Advanced Grilled Cheese | Basics with Babish

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I realize that having "Advanced" and "Basics" in the same title might seem a bit contradictory, but the good ol' grilled cheese is about as basic as it gets. Using technique and flavorful ingredients, we'll try and put some fun spins on this after-school classic, hopefully without upsetting the purists!
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  1. Benjamin Chaffin

    Benjamin ChaffinHour ago

    What’s the name of this backtrack ?

  2. Jade

    Jade15 hours ago

    I was about to go to heaven while watching this haha

  3. Shvabicu

    Shvabicu15 hours ago

    American cheese isn't even cheese and tastes wack. Cheddar melts perfectly fine.

  4. Joshua Woodruff

    Joshua Woodruff16 hours ago

    The definition of grilled cheese has completely changed

  5. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader20 hours ago

    3:10 bald ryan reynolds-

  6. Alex r

    Alex r22 hours ago

    Colby jack is my go to

  7. Duke Egbert

    Duke EgbertDay ago

    Caramelized onions are best done by Alton Brown's crockpot recipe, in huge batches. They freeze fine.

  8. incompetence

    incompetenceDay ago

    See there's no bacon in that jalapeño popper grilled cheese so its wrong. I'm sorry babish you're being chopped

  9. HisVirusness

    HisVirusnessDay ago

    I don't know... I liked the first grilled cheese episode more. Let's see how the third episode pans out.

  10. Joshua Overton

    Joshua OvertonDay ago

    As a genuine hater of American cheese on anything except burgers, this video excites me

  11. jem.aspinall

    jem.aspinallDay ago

    Pls try a toastie

  12. Deakyn

    DeakynDay ago

    i made welsh rarebit at college and let me tell ya, its just fancy cheese on toast

  13. outerdell gaming

    outerdell gaming2 days ago

    wishishsihssiwurrrrfunrusshsshshhsuire sauce

  14. Missy moo 1

    Missy moo 12 days ago

    im sorry but that welsh rarebit offends me first of all where tf are the eggs, mustard powder ewww and also ENGLISH chedder smh

  15. Leslie Hunter

    Leslie Hunter2 days ago

    Grill me a cheese

  16. Sarah E

    Sarah E2 days ago

    Where’s Sola?

  17. Super Wukongo

    Super Wukongo2 days ago

    "Wow my resumé says I knew Linux? I just straight up lied about that.."

  18. Roguewizahd

    Roguewizahd2 days ago

    ....was that a "knew Linux" / "GNU Linux" pun?

  19. Jens Schneider

    Jens Schneider2 days ago

    Enjoy your videos, so 'm gonna save you a ton of pain: Worcestershire sauce is pronounced Woosteahshahsauz. Look it up on Wikipedia. Having developed a sudden craving for grilled cheeses, I must take leave posthaste now...

  20. Parker

    Parker2 days ago

    Advanced peanut butter and jelly next?

  21. Holly Belle

    Holly Belle3 days ago

    cheddar that colour isn't english haha

  22. Elaine Wallis

    Elaine Wallis3 days ago

    Is babish married, if not WHY?

  23. Super Wukongo

    Super Wukongo2 days ago

    He has a girlfriend. She's in some of his videos. Check out the Date Night Dinner with Babish episode

  24. Wilson Yanqui

    Wilson Yanqui3 days ago

    3:15 is just me.

  25. Muhd Khairul

    Muhd Khairul3 days ago

    Grilled Cheese Grilled Cheese Pro Grilled Cheese Pro Plus Grilled Cheese Pro Max

  26. MultiMonster

    MultiMonster3 days ago

    I had the full on Homer Simpson drool going on while watching this.

  27. The Art Doctor

    The Art Doctor3 days ago

    Only cheese? LAME, add some ham and live a little, sheesh!

  28. Super Wukongo

    Super Wukongo2 days ago

    It's no longer a "Grilled Cheese" if you add ham. That's a Hot Ham and Cheese.

  29. Gading Ardianti

    Gading Ardianti3 days ago

    ah yes, wine and grilled cheese

  30. Gage Withrow

    Gage Withrow3 days ago

    Did he try to say worcestershire sauce?

  31. Super Wukongo

    Super Wukongo2 days ago

    He gave up trying now he just pronounces it in numerous random incorrect ways.

  32. FiltrdXRosy

    FiltrdXRosy3 days ago

    why am i watching this im lactose and tolerant lol

  33. maxacorn

    maxacorn3 days ago

    you mentioned chef john. i must do this. ahem. "you are the john cleese of your tasty grilled cheese."

  34. TheMadcapShambleton

    TheMadcapShambleton3 days ago

    The Sims 'Grilled Cheese' aspiration unlocked.

  35. Green Imposter

    Green Imposter3 days ago

    Daily Dose of High Cholestral

  36. Mazzie Peters

    Mazzie Peters4 days ago

    I had only tangerines in the house that no one was eating it went really well baked in the over instead of fried. next time I think i will skip the rine and just use the juice and not bread the chicken because for me it became to dry trying to brown up the breading in the oven.

  37. Razvy

    Razvy4 days ago

    Mustard butter... If you read it quickly.... XDDD

  38. BAS1L__

    BAS1L__4 days ago

    He must have made this in response to Gordan Ramsey's sad, sad grilled cheese.

  39. Leia DiSalvio

    Leia DiSalvio4 days ago

    What kind of bread is it?

  40. J Wesley Mays

    J Wesley Mays4 days ago

    I was using my oven to make multiple sandwiches at once and something incredibly delicious happened. Later, I learned about browning butter and it was clear I had accidentally browned the butter while oven baking my sandwiches. I wonder what such a trained culinarian would say about that.

  41. Vacant

    Vacant4 days ago

    Does..does babish freeze his bread? You can see something melting off the crust on the sped up footage of it cooking, looks like ice crystals

  42. Persephone Kore

    Persephone Kore4 days ago

    It’s nearly 2am and I now kinda want a toastie....

  43. Guttman Games

    Guttman Games4 days ago

    I do that to flip my sandwhiches. But only with a regular pan.

  44. Crusader With an AK

    Crusader With an AK4 days ago

    I didn’t know such levels of grilled cheese could be achieved.

  45. Nathaniel Lippert

    Nathaniel Lippert4 days ago

    simple hack, use cheese bread for even more cheese

  46. Skylar Vrox

    Skylar Vrox4 days ago

    i so hunger

  47. chimmy infernape

    chimmy infernape4 days ago

    The only thing you need is a tomato soup to go with these

  48. Ralsei

    Ralsei4 days ago

    ok friday after school... makin' it... can't wait for friday

  49. megaman161

    megaman1615 days ago

    "Whooshwushiir sauce", or "Westchesterfordsirshire sauce"? 🤔 Also, I guess a grilled cheese covered in bechamel would be a "croque fromage".

  50. Alex Rains

    Alex Rains5 days ago

    Getting dangerously close to 'Melt' TM territory here. One would not want to be accused of being a heretic.

  51. Aaron Hangshing

    Aaron Hangshing5 days ago

    take a shot everytime he says cheese

  52. mkphilly

    mkphilly5 days ago

    like ya, but there's never a reason for white bread as an immigrant, I didn't understand it at 7 or now at 70

  53. Super Wukongo

    Super Wukongo2 days ago

    It's a grilled cheese, which for most Americans, is white bread butter and cheese singles cause they're all cheap to acquire.

  54. DJ Chally Chal

    DJ Chally Chal5 days ago

    What would you use to replace the alcohol in all the combo cheese spreads?

  55. Myzukiwa

    Myzukiwa5 days ago

    another great melty cheese with a lot of taste : RACLETTE CHEESE!! it's my favourite cheese to make grilled cheese and croque monsieurs with

  56. Critical Cole

    Critical Cole5 days ago

    I didn't see a tomato soup being made. Tf bro? Remake this

  57. Super Wukongo

    Super Wukongo2 days ago

    Yeah it's not really a grilled cheese without some tomato soup to dip the sandwiches into.

  58. Runar Andersen

    Runar Andersen5 days ago

    I just want a cheese sandwich now.


    IAMBOBBY5 days ago

    So start the cooking on a cold pan for .. adhesion ? But the other side is plopped onto a hot pan. Just me?

  60. Door-to-door Tax Collector

    Door-to-door Tax Collector6 days ago

    i usually add dried oregano to my grilled cheese. call me crazy or wicked, but do not call me a fool until you try it for yourself

  61. JaykobTV

    JaykobTV6 days ago

    how does he get the cheese to be so melty without pressing down on the sandwich like a maniac? help

  62. fruitypop refreshing

    fruitypop refreshing6 days ago

    This isn't your normal every day grilled cheese. This is *advanced* grilled cheese.

  63. Chop Happy

    Chop Happy6 days ago

    Advanced grilled cheese?!?! Uh yes please haha

  64. James B

    James B6 days ago

    I tried cooking grilled cheese in cast iron, and the edges of the bread carbonized onto the iron and has never came off no matter how hard I scrub it.

  65. Aba Log

    Aba Log6 days ago

    Would you go head-to-head with Alton Brown's griddled cheese?

  66. Ronaldo_ Slayer21

    Ronaldo_ Slayer216 days ago

    Is it cheating to make the cheese different I wonder

  67. professornuke

    professornuke7 days ago

    "The vast majority of cheeses don't melt as well as American." American what? I know there's a thing people from the USA call American Cheese, but....I'm pretty sure the rest of the world doesn't consider it to be cheese. Is that what you meant? It's some yellow stuff, but, I wouldn't dignify it by calling it cheese.

  68. Anna Kowalik

    Anna Kowalik5 days ago

    Had the same thought. I'm from Poland and most of the cheeses that I can buy here melt beautifully. Maybe the US versions are too processed and can't melt properly anymore? 🤷‍♀️ Yeah, and the yellow squares are definitely not a cheese. They might be a cheese-like product, but that is NOT a cheese.

  69. Ashley Cook

    Ashley Cook7 days ago

    The wise idea ultrastructually tumble because atm formerly precede unto a tangible babies. old-fashioned, guttural H habitual christmas

  70. Zulfburht

    Zulfburht7 days ago

    I use my toaster oven because I’m to lazy to clean my pans.

  71. fishy

    fishy7 days ago


  72. Alaskan Aligator

    Alaskan Aligator7 days ago


  73. Lake Manson

    Lake Manson7 days ago

    babish when are you doing a collab with ordinary sausage

  74. kildaver

    kildaver7 days ago

    Elmer Fudd will be...pleased...

  75. Ping Wong

    Ping Wong7 days ago


  76. Owen Flaherty

    Owen Flaherty7 days ago

    3:43 Adam Ragusea: You called?

  77. Auds Marie

    Auds Marie7 days ago

    Wow 🤩

  78. Gianni Moreno

    Gianni Moreno7 days ago

    I thought I was the only one who lied about knowing Linux. The only thing I know are the keyboard shortcuts ;-;

  79. Abhishek Rajasundaram

    Abhishek Rajasundaram7 days ago

    I like how he put an "Advanced" recipe in a "Basics" video.

  80. Chris Harrington

    Chris Harrington7 days ago

    @ 6:02 how do you say Worcestershire sauce?? lol

  81. Peter Kemp

    Peter Kemp7 days ago

    Whenever I hear the phrase "purists say that..." I always mentally replace it with "people who need to get a grip and get out more say that..."

  82. Magdalena Olszyk

    Magdalena Olszyk8 days ago

    3:17 I watched this so many times until I was done 😂😂😂🤫🤭

  83. Sean Keady

    Sean Keady8 days ago

    3:14 Babish De Niro

  84. WhiskySiN

    WhiskySiN8 days ago

    Cheese slices aka American cheese. If you can call it cheese *gag*

  85. Tommy A

    Tommy A8 days ago

    why did i find 5:21 so funny

  86. alex barnard

    alex barnard8 days ago

    When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  87. JR_mtb

    JR_mtb8 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey aggressively taking notes* ✍

  88. crestfell

    crestfell8 days ago

    when it comes down to it, wine is just advanced fruit juice.

  89. unreconstruct

    unreconstruct8 days ago

    Whew! 😅 I’m glad I’m not the only person who believes the movie “Chef” is awesome.

  90. Anna Reed

    Anna Reed8 days ago

    Chef John's inside-out grilled cheese is so perfect. It's the only way I've made grilled cheese since that video's release. Although I follow his method a little more closely that Babby 😜

  91. Esteban Moran

    Esteban Moran8 days ago

    Local chef gets intoxicated drinking wine while making too many grilled cheeses

  92. Marcelo Leria

    Marcelo Leria9 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey could have a look at this video eh

  93. itchykami

    itchykami9 days ago

    Is it still a grilled cheese if it's dipped in tomato soup after cooking, or is it a soup melt? If I put a grilled cheese sandwich in the grilled cheese, is it a grilled cheese melt?

  94. Adrian Ellis

    Adrian Ellis9 days ago

    "You do not have enough credits. "Advanced Grilled Cheese"/GCA 4091 is only available for students to take after taking 'Intermediate Grilled Cheese"/GCIN 3300 and "Beginners Grilled Cheese"/GCBG 2010. " - My College Advisor.

  95. Sarah Elizabeth

    Sarah Elizabeth9 days ago

    Setting the sandwich on a wire drying set was genius. I always get annoyed when it's soggy, so I appreciate this tip lol

  96. l l

    l l9 days ago

    Advanced grill cheese in basics with babish. Hmmmm something ain't right!

  97. Jaku Jaku

    Jaku Jaku9 days ago


  98. KefkeWren

    KefkeWren9 days ago

    "Golden brown" is an undercooked grilled cheese. For a proper grilled cheese, you want just a little bit of char on the outside. It just doesn't taste right without it.

  99. inkleef _

    inkleef _9 days ago

    As always, I’m amazed that Babish hasn’t singed his tastebuds off

  100. Ginny W

    Ginny W9 days ago

    might have moaned a little around 8:39 ngl

  101. supermankillerz

    supermankillerz9 days ago

    babish " some say that even adding mustard will disqualify your sandwich and make it a melt" Also Babish "So we're just gonna add some mustard to this bad boy"

  102. DeltaMike89

    DeltaMike899 days ago

    Alton Brown looking at you thinking ‘these are griddled sandwiches with melt cheese!’

  103. Allzombifood

    Allzombifood9 days ago

    This mans better than Gordon Ramsey

  104. LeoYoshi54321

    LeoYoshi543219 days ago

    Babging with Bingish Babsics with Basish

  105. Brandon Wang

    Brandon Wang9 days ago

    Idk man, it sounds like a grilled cheese but with extra steps

  106. Drborn Awesomeness

    Drborn Awesomeness9 days ago

    I never thought of tomato in the grilled cheese!!