Miscellaneous Myths: Loki

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I started researching this goddamn video in june of 2019. I was so young. So innocent. This video is a precious relic of The Before Times, and unlike those inconsiderate vikings, I went out of my way to take *actual notes!*
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  1. Hircine

    Hircine56 minutes ago

    Man they were really shit at drawing back in the day.

  2. IvanLagayacrus

    IvanLagayacrusHour ago

    3 years of dodging god of war spoilers and this is how that streak dies huh

  3. citation pending

    citation pending3 hours ago

    I'll have a fish please.

  4. Eon101

    Eon1014 hours ago

    So, wait, Loki was being portrayed as a kinda sympathetic chaotic neutral anti-hero in the old mythological records? Huh...maybe Marvel got something right about him after all.

  5. John Cena Babadaba

    John Cena Babadaba8 hours ago

    Modern scholar: How would you describe yourself? Loki, chugging a flagon of mead: Chaotic Neutral degenerate.

  6. madcat789

    madcat7899 hours ago

    The Æsir lie, cheat, break their debts? They must be Trojans.

  7. Ribbons0121 R121

    Ribbons0121 R12116 hours ago

    no one gonna aacknoledge the "perpetually drunk"?

  8. SonicSquire *

    SonicSquire *17 hours ago

    are we sure lokis a guy

  9. Ribbons0121 R121

    Ribbons0121 R12118 hours ago

    ok two images are amazing 1.the part of "um..a smoothie" 2.the [part where a smol snek gets yeeted into the ocean

  10. Ribbons0121 R121

    Ribbons0121 R12118 hours ago

    did...did she just call out duolingo?

  11. Mike Snicer

    Mike SnicerDay ago

    Nice tune. 🤘🏼

  12. TheRed Ghostman

    TheRed GhostmanDay ago

    He could be God if stories

  13. Maggie Broadstreet

    Maggie BroadstreetDay ago

    Who is the blue haired protagonist loki and what franchise is he from.

  14. Aleksei Schafer

    Aleksei SchaferDay ago

    Thank you for including the little details. You said 'bog iron' and I got lost down a rabbit hole of chemistry, geography, and history.

  15. Nassaneiru

    NassaneiruDay ago

    I’m sorry, but. Demon dog. Demon dog. DEMON DOG. Let me Make it simpler, D-E-M-O-N D-O-G. Me love dog, yes?

  16. Nikki Lyn

    Nikki LynDay ago

    I just love that all the most cursed kinks are from ancient times like mpreg 😂

  17. Casey Matthew

    Casey MatthewDay ago

    Loki =Jesus

  18. Soham Date

    Soham Date2 days ago

    9:05 The 'guy' who gives birth to a 'horse'???? How does one do that? Lol

  19. Name 22

    Name 222 days ago

    The goat thing is probably Loki tied one end of a rope to a goat and the other end around his testicles and began a game of tug of war.

  20. Violet Vulpix

    Violet Vulpix2 days ago

    I headcanon that Loki has no concept of “future” and just constantly acts on impulse and what sounds fun, for better or worse.

  21. Zhechel Lin

    Zhechel Lin2 days ago

    Wait, if Loki is actually a spider, it would make way more sense for him to invent fishing nets(weaving webs) and giving birth to an eight-legged horse(spiders have 8 legs).

  22. jacob lopez

    jacob lopez2 days ago

    I love the art for these stories, 17:06 "BRO WHAT THE HELL!?!?"

  23. spector wing

    spector wing2 days ago

    Ah yes my recipe for loki Let's see here... A sprinkle of acidna A half cup of pandora And a package of Jesus. Let it simmer for a few hundred years and tada loki

  24. matt sherlock

    matt sherlock2 days ago

    This reminds me of my favorite loki comic. Loki agent of Asgard, a series about loki trying to escape his role as the designated bad guy in thor's story (the gods in this series are kinda living stories, so they are aware that they are shaped by how they are perceived and what kind of story they are in) and in doing so recontexualing his nature as a god of lies by making himself a god of stories instead.

  25. CC

    CC2 days ago

    I love how Loki is drawn as clearly having fun in all his roles, even Cartoon Lucifer, but he is visibly uncomfortable as the Antihero!

  26. Jason Tanner

    Jason Tanner2 days ago

    This... Is a majestic piece of work. So well researched and assembled. I love you for this. (And how much knowledge and humor you have brought to my life.) Brava! Bravo!

  27. christopher snedeker

    christopher snedeker2 days ago

    I think it may be that Loki was ment to be an odd man out among the Asier. A working class home and family God among the gods of kings and warriors.

  28. Theturtleowl

    Theturtleowl2 days ago

    Loki is kinda the glue that holds the most important myths together.

  29. Loreena MacRae

    Loreena MacRae2 days ago

    A lot of us who do deity work actually really enjoy having Loki around. He is chaotic but he's also gentle and loving. He'll make you confront your issues but make sure nobody upsets you. If you give him offerings of booze, weed, candy, or toys (he's easily amused), he'll make your life easy and keep you happy. While he may not be a "main" god, he's still a god that will help you be the best, most authentic version of yourself.

  30. Elizabeth Hawes

    Elizabeth Hawes2 days ago

    Question: What's the music at 5:47? It also showed up in the Arthur's Knights video with Galehaut.

  31. 0verhaul

    0verhaul2 days ago

    Loki is a mess of themes and narratives. And that's the most Loki thing ever

  32. Q. Parablesque

    Q. Parablesque2 days ago

    Baldr's death reads to me as a moral fable. It shows the folly of a parent's desire to protect their child from the world. Freya instilled a sense of invulnerability in her son, which leads to the contest that results in his death. Chaos reminds us that no one is invulnerable. There is a tragic logic is Baldr dying from mistletoe. Parents try to anticipate every danger to their child, great and small. But they can never anticipate every threat. Giving the child a sense of perpetual safety can be very dangerous. Freya denied Baldr the ability or need to fear harm, which killed him in the end.

  33. Noah Nguyen

    Noah Nguyen2 days ago

    That's totally Loki's nature!

  34. Rev Bear

    Rev Bear2 days ago

    Points I brought up in my religious study's course years ago. It was fun to watch the professors have a stroke.

  35. beril şevval bekret

    beril şevval bekret2 days ago

    I still don't understand how abrahamic religons mostly christianity and islam managed to get into so many people's head.

  36. Karl Holde

    Karl Holde3 days ago

    Describing kvasir as "Future key ingredient in the mead of poetry" is freaking hilarious.

  37. Rahul Iyer_22

    Rahul Iyer_223 days ago

    Maybe loki's name is related to "entangler" because he connects everyone's fates at ragnarok?

  38. Ben Joshua Landicho

    Ben Joshua Landicho3 days ago

    Ohmygod Loki is Jesus! I should start a cult

  39. Guro Kjenner Brånå

    Guro Kjenner Brånå3 days ago

    I wonder if Loki could be connected to Lørdag/Laurdag, the name for Saturday. Laurdag means washing-day, and isn't connected to any god. I don't know the etymology of it, but Loki and Laur sounds vaguely familiar? Plus Loki's transformation into a fish connects him to water, and an association with cleaning would also connect him further to the domestic sphere. Furthermore, if Laurdag was connected to Loki then that would give him a day of the week. And, (this is obviously wild speculation), it could connect him to Saturn, whose association with periodic renewal and parentage can be connected to Loki's role as a parent and in Ragnarok.

  40. Fost xSwire

    Fost xSwire3 days ago

    I believe it's more likely that people gave Loki offerings to keep him away.

  41. Mya Hamilton

    Mya Hamilton2 days ago

    Okay, except that there's a story where that's quite the opposite from what from what happens. In the story, Loka Táttur, a farmer calls on Odin, then Hœnir, and finally Loki to protect his son from a jotunn he made a bet that he would give said jotunn his son if he won. Even though the story was written down really late. It could possibly show that there was an older tradition about Loki protecting humans. Never mind the fact that Loki actually calls Odin out for his treatment of human men in Lokasenna. According to that same poem he supposedly spent eight years living among humans as well. Unfortunately, this story is not recorded. However oh, that doesn't mean he's a nice guy. He's not, nor does he pretend to be. Odin would actually be worse than comparison. Considering the fact that he killed human men ruthlessly and that's why would any human want to worship Him considering the fact that he would just take their loved ones away.

  42. Fost xSwire

    Fost xSwire4 days ago

    Loki doesn't just find some random heart of an unknow person. It was the heart of one of the three witches who gave the Norse gods gold. Whom the Norse gods burnt for her evil deeds. Loki is so adamant to destroy her that he eats her partially burnt heart. The witches final trick. The vile heart corrupts Loki and turns him against the gods. The way to hell is paved with good intentions. It is after this that Loki begins the building of Nagilfar.

  43. Mason Walline

    Mason Walline4 days ago

    Fenris is a good boi.

  44. Jawa

    Jawa4 days ago

    >"anyone who tells you they know what Loki's deal was is trying to sell you something" >is trying to sell us Loki enamel pins

  45. Waffle Weirdo

    Waffle Weirdo4 days ago

    People's interpretation of Loki: SATAN or Rebel Antihero Actual Loki: *Can't stop getting pregnant*

  46. Primo Victoria

    Primo Victoria4 days ago

    Because of your legends and classics summarized I know about more stories than anyone else in my English class, thank you.

  47. Okashi's Pack

    Okashi's Pack4 days ago

    Welp, Loki is now my favorite mythological being

  48. Lee Guo

    Lee Guo4 days ago

    wow...this channel has some decent chunk of research

  49. holly clown

    holly clown4 days ago

    The inconsistency really works with the whole “trickster god” theme.

  50. Kirk Heisterkamp

    Kirk Heisterkamp4 days ago

    The story about Fenrir makes me want to cry

  51. Dleopardxl's Wondrous Musings

    Dleopardxl's Wondrous Musings4 days ago

    So Loki is Cinderella?

  52. Magic Smoke FPV

    Magic Smoke FPV4 days ago

    Playback speed=.75%

  53. Mister Angel

    Mister Angel4 days ago

    This was a pleasure to listen to. Thank you very much. 😎👍

  54. Atlas

    Atlas5 days ago

    There a reasons why hes a major chaos trickster god

  55. SaintCyan

    SaintCyan5 days ago

    Possible plot point: Ragnarok is a fake ploy sent by an ominous god to Odin. Said god uses Odin’s paranoia to create weapons to kill the Vanir and Aesir. MC uncovers mystery as he goes through smaller arcs and fights the Ominous god and his organization, eventually ending Ragnarok instead of stalling it as Odin did.

  56. SaintCyan

    SaintCyan5 days ago

    MC is an Ash Lad?

  57. Kate Nolting

    Kate Nolting5 days ago

    you should summarixe Quo Vadis by Sienkiewicz. it’s a monster of book but so gorgeous

  58. Tecwyn Jones

    Tecwyn Jones5 days ago

    5:03 I'm just spit-balling here, but it'll be cool if Thursday was actually derived from Thor's day and we just… kept it extremely similar.

  59. TJ ONeill

    TJ ONeill5 days ago

    I feel like a mess of contradictory information and theories is exactly what Loki would’ve wanted

  60. Luan28 Martins

    Luan28 Martins5 days ago

    The trickster shappshifter gender fluid god can't be pin down in a rigid figure.

  61. josuke jostar

    josuke jostar5 days ago

    Loki: *wakes up* I'm cause problems today Thor: I WILL FUCKING PUNCH YOU IN THE DICK LOKI: HOLY SHIT

  62. CelestialSniper

    CelestialSniper5 days ago

    Ok, this is just a theory, but Odin was also a god of magic right? I think he might have whispered a spell into baldurs ear that would allow Odin to live on through baldur. Just a theory, but it’s an interesting one. Also feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about Odin being a god of magic, as well as knowledge.

  63. unfoldingspace8

    unfoldingspace85 days ago

    Oh I wish the Danish Christmas (or Yule) Calendar Series *Jul i Valhal* (‘Christmas’ tho technically Yule, in Valhalla) had an English translation. It’s basically a 24 episode Christmas series (1 for each of the 24 days in/of Christmas, from the 1st to the 24th) about these two kids (I believe their cousins) visiting their grandmother, and accidentally stumbles across and frees Loki, and no has to travel to Valhal to help fix things before Ragnarok can truly begin. It’s actually really good, Thor (or Tor) is a drunk asshole with anger issues, Loki plotting around pulling pranks, cowering, but also being quite clever. Fun spoiler, their Grandma’s pet dog turns out to be the chained Fenris wolf.

  64. Low Analyser

    Low Analyser5 days ago

    Congrats to the ones that wrote the subs!

  65. Amanda Purello

    Amanda Purello5 days ago

    i gotta respect how much effort goes into these videos!

  66. Anna Tipperina

    Anna Tipperina5 days ago

    Hello there, algorithm~~

  67. Thomas Schrank

    Thomas Schrank5 days ago

    Loki the entangler or loki the web spinner, I prefer the latter, sounds cooler

  68. flavs Joseffo

    flavs Joseffo5 days ago

    The intro is literally the plot of American Gods lol

  69. Cleo LeBlanc

    Cleo LeBlanc6 days ago

    "Sometimes he's literally Satan" *shows Persona 5 Loki* Red, you just pissed off SO many Akechi stans. Edit: also, is it just me, or does Cool Rebel Antihero Loki kind of look like Akechi?

  70. Mary Sue Burnett

    Mary Sue Burnett6 days ago

    The story of how Valhalla got built made it into the opera, Das Rheingold, the first of the Ring cycle operas. And the operas were about the cursed magic ring.

  71. dth9001

    dth90016 days ago

    Destripando la historia para una introduccion overly sarcastic para el analisis profundo

  72. Robie Wynes

    Robie Wynes6 days ago

    I loved the fact she used Dionysus as an example of the evolution of the Gods in mythology. Its a nice call back to how she has also evolved to these mythological deep dives since that first one. I appreciate you Red. Thank you^^ Ps. I am still waiting for that Beacche video. Sorry I had not gotten my part of it done yet.

  73. Nunya Biznas

    Nunya Biznas6 days ago

    Can you do Chronos/Cronos? I can’t find weather or not he’s the god of time, or agriculture, or if he’s the father of the gods? I can’t tell if the Greeks actually treated Chronos differently than Kronos or anything, and it seems like there’s a really interesting narrative around how the different generations of rulers happened, and the pre- greek origins of his stories, and what the ancient world thought of time and what it means to be a ruler. (Not to mention the alternate creation myths)

  74. Lady Lustrous

    Lady Lustrous6 days ago

    Loki=yokai. Little household spirits.

  75. Thor Jørgensen

    Thor Jørgensen4 days ago

    No, Loki is a Jotun giant (who has the ability to shapeshift), adopted and raised by the Asir gods (who have the ability to influence parts of natural behaviors).

  76. FriendlyShark Ce

    FriendlyShark Ce6 days ago

    Fucking Loke being Askeladden is a hilarious idea.

  77. Crystal Hope Dragon

    Crystal Hope Dragon6 days ago

    How do you find out about these gods? I’ve been digging everywhere for info on Nabu and I can’t find anything.

  78. ShinyEonVA

    ShinyEonVA6 days ago

    ah, Loki, my dude-gal brood pal

  79. Casandra Houk

    Casandra Houk6 days ago

    I'm so mad that I missed the Loki pin. UGH. Hoping for a re-release eventually lol.

  80. Gwen Ward

    Gwen Ward6 days ago

    Hold on... I had a brain wave... Remember how Loki creates the fishing net before getting caught? And Red theorized that his name means "entangler?" What if his diefic domain was the god of fish or fishermen? Considering how much the Norse relied of boats, sailing, and working on the sea, it would make sense that there was a got of fish or fishing, but I can't think of one. This could also tie into his "domesic hearth" protection, as he would haave been in charge of a consistant food source that is then cooked and eaten around the hearth. Of course, if this is true, you'd think there would be more evidence in the eddas, as christianity has a long history of fish symbolism. I also just looked it up and there is already a god of fishermen (Njordr (sp?), the father of Freyr and Freyja) but seeing as I had to actually look that up, he isn't nearly as relevant to the mythology as he should be to a seafaring society.

  81. Nunya Biznas

    Nunya Biznas6 days ago

    She said that in the video (though briefly, I’ve watched it enough time to remember everything said)


    HANNAH FAYE D.V. ALEGRE6 days ago

    I love you channel so much...

  83. Boo Bailey

    Boo Bailey6 days ago

    I could listen to you talk about how Loki is actually Jesus alllllll day, that’s my favourite take I’ve ever heard. The whole video is incredible and very pleasing for a Loki stan

  84. MacheB

    MacheB7 days ago

    22:55 I'm swedish and this is the first time I have heard the word lokkanät. I believe it's used locally in some places for describing cobweb because I found when checking swedish dictionary for it, but when googling the word I found that it was more related to fishing nets. It might be more linked to faroese language than the swedish.

  85. dragon of the games

    dragon of the games7 days ago

    So basically loki is that rare God which is actually good than bad

  86. Click_here

    Click_here7 days ago

    Finally someone who knows about leverage, my eternal search is COMPLETE!

  87. Mahousuke Songfox

    Mahousuke Songfox7 days ago

    I love how, weather it be Loki or Hermes, whenever the top god needs someone to do something, the go-to guy is just chilling in a recliner reading something

  88. Ore Tychus

    Ore Tychus5 days ago


  89. RhombusHead 2

    RhombusHead 27 days ago

    You could say loki's a *web* of contradictions

  90. julianto triwijaya

    julianto triwijaya7 days ago

    So you're saying...Loki is the scapegoat/Jesus? 0_0

  91. 제규형

    제규형7 days ago

    Thanks for such an interesting video on the trickster of north mythology. I always thought of the Marvel series of Thor and Loki as somewhat weird and fascinating, because it doesn't really portray the events that well. But this does.

  92. Nukura's Dump

    Nukura's Dump7 days ago

    arrested for fish crimes, and also murder.I AGREE.GREATEST!!

  93. Jade White

    Jade White7 days ago

    Will you every do a breakdown of the goddess Hekate like you did for Dionysus? She's not a terribly big character in some of the core mythology we know she is becoming more popular again and I'd be curious about her origins.

  94. Jacob Graves

    Jacob Graves7 days ago

    Probably a conspiracy theory on my part but if Loki was an aspect or title for Odin the All Father title would make even more sense, dad of gods and monsters alike. Also the idea of the god of hearths and homes having a lot of diverse kids with a ton of partners is kind of adorable

  95. Olivia Mosier

    Olivia Mosier8 days ago

    Can you please please please do a video on The Berkshire Lady’s Garland??? Please I’m begging you😂😂

  96. 666APRIL HINES666

    666APRIL HINES6668 days ago

    I love how people think Loki is another name for Enki, when Loki's original root word was Laki (Lake), which is another name for Lakshmi. So, yes. Loki is FEMALE in disguise.

  97. Naomi Harris

    Naomi Harris8 days ago

    6:26 Saving this for later.

  98. James Ross

    James Ross8 days ago

    I love the idea of Loki laughing at all the Scholars and Morons fighting over his story.

  99. raden yuro

    raden yuro8 days ago

    loki's real name is atreus

  100. Q. Parablesque

    Q. Parablesque2 days ago

    Spoiler alert.

  101. Stevonnie Jenkins

    Stevonnie Jenkins8 days ago

    i think Loki was the god of Flyghting

  102. Eaglest05

    Eaglest058 days ago

    Actually good point, Loki does kinda have chaotic neutral Jesus vibes.

  103. Eaglest05

    Eaglest058 days ago

    Loki, the original femme fatale.

  104. Eaglest05

    Eaglest058 days ago

    I feel like the romans might've not even realized that Loki was an actual God.

  105. Eaglest05

    Eaglest058 days ago

    He's the god of chaos, of course he's modernly inconsistent.

  106. Cassidy Ward

    Cassidy Ward8 days ago

    "Loki's name could mean The Entangler" "Loki is a mass of contradictions without a linear narrative" Ah so he's done his job perfectly to this very day