Husky Sneaks Up On Owner By Acting INVISIBLE!!!! #shorts

#shorts #funny #husky


  1. M I

    M I4 minutes ago


  2. danny r

    danny r26 minutes ago

    Drax from galxy movies

  3. Dana Gomez

    Dana Gomez31 minute ago

    Huskies reminds me of big cats

  4. Christine Musselman

    Christine Musselman43 minutes ago

    A blue-eyed charmer. What a pretty boy!

  5. Cynthia Clark

    Cynthia Clark50 minutes ago

    Such a beautiful and smart dog!!

  6. Sagittarius A

    Sagittarius AHour ago

    What dog ?

  7. Gail Tomberlin

    Gail TomberlinHour ago

    This reminds me of the horror movie The Shining. (The 2 little girls in the hallway.)

  8. IronSirenGaming

    IronSirenGamingHour ago

    is your husky imitating Slendrina or something

  9. SoulFly

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  10. Adam B

    Adam BHour ago

    This is so cute

  11. Fide Logos

    Fide LogosHour ago

    Teleportation, of course.

  12. Kim Sibert

    Kim Sibert2 hours ago

    Weeping Angel.

  13. Carol Mullins

    Carol Mullins2 hours ago

    πŸ’™β˜ΊπŸ’™ BEAUTYπŸ’™β˜ΊπŸ’™

  14. Rox Close

    Rox Close2 hours ago

    Kiss that face ❀️

  15. Kellie Street

    Kellie Street2 hours ago

    What a beautiful baby

  16. KA

    KA2 hours ago

    I'd die for him ngl

  17. Sans-stone

    Sans-stone3 hours ago

    FNAF animatronics when you’re looking at the monitor be like:

  18. dragon and unicorn production's

    dragon and unicorn production's3 hours ago

    I would be like DeAr LoRd

  19. eavening

    eavening3 hours ago

    Blink and the angels will get you.

  20. Carole Just Carole

    Carole Just Carole3 hours ago

    Our Husky is very quiet when she wants to be, she stalks like a cat. Then there is her caterwauling (dogerwauling?) when she is bored.

  21. iero

    iero4 hours ago

    πŸ₯° in love!

  22. Kev Rink

    Kev Rink5 hours ago

    It's like Drax

  23. Jimmy Dean

    Jimmy Dean6 hours ago

    Hilarious and creepy.

  24. Flis P.J.

    Flis P.J.6 hours ago

    Metal Gear Husky

  25. Abrar Ahmed Mullan

    Abrar Ahmed Mullan6 hours ago

    Husky : What is my human doing ?πŸ™„

  26. Ashiya

    Ashiya6 hours ago

    When my family had our first dog we used to make her lay down in the living room when she was misbehaving. She would always stay in the same position, so it took forever before we finally realized she had somehow managed to sneak her way all the way into the kitchen in that same exact position she was originally in. It was like she just teleported- one moment she was laying the the living room and then suddenly she was near your feet in the next room, haha.

  27. Mari Romano

    Mari Romano7 hours ago

    Kinda creepy

  28. Oscar Quiles

    Oscar Quiles7 hours ago

    Cool how did you do that?

  29. Jamal Toraion

    Jamal Toraion7 hours ago

    173 scp husky statue

  30. Johan

    Johan7 hours ago


  31. Samantha

    Samantha7 hours ago

    Huskies are the best, loyal and funny. One of the best breeds.

  32. Diane Bielawa

    Diane Bielawa8 hours ago


  33. White Bear

    White Bear8 hours ago

    The huskies face made me laugh so hard xd

  34. Parth Mandaliya

    Parth Mandaliya8 hours ago

    I have no words just lmao

  35. Meris alih-abdullah

    Meris alih-abdullah8 hours ago

    She so cute😍

  36. Gotta Cache β€˜em All!

    Gotta Cache β€˜em All!8 hours ago


  37. Raptie

    Raptie8 hours ago

    Oh my gosh, it's an updated Ninja Cat! I love it.

  38. BLUE

    BLUE8 hours ago


  39. Mckenzie Drywall Inc.

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  40. Emily An

    Emily An8 hours ago

    He must be careful with he's husky if he ever heard of smile.jpgπŸ˜‚

  41. Tutateha Ja

    Tutateha Ja8 hours ago

    Soooo adorable 😊

  42. Catania Momma Italia

    Catania Momma Italia8 hours ago

    Omg! My darn cat does that! Its freaking hilarious 🀣 πŸ˜‚

  43. SuperPsychoterror

    SuperPsychoterror8 hours ago

    He's so beautiful 😍

  44. Cookie Neko

    Cookie Neko9 hours ago

    Love you 🐢

  45. Emily An

    Emily An8 hours ago

    Beautiful dog

  46. Cynth G

    Cynth G9 hours ago

    Ooh spooky

  47. Vicki Stearns

    Vicki Stearns9 hours ago

    Lol that is sooooooooo cute and funny

  48. Rita Carducci

    Rita Carducci9 hours ago


  49. Martine Coq

    Martine Coq9 hours ago


  50. Pokina Pllu

    Pokina Pllu9 hours ago

    My car does the same thing when I hide the same way. Lol

  51. kiki dee's TTC journey

    kiki dee's TTC journey10 hours ago

    Omg I want this dog!! πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  52. trina p.

    trina p.10 hours ago

    This video made my day

  53. Ron Baldwin

    Ron Baldwin10 hours ago

    Totally my dog, he really thinks I'm not paying attention. I let him get close then jump and scare him. It's funny his reaction is always different.

  54. Mark Hooper

    Mark HooperHour ago

    Hey that's funny πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  55. Bara Thrum

    Bara Thrum10 hours ago

    Five Nights at Husky’s

  56. Cath4life

    Cath4life11 hours ago

    Thanks for the laugh love dogs!!


    HINDUSTAN NOOBS11 hours ago

    The more he was coming near the more frigtened i was getting thinking what he gonna do next🀐

  58. Kiran Bhandwalkar

    Kiran Bhandwalkar12 hours ago

    Plot twist:- the Husky is good at editing.

  59. Geanette Kerstetter

    Geanette Kerstetter13 hours ago

    Love this ❀️❀️❀️😍


    STEELER4LIFE13 hours ago

    Beautiful dog

  61. khuzama mashlah

    khuzama mashlah13 hours ago

    That is so sneaky

  62. Ashley Bell Psychic Services

    Ashley Bell Psychic Services13 hours ago

  63. trikami

    trikami14 hours ago

    Why is the person filming a lamp i see no entertainment in that...

  64. Y Z

    Y Z14 hours ago

    This is a movie in real life! ❀❀❀

  65. Laura Shipp

    Laura Shipp14 hours ago

    I smiled all the way through your video! Beautiful fur-baby you have! TFS.

  66. Justin Munyard

    Justin Munyard15 hours ago

    Lol πŸ˜‚ nice

  67. Phoenix

    Phoenix16 hours ago


  68. Yuki Nohana

    Yuki Nohana16 hours ago


  69. Michael Orosco

    Michael Orosco17 hours ago

    This was absolutely hilarious!🀣🀣

  70. Eric Tull

    Eric Tull18 hours ago

    This is fake. There is no dog! This is the last time i get tricked..

  71. Bharat Gupta

    Bharat Gupta18 hours ago

    So, never play peek a boo with a huskie

  72. Corey Campbell

    Corey Campbell19 hours ago

    Huskies are the most beautiful dogs .

  73. Samara Hearn

    Samara Hearn19 hours ago


  74. Tom Waters

    Tom Waters20 hours ago

    I was thinking you could have ended the video in one of two ways. 1. As the husky got closer towards the end of the video you could have added a jump scare and made it look like the husky tried to reach out and take the camera from you. 2. The other I was thinking was at the husky was thinking it was invisible you just surprising the crap out of it and scaring the dog.

  75. Janette '

    Janette '20 hours ago

    Lovey scary

  76. Laken King

    Laken King20 hours ago

    This is a good thing I love this

  77. Walk Good

    Walk Good21 hour ago

    Those πŸ‘€!

  78. Jakob Carrillo

    Jakob Carrillo21 hour ago

    How in the world did you not burst out laughing I sure would have I really like these

  79. Sonja Rucker

    Sonja Rucker21 hour ago

    I wonder where he gets it lol beautiful big doggy

  80. Rohan - G

    Rohan - G21 hour ago

    So beautiful jah jah πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‘‹

  81. Jamie DaRocha

    Jamie DaRocha21 hour ago

    So cute and funny πŸ˜„ he stops every single time that the camera faces him and he wags his tail like he is happy that he got so far πŸ˜†

  82. Edward Nebiolo

    Edward Nebiolo22 hours ago

    Pulling a Drax invisible thing

  83. egirl Paisley

    egirl Paisley22 hours ago

    Fnaf 1

  84. Kyle Woods

    Kyle Woods22 hours ago

    Wow! It's almost as if the person filming this had taken several different videos of their dog after having told him to 'stay' in the hallway, then edited all the videos together, making it apear as though the dog were sneaking up on his owner! Tricky dog!

  85. Shruti Sehgal

    Shruti Sehgal22 hours ago

    What the heck lol to good

  86. X

    X22 hours ago

    Couldn't help making kissing sounds to my phone while watching this.

  87. Annette Blaize

    Annette Blaize23 hours ago

    Sneak 100

  88. Kelly Patterson

    Kelly Patterson23 hours ago

    He’s a cat!

  89. T K

    T K23 hours ago

    That breed is too goddam smart!

  90. Hector Castillo

    Hector Castillo23 hours ago

    Really really. He said that.

  91. Lynn

    Lynn23 hours ago

    How much Dr. Who does this pup watch?

  92. David Pollard

    David Pollard23 hours ago


  93. Pixi Le Gault

    Pixi Le GaultDay ago

    This pup is very photogenic...

  94. Phyllis Hannah

    Phyllis HannahDay ago

    Okay act invisible!

  95. Vivian Mallancy

    Vivian MallancyDay ago

    Doggo Drax 🀣🀣

  96. Rudy Guevara

    Rudy GuevaraDay ago


  97. boof stain

    boof stainDay ago

    no one: the fnaf animatronics:

  98. Karl Juice

    Karl JuiceDay ago

    That dog is better looking then my wife..😟😟

  99. Jackie Checalier

    Jackie ChecalierDay ago

    Lollollol hes into it. My gsds loved hide n seek. And to dance.

  100. Teeba Shdefat

    Teeba ShdefatDay ago

    Why I'm I scared of him getting closer to the camera like it was me who's recording? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  101. Caroline B

    Caroline BDay ago

    Brilliant! πŸ˜‚

  102. 2 Spooky 4 Me

    2 Spooky 4 MeDay ago

    This is like 5 nights at freddy's minus the scary bits