I did an entire heist with the GTA V Chaos mod

I did an entire heist with the GTA V Chaos mod but the only thing stolen was my patience
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  1. DragonTurtleMax

    DragonTurtleMaxDay ago

    If you’re only listening to it, it sounds like Lester screams “WAIT” right before exploding, as if he knew it was about to happen.

  2. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader8 days ago

    wht is the car bleeding?!

  3. Fluffy The Snek

    Fluffy The Snek9 days ago

    14:57 "it's ok"

  4. Fluffy The Snek

    Fluffy The Snek9 days ago

    11:34 😂

  5. Crap Content

    Crap Content11 days ago

    27:35 I watched this one section about a dozen time or more.

  6. Ranch Noob

    Ranch Noob11 days ago

    Lester: Mission Accomplish Chaos Mod: I’m abou to end his career

  7. LV-edus

    LV-edus11 days ago


  8. The Noob

    The Noob11 days ago

    6:50 for a second there I thought I heard the legendary name of...Turg?

  9. Viktor Závodný

    Viktor Závodný13 days ago

    I think someone should make chaos mod for hitman games

  10. homerick

    homerick14 days ago

    Technically radiofrequency could hurt you because they generate heat but that is in very large quantities so your air pods aren't going to kill you unless maybe you choke on them or a thief sees you have air pods and decides to mug you for them and you get shot.

  11. killer anime

    killer anime14 days ago

    yes I want more more MORE

  12. killer anime

    killer anime14 days ago


  13. jim pickens

    jim pickens15 days ago

    Jim pickens

  14. Tabasco Sauce

    Tabasco Sauce15 days ago

    Trevor at 11:35 AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH Also Trevor at 11:39 '-' ...

  15. Primitive Human

    Primitive Human16 days ago

    Lester: WHOAOOAOAOAOAOAOOAOAO **lester then flys out of the helicopter on a scooter**

  16. Breeze

    Breeze19 days ago

    The fake death troll at 4:37 was timed so perfectly. Well done chat lol


    CRZZY LIME19 days ago

    The way he took the gaurd out had me dying

  18. Fish Boi

    Fish Boi21 day ago

    13:56 There was too much light for Kevin.

  19. ID:N/A

    ID:N/A24 days ago

    *watching this vid on my laptop with an unsaved project open* *windows error sound* "Ahhh!"

  20. Cooper Schimpff

    Cooper Schimpff24 days ago

    Hey you know some dude did this with twitch chat controlling it except he played the whole game like this, and also it being random. Multiple times. DarkViperAU

  21. Myles O'Meara

    Myles O'Meara25 days ago

    this is the funniest thing, I love it, thanks Kevin

  22. Yeti 227

    Yeti 22728 days ago

    6:51 TURG!

  23. Awesomefug

    AwesomefugMonth ago

    I wondered why I Remembered this then I remembered I watched the entire vod

  24. Nikolai Navarro

    Nikolai NavarroMonth ago

    DarkviperAU is laughing right now

  25. I IZ Montagne

    I IZ MontagneMonth ago


  26. Sara Frye

    Sara FryeMonth ago

    Omg this is hilarious. I am so glad Kevin is playing these. I haven't laughed so hard in awhile. His reaction to the fake crash and fake death are just great. I love this so much 😂

  27. Your Average Otaku

    Your Average OtakuMonth ago

    5:11 I saw a Railgun bullet

  28. TheAndrewlolz

    TheAndrewlolzMonth ago

    16:20 what soundtrack is that?

  29. Caleb Caleb

    Caleb CalebMonth ago

    Haha Bore Ragnarok

  30. SUS a.k.a. Pink Guy

    SUS a.k.a. Pink GuyMonth ago

    omg the minions part killed me xd lmao i love the clothes are still normal sized

  31. Aditya Joshi

    Aditya JoshiMonth ago


  32. RaptorCakes

    RaptorCakesMonth ago

    11:37 "Oh No!.. Anyway.."

  33. Beast Gaming

    Beast GamingMonth ago

    Is no won guna talk about the green train

  34. Big brain

    Big brainMonth ago

    Sorry Kevin this will be my last video I watch from you, my mom said it will help me with my strait F’s see you in a couple months

  35. Big brain

    Big brainMonth ago

    Well turns out it was a typo on my report card so now I can watch your hilarious content and saved my self from a ass whopping

  36. Burkutace27

    Burkutace27Month ago

    27:36 "Hanz, deploy ze Panzer trebuchet."

  37. Septic2208

    Septic2208Month ago

    16:22 by far the funniest part

  38. satanic pizza

    satanic pizzaMonth ago

    This while time I didn't realize wade was a juggalo until he asked the dj to play horrorcore

  39. rich925cal1

    rich925cal1Month ago

    I wish every video game developer had the willpower/resources to make all their games extremely fleshed out like R* does.

  40. ahmed َ

    ahmed َMonth ago

    21:03 michael's t-pose, lester's laugh, the glare on kevin's face from the teleportation, his genuine confused "what" LMAOOOOOOOO everything about this is KILLING me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  41. ahmed َ

    ahmed َMonth ago

    and how focused he was before it as well LOL

  42. Empire

    EmpireMonth ago

    Run's dead-wait, wrong channel

  43. R M

    R MMonth ago

    28:31 jokes on you, I'm watching on my phone

  44. Your Average Otaku

    Your Average OtakuMonth ago

    Why does Trevor look like he's just finished saying "It's Wednesday my dudes" in the thumbnail

  45. Blitz Valentine

    Blitz ValentineMonth ago

    27:38 It sounded liked he said "WAIT!" before they blew up XD

  46. DeltaBravo

    DeltaBravoMonth ago

    27:38 had me in literal tears 😂

  47. Michael Tyrrell

    Michael TyrrellMonth ago

    You want GTA V Chaos mod? Play Online on a pc.

  48. Pickle

    PickleMonth ago

    This mod just turns your game into Cyberpunk 2077.

  49. Jon White

    Jon WhiteMonth ago

    You should play Freddi Fish

  50. Steven Hay

    Steven HayMonth ago

    2020 the videogame

  51. Deadpoolguy 2090

    Deadpoolguy 2090Month ago


  52. Roman DeGiobbi

    Roman DeGiobbiMonth ago

    DarkViperAU does this like every week lol Clarification: I’m not hating I love both of these guys lol

  53. Gourd King Mutant

    Gourd King MutantMonth ago

    16:57 Michael: You ready to do something profoundly stupid? Random person: It’s nice to meet you to homie!

  54. Richard Wayne Watson III

    Richard Wayne Watson IIIMonth ago

    Call me Kevin: tries to do a heist The game: not yet ferb.

  55. Official Anthony

    Official AnthonyMonth ago


  56. John Moore

    John MooreMonth ago

    You stole this idea from DarkViperAU!

  57. John Moore

    John MooreMonth ago

    @Nico Jolley It was originally DarkViperAU’s idea. He did it first. No one is giving him credit.

  58. Nico Jolley

    Nico JolleyMonth ago

    How? Dozens of youtubers are doing this, and people asked him to do a heist for one video

  59. All That

    All ThatMonth ago

    Hello Kevin me name is friends

  60. Cheryl Wayte_

    Cheryl Wayte_Month ago

    25:51 Wait, wasn't this in Tenent?

  61. Autumn H

    Autumn HMonth ago

    Not even five minutes in and I’m dying 😂😂😂😂

  62. GamingExpert

    GamingExpertMonth ago

    "Lets cyberpunk our way up" Lol 🤣🤣

  63. J, Williams

    J, WilliamsMonth ago

    no matter when that fake crash happenes it even gems me.

  64. Youth - ROBLOX and more

    Youth - ROBLOX and moreMonth ago

    1:58 The average concealed carry weapon in America

  65. Jean-Dominique wahl

    Jean-Dominique wahlMonth ago

    20:31 the catto gun shoots cat that with the explosive peds explodes as soon as they hit something

  66. Mason Derr

    Mason DerrMonth ago

    Kevin’s gonna get canceled for saying “die monkeys”

  67. Otterpop 852

    Otterpop 852Month ago

    I have never seen Kevin so frustrated at a game

  68. Doot

    DootMonth ago

    Pretty sure Kevin is my favorite USlikesr

  69. Engineering The Metals

    Engineering The MetalsMonth ago

    Oh man! I hope you keep this series up, as frustrating as it is, it's hilarious!

  70. Fister Roboto

    Fister RobotoMonth ago

    hey man, wow man

  71. The Sheep

    The SheepMonth ago

    Kevin seriously thank you. I know that sometimes it’s hard to be a content creator but you make a difference. You helped me break out of the grips of my depression your videos gave me a reason to want to live and now I have self sustained happiness I know that you probably won’t see this but you really helped me through hard times

  72. Neeply

    NeeplyMonth ago

    Kevin is just The Gaming Lemon now

  73. jarod keegan

    jarod keeganMonth ago

    It’s been a while since I’ve watched Kevin, and I don’t know why I stopped

  74. Matt The Pharaoh Wizard

    Matt The Pharaoh WizardMonth ago

    The new subtitle for Call Me Kevin. Call Me Kevin: It's probably a terrible idea, but it's too late to stop now

  75. YağmurT.

    YağmurT.Month ago

    I hate this train mission with a passion

  76. Nick Lionberger

    Nick LionbergerMonth ago

    Anyone else wondering why there computer kept making the windows notification noise.

  77. Daniel L.

    Daniel L.Month ago

    The Chaos Mod just turns GTA V into a Bethesda game.

  78. Flamefiends

    FlamefiendsMonth ago

    Chiptune flying taxi killed me XD

  79. A B

    A BMonth ago

    DarkViperAU: First time?

  80. Somacoat

    SomacoatMonth ago


  81. tommyd7666

    tommyd7666Month ago

    Kevin *does mission* Gta V: Your free trial of living has expired

  82. João Felipe Gonçalves

    João Felipe GonçalvesMonth ago

    DarkViperAU (just a test)

  83. Austin S.

    Austin S.Month ago


  84. De4thstroke32

    De4thstroke32Month ago

    3:18 “NOOOOOOO” - Kevin, circa 2021.

  85. Tomisin Jegede

    Tomisin JegedeMonth ago

    Kevin’s frustration will always be funny 😂

  86. Babidiboopy

    BabidiboopyMonth ago

    16:23 I forgot the name of this gsong, it is so recognizable. Anyone can help me?

  87. Eternal Watch Party

    Eternal Watch PartyMonth ago

    Such a great video 😁

  88. Gary O'Keeffe

    Gary O'KeeffeMonth ago

    8:57 I've never seen anything more perfect in my life

  89. Engineering The Metals

    Engineering The MetalsMonth ago

    This series has had me rolling and struggling to breathe from laughing so much! Please don't stop!

  90. SaTuRoChAn

    SaTuRoChAnMonth ago

    this mod is really so funny XD seeing it live on twitch and making it worse for you and seeing you play it and making a video XDDD so funny xD

  91. scotsboys89

    scotsboys89Month ago

    Gta chaos mod "exists" kevin, "I can milk you"

  92. Pedro Bettim

    Pedro BettimMonth ago

    Hey there, Kevin, how is it going? I'm fine, thanks for asking

  93. Shoutmon

    ShoutmonMonth ago

    what a funny little fecker

  94. kiba whitewolf

    kiba whitewolfMonth ago

    Mission accomplished WE.....*boom*” talk about perfect timing lmao xD hahahah

  95. Shreddie Murphy

    Shreddie MurphyMonth ago

    This did my anxiety no favours.

  96. Reza Ruki

    Reza RukiMonth ago

    "WASTED" "Just kidding keep playing" xDDDDD

  97. Cody

    CodyMonth ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has random explosions going off when I'm in a building

  98. williyeed 123

    williyeed 123Month ago

    he dosnt know darkviperau completes the whole game with chaos mod

  99. Stanley C.

    Stanley C.Month ago

    i was on the verge of tears the whole time but the moment trevor began falling into a void and then immediately just popped on the surface in absolute silence and unharmed i just lost it

  100. milkchoco koo

    milkchoco kooMonth ago

    Why did I just get the notify:( even tho it's Fkn 3 days old

  101. Angus Macleod

    Angus MacleodMonth ago

    6:48 you can feel the amount of adrenaline that train brought

  102. Mickey Coleman

    Mickey ColemanMonth ago

    Watching this for a second time just realized he got hit by a rail gun at 5:16

  103. mnyeh-like

    mnyeh-likeMonth ago

    22:02 New York Heaven Stairway Incident

  104. Molly Taylor

    Molly TaylorMonth ago

    2:12 I read "Give Everyone a Railgun" as "Give Everyone a Religion". I mean, I wouldn't put it past the Chaos Mod, but...