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  1. hell boy

    hell boy3 hours ago

    Damn I didnt know my drug dealer had a youtube channel

  2. Leo’s Endeavor

    Leo’s Endeavor4 hours ago


  3. Devin Sidhu

    Devin Sidhu13 hours ago

    Brads running through his 200 Marlboro Cartons right now

  4. IrvinIce

    IrvinIce13 hours ago

    Cigarettes go hand in hand with a buzz =/... sucks...

  5. Big Gretz

    Big Gretz16 hours ago

    Brad congrats on the darts buddy

  6. Jacob

    Jacob17 hours ago

    How are all those darts treating you brad

  7. Tavis G

    Tavis G19 hours ago

    Congrats on the cigs man, that was 20k worth of darts so Steve’s all paid up on that 15k he owed you and actually you now owe him 5k

  8. 18Kayy Productions

    18Kayy Productions19 hours ago


  9. Joe Reilly

    Joe Reilly20 hours ago

    Congrats on the cigarettes

  10. pandas209

    pandas209Day ago

    Congratulations Uncle Brad On All Those Darts 🎯 🚬🚬🚬

  11. Ingy

    IngyDay ago

    congrats on the marbolos smoke up bud!!!

  12. Dr Patriotic

    Dr PatrioticDay ago

    The fact is, Brad is going to jail. So the law confronted him... 😁

  13. OG Cheese

    OG CheeseDay ago

    Congrats on the darts bro lmfaooo

  14. LynchHungKilla

    LynchHungKillaDay ago

    Brad stop selling drugs to kids, and get rid of your island!!! #BRAD-EPSTIEN🏝

  15. Jercole 42

    Jercole 42Day ago

    Lucky man

  16. Isaac Meek

    Isaac MeekDay ago

    congrats buddy

  17. David R

    David RDay ago

    Congrats man! 🚬🚬

  18. Epp Charles

    Epp CharlesDay ago

    Congrats on the cigs

  19. Connor Smith

    Connor SmithDay ago

    Brad's on the narcos documentary on Netflix

  20. Slash

    SlashDay ago

    Congrats buddy!

  21. James Fleisher

    James FleisherDay ago

    Congrats on the cigs brad

  22. Mark Krisiukenas

    Mark KrisiukenasDay ago

    congrats on the darts bradley!

  23. Toby YT

    Toby YTDay ago

    Congratulations on all the cigarettes 🚬

  24. Best Gaming53

    Best Gaming53Day ago

    Congrats on your surprise brad you deserve it

  25. Michael's Bae

    Michael's BaeDay ago

    Congrats on the 20 grand in cigarettes bud!!! Should keep you smoking for at least a year!!

  26. gumbie_007

    gumbie_007Day ago

    Congratulations on the ciggies

  27. plook

    plookDay ago

    bruuu 996k subs

  28. Allen Akbar

    Allen AkbarDay ago


  29. Just My2 cents

    Just My2 centsDay ago

    2 weeks ago thought you were in South America!?!?!?

  30. Quinn Newbern

    Quinn NewbernDay ago

    Fuck you brad

  31. Peacefull Music and more

    Peacefull Music and more2 days ago

    Brad can I have 10k?

  32. Ethan No

    Ethan No2 days ago

    “ Jason are you drunk ? Jesus Christ buddy “😂😂

  33. Jeffery Lamb

    Jeffery Lamb2 days ago

    Thanks Brad ur the best man im still fucked up its been 3 days

  34. Fear Opps -YT

    Fear Opps -YT2 days ago

    bradley is gay

  35. Mike James

    Mike James2 days ago

    Clout chasing butt pirate. He just missed his views

  36. jellodude22

    jellodude222 days ago

    Y does he like yung bois so much

  37. g

    g2 days ago

    they’re low key flirting

  38. Francisco Vega

    Francisco Vega3 days ago

    This dude is fake. Can see it in his eyes 👀

  39. Rolando Torres

    Rolando Torres3 days ago

    This niggas face when he says “When their kids are acting up”😂

  40. M C mike mukbangs

    M C mike mukbangs3 days ago

    Bradley Martin sold drugs to me

  41. David Gainer

    David Gainer3 days ago

    Hard to start beef in a spot like that lmao

  42. Kevin Wilkinson

    Kevin Wilkinson3 days ago

    Brad what's your cycle?, how much GH do you use in like eh day? and would you be willing to compete in a tested weight lifting competition?? Cause why not right.😁

  43. iAmTheJoel Min

    iAmTheJoel Min3 days ago

    Hey Brad that drugs you sold me last week were fake !! Why won't you answer your phone ???

  44. K V

    K V3 days ago

    What a sad person you are

  45. Tannor Orlopp

    Tannor Orlopp4 days ago

    Can’t wait to get that vibrator Brad had on his phone

  46. Huntin Fishin

    Huntin Fishin4 days ago


  47. Tyler Tharp

    Tyler Tharp4 days ago

    Yo brad my little sister is in the hospital because of the crack you gave her. Come on man

  48. Jak Kidd

    Jak Kidd4 days ago

    Dude what’s you’re steroid routine because I wanna get on the juice like you

  49. Andres Lopez

    Andres Lopez5 days ago


  50. Cameron Lang

    Cameron Lang5 days ago

    I like how the whole vid Steve's drunk 😂😂😂

  51. Finn Whalen

    Finn Whalen5 days ago

    Bradley Martyn is a drug dealer.

  52. Idk Myname

    Idk Myname5 days ago


  53. David Grijalva

    David Grijalva5 days ago

    I love it how brad takes all steves shit and still loves that foo at the end of the day

  54. Beard Zilla

    Beard Zilla5 days ago

    It’s staged smart one

  55. Dave Steels

    Dave Steels6 days ago


  56. Amanda Ruley

    Amanda Ruley6 days ago

    Screams sociopath lol

  57. King King

    King King6 days ago

    He didnt go there to confront him... He went there to flirt.... Groupy

  58. Kuya P

    Kuya P6 days ago

    This fake scripted bullshit is getting old dawg. Start doing real pranks too or some shit bro.. just cause you got the following you posting corny shit

  59. God is Great

    God is Great4 days ago


  60. Jayden Conte

    Jayden Conte6 days ago

    Brad sells drugs to kids


    I NEED MONEY6 days ago

    Thought that was Justin Herbert at the beginning 😂

  62. Sam Delgado

    Sam Delgado6 days ago

    Just give him a vape Brad

  63. Reko Sanchez

    Reko Sanchez6 days ago

    Now I get why Bradley’s always wearing white, he sells a lot of “snow” bro

  64. Tacoma Bullock

    Tacoma Bullock5 days ago


  65. Jon Boner Jones

    Jon Boner Jones6 days ago


  66. adriann juarez

    adriann juarez7 days ago

    By him some fake sugar choklet sigarates

  67. king simba

    king simba7 days ago

    My word haha

  68. Dbow H

    Dbow H7 days ago

    $5,000.000 home plus holiday homes, multiple businesses (net worth $2 mill) 100% drug dealing money launderer. Somebody needs to phone the IRS on this criminal

  69. Stoopid W

    Stoopid W7 days ago


  70. bigoneish

    bigoneish7 days ago

    Three douche bag channel

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    crypto kruz . com7 days ago

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  72. Beautiful on a Budget

    Beautiful on a Budget8 days ago

    Their relationship is actually hilarious. And what a real relationship goes through! Their content is hilarious. I hope they remain friends forever! #savesteve

  73. Pugg 14

    Pugg 148 days ago


  74. Poker R P

    Poker R P8 days ago

    Why don’t you ever have your wallet Brad ? How big are your tiny tiny baIIs ?

  75. Jason Zamora

    Jason Zamora8 days ago


  76. Eduardo P

    Eduardo P8 days ago

    I got clickbaited

  77. Jose Rios

    Jose Rios8 days ago

    The boys are back!! I always lie about friends and talk behind there backs!! At least you guys admitted it!!! Let’s go NELK!!! Y’all should take a fat vacation!!!

  78. ConcreteGaming

    ConcreteGaming6 days ago

    Let's goooooo

  79. Tyler edens

    Tyler edens8 days ago

    He blatantly slandered Brad.......why is Brad keeping this pest around him

  80. waveydavey11

    waveydavey119 days ago

    Raw Gear couldn’t be a gayer name

  81. Doc 935

    Doc 9359 days ago


  82. Justin

    Justin9 days ago

    Y’all better throw them hands or I’m unsubscribing

  83. YungGuns TV

    YungGuns TV9 days ago


  84. Jared DeLong

    Jared DeLong9 days ago

    me waiting until 5:30

  85. Black Face Gummy Bear

    Black Face Gummy Bear10 days ago


  86. Nicholas Jensen

    Nicholas Jensen10 days ago

    Great vid!

  87. Susan Loughlin

    Susan Loughlin10 days ago

    USlikes is so gay

  88. Saben Cave

    Saben Cave10 days ago

    Nearly one mill brad🤩keep it up

  89. Isaac Birchfield

    Isaac Birchfield11 days ago

    Fake weights

  90. Trash Bandicoot

    Trash Bandicoot11 days ago

    Cigarettes and alcohol need to be quit together for some people they go hand in hand can't quit one without the other

  91. Ronny DiSalvo

    Ronny DiSalvo11 days ago

    Wish my boys were alive still..miss this friendship and fucking around stuff alot..👍

  92. Frankie Davis

    Frankie Davis11 days ago

    Brad thanks for getting me off booze you are right yay is the way

  93. Joshua Beauchamp

    Joshua Beauchamp11 days ago

    He looked like trump “I may have made up some... stuff”

  94. mk 2specialist

    mk 2specialist11 days ago


  95. Chevy Big block

    Chevy Big block12 days ago

    Brad is a good buddy 👍👍

  96. Perry Paananen

    Perry Paananen12 days ago

    you made him say this you ain’t slick

  97. Mr Man

    Mr Man12 days ago

    Let me congratulate you on 1m subs now. You’re pretty close. So cheers to 1 million.

  98. Dominic Garcia

    Dominic Garcia12 days ago

    Camera man Jake deserves a car

  99. Jordan Praturlon

    Jordan Praturlon12 days ago


  100. Holden Caulfield

    Holden Caulfield12 days ago

    They just bamboozeld every fans lol

  101. Swagggy Swift

    Swagggy Swift12 days ago

    Yeah this man is on steroids

  102. Clay Borrelli

    Clay Borrelli12 days ago

    love you man, no homo

  103. tim kenda

    tim kenda12 days ago

    I remember when I was in my mid 30s hanging out with alcoholic 20 somethings. Those were the days!

  104. Jaden Tyler

    Jaden Tyler12 days ago

    You’re a good guy Brad

  105. Its Unculs

    Its Unculs12 days ago

    Think I seen Brad on Chris Hanson’s To Catch A Predator. His episode and fake name was Jeff Sokol