. Elyse

    Elyse2 days ago

    Please get into true crime!!

  75. Austin Loper

    Austin Loper2 days ago


  76. May Eye

    May Eye2 days ago

    The narration is mint ... So freshing.. tell another 🙏❤️

  77. Kyle Whitlock

    Kyle Whitlock2 days ago

    Come on man. No way this ligit come on. Let's go and see. I ain't going alone

  78. Tammie Mcrae

    Tammie Mcrae3 days ago

    The The staircase that went down ended up being the morgue it’s a series of tunnels that are underneath all of the sanitariums for tuberculosis every single one of them has a set a tunnel that has morgue usually goes to near by town also to all the building in the place

  79. Tammie Mcrae

    Tammie Mcrae3 days ago

    There is another place that Canada used for tuberculosis it’s known as Fort san just a little it’s just outside of Fort Qu appelle Saskatchewan

  80. Tyler Mitchener

    Tyler Mitchener3 days ago

    but did you die?

  81. Cruea Cranks

    Cruea Cranks3 days ago

    *Wrinky dinky ass flashlight 🔦* -Tom Macdonald 2020

  82. I taint mistaken

    I taint mistaken3 days ago

    I like this

  83. David Egan

    David Egan3 days ago

    Bro, how your farm?

  84. Jack Fitzgerald

    Jack Fitzgerald3 days ago

    i love how hes freaking out about rock paper scisors

  85. Alejandro Alcala-Mendoza

    Alejandro Alcala-Mendoza3 days ago

    Dude can tell stories for sure haha

  86. T Sly

    T Sly3 days ago

    WTF Tom!

  87. Team Mack Light Tha Dark

    Team Mack Light Tha Dark3 days ago

    creepy man

  88. Christopher Peterson

    Christopher Peterson3 days ago

    Tranquille. That the ghetto you grew up in? Douche.

  89. DatMatt :D

    DatMatt :D3 days ago

    I can’t believe how great of a storyteller he is😂🤘🏻

  90. Myria Lynn

    Myria Lynn3 days ago

    I am terrified listening to you right now... you are an amazing story teller!

  91. PhatChewbacca

    PhatChewbacca3 days ago

    that has my hair standing straight up!!!!

  92. Chris Roebuck

    Chris Roebuck3 days ago

    That's a nice bed time story but me and my sister we actually going to check that town out for ourselves next month plus u should have caught something on film but u didn't show anything

  93. TrumpIsBadForAmerica

    TrumpIsBadForAmerica3 days ago

    You know this is true, because of how he talks about the part where he couldn't leave his best friend to go and face it alone. That sounds like Tom.

  94. Iesa Iam

    Iesa Iam3 days ago

    Who else wants to create a time machine and hit on 2008-2012 Tom MacDonald

  95. sinister76

    sinister763 days ago

    Dude that was a damn good story!! Real or fake idgaf you kept me on the edge of my seat!

  96. dustin cullison

    dustin cullison3 days ago

    Please do a mini series on these kinds of story's you know you got fans of this shit! 10/10 had me on the edge of my seat the entire time!


    WRONGwayROBBY3 days ago

    As a christain I hate the fact that this is probably right. You probably saw a demon. We live in a supernatural world.

  98. Snappy Hillisman

    Snappy Hillisman3 days ago

    Shadow figures r build ups of back energy and thier presents r made up of pure hatered making it terrifying when yuo incounter 1. Humans r made up of emotions shadow figures r made up of hatered. #METOO

  99. Vulpix

    Vulpix3 days ago

    tell me why i just want to sit down and have a conversation with him like once dude that shit would be so cool plus i love tattoos so id probably be star struck and just aweing at his tattoos hahah

  100. Jameson Brenyo

    Jameson Brenyo3 days ago

    Do more of these! I love it

  101. eh

    eh3 days ago

    i want to go to canada now

  102. Daniel Hitchcock

    Daniel Hitchcock3 days ago

    The last part gave me chills

  103. Oly Man

    Oly Man3 days ago

    I’ve seen his music and it’s odd to see him being so PG-13

  104. Matticulous Media

    Matticulous Media4 days ago

    This is DOPE! Keep em coming playboy!!