Whitty is back in Friday night funkin' and he aint playing.. VS Whitty full week (INSANELY HARD)

Whitty is back in friday night funkin with his very own bonus week with cutscenes and an insanely hard surprise song. Its the VS Whitty Full week mod that honestly deserves to be in the actual game
Get the Whitty Mod here - gamebanana.com/gamefiles/14457
editor - uslikes.info/to/6iiYmnC4HZmoNhmVvwqRBw.html


  1. LJ’z tubechannel

    LJ’z tubechannel55 minutes ago

    For once girlfriend isint always on the stereo with boyfriend pushing it around and whitty is so popular it could had been the new week 7 or atleast put it into the actual game and not a limited event

  2. Destiny O'Brien

    Destiny O'Brien3 hours ago

    Mike: 'This cant be like humanly possible' Merg: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

  3. Lankyforce

    Lankyforce3 hours ago

    This guy a god he gets less dislikes and more likes

  4. DoodleMaddie

    DoodleMaddie5 hours ago

    “I don’t care if you speak guitar hero!”

  5. ¡Føxy_Êdîts!

    ¡Føxy_Êdîts!5 hours ago

    we need a grub hub ad mod

  6. Yndndbe Hdhdhbs

    Yndndbe Hdhdhbs8 hours ago

    Mike: “The thing is he doesn’t want our girlfriend, he wants her dad.” Me: the w h a t

  7. Kevin Nasky

    Kevin Nasky10 hours ago

    that was sick

  8. Kevin Nasky

    Kevin Nasky10 hours ago

    h how!!!!??????????

  9. Kevin Nasky

    Kevin Nasky10 hours ago

    my face in real life wow

  10. Dark Dragon

    Dark Dragon10 hours ago

    Mike:you have no idea who you are messing with Me:are you sure about that ;)

  11. MooshiTv

    MooshiTv11 hours ago

    When you finnaly neat ballistic: ladies and gentlemen we got him

  12. Hasuki_Ghost

    Hasuki_Ghost11 hours ago

    “I can’t speak guitar” Bijuu mike 2021

  13. kennetraul

    kennetraul13 hours ago

    7:07 gamer epic

  14. Mastura Hanafiah

    Mastura Hanafiah14 hours ago

    In roblox this so g is rlly hard like bruh

  15. Miah Pound

    Miah Pound15 hours ago

    Can we just talk about the fact that he stayed at the point of dying for like 30 seconds and then made a comeback?

  16. Rasheed Paul Omar

    Rasheed Paul Omar16 hours ago

    wait i ment whitty

  17. Rasheed Paul Omar

    Rasheed Paul Omar16 hours ago

    i know the part when whiity or whhity screams

  18. agung krisindarto

    agung krisindarto16 hours ago


  19. christian 21

    christian 2119 hours ago

    u defeated whitty phase 3

  20. ricky dc

    ricky dc20 hours ago

    the reason you die so early, is because your pressing R

  21. MiccTube YT

    MiccTube YT20 hours ago


  22. Keila Felize Narisma

    Keila Felize Narisma21 hour ago

    Damnnnn bijuu Mike is so good at that game

  23. Despro3400

    Despro340021 hour ago

    Someone beat this on HARD MODE

  24. Glory Alia

    Glory Alia22 hours ago

    *"this is easy"* -Bijuu mike's last words

  25. zek Key

    zek Key22 hours ago

    me: seems easy lol me one hour later: what the frick he's hacker

  26. нyperz_.yт

    нyperz_.yт22 hours ago

    LOL we finally see her standing

  27. dangerm12

    dangerm1222 hours ago

    My favorite song is lo flight

  28. Little Kitten XMA

    Little Kitten XMA23 hours ago

    What you just say hahahaha just so funny

  29. Gladiator Matteo Foronda

    Gladiator Matteo Foronda23 hours ago

    bijuu:still has guitar voice me: *hears WHITTY THE POPULAR in lo fight*

  30. angelica

    angelica23 hours ago

    Twist: boyfriend:dats why yo mama ded

  31. Doge Lord

    Doge LordDay ago

    Me when I see the bears dance 👁💧👄💧👁

  32. Maddox Viers

    Maddox ViersDay ago

    im scared of no man but that thing girlfrend standing up: it scares me

  33. The owls eye

    The owls eyeDay ago

    I send it in and is easy and me playing it is hard why think it’s hard even though I never played it hoot 🦉

  34. Stavro Shukri

    Stavro ShukriDay ago

    I Like How Hes Mad Bc He Losed Bc And He Pulls Hes Ultimate Form

  35. Natalia Vengura

    Natalia VenguraDay ago

    Stop dying

  36. fantaXD 8422

    fantaXD 8422Day ago

    Can't believe there a more difficult versions of this mod

  37. Skittlesgaming

    SkittlesgamingDay ago

    Someone tell him he can’t miss

  38. Morgan Ford

    Morgan FordDay ago

    This is like hell mod

  39. Morgan Ford

    Morgan FordDay ago

    Hes speeds like an electrifide sonic

  40. Morgan Ford

    Morgan FordDay ago

    Look at girlfrends face


    ABDU AL KAMELDay ago


  42. lol

    lolDay ago

    Where the FCK do you get the footage for this. 5:45

  43. Kitten

    KittenDay ago

    Whitty: **having a mental breakdown** Bijuu Mike: 9:08

  44. yuanliang rong

    yuanliang rongDay ago

    Imagine him exploding

  45. Naniya M

    Naniya MDay ago

    WHAT!?!? OMG 0 0 P

  46. Naniya M

    Naniya MDay ago

    It’s too hard you’re gonna to give up (T ~ T) 0 0 F 🙏🏾

  47. Naniya M

    Naniya MDay ago

    (^_^) no this character reminds me of Sasns

  48. Karvesper

    KarvesperDay ago

    Bijuu: He got dem PS Eyes Me: Pfft But realized there is no square I have PS.

  49. BØÅ

    BØÅDay ago

    9:03 shoop da whoop

  50. Jacob Lorance

    Jacob LoranceDay ago

    I tried a Roblox fnf game called funky Friday and I did ballistic which is the last one of the whitty mod I did it and I won so many times

  51. The ultimate, amazing, sleepy Koala

    The ultimate, amazing, sleepy KoalaDay ago

    Ofc she brings around a boombox,she brings speakers everywhere.

  52. The ultimate, amazing, sleepy Koala

    The ultimate, amazing, sleepy KoalaDay ago

    I don't like editing so I do this.everytime he said he was guitar hero tho

  53. Little Cat

    Little CatDay ago

    Good luck trying to beat the hard one

  54. Little Cat

    Little CatDay ago

    That’s a new mod ???

  55. Little Cat

    Little CatDay ago


  56. ꧁Yojairis Sanz꧂

    ꧁Yojairis Sanz꧂Day ago

    Mango go Mango

  57. ivan m

    ivan mDay ago

    Do you know who scarier than the cartoon cat spring trap he’s in the game I looked in there there’s actually spring trap mode that you can take down William Afton

  58. Archie Marcelino

    Archie MarcelinoDay ago

    whitty let out his pain but there is still more he will explode so the pain is out... : )

  59. Creeper Explode

    Creeper ExplodeDay ago

    when he said he had playstation eyes i thought he was just jokeing but no joke if you slow it down he literaly has playstation eyes




  61. Kinga Wangmo

    Kinga WangmoDay ago

    They are there because the dad sent them two

  62. cl0wnie. .xedits

    cl0wnie. .xeditsDay ago

    And the monokumas

  63. Friday night Funkin Fan

    Friday night Funkin FanDay ago


  64. Friday night Funkin Fan

    Friday night Funkin FanDay ago


  65. Amy Davies

    Amy DaviesDay ago


  66. Joshua Rose

    Joshua RoseDay ago

    8:49 "take your blue nuts somewhere else!!! :("

  67. Bendy The Ink Demon

    Bendy The Ink DemonDay ago

    6:29 boy: hey whitty Whitty: *bomb sounds*

  68. Bendy The Ink Demon

    Bendy The Ink DemonDay ago


  69. GF

    GFDay ago

    5:45 aren't those bears from roblox animal simulator-? Lol

  70. Νίκος Νίκος

    Νίκος ΝίκοςDay ago

    The song is ballistic to do it your hands must go ballistic

  71. Sam danielle Bancual

    Sam danielle BancualDay ago

    Did anyone notice that the girlfriend is taller then the boyfriend

  72. insert name

    insert nameDay ago

    I came here for the pain that is ballistic.

  73. Kiddish

    KiddishDay ago

    His face was priceless

  74. Omari Johnson

    Omari JohnsonDay ago

    7:40 when your teacher Gives you summer homework

  75. Werty Wert

    Werty WertDay ago

    7:07 when I get free hamberger for 42344554433 years

  76. Amélie Lachaine

    Amélie LachaineDay ago


  77. Amélie Lachaine

    Amélie LachaineDay ago

    Is there was a new lemon demon it will be everyone ever the mods together XD

  78. Bo_lten

    Bo_ltenDay ago

    Ya know corrupted whitty is more harder

  79. Bo_lten

    Bo_ltenDay ago

    You should try that mod

  80. memey spoder

    memey spoderDay ago

    The actual backstory: whitty was a rockstar when the dad came in and stole the spotlight and boyfriend and girlfriend got in trouble so they went into a back alley and saw HIM boyfriend's trying to take them out so he can at least go back to dating gf Btw: the backstory they got in trouble because whitty was lurking and they would get hurt but the dad didn't care about the boyfriend Thanks for viewing 😜

  81. Denise Manglicmot

    Denise ManglicmotDay ago

    Try corrupted Whitt mod

  82. Slug boi

    Slug boiDay ago

    “He got them playstation eyes” -Bijuu mike 2021

  83. hannah the little cat

    hannah the little catDay ago

    7:27 bruh that much bud you need to practice again...... I don't wanna be rude okay just warning ya

  84. Jewel Singh Bisht

    Jewel Singh BishtDay ago

    You can watch the lyrics in the channel of elite phoenix

  85. Hello Kitty

    Hello KittyDay ago


  86. Your local duck

    Your local duckDay ago

    I’m at the end and I hate you

  87. margaritl hilaril

    margaritl hilarilDay ago


  88. yellow Bees

    yellow BeesDay ago

    Witty is saying that here "witty can't beat me" Yep

  89. jake_the gamer

    jake_the gamerDay ago

    I beat it legitimately because I beat the hell mode mod also

  90. Midnight Uwo

    Midnight Uwo2 days ago

    Am i the only one noticing that the demon whitty is spawning is the cool aid thing

  91. cl0wnie. .xedits

    cl0wnie. .xedits2 days ago

    Was it just me or did mike swear at the start •>•

  92. STRIKER 2.0

    STRIKER 2.02 days ago

    BF:bep boop skedoop bap bijuu mike: ay why u do him like that :'(

  93. Memey

    Memey2 days ago

    I know what they where doing in the alley way but I really do not want to tell

  94. taliyah johnson

    taliyah johnson2 days ago

    He's a gaming God at Friday night funkin

  95. marco sapien

    marco sapien2 days ago

    bf bittyboop beep beepy whitty elitric guitar

  96. Alice Vani

    Alice Vani2 days ago

    he lost like 100 or 100000 or1000000000

  97. Alice Vani

    Alice Vani2 days ago

    just stop nothing

  98. Alice Vani

    Alice Vani2 days ago

    how how are you a pro

  99. chanda boyd

    chanda boyd2 days ago


  100. Charlotte-May Driscoll

    Charlotte-May Driscoll2 days ago


  101. ravenSuperderek 25

    ravenSuperderek 252 days ago

    He is acting like if it was an anime if a person died on anime 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  102. Ghost Laser

    Ghost Laser2 days ago

    Think about it boom box for Romance music alleyway girlfriend and boyfriend O_O