5 Fortnite SEASON 4 Theories You NEED To Know!

5 Fortnite SEASON 4 Theories You NEED To Know!
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  1. Top5Gaming

    Top5GamingMonth ago

    OUR NEW CHANNEL HERE: uslikes.info/house/oK6mnbB6qXFom50/video.html

  2. Adrian Lopez

    Adrian Lopez14 days ago

    Fortnite is so dead so fucking dead

  3. Iron 451

    Iron 451Month ago

    I’d already subbed the whole time

  4. Shawn Aniekwensi

    Shawn AniekwensiMonth ago

    My epic name is sinless venom

  5. Brian Ayre

    Brian AyreMonth ago

    This is info I know how to get zombie Midas you do a Halloween emoit next to the gold chair

  6. Ohwie K

    Ohwie KMonth ago


  7. History I think

    History I think5 hours ago

    What if we lose but iron man teleports us to the old map

  8. xXAlchxmyXx

    xXAlchxmyXxDay ago

    Its not coming back they said the animations and graphics are too advanced for the old map

  9. Your Mother

    Your Mother6 days ago

    I swear If it’s another marvel theme then I’m done with this game

  10. Kian Rodriguez

    Kian Rodriguez7 days ago

    I know this is pretty farfetched and most probably not gonna happen but it would be so dope if we're losing, Galactus is, like idk, about to get the Zero Point when suddenly you hear a boom from far away and see the Mecha Team Leader robot coming from space

  11. vexify-zxy

    vexify-zxy8 days ago

    IT ALL MAKE SENSE TO THE TRAVIS SCOTT EVENT SO WHEN IT STARTED THE WAS SPACE GALAXY AND FIRE AND WATER AND GALACTIC IS TAKING SPACE AND TIME TO FORTNITE AND HES COMING FROM THE WATER AND FIRE IS ABOUT WAR (bIg BrAiN tImEs UvU) and oh in travis scott event we went to space and we saw the og map so we might be going back in time or be going back to the map plus we went through a rift like galactic did and we went to the map just like galactic did

  12. AquaTrotsッ

    AquaTrotsッ10 days ago

    What if Galactus is the Storm King

  13. Gan Khan

    Gan Khan10 days ago

    Minus came back they said ha was dead came back gone again come back as a robot

  14. Error Sans

    Error Sans12 days ago

    Oh this is after the event

  15. super zero

    super zero14 days ago

    Theory:galactus is right now fighting with mecha team leader

  16. Tibor Szomoru

    Tibor Szomoru14 days ago

    If galactus come:wassup us:run! Galactus:"eat planet" then kevin the cube apper and turne into the storm King and they fight. Image it

  17. Koni GamingGR

    Koni GamingGR14 days ago

    2:48 Where will it smash tho, i dont want it on risky reels, since thats my go2

  18. Koni GamingGR

    Koni GamingGR14 days ago

    yes there is zombie midas lol

  19. Adrian Lopez

    Adrian Lopez14 days ago

    Please no more fortnite it’s so fucking dead

  20. 「Itz _ Miss Yuri」

    「Itz _ Miss Yuri」14 days ago

    Now galactus is like almost ON the map we can see him clearly :l

  21. Diamond Gamer

    Diamond Gamer14 days ago

    When is the war

  22. kirsten buresh

    kirsten buresh15 days ago


  23. C4_thunderthanos

    C4_thunderthanos16 days ago

    Wtf happened to mytis he just disappeared

  24. god best

    god best16 days ago

    Theory both of the map will collide and make one map

  25. David Ojelabi

    David Ojelabi16 days ago

    Not likely, but idk

  26. beast gaming

    beast gaming17 days ago

    You suck

  27. Gadget Friendly

    Gadget Friendly17 days ago

    Mommy I don’t like this video

  28. Cristhiann Herrera

    Cristhiann Herrera20 days ago

    what r og

  29. oddlythinkn

    oddlythinkn20 days ago

    The helicarrier is just in marvel knockout

  30. Rosally Gallano

    Rosally Gallano20 days ago

    So marvel heroes wants to train fortnite players for a war against galactus

  31. Rogelio Resendiz

    Rogelio Resendiz20 days ago

    Fake news


    ZBIKEGAMING21 day ago

    Theory: Galactus is part of the seven

  33. LunaxPug

    LunaxPug22 days ago

    What if the chapter two island is the chapter one island, just deformed from the black hole and end event

  34. walter castro

    walter castro22 days ago

    chapter 3


    TYLER ZALKIN22 days ago

    5:03 why is Pluto’s orbit marked in red

  36. Acreynet

    Acreynet22 days ago


  37. Travis Mance

    Travis Mance23 days ago

    More concerts!!!!!!

  38. Megan Thomas

    Megan Thomas23 days ago

    We will see the new clippers on the way to church tomorrow after school tomorrow at noon for the day so that will work for you guys tomorrow morning thank him so much thank you so much thank love you buddy

  39. Jayne Weston

    Jayne Weston24 days ago

    Galactous mite be at the grotto

  40. Jayne Weston

    Jayne Weston24 days ago

    Theory galactous mite be at the grotto

  41. Las Vegas Live

    Las Vegas Live26 days ago

    yooo it would be dope if we went to the og map

  42. Las Vegas Live

    Las Vegas Live26 days ago

    i miss it

  43. Raider Playzツ

    Raider Playzツ26 days ago

    me watching this after fortnitemares

  44. Galaxy

    Galaxy27 days ago

    If iron just rifts galactus away it would be boring, I want a full on battle with galactus Like the one in avengers endgame.

  45. Thee Stumbler

    Thee Stumbler27 days ago

    Tony Stark is like “we need more teeth” and calls in heroes from every dimension and universe.

  46. Harper Carson

    Harper Carson28 days ago

    I Subscribed

  47. Kaleb Colbert

    Kaleb Colbert28 days ago


  48. Strikez SiZzy

    Strikez SiZzy28 days ago

    If MARVEL and DC come together then i think we can win the war against galactus 👍

  49. Radfarious

    Radfarious29 days ago

    I think the event will instead merge the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 maps.

  50. Jerome Ochoa

    Jerome Ochoa29 days ago

    i hope the og map theroy is ture

  51. FarhazWorld X

    FarhazWorld X29 days ago

    i killed midas and got his epic gun and played for some more time and got the new pickaxe

  52. Radfarious

    Radfarious29 days ago


  53. HarshTimez

    HarshTimezMonth ago

    Can we just talk about how acurate t5gs predictions are

  54. Shurtera Bibi

    Shurtera BibiMonth ago

    If the cube us producing that energy that mean the storm king was made from kevin

  55. Jose Camacho

    Jose CamachoMonth ago

    I kcc i

  56. OGR

    OGRMonth ago

    There is no og map ... chapter 2 is the og map with some small differences .

  57. Lidia hernandez

    Lidia hernandezMonth ago

    I aM gOiNg To WrItE tHiS dOwN oN a NoTe PaD oN mY pC

  58. Andrew Stacks

    Andrew StacksMonth ago

    The zero-point is a rift because in the End live event when the visitor went in the zero-point he got rifled away.

  59. elecTroh

    elecTrohMonth ago

    we lost???

  60. Neimat Nahouli

    Neimat NahouliMonth ago

    sorry it will be so cool

  61. Neimat Nahouli

    Neimat NahouliMonth ago

    i howp we will do a war us + mervils vs galactus i will be so cool and epic am i right reply 1 if yes reply 2 if no have fun in the event

  62. Bobber Foote

    Bobber FooteMonth ago

    How about s5 have the Star Wars skins,marvel,and dc be the season 5 theory

  63. Cheeselord7532 '-'

    Cheeselord7532 '-'Month ago

    Theory:the battle bus is the bus from the magic school bus and the teacher is the bus driver

  64. Boan Jenkins

    Boan JenkinsMonth ago

    Fortnight should make a plane fight mode and soon a car fight mode

  65. Extran Taves

    Extran TavesMonth ago

    love the video, hate the click-bait format

  66. IceScorpion 87

    IceScorpion 87Month ago

    The zero-point is a rift because in the End live event when the visitor went in the zero-point he got rifled away.

  67. Alex Reyes

    Alex ReyesMonth ago


  68. Midnight

    MidnightMonth ago

    If we lose we might get a new map!!

  69. Numb mello

    Numb melloMonth ago

    i hope we loose the fight

  70. Tatsuo M.W. Nakata

    Tatsuo M.W. NakataMonth ago

    Anyone still watch this video?

  71. Zer0 Clan

    Zer0 ClanMonth ago

    What i think is maybe they do defeat galatus and this is how, so every body has to fly away but they leave a plasma bomb behind and that destroys gatatus but he falls and makes a giant crater and forms a new loot lake


    PIXELREMonth ago

    Your channel will be better if there is no Fortnite.

  73. Gruxas Ikon

    Gruxas IkonMonth ago


  74. Jio Mares

    Jio MaresMonth ago

    It's here

  75. Kelly Grattan

    Kelly GrattanMonth ago

    Kevin is evil

  76. karam isam

    karam isamMonth ago


  77. Mazin Abuella

    Mazin AbuellaMonth ago

    Which is my channel and I need subs

  78. The Memeing Penguin

    The Memeing PenguinMonth ago

    Like sprigtrap he always comes back

  79. Kombat Cyn

    Kombat CynMonth ago

    In the comics, galactus and Thor team up to defeat the black winter but galactus has to consume a certain amount of planets to become strong enough to defeat the black winter so maybe Thor is trying to stop galactus from eating certain planets and the Fortnite planet is one of the planets Thor doesn’t want to get destroyed so he summons the rest of the avengers to sway galactus away from that planet.

  80. FishyFace 05

    FishyFace 05Month ago

    Theory: We lose in season 4. As he said, we team up with dc, but then Galactis or Thanos find us and we need to save our 3rd island.

  81. Furnox

    FurnoxMonth ago


  82. Furnox

    FurnoxMonth ago


  83. shelbie jones

    shelbie jonesMonth ago


  84. Christian Yopp

    Christian YoppMonth ago

    Does this make sense the guargers have sharp ponit ends just like gulacktis haves pointy ends on hes helmet so that means the guargers came from gulacktis

  85. Furnox

    FurnoxMonth ago

    Theory: The Robot What happened to Mecha team leader? When everything in chapter 1 got wiped out then what happened to that??? It could be possible he’s in chapter 2 cuz after all he’s not dead he’s in space

  86. Furnox

    FurnoxMonth ago

    + even if galactus got the power of the zero point then what if the fortnite universe is a simulation it would all not be real

  87. RAGING Clan

    RAGING ClanMonth ago

    We lost so he can destroy this map and bring us to the old one hopefully

  88. Furnox

    FurnoxMonth ago


  89. Kalen Thames

    Kalen ThamesMonth ago

    do yall think they going have like ghost rider motor cycle

  90. sekretz IQ

    sekretz IQMonth ago

    Theroy: the battle bus will be above the runis and it will shot a lazer and make a storm shiled like the one in save the world

  91. Jodi Harper

    Jodi HarperMonth ago

    Zombie mines that sooooo cool

  92. SHSfusion

    SHSfusionMonth ago

    This video is sponsored by pringles,XD

  93. connor09pro games

    connor09pro gamesMonth ago

    It could bring us to new York or gothem

  94. Carlos ?

    Carlos ?Month ago

    eh i miss the old guy

  95. Anthony Parker

    Anthony ParkerMonth ago

    This is giving me endgame vides this avengers event is like avengers endgame all over again

  96. Bigboi on crack

    Bigboi on crackMonth ago

    this game is shite

  97. Ivan Smith

    Ivan SmithMonth ago

    I thought of the last theirie a long time ago it could be like gost vs shadow

  98. 香香公煮

    香香公煮Month ago

    That felt like watching the end of a movie trailer

  99. Foxsy

    FoxsyMonth ago

    Lego marvel supeeheros 1 they fight Galactus on the heli

  100. Dragon pro Gaming

    Dragon pro GamingMonth ago

    Hopefully if we lose we get teleported to a undertale map it would be fun

  101. Da Real Zapped

    Da Real ZappedMonth ago

    "Tony stark does so much research" Top 5 Gaming be like "We did more".

  102. Corrupted Angel

    Corrupted AngelMonth ago

    I love dc but I don’t spend my V bucks ob battlepasses

  103. AXS DYO Gamer

    AXS DYO GamerMonth ago


  104. Mega Ninja909

    Mega Ninja909Month ago


  105. Samuel Sheppard

    Samuel SheppardMonth ago

    It's okay if Galactus eats the fortnite universe because apex and call of duty will handle it 😂😂

  106. Slasher

    SlasherMonth ago

    Theory: Kevin the cube are going to bring back every boss in zombie mode

  107. Rachel Thorson

    Rachel ThorsonMonth ago

    What if tony stark use the robot remains that are already on the island to help fight Galactus

  108. PG Clan Official

    PG Clan OfficialMonth ago

    Galactus may die. False no amount of energy could kill him and if it could he has a way to came back to life

  109. WillPro V

    WillPro VMonth ago