Sabrina Claudio & The Weeknd - Christmas Blues (Lyric Video)

Sabrina Claudio & The Weeknd - Christmas Blues (Lyric Video)
'Christmas Blues' album out now! Stream/download:
It’s been a long year
The toughest of my life so far
I’ve tried to feel cheer
I’m further than the northern star
So when you ask me what I want under the tree
I just want you with me
Cause if I didn’t have you
When the snow is falling
On that winter morning
I’d have Christmas blues
If I didn’t have you
When everyone’s unwrapping
No matter what I open
I’d have Christmas blues
Don’t want mistletoes
If I’m not there to hold you close
A quiet Christmas eve
Not tryna hear the angels sing
If I had one wish
I’ll take you down by the tree
Cause all I want is you and me
Cause if I didn’t have you
When the snow is falling
On that winter morning
I’d have Christmas Blues
If I didn’t have you
When everyone’s unwrapping
No matter what I open
I’d have Christmas blues
If I didn’t have you
If I didn’t have you
If I didn’t have you
I’d have Christmas blues
Christmas blues
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  1. Sabrina Claudio

    Sabrina Claudio2 months ago

    MY ALBUM “CHRISTMAS BLUES” IS OUT NOOOOW 🎄💙🎄💙 tell me what you think in the comments, i hope you looove!!!!

  2. Jess J

    Jess J29 days ago

    Beautiful 🥰

  3. Nho Nguyễn

    Nho NguyễnMonth ago

    Need this mv girll

  4. Dida Barka

    Dida BarkaMonth ago


  5. Mark Arroyo

    Mark ArroyoMonth ago


  6. Loislaulife

    LoislaulifeMonth ago

    This song is like the golden star sprinkling down like liquid gold to my soul. So calming , light and heavenly. I'm a singer as well and *have just covered WARM DECEMBER on my channel,* 💙 if you can show some support and let me know what you think of my version it would make my christmas 🎄

  7. lau

    lau3 days ago

    am i the only one listening to this not on christmas??

  8. Ghosty. MIA

    Ghosty. MIA16 days ago

    THE GODS FINALLY LISTENED TO ME... this collab i been asking for it forever lol

  9. Kamillah Karriem

    Kamillah Karriem18 days ago

    still listening meanwhile christmas has came and gone lol

  10. Rebecca Jane Hollick

    Rebecca Jane Hollick25 days ago

    Actually can’t wait til next Xmas to play this again!

  11. Giselle Michiyo

    Giselle MichiyoMonth ago


  12. Khalil Mulvey

    Khalil MulveyMonth ago

    Thank you for this album!!!!! So simple but it means so much to your listeners!!!!

  13. Lisa S

    Lisa SMonth ago

    He sounds so much like MJ

  14. Awkward Oreo

    Awkward OreoMonth ago

    One of my favorite Christmas songs of 2💙 2💙

  15. jeannette sneed

    jeannette sneedMonth ago

    I love this girls music soooo much! I just think it really sucks their making her sooo sexual BECAUSE NOT ONLY IS HER VOICE BEAUTIFUL BUT WHAT SHE SINGS ABOUT!!SHE DOESNT NEED TO! I really hope she dONT SALE HER SOUL!!! PLEASE DONT S.C.U HAVE A HUGE FAN BASE WITHOUT IT!

  16. Princess Peach

    Princess PeachMonth ago

    I'm here for the weeknd. Never heard of this chick.

  17. Angela

    Angela27 days ago

    Her music is beautiful and sensual... adding The Weekend to this makes it perfect

  18. Oopsydaisy

    OopsydaisyMonth ago

    Sabrina: So when you ask me , what I want under the tree, I just want you with me Abel: If I had one wish, I'll take you down by the tree, 'Cause all I want is you and me Tree: EXCUSE ME???

  19. Cindy Brito

    Cindy BritoMonth ago

    I dreamed these two would sing together. They need to do more music together ❤

  20. the weeknd edit

    the weeknd editMonth ago

    I love this so much the weeknd part melt my heart when he sings you can imagine what going on

  21. Truth B. Told

    Truth B. ToldMonth ago

    This Woman and her voice is INSANNNNNE...I could listen to her all week and then on the Weeknd as well...

  22. Brandon Perez

    Brandon PerezMonth ago

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  23. JaWade Hanson

    JaWade HansonMonth ago

    I love love love this 'Christmas Blues'.

  24. Mark Anderson

    Mark AndersonMonth ago

    Micheal Jackson featured in this one.

  25. N and N vlogs

    N and N vlogsMonth ago

    Dang this song is sooo good

  26. codmiester

    codmiesterMonth ago

    weeknd singing slow sounds even more like mj lol

  27. 4thena

    4thenaMonth ago

    why’s no one talking about sabrina😍

  28. Aviraj Hora

    Aviraj HoraMonth ago

    Who is here for the weeknd!!!

  29. T PP

    T PPMonth ago


  30. Dilas Santana

    Dilas SantanaMonth ago

    Alexa,add this to my Christmas playlist.. Hey guys I have nice beats on my channel too help me get 20k subs I don’t think it’s possible but let’s see 🔥🔥🙌🏾🎄🎶

  31. Raffaela Araújo

    Raffaela AraújoMonth ago

    Perfect song ❤️🥂

  32. Loislaulife

    LoislaulifeMonth ago

    the smooth voice in the song . omg . im in heaven. I'm a singer as well and *have just covered WARM DECEMBER on my channel,* 💙 if you can show some support and let me know what you think of my version it would make my christmas 🎄

  33. MrsMona Lisa

    MrsMona LisaMonth ago

    Bout time Sabrina and Able collaborated. Been waiting on this for a minute. The Christmas theme threw me off a lil, but still came out good though. Lookin forward to more collaborations from these two. ❤

  34. Shelly Lepresti

    Shelly LeprestiMonth ago

    always amazing!

  35. Israel Mario FIGUEROA PAZ

    Israel Mario FIGUEROA PAZMonth ago

    Hay una voz que se parece muchisimo a Michael Jackson... verdad?

  36. Azia Martinez

    Azia MartinezMonth ago

    I heard this on the radio and screamed like a little girl.

  37. KikeYopo

    KikeYopoMonth ago


  38. James Burke

    James BurkeMonth ago

    Weeknd, vro. oh how i wish you had have said ' lay with you down by the tree '

  39. wessroberts

    wessrobertsMonth ago

    Sabrina and slowed down Weeknd... yassssss bitch

  40. Aireeez

    AireeezMonth ago

    I'm mad I folllow both you and the weeknd but I'm not hearing about this until today. Dec 15, 2020. This been out for 2 weeks??? Wth?

  41. Mr Z

    Mr ZMonth ago

    Soulful & beautiful song. Big thumbs up.

  42. Dillan Mistry

    Dillan MistryMonth ago

    Everyone The Weeknd collabs with become more relevant than ever!

  43. Dillan Mistry

    Dillan MistryMonth ago

    By far my favourite 2020 Christmas song

  44. Giselle Hernandez

    Giselle HernandezMonth ago

    She is literally an angel

  45. baby facade

    baby facadeMonth ago

    softly snowing

  46. Jana Mišić

    Jana MišićMonth ago

    This song is so relaxing and soothing. It sounds so different from any other song I've ever heard. I love it. ❄❤❄

  47. Mmm Mmm

    Mmm MmmMonth ago

    like a rat dying ...

  48. just me

    just meMonth ago

    Sabrina & The Weeknd🤍

  49. Amy Fox

    Amy FoxMonth ago

    tbh i hadnt been big on sabrina before but WTF THIS SONG IS A GD MASTERPIECE the first "falalalalalala" had me weak in my knees, and sabrina's voice is just so sensual and i LOVE how this is an r&b acoustic vibe playing on the holiday theme like UGH WHERE CAN I FIND MORE MUSIC LIKE THIS

  50. Andria B

    Andria BMonth ago

    Dancing to this with my husband (newly married) on Christmas Day 🎄 love this song .

  51. Anunnaki J

    Anunnaki JMonth ago

    So far this is the best song on the album

  52. matrix vodafone

    matrix vodafoneMonth ago

    Sounds like MJ

  53. Gabgengio Luv

    Gabgengio LuvMonth ago

    Subs to my channel if you love The Weeknd! ❤

  54. Thairan Chowdhury

    Thairan ChowdhuryMonth ago

    Best song on the album! They compliment each other so well in this track.

  55. Oumaima Jyetoukoum

    Oumaima JyetoukoumMonth ago

    to all the people we lost this year due to the Covid 💖🥲

  56. account

    accountMonth ago

    the weeknd isn't even christian tho..?

  57. Julie XO

    Julie XOMonth ago

    He is

  58. Sam One

    Sam OneMonth ago

    Wow she's incredible.

  59. JustAnOpinionPage

    JustAnOpinionPageMonth ago

    abel comes through everytime 😍 never fails to impress.

  60. j storm

    j stormMonth ago


  61. gordinho do outfit

    gordinho do outfitMonth ago

    the weeknd ❤❤❤❤❤

  62. kendecode

    kendecodeMonth ago

    This song hir me so hard. Awesome christmas song

  63. zhe zher

    zhe zherMonth ago

    Am i the only one that thinks that The Weekend sound like Micheal Jackson

  64. Link1401 LOZ

    Link1401 LOZ7 days ago

    no he definitely sounds like mj in this one

  65. 99 Red Balloons 🎈

    99 Red Balloons 🎈Month ago

    Sabrina's voice is like silk




  67. Marilyn MonHoe

    Marilyn MonHoeMonth ago

    Friendly reminder that this woman is a racist.

  68. Metal Force

    Metal ForceMonth ago

    Sabrina Claudio > La Rosalía

  69. Giovanny Gonzalez

    Giovanny GonzalezMonth ago

    she should sing with bruno mars

  70. Cruise Control

    Cruise ControlMonth ago

    Anyone else have chills?

  71. Princess Legalese

    Princess LegaleseMonth ago

    OMFG my two favorites collaborating!???

  72. Kat West

    Kat WestMonth ago


  73. Rain To sunshine

    Rain To sunshineMonth ago

    I'm a weeknd fan but I love ur music you remind me of Sade! This is much better than his recent remix with Rosalia!


    VAUGHN MEGAAMonth ago

    Amazing love this song already on the 1st hit , merry Christmas and plenty of love whoever listens to this beautiful melody

  75. Paulie O'

    Paulie O'Month ago

    I had an eargasm listening to this OH MY LORD

  76. 楊Betty

    楊BettyMonth ago

    My favorite Christmas song of all time.

  77. Joel's C

    Joel's CMonth ago

    I don’t like his voice here like hurting

  78. Moumita Debnath

    Moumita DebnathMonth ago

    The one song that i am going to keep listening to on loop by The Weeknd. Sabrina Claudio your voice is super sensitive, clear and sensual in this song. :)

  79. zombies4life9234

    zombies4life9234Month ago

    Never in my life i thought this day would come, We don'tdlmk deserve this beauty

  80. John Alexander

    John AlexanderMonth ago

    X❣️o TWOD

  81. Sheierra J

    Sheierra JMonth ago

    Song gave me goosebumps . Their voices 😍😍😍

  82. chyna mendoza

    chyna mendozaMonth ago

    Their voices together is just something else 🥺🥺

  83. Hala Rasak

    Hala RasakMonth ago


  84. Angely Octaviany Harly

    Angely Octaviany HarlyMonth ago

    Still waiting for Sabrina Claudio and Daniel Caesar collaboration.

  85. Kat West

    Kat WestMonth ago

    My new favorite

  86. Chelsea Hernandez

    Chelsea HernandezMonth ago

    He should come out with a Christmas album 😍

  87. chao falxinblu14

    chao falxinblu14Month ago

    Christmas never sound so sexy👌



    Lyrics Christmas blues [Sabrina Claudio & The Weeknd:] [سابرينا كلاوديو & ويكند:] 'Cause if I didn't have you لأنني لو لم يكن عليا La 'ani law lama yikan aliya When the snow is falling لما الثلج يمكن يتساقط Lama alsalji yimkin yitsa'at On that winter morning في ذلك الشتوي الصباح Fi salak alshtui alsabaha I'd have Christmas blues كأن Christmas Blues Kan'an Christmas Blues If I didn't have you (If I didn't have you) لو لم يكن عليا (لو لم يكن معك) Law lama yikan aliya When everyone's unwrapping (Oh) لما يتفك الجميع (أوه) Lama yitfak aljamia No matter what I open (Ooh) بغض النظر عما أفتحه (أوه) Bakda alnadhara ama aftaha I'd have Christmas blues كأن Christmas Blues Kan'an Christmas Blues If I didn't have you Oh, oh لو لم يكن عليا أوه أوه Law lama yikan aliya oh If I didn't have you لو لم يكن عليا Law lama yikan aliya I'd have Christmas blues كأن Christmas Blues Kan'an Christmas Blues Lalalalala lalala ×3 لالالالالا لالالا ×٣

  89. Theforcer 1

    Theforcer 1Month ago

    1.25 is the way to go

  90. Valentina

    ValentinaMonth ago

    thank you Sabrina Abel thank you life thank you my Angel

  91. Mark Senn

    Mark SennMonth ago

    This is beautiful

  92. 郭仲哲

    郭仲哲Month ago

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  93. Joseph Y.X. Zhou

    Joseph Y.X. ZhouMonth ago

    Damn, that is FIRE

  94. احمد ميدو

    احمد ميدوMonth ago


  95. Shannice Margarette Dumalaoron

    Shannice Margarette DumalaoronMonth ago

    Sabrina is baaaaccckkk 😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  96. Vanessa Lahni

    Vanessa LahniMonth ago

    Sabrina is soo amazing she definitely deserves more recognition❤️

  97. C M

    C MMonth ago

    The only Christmas album on repeat this year ❤🎄🎁🤶

  98. Michael Judge

    Michael JudgeMonth ago

    Fa Damn how many times can i listen tia so g

  99. Ban Amano

    Ban AmanoMonth ago

    Omg this is so sweet

  100. Crystal Vee Shohe

    Crystal Vee ShoheMonth ago

    The fact that the weeknd didn't even get nominated for Grammy's. We don't deserve such hit drops 😢😭😭😭

  101. Jang Bui

    Jang BuiMonth ago

    I wish there was a The Weeknd only version. I feel so bad because I skipped to his part only.

  102. Amanda More

    Amanda MoreMonth ago

    OMG!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  103. Rushes99

    Rushes99Month ago

    such a delicate song. wonderful singing by both

  104. Pinky Acon

    Pinky AconMonth ago

    Do a whole Christmas album WITH the weeknd pleaseeeee🥺🥺🥺🥺

  105. Norah J

    Norah JMonth ago

    The power these two individuals hold ✨

  106. ian santos

    ian santosMonth ago

    It's so illegal that this song has more vi3ws than the others from the album.. Each one of the tracks are so amazing and *people* *listen* *to* *this* *more* *cuz* *of* *The* *weeknd* Plz stop sleeping on her talent Listen the whole album u won't regret it Short red silk Lingerie is one of the best ♡

  107. Arjun Chhabra

    Arjun ChhabraMonth ago

    obviously the song with a collaboration with the biggest artist in the world will have more views than others on the album, how is it "illegal", it only makes sense lmaoo

  108. Abner

    AbnerMonth ago

    I'm legit impressed with her... Her collab with Weeknd made me check out her album, and wow....

  109. ian santos

    ian santosMonth ago

    What's your fave track?

  110. Abdul Aziz Usman

    Abdul Aziz UsmanMonth ago

    wow , this is surprisingly an amazing song, I think this is way better and catchy than the weeknd's recent collaboration with Ariana Grande. He sounds like a bit Michael Jackson tho. I don't know much about this Sabrina, but now I think I'll have to through her discography.

  111. Marta Z

    Marta ZMonth ago

    ❤ a gentle&warm Christmas song❤