Savannah Dexter - Raise Hell (Official Video)

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Directed By Drake McGuire
Mixed by: Brinson Swann
Mastered by: Brinson Swann
Written By: Savannah Dexter
#SavannahDexter #KatieNoelDiss #RaiseHell


  1. Jason Gilford

    Jason Gilford57 minutes ago

    Yeah I'm a church fan I'm at Adam sand I'm a struggle fan I'm a creep mop I'm a goon and I'm Savannah love keep up a good work keep the circle tight more California Love

  2. ninja turtle

    ninja turtleHour ago

    Had me at "who the fuck is this dumbass bitch" love an agressive woman lol

  3. Christian Hedges

    Christian Hedges2 hours ago

    Ah man.. I Can't get enough of Savannah Dexter!

  4. chris patmore

    chris patmore3 hours ago

    She kills that shit on Katie

  5. rare fun

    rare fun7 hours ago

    Just found this song dope af🔥🔥you destroyed her career

  6. Joe Huff

    Joe Huff7 hours ago

    Upchurch all the was!!! This girl is SMOKING

  7. E B

    E B18 hours ago

    Katie is a bitch but at least she doesn't have to hide her busted ass stomach in high waisted pants lmao

  8. Lane Johnson

    Lane Johnson19 hours ago


  9. A1 Champ

    A1 ChampDay ago

    The new Queen 👑 of the south is here and she’s got cake !

  10. Travis Potter

    Travis PotterDay ago

    Did she say 2 "pack" instead of 2pac??

  11. Elijah Harrup

    Elijah HarrupDay ago

    Katie noel got what she deserved

  12. Rian Pierce

    Rian PierceDay ago

    who tf is this bitch 🤮

  13. Tyler Pitts

    Tyler PittsDay ago

    i thought i would have a country girl like katie noel but i ended up marrying a country women like savannah dexter f#!king savage

  14. Cee Jay

    Cee JayDay ago

    This ain’t for the streets it’s for cornfields.she cute but nah on the rapping

  15. shawng7902

    shawng79022 days ago

    ✂️gang ✂️gang ✂️ gang. This had to hurt so bad.

  16. Mike Lowery

    Mike Lowery2 days ago

    Fuck church

  17. Ryan Mckenna

    Ryan Mckenna2 days ago

    How many savannah fans here 2020. I’m from so cal no bitches out here fucking with this southern goddess

  18. Vape Star812

    Vape Star8122 days ago

    Idc what anyone say....she's a badass southern chick who can sing,rap,dance,and probably drink all yall under the table....mad props to this woman right here💯💯💯

  19. fivegobblers1

    fivegobblers13 days ago


  20. Dead By Default

    Dead By Default3 days ago

    Ha all the dislikes are Wiesel Gang affiliates

  21. andrew cook

    andrew cook3 days ago

    And now this track is on my playlist. Savannah you murdered her fake ass.

  22. Blessed Forever

    Blessed Forever4 days ago


  23. Katelyn Pecor

    Katelyn Pecor4 days ago

    Love you Savannah Dexter 💛

  24. Jennifer Mayfield

    Jennifer Mayfield4 days ago

    Y'all if upchurch wants a southern bell that can raise hell I am Tennessee. Tell Katie she shouldnot claim a place she ain't woman enough for Tennessee!(My bartender name that stuck) Love this song. I needed it for some things in life that need to be let free! Keep rocking beautiful soul

  25. Chad Bisconer

    Chad Bisconer4 days ago

    how can you not like her, this vid and her is just fucking sick

  26. Austin Telthoester

    Austin Telthoester5 days ago


  27. Matt Wilson

    Matt Wilson5 days ago

    Smoking 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 hot

  28. chief_eagleflys rdr2

    chief_eagleflys rdr25 days ago

    Best song I've heard in years

  29. Dezirae Cook

    Dezirae Cook6 days ago

    Love this and if you don’t know who she is talking about your not a true upchurch fan

  30. Danny B

    Danny B6 days ago

    New Savannah fan here, but an old school guy. Where can I get her music on CD? Any ideas?

  31. Tasha Hinkle

    Tasha Hinkle6 days ago

    She got served...... you are amazing girl keep kicking ass

  32. Breanna Mcfall

    Breanna Mcfall6 days ago

    This was lit even my dad thought it was

  33. Hoyt Emery

    Hoyt Emery7 days ago

    Damn great diss..but she's damn fine too lol

  34. Chad Hunt

    Chad Hunt7 days ago

    Love this lady.

  35. Logan Henry

    Logan Henry7 days ago

    Shit is on fire

  36. Mr. Ross

    Mr. Ross7 days ago


  37. Russ Beck

    Russ Beck8 days ago

    DANM, Eazy-E!

  38. Michael Nielsen

    Michael Nielsen8 days ago

    gotta love the immaturity of diss tracks

  39. Martin G

    Martin G8 days ago

    is she from the south

  40. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones8 days ago

    Wow what a great tune!

  41. Scott K

    Scott K9 days ago

    1:22. OH SNAP!!!!!!!! Chick has bigger balls then church. 😂

  42. Tyler Bell

    Tyler Bell9 days ago

    I’m sorry but this video is pure awful I support Katie all the way so deal with it

  43. Allen Shoen

    Allen Shoen9 days ago

    Katie noel might as well stop

  44. John Albano

    John Albano9 days ago

    I just googled who and what this song is about and now it's even more awesome. :)

  45. Codey Frisk

    Codey Frisk9 days ago

    So cool savannah Dexter is on Ryan upchurch side savannah Dexter dissing katie noel is funny I'm a Ryan upchurch fan

  46. Rob Smith

    Rob Smith9 days ago

    This girl sweet as honey and got that 🔥

  47. I love cats Lowry

    I love cats Lowry9 days ago

    Who are you distracting Savannah is a Katie

  48. Noah Galvan

    Noah Galvan9 days ago

    FEMALE version of eminem!!👍👍

  49. Nymph O

    Nymph O9 days ago

    Nobody likes a liar, everyone hates a false accuser.

  50. Shane Elliott

    Shane Elliott9 days ago

    Trump 2020

  51. Michael Oliver

    Michael Oliver10 days ago

    Omg I love that song

  52. Addy Vonderohe

    Addy Vonderohe10 days ago

    I hate Kate noll

  53. Addy Vonderohe

    Addy Vonderohe10 days ago

    I love her song

  54. Addy Vonderohe

    Addy Vonderohe10 days ago


  55. Alexa Parrish

    Alexa Parrish10 days ago

    “Your voice as flat as your body from the side view” 😂 💀 #truth

  56. Guccie Davis

    Guccie Davis10 days ago

    And that's a fact

  57. Guccie Davis

    Guccie Davis10 days ago

    He ree Wright's me

  58. Mrswitch Cars

    Mrswitch Cars10 days ago

    Where’s that damn water fall at.

  59. Jason Kaplan

    Jason Kaplan10 days ago

    3Million Views!!!!!!

  60. Shelby Johnson

    Shelby Johnson10 days ago

    Your at blue holler!!!! I live 30 mins from there!!! And I love the song absolute fire ❤️

  61. Jayden Quintal

    Jayden Quintal10 days ago

    This song she went Savage

  62. Shawn Love

    Shawn Love10 days ago

    Nice music doing great mam keep up the good work

  63. Jayden Quintal

    Jayden Quintal10 days ago

    I'm one of her biggest fans

  64. Jayden Quintal

    Jayden Quintal10 days ago

    Did they take Tennessee yet

  65. Troy Lyons

    Troy Lyons11 days ago

    Now this is the queen of the south

  66. Mike Lowery

    Mike Lowery10 days ago

    I'm new to country hip-hop who is this girl dishing on what girl is she talking s*** about

  67. Dan Galvan

    Dan Galvan11 days ago

    Savannah is gorgeous

  68. Jeffrey SERAFINI

    Jeffrey SERAFINI11 days ago

    bruh, fiyahhh

  69. Ree Toaded

    Ree Toaded11 days ago

    whats she hiding with that arm? chest of a 14yo boy?

  70. Steven Jenkins

    Steven Jenkins11 days ago

    New subscriber and I don't even like hip-hop. Dig the tune

  71. Dan Penley

    Dan Penley11 days ago

    And shout to Drake hell of job and looks like ya shot in the Appalachian

  72. Dan Penley

    Dan Penley11 days ago

    Carolina definitely in on any shit! Let’s get wit it!

  73. Cameron Kirkland

    Cameron Kirkland11 days ago

    0:24 you will no

  74. dylan rothschadl

    dylan rothschadl12 days ago

    This chick knows real country rap and doesn't deal with bullshit

  75. Jennifer Lyle

    Jennifer Lyle12 days ago

    Oh how she acts is textbook and an as like her hahaha I've seen better ass in nursing homes

  76. Kellsey Wiley

    Kellsey Wiley13 days ago

    Bitch ain’t got no ass or tits. Katie is a bad bitch and you ain’t shit. I’d beat your ass for her

  77. Gino Victory

    Gino Victory12 days ago


  78. Tiff Manon

    Tiff Manon13 days ago

    Yess queen ❤

  79. Hailey Davis

    Hailey Davis13 days ago

    Savvanah your so pretty

  80. Joey Lamb

    Joey Lamb13 days ago

    Who wrote this song????

  81. Taylor Elmore

    Taylor Elmore13 days ago

    Not only do I have mad respect for you for all the music you put out, the emotion and energy you put into what you do, and considering everything you’ve been through before you got to where you are now, you always keep it real and you stay true to yourself. I’ve been with you since day one. Regardless of what anyone says, you are the real queen of country rap. Keep doing you boo and you have all my support Sav! Much love 💕 💪🏻 P.S Katie who? Church proved who she really is when she lied and she further exposed herself for her true colors but you straight turned that bitch into NOTHING. She exists no more LMAO. Fabulous job! 😂💕

  82. Mavrick Tillman

    Mavrick Tillman13 days ago

    Best song of 2020

  83. Austin Lavelett

    Austin Lavelett14 days ago

    Fuck with church you get the whole creek squad Katie

  84. Tadan Cooper

    Tadan Cooper14 days ago

    Hell ya

  85. Kegan Haney

    Kegan Haney14 days ago

    This song is so good

  86. James Smith

    James Smith14 days ago

    Fuck yea!!

  87. Matthew 762-556

    Matthew 762-55614 days ago

    Savannah Dexter Murdered Off Katie Noel's Whole Career With This. 💯🙏😆

  88. Dessa Anthony

    Dessa Anthony14 days ago

    Just added this to my playlist....🔥🔥🔥

  89. Harmony Sage

    Harmony Sage15 days ago

    Went to school with Ryan at Harpeth and he has t changed one bit (personally wise). What you see is what you get with him! This song is amazing!

  90. Corey Sullivan

    Corey Sullivan5 days ago

    You are cute

  91. Kim Kimble

    Kim Kimble15 days ago

    Me!! I love Upchurch , he’s the rebel country rap man She’s bad as hell, I like her, she’s got it, as where Katie Noel sucks from day one, Demun Jones is Awesome to a personal friend!!❤️❤️💯💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸😊✌️✌️😊

  92. Wide Open Waylon

    Wide Open Waylon15 days ago


  93. Justine hayden

    Justine hayden15 days ago

    soooooo that was some fire. spit that truth girl! it's a shame what she said bout church. fuck her and all she stand for.

  94. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog15 days ago

    Its hard to type with one hand.

  95. Scarlett Letterman

    Scarlett Letterman15 days ago

    I had to actually look Katie up hahahahahaha Savannah killed her!!!!! ......not just saying that because I'm Florida too but seriously idk how that girl thought she was anything

  96. Nathan Strickland

    Nathan Strickland16 days ago

    Trump 2020

  97. Cameron Kirkland

    Cameron Kirkland16 days ago

    1:20 so funny

  98. kaiser sosay

    kaiser sosay16 days ago

    Would eat

  99. Brittany Langley

    Brittany Langley16 days ago

    My new best girl. I'll fight beside you home girl. Fuck Katie Noel

  100. Mia Child

    Mia Child16 days ago

    Katie Noel is better then u can't just sing a song when everyone knows it's abt her! And maybe she lied or she didn't but u need to quit being rude. She nicer than u and she's smarter and maybe Ryan could be lying also. I hate people that talk or sing rude things abt others! She might not always like men like Ryan not everyone has to chose of who they like. It's a free country and people should be able to do there own thing and not the other person!

  101. Mia Child

    Mia Child7 days ago

    Well sorry that I'm not such a great person and I get if she was raped but it doesn't mean that she has to go after Katie and u guys can yell all u want but I like Katie's songs more but no I'm not 12 I'm 28 okay so shut ur mouth

  102. Gino Victory

    Gino Victory12 days ago

    Rude? This is in the true Spirit of Hip Hop you got beef with someone you slay'em in verse. How old are you 12?

  103. Ruchelle Ramirez

    Ruchelle Ramirez14 days ago

    Fuck that boy who cried wolf ass bitch... how tf is this girl being rude, shes calling out katie for crying rape and then took it all back saying she didnt say that. That's not just lying, that not only could of ruined his career but it could have ruined his life! What if he went to jail over that "lie"? Peolpe get killed in jail for stuff like that... like wtf?! And I dont even like country music.. I was just educating myself on this whole ryan/katie drama and came across this side drama. And I could not believe that you are actually sticking up for her.. do you not realize girls like her that lie about being raped/sexually assaulted/molested are the reason why its sooo hard to get justice or even believed when it really happens?! Fuck that!

  104. Renee Wilson

    Renee Wilson16 days ago

    Savannah will go down in history as the one who raised Katie from the dead, just to bury her for good 👍 💯 love this

  105. Peekaboo Iseeyough

    Peekaboo Iseeyough17 days ago

    lol... now I just 🥰🥰🥰🥰 freaking love you!!! Thank you for this. Idk why I'm just seeing this, but glad! Thats funny AF!🤣🤣