GIANT Pre Spawn Walleye on Green Bay - In Depth Outdoors TV S15 E18

James and Pj head to Green Bay to fish pre spawn walleyes with Brett Walser on the bay of Green Bay.
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  1. Pat O

    Pat ODay ago

    Thanks for great productions of walleye fishing! Brings back great memories!

  2. InDepthOutdoorsTV

    InDepthOutdoorsTVDay ago

    Thanks for watching Pat!

  3. Michael Wiest

    Michael WiestMonth ago

    PJ where’s the bunny boots lol

  4. pj vick

    pj vickMonth ago

    Lol bunny boot season is over until next winter 😁

  5. Bryce Denis

    Bryce DenisMonth ago

    What type of line were you using while casting?

  6. InDepthOutdoorsTV

    InDepthOutdoorsTVMonth ago

    Suffix 832 Performance braid.

  7. Brad Mason

    Brad MasonMonth ago

    Oh yeah. Fox sports north must be way north. Can't find it anywhere. IDO should go CBS sports. Opener of the The musky hunter then IDO.... How awsome would that be????

  8. InDepthOutdoorsTV

    InDepthOutdoorsTVMonth ago

    Primarily MN, Dakotas, WI.

  9. Brad Mason

    Brad MasonMonth ago

    By far my favorite episode. And believe me when I say that I love this show. Best fishing production ever!

  10. InDepthOutdoorsTV

    InDepthOutdoorsTVMonth ago

    Thanks Brad!

  11. Bryan Phillips

    Bryan PhillipsMonth ago

    How can you dislike this video? What's wrong with you people? Nice fish, great show guys!

  12. Outdoors with Wayne k

    Outdoors with Wayne kMonth ago

    Now that was a awesome show James and PJ and Brett. I found 4 smash chad at Fleet Farm and grabbed all of them. Them were some big girls that last one of James was a wall hanger. The river is getting really crazy now and it only going to get better. Until the next show stay safe and tight lines.

  13. Jason Latray Fishing

    Jason Latray FishingMonth ago

    Very nice!!

  14. Mike Bot

    Mike BotMonth ago

    Just like our launch's here on saginaw bay, no docks in yetπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  15. InDepthOutdoorsTV

    InDepthOutdoorsTVMonth ago

    Open water sure seems to have caught a bunch of people by surprise.

  16. seth doxtater

    seth doxtaterMonth ago

    Where would you recommend shore fishing that isn’t voyager park? Always too packed

  17. Outdoors with Wayne k

    Outdoors with Wayne kMonth ago

    You can try Metro landing

  18. Fish4Life

    Fish4LifeMonth ago

    Link to the motus satellite please

  19. Tyler Garabrant

    Tyler GarabrantMonth ago

    Is the motus satellite stuff only for the great lakes? I live in ND and fish lakes 3-4 hours away and would love to be able to monitor for ice off and to use the way you showed

  20. InDepthOutdoorsTV

    InDepthOutdoorsTVMonth ago

  21. Guy Karow

    Guy KarowMonth ago

    Hey James you got to get up to Green Bay the bigger females are coming through now but I’m sure PJ told you about that

  22. InDepthOutdoorsTV

    InDepthOutdoorsTVMonth ago

    We've been keeping very close tabs on it! The first wave of the big females have definitely shown up!

  23. Curt Adams

    Curt AdamsMonth ago


  24. Gerald Balciar Jr

    Gerald Balciar JrMonth ago


  25. Shark

    SharkMonth ago

    Great show, thanks guys

  26. pj vick

    pj vickMonth ago

    Thank you Shark!

  27. Double A

    Double AMonth ago

    Great episode! Now I'm really excited to get the boat out!

  28. Cody Martin

    Cody MartinMonth ago

    Awesome show guys!! What scale is that?

  29. Riley Richard

    Riley RichardMonth ago

    You guys rock! I was just there fishing and I didn't do nearly as good as you did. You must have the magic touch!πŸ‘

  30. Earl Carter

    Earl CarterMonth ago

    Couple months before we can get after the walleye. Waiting for ice to move out and get on some perch up here. Awesome episode tight lines!!!!

  31. Jacob Paulson

    Jacob PaulsonMonth ago

    I have a purple uv storm shad. Ill sell it to James for 50 bucks :)

  32. Harald Kronemeyer

    Harald KronemeyerMonth ago

    Never been first. Nice work guys. Enjoy your show. 😬

  33. Louis Makai

    Louis MakaiMonth ago

    @Jacob Dominik Damn! Took like 15 minutes but it actually worked!

  34. Jacob Dominik

    Jacob DominikMonth ago

    not sure if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Cant link here so search for it on google :)