My Husky Thinks She Is a Lap Dog! #shorts

She sure thinks she's a dang lap dog! My husky tries to be a lapdog! I guess if she fits, she sits!
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Snow Dogs Shorts
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  1. cell pat

    cell pat21 hour ago

    Show Husky a picture of a yorkie: She barks: that's me! Show Husky a picture of a Husky: She barks: who's that?

  2. Edna Jean Amos

    Edna Jean Amos2 days ago


  3. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe5 days ago

    Well I think your Husky won this round! 😄👍

  4. James Duncan

    James Duncan7 days ago

    Sooo cute! AHHH I love her, she's just way too adorable! ❤️❤️

  5. Shinjuku96 Jackson

    Shinjuku96 Jackson7 days ago

    She's a Certified Snuggle Bug

  6. Deborah Seay

    Deborah Seay8 days ago

    Yes I'm a lap dog, why do you ask ? ❤😄



    Ngl, that is the cutest husky I've ever seen. Those eyes....

  8. Jaximus

    Jaximus9 days ago

    EVERY dog is a lap dog!

  9. Nisha Solanki

    Nisha Solanki9 days ago

    If she thinks she is a lap dog, she is a lap dog hooman! 🤣😝

  10. Trevor GTA

    Trevor GTA9 days ago

    I don’t like small dogs much tho....

  11. Toast-WithButter

    Toast-WithButter9 days ago

    Too many people have been on the hub in this comment section.

  12. Darius Eldritch

    Darius Eldritch10 days ago

    at this point i think this is just the reality of having a big dog

  13. Dyana Forest

    Dyana Forest10 days ago

    The dalling hairsssssSSSSS

  14. Byron Martin

    Byron Martin10 days ago

    Meanwhile what shes really thinking... “Lap Wrog? Wrog where? I don't see a wrog? .......wait a minute 💭 You don't think I'm a wrog do you? Hmmmp excuse me, I'm Princess Snowy of The Cold Paws Royal Family🐾and I would inform you peasent, I will SIT wherever I choose.......Thank you Kind Sir for holding up the Royal Butt" 👑

  15. NADA

    NADA10 days ago

    My 55lb doggo also believes she is a lap dog. This is everyday.

  16. Jacob Acton

    Jacob Acton10 days ago

    Owner: are you a lap dog. Husky: I wanna be.

  17. Staci Cooke

    Staci Cooke10 days ago

    My lab/gs/ jack Russel mixed is the same way. She is probably more like 30Lb but she loves to get in laps and get some TLC

  18. True Family friendliness

    True Family friendliness10 days ago

    Dogs are dogs And dogs are puppies Puppies are lap dogs Huskies are dogs Thus Huskies are lap dogs

  19. Smug Weavile

    Smug Weavile10 days ago

    If I'm sitting on any chair, my husky jumps into it almost immediately, unless there's no room, then he'll sit and whine at me until I schooch over to make room.

  20. Tommy Nguyen

    Tommy Nguyen10 days ago

    43lb dogs are nothing as you gain more strength everytime you hold them

  21. Rebecca Anderson

    Rebecca Anderson10 days ago

    How much would you think my husky puppys weight should be she is 7 months old and 45 pounds

  22. Courtney Johnson

    Courtney Johnson10 days ago

    43 pounds is nothing compared to my dogs 65. And he's only a 1 year old pittbull. They grow up to fast.

  23. Ad Wo

    Ad Wo10 days ago

    My 90 pound german shepherd is also a lap dog. She is the best.... if you like dogs that is... sorry mom

  24. Laura Gosnell

    Laura Gosnell10 days ago

    Happy and gorgeous

  25. Stefan Münter

    Stefan Münter11 days ago

    Happy and beautiful

  26. Lara O'neal

    Lara O'neal11 days ago

    Too adorable.

  27. Sharon Ott

    Sharon Ott11 days ago

    I know your pain!! I had an 80lb. Yellow Lab who thought she was a lap dog, too. Lol!! Kira is so cute.

  28. [The_Roman_Hammer] FerouzIV

    [The_Roman_Hammer] FerouzIV11 days ago

    Lord the shedding, it's a nightmare for me rn

  29. Imagine Kudryavka

    Imagine Kudryavka11 days ago

    "Are you implying I'm fat?!"

  30. Kathy Schlenker

    Kathy Schlenker11 days ago

    Try a 99lb Pitt who still thinks he is a little puppy

  31. Stalinbeballin 64

    Stalinbeballin 6412 days ago

    Only 43 pounds? Damn u thought they weighted more my yellow lab weights 100

  32. Sagar G

    Sagar G12 days ago

    Aaw she cute. She need sofa.. 😘

  33. Amy Bahner

    Amy Bahner12 days ago

    So adorable♥️

  34. Freedomcat

    Freedomcat12 days ago

    Want a lap dog, get a big dog. Want a guard dog get a small dog. As I always say.

  35. iamrobinlt1

    iamrobinlt112 days ago

    All three of my huskies always were lap babies and couch potatoes.

  36. Can't Spell

    Can't Spell12 days ago

    I have a 92lb pitbull she does the same thing when I'm on the rocking chair

  37. Nura Xblade

    Nura Xblade12 days ago

    I want to be this much loved by husky!

  38. OG_Account

    OG_Account12 days ago

    Onky 43lbs mine is dang near 60+

  39. Susie Wiggins

    Susie Wiggins12 days ago

    Such a big baby. She just wants cuddles from Daddy.

  40. Time Soul

    Time Soul12 days ago

    I got a 90 pound dog that does the same stuff

  41. TheBoogieBoyz

    TheBoogieBoyz12 days ago

    I have a siberian husky and she hate when we get to close to her so this is making me a little jealous

  42. Sydney blank

    Sydney blank12 days ago

    It's the same with German shepherds

  43. Nega Doge

    Nega Doge12 days ago

    But she is a lap dog... there is no size requirement or maximum

  44. TheAzureNightmare

    TheAzureNightmare12 days ago

    43 Pounds?

  45. Mark Stach

    Mark Stach12 days ago


  46. bahmat

    bahmat12 days ago

    Until they grow to be 50 ft tall on average, all dogs are lapdogs.

  47. Liam Bob

    Liam Bob13 days ago

    43 pounds. Thats cute

  48. Andrew Kuebler

    Andrew Kuebler13 days ago

    Laughs in 50 Ib lap dog

  49. Ranger77

    Ranger7713 days ago

    Wait till it gets twice that size...

  50. Sheena Lee

    Sheena Lee13 days ago

    She so beautiful ❤️

  51. Love Truth

    Love Truth13 days ago

    Gee, that dogs eyes are BEAUTIFUL.

  52. Bianca Miramontez

    Bianca Miramontez13 days ago

    My husky/German Shepard does the same exact thing. She’s got the personality of a husky and the coat/colors of a German Shepard

  53. JediMcFly717

    JediMcFly71713 days ago

    The best kind of Blissful Ignorance!

  54. Celena Casciani

    Celena Casciani13 days ago

    I'm sure the dog is kinda heavy, but I wish my dog would have wanted to be a lap dog. We could only hold her if it was necessary, she just didn't like it

  55. Shirley Sinclair

    Shirley Sinclair13 days ago

    She’s like I’m getting cuddles don’t ruin it!!

  56. Debora Scott

    Debora Scott13 days ago

    Dog is like "I know you're jealous mom. Dad loves me best, 😛"

  57. ArcticAngel1

    ArcticAngel113 days ago

    She’s cute.

  58. Arnab Bag

    Arnab Bag13 days ago

    Dog: Size doesn't matter every dog is a lap dog 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Chris Bondio

    Chris Bondio13 days ago

    LOL, My 90lb Weimaraner does the same thing

  60. canaryinacoalmine

    canaryinacoalmine13 days ago

    Uuummmm...she IS a lap dog. Excuse you.

  61. Mason Fries

    Mason Fries13 days ago

    Get this not a husky but a great Dane the size of a pony

  62. Shirley Funte

    Shirley Funte13 days ago

    She is a Laplander...

  63. Sadfire McCraven

    Sadfire McCraven13 days ago

    Spoiled baby

  64. Beau P

    Beau P13 days ago

    Beautiful dog but I see all that loose hair just hanging, waiting to float away. Yep. I just sneezed. Gorgeous K9 family member.

  65. Barbara Washington

    Barbara Washington13 days ago

    She's so sweet! What gentle, innocent eyes. ❤

  66. Direwolf181

    Direwolf18113 days ago

    That's how it goes with all big dogs XD they all thibk they are lap doga

  67. Allana Thomas

    Allana Thomas13 days ago

    Love daddy regardless

  68. Adventure Pigs

    Adventure Pigs13 days ago

    Lap dog 😂. So cute!

  69. Great Mystery

    Great Mystery13 days ago

    I'm any dog that you want me to be mommy. (;

  70. EJ B

    EJ B13 days ago

    43 pounds😐.... that IS a lap dog silly😒😝! A fluffy one at that😛. Stop by my house and see how you like the 125 pound bony butted Great Dane thinking she is a lap dog😐. Hah🤣. Ps my aunt kept Huskies and the strawberry girl always liked to be on my lap and or laying on my belly when i was laying down. Very cozy😋 always thought they were lap dogs lol.

  71. Christine S

    Christine S13 days ago

    Lol my German shepherd is the same way 🤦‍♀️ 😂 ❤️

  72. Tim R

    Tim R13 days ago

    Very pretty dog.

  73. Carson Barrett

    Carson Barrett14 days ago

    All dogs are lap dogs if they feel like it, my brother's 150 pound bull Mastiff likes to lay across anyone's lap

  74. Boris

    Boris14 days ago

    Still better than cats

  75. iipluto

    iipluto14 days ago

    Well dang a 43 pound husky looks way bigger than my 63 pound aussie lab mix-

  76. fireborn

    fireborn14 days ago

    All dogs are lap dogs in their minds.

  77. Sharon Wolfe

    Sharon Wolfe14 days ago

    Lightweights... You should try lapsitting a mastiff AND his sister! "Impossible!" , you say? Nay Nay!!! Sissy crawls up my L side, & Bo gently gets the coveted lap space... Needless to say, I have a big (& tuff!!!) recliner!!! Wouldn't have it any other way!!!

  78. DZ Arnold

    DZ Arnold14 days ago

    Beautiful girl. She's small for a husky. My chocolate lab is 86 lbs, and he is also still a lap dog. Very warm.

  79. Char Williams

    Char Williams14 days ago

    He just wants lovings, mommy. 😉

  80. Sara Elkins

    Sara Elkins14 days ago

    My old Husky did the same thing when i was 11, he refused to move and my older brother had to pull him of my lap.

  81. Horsexpert 15

    Horsexpert 1514 days ago

    Yeah well she’s only 43 pounds. Try putting my 100 pound husky omg your lap!!!! 😂🤣

  82. Asch

    Asch14 days ago

    My 110lb and 108lb dogs think their lap dogs so 43lb isn't nothing 🤣

  83. Shan7777100

    Shan777710014 days ago

    That's cute ❤️. But lap dog gonna become slap dog if you're not leaving it alone.😀

  84. MLB MariXchat 4LIFE

    MLB MariXchat 4LIFE14 days ago

    My dog is 60pounds and is a really big and I mean big (not fat) he can cover nearly the whole sofa and once he sits on your lap there is no way of pushing him if when he is sleepy (he keeps thinking he is a lap dog 😂)

  85. Jose Constantino

    Jose Constantino14 days ago

    I do this with my son. He loves sitting on his father's lap lol! My husky teaches me about him. It's so cute!

  86. Rose Whiting

    Rose Whiting14 days ago

    Lol my 87 lb GSD does the same thing!

  87. Mankeerat Singh

    Mankeerat Singh14 days ago

    What an adorable baby

  88. vicky wen

    vicky wen14 days ago

    Omg this vid reminded me when my grandpa jokingly gestured to my dog who was part husky and huge to jump up on his lap and he actually did 😭

  89. Shanelle Moses

    Shanelle Moses14 days ago

    Yes big dogs consider themselves to be lap dogs

  90. Mason Lee

    Mason Lee14 days ago

    I feel like u can’t appreciate how absolutely awesome a dog is until ur an adult

  91. Big Electron

    Big Electron14 days ago

    Dog: iam beginning to feel like a lap dog lap dog

  92. Wyatt Riley

    Wyatt Riley14 days ago

    43 pounds is a small dog 🐕

  93. Fool Of A Monster

    Fool Of A Monster14 days ago

    "But mom! You can't be a lap dog unless you take up the whole lap!"

  94. GoodOne917

    GoodOne91714 days ago

    Yep she's in lap. She a beautiful lap dog

  95. AmericaDJBJ121

    AmericaDJBJ12114 days ago

    Please give me a husky I want husky is so fat and cute I can't help it it's just too cute

  96. Tony H

    Tony H14 days ago

    Notice the shedding ??? Never ending !

  97. Nick Black

    Nick Black14 days ago

    My lab does this

  98. Teresa Russell

    Teresa Russell14 days ago

    Wow that's crazy

  99. D G

    D G14 days ago

    She is too cute. She knows she is well loved.

  100. D G

    D G14 days ago

    Kira: You said I am your baby so where else would I be?