Cam Newton Gets Trash Talked By a Child At His Own Football Training Camp For Being a Free Agent...

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  1. Mikerophone

    Mikerophone6 days ago

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  2. Allen Washington

    Allen WashingtonDay ago

    I meant soon

  3. Allen Washington

    Allen WashingtonDay ago

    I think it was disrespectful but it was funny cam could of handled it better he should of told him whos the boss instead of arguing besides cam probally gone be poor doon

  4. Elijah Keast

    Elijah Keast4 days ago


  5. 2 Times

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  6. Antwon23_

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  7. david jamal

    david jamal51 minute ago

    Waaaayy too much intro. Intro took up half the video!! Not good bro... Not good.

  8. Tyberius Pressley

    Tyberius Pressley7 hours ago


  9. Jayce Ferneding

    Jayce FernedingDay ago


  10. Trenton Manis

    Trenton ManisDay ago

    I did it

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  12. Tristan mcphee

    Tristan mcphee2 days ago

    Done brotha love these news vids

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    eric chavez2 days ago


  14. DevinBlox56 YT

    DevinBlox56 YT2 days ago

    I’m done

  15. Dreams

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  16. James Maddox

    James Maddox2 days ago


  17. Ike Legend

    Ike Legend3 days ago

    “Kid” he at least 18 so he know exactly wtf he doing

  18. Cannon Waechter

    Cannon Waechter3 days ago

    I’ m done

  19. AKANBKewakek A DAVID

    AKANBKewakek A DAVID3 days ago


  20. SHISU 10SHI

    SHISU 10SHI3 days ago

    Love your vids bro. I'm glad I found you. And I also Subscribed and turned on my notification. Hopefully, I win. How will I know if I win though?

  21. Evan Hall

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  22. Powerful Jukes

    Powerful Jukes3 days ago

    Done. I should tell my friends about this underrated channel

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    Green3s Martin3 days ago

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  27. Remi Olvera

    Remi Olvera3 days ago

    Done! Thank you!

  28. Austin Vorachek

    Austin Vorachek3 days ago

    your intros are annoyingly long as fuck get to the damn point holy shit

  29. Y Dingo

    Y Dingo3 days ago


  30. Shellia Reynolds

    Shellia Reynolds3 days ago

    Cam should have a conversation with that child to let him know to speak when you are spoken too......

  31. Jeppe 23

    Jeppe 233 days ago

    I'm done ..... So my insta is Jepped23 hit my dms

  32. No Name

    No Name3 days ago

    Skip to 4:19 .....Jesus Christ show me the fkin clip already sitting through 4 minutes of this guy saying absolutely nothing relevant before seeing the clip smh.

  33. Diamond Cornell

    Diamond Cornell3 days ago

    Oh beater Tom or cam

  34. Emiliano Marquez

    Emiliano Marquez3 days ago


  35. Rj Keilback

    Rj Keilback3 days ago


  36. Coach Charles Life

    Coach Charles Life4 days ago

    Lil bastard


    GRAHAMSTATION 764 days ago

    Nobody aint gonna want that nigga after that I mean really no matter what you think of how they play You gotta remember you gotta be some type of good to get that far

  38. Alexander Vihon

    Alexander Vihon4 days ago


  39. Thelifeofsnapavelli 1

    Thelifeofsnapavelli 14 days ago


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  41. FBI open up Tv

    FBI open up Tv4 days ago

    I’m done

  42. Nelson Gray

    Nelson Gray4 days ago


  43. Diistinct

    Diistinct4 days ago

    Cam Newton is still good... I miss the old cam ;(

  44. Kyle Cruel

    Kyle Cruel4 days ago

    You have to have some nerve to tell a millionaire "You about to be poor" and it's coming from someone who has absolutely nothing in this world not orchestrated by the adults in his life. Boy sit yo ass down somewhere with your tadpole pockets and frog mouth.


    BIG MEMES4 days ago


  46. Javon Hansen

    Javon Hansen4 days ago

    “Done” sir thank you.

  47. Michael Hawley

    Michael Hawley4 days ago

    Cams been rich since college remember that? Joe he sucks at passing. I saw him last year complete like 9 short throws in a game other than that he ran and fumbled and got picked off.

  48. Ryan Tyler

    Ryan Tyler4 days ago

    Man if you gone put something out at least know the full thing it wasn’t even his football camp it was a NFA tournament

  49. Odripp X Curry

    Odripp X Curry4 days ago

    This video was from a last weekend

  50. Calistro Llamas

    Calistro Llamas4 days ago


  51. BoardManBros

    BoardManBros4 days ago


  52. MK Sandals

    MK Sandals4 days ago

    The children of today are spuns of the devil...very disrespectful. Whose his parents? Kick him out the camp and let that be a teachable moment for him and others like him. You don't talk to people like that...smh.

  53. Nicolas miles

    Nicolas miles4 days ago


  54. Kennys Gay

    Kennys Gay4 days ago


  55. paul carrera

    paul carrera4 days ago


  56. Zachery Kesler

    Zachery Kesler4 days ago

    After seeing this kid's mouth performance on the sideline I'm wondering now how he would respond to the coaches and staff an team mates of whatever team he plays for Be Ware of this big mouth on your side line

  57. boomer senese

    boomer senese4 days ago

    I’m done

  58. Magician2023

    Magician20234 days ago

  59. timothy packer

    timothy packer4 days ago

    Dude is filthy rich. He could be vacationing anywhere in the world right now. But instead he chooses to spend his time helping kids out. And he has to deal with entitled little brats like this? You have to blame Social Media. This kid actually believes he's on Newton's level. He really believes his opinions matter. He believes he's a 'Star.' But Cam should just talk to the kid's parents and then move on. Let the kid stay in the camp. I'm sure the kid regrets his behavior now. Anyway, good on Cam for being so patient & compassionate. Dont think i coulda done the same.

  60. Torrance Hymes

    Torrance Hymes4 days ago


  61. Rodney Brumfield

    Rodney Brumfield4 days ago

    If I was his dad.. when he got home he would have to see me..

  62. Space Clan 2k

    Space Clan 2k4 days ago


  63. Ian Folmar

    Ian Folmar4 days ago


  64. Poohman Mitchell

    Poohman Mitchell4 days ago

    New to the channel

  65. Dee El

    Dee El4 days ago

    I subscribed

  66. Tom L

    Tom L4 days ago

    Kids are some punks. If I was in hs and got the chance to meet and learn from any one who's even made an nfl team I'd be blessed. They made it for a reason

  67. ReelAbronskiBassin

    ReelAbronskiBassin4 days ago


  68. Corey Merr

    Corey Merr4 days ago


  69. Juan Blanco

    Juan Blanco4 days ago

    Cam should of said ok well go out for a pass and said keep going keep going and never threw it. That would of stung

  70. Max Racing 177

    Max Racing 1774 days ago

    ill will be cams mom favorite player in the bed

  71. Sanchezjr13

    Sanchezjr134 days ago

    “You a free agent!” FACT

  72. Colin Gibson

    Colin Gibson4 days ago

    done cuhhhhh

  73. Devron Mania

    Devron Mania4 days ago

    The kid in the play for 60 minutes commercials grew up to be Kyle Allen

  74. Siddhu Mohan

    Siddhu Mohan4 days ago


  75. Ronda Jackson

    Ronda Jackson4 days ago

    Wow. That kid was very disrespectful. I read a post about this incident b4 I saw the video and the apology he put out doesn't sound legit to me.

  76. Ronda Jackson

    Ronda Jackson4 days ago

    Get to the point of this whole thing.

  77. Brendan Street

    Brendan Street4 days ago

    😂😂😂 Cam definitely was low key mad lol

  78. Andrew Bondurant

    Andrew Bondurant4 days ago

    Cams not that good now but I respect the work he puts in

  79. Sir Loin

    Sir Loin4 days ago

    That young kid needs the military service, bad. 13 weeks at Parris Island prescription

  80. Allen Johns

    Allen Johns4 days ago

    It doesn't matter if Newton is a free agent. It doesn't matter if he sucked last year or had 4 mediocre years prior. The lack of respect that this little piss ant had should have resulted in him being bounced off the team on the spot and I say that from a "team" point of view as much as a basic failure of his parents upbringing. The last thing you want is for other players around this loser is to start looking up to him. He is a cancer to the team and those players around him. Cut it out, stat.

  81. John Wick

    John Wick4 days ago

    Oh that boy ruined his future lol

  82. SarNarNoma

    SarNarNoma4 days ago

    Cam cooling 😭😭 he know why he a free agent. Y’all go look at the NFL rosters these backups are fucking pitiful. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  83. Drew James

    Drew James4 days ago

    I would’ve kicked him outta my camp

  84. Gkellz

    Gkellz4 days ago

    You’re calling Cam a FA and your still wet behind the ears. Kids these days are so disrespectful, Cam will be on an NFL roster and that kid will be wishing he could make the ESPN top 100.

  85. Coby Newquist

    Coby Newquist4 days ago

    Done 😎

  86. jonathangrant35

    jonathangrant354 days ago

    I'm a young nigga saying these young niggas dont have any respect. Children act out for attention. Grow up dude.

  87. Ann Sowers

    Ann Sowers4 days ago

    My parents would have beat my a double s for disrespecting anyone older than me. I would have done the same to my kids. This kid should have stayed home if he disliked Cam so much. Or was he shooting for a viral video?

  88. Steven Valle

    Steven Valle4 days ago

    I’d have backhanded that kid so hard. Don’t you ever disrespect Cam like that.

  89. Junior Boston

    Junior Boston4 days ago


  90. WtfJuju

    WtfJuju4 days ago


  91. Matt Vaughn

    Matt Vaughn4 days ago

    They are both pathetic.

  92. richard jones

    richard jones4 days ago

    Are you guys not understanding the kid just used whatever to get attention from Kam! Tupac did it with Quincy Jones and that worked out with Tupac getting to meet him and then the approval of dating his daughter. I did it with one of my gym owners years ago. It worked because the owner took me under his wing and groomed me. I knew he was a guy who was great at what he did and I attacked him (in a joking was) the first day I met him and that made me stick out. When I came back to the gym, he already gave me a nickname “scooter “ He knew I was just trying to pick his brain! I didn’t see anything that bad except when I heard him cuss but we say “you ass” as meaning “you garbage” or no good or weak! Because they both had smiles on their face, it wasn’t really a heated serious fight. The kid was actually just probably repeating what he heard his dad say...🤫

  93. xXcochieman

    xXcochieman4 days ago


  94. Ochoera

    Ochoera4 days ago

    Done gangggg

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    Joe Morgan4 days ago

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    Zach Rich4 days ago

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    Daran Bavandpouri4 days ago

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  99. heyitsadam

    heyitsadam4 days ago

    This is the result of not being able to discipline kids in school. This is the result of being called “racist” if you discipline a POC. This is the result of being able to say whatever you want on social media and not get punched in the mouth for it. This is the result of your namby-pamby-your-feeling-matter progressive bullcrap. You made this kid and thousands more like him. And if Cam were half a man, he would have put this little punk over his knee and spanked him like a $25 hooker.

  100. Hi 123

    Hi 1234 days ago


  101. Michael Scheidler

    Michael Scheidler4 days ago


  102. the goat

    the goat4 days ago

    Cam should have told that kid that after your contract up you become a free agent,you're trying to get where I'm at so stay humble.

  103. Rose Jones

    Rose Jones4 days ago

    Very low from Kam. “Where’s your Dad”. Not cool to say that, coming from a grown adult. That’s a trash talking kid, to lower yourself to his level. Come on Kam.

  104. Steve Melgar

    Steve Melgar4 days ago

    I'm officially subscribed and notifications on.

  105. Black Out

    Black Out4 days ago

    I knew he was black kid 😂😂😂🤦