15 Things You Will See for the First Time in Your Life #3

For the 3rd time- we’re going to show you stuff you truly won’t believe! And, as we all know, the 3rd in the franchise is ALWAYS the best. Godfather 3 is the fan-fave, we allknow that. It’s time to embrace the strange: These are things you will see for the first time in your life!

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  1. ron amick

    ron amick4 days ago

    Youre kidding, right? I knew about 11 of the subjects, none of which were very startling

  2. sammië rosexx3

    sammië rosexx35 days ago

    Mannnnnn ..... Come on.... Quality over quantity .... Im very disappointed... Used to love your videos ... Now mehhhh

  3. Barry Young

    Barry Young5 days ago

    I'm a Mt. Pinatubo survivor and have witnessed first-hand the deviation of a volcano 🌋

  4. William Blake

    William Blake6 days ago

    That was real eye opening thank you

  5. tmroll123

    tmroll1232 days ago

    Dont waste your time. Nothing amazing on here complete bs

  6. 2 2

    2 27 days ago

    What a let down, nothing exceptional here.

  7. Diane Henderson

    Diane Henderson7 days ago

    I never seen one in person

  8. Marlene Stockton

    Marlene Stockton7 days ago

    So many commercial

  9. Thomas Anderson

    Thomas Anderson8 days ago

    Um.....Bro, Godfather 3 was kinda trash, and everyone knows Godfather 2 was the best of the series.

  10. Palamirtam Marimuthu

    Palamirtam Marimuthu8 days ago

    Thank you....✔️👌💞🤓

  11. Joseph Stokes

    Joseph Stokes9 days ago

    Sadly, very weak!

  12. earl shaner

    earl shaner9 days ago

    I saw Mt.Hood erupted

  13. o0ThunderGod0o

    o0ThunderGod0o9 days ago

    Godfather 3 is the worse one

  14. Roger Robichaud

    Roger Robichaud9 days ago

    Très iimvpressionxxa ny

  15. Dianna Cruz

    Dianna Cruz9 days ago

    Volcanoes are awesome!!!

  16. Bobby Miller

    Bobby Miller10 days ago


  17. S Yao

    S Yao10 days ago

    this video should be crediting the photos where he grabbed it

  18. Vic Upshaw

    Vic Upshaw10 days ago

    Odd topic

  19. Tryoutz747

    Tryoutz74711 days ago

    I free dive for dumbo octopuses and sell them to the Japanese. I can free dive up to 2000 feet.

  20. North East

    North East11 days ago

    This sound like brite side

  21. George Mcbride

    George Mcbride12 days ago

    Is it just me or can you not stand this idiotic patronising voice...you'd think he was talking to 5 yr olds😠

  22. Mac Swanton

    Mac Swanton12 days ago

    Voice makes me nauseous

  23. Michael Stoll

    Michael Stoll12 days ago

    I have obsidian and I think that I’ve seen some of the other things

  24. Tim Browder

    Tim Browder12 days ago

    Change narrator this one sucks sorry he ruins the whole deal. Sorry again.

  25. David Bell

    David Bell10 days ago

    Sounds like he recorded it while straining on the toilet

  26. George Mcbride

    George Mcbride12 days ago

    I put my comment above you're before I had read it.Makes me feel like unsubscribing

  27. Ryan Korn

    Ryan Korn12 days ago

    Rodney Mullen is the skater you wanted to talk about for #1 spot.


    SUSANTA KUMAR PADHI12 days ago

    no realiy first time

  29. Danny Lam

    Danny Lam12 days ago

    Rodney Mullen is better than Tom at skating. Rodney is the godfather of ground tricks

  30. Benjamin Seguin

    Benjamin Seguin12 days ago


  31. Benjamin Seguin

    Benjamin Seguin12 days ago

    Your #1 pick...TF. and half the clips shown are rodney mullen. You mentioned Tony Hawk and then showed more Rodney Mullen. This kid is no "master of skateboarding." In fact most skaters have never heard of em. Who does he skate for? What comps does he enter ? Most people outside the skate community haven't seen Rodney Mullen. Why not just showcase the godfather himself?

  32. Yayo Kaine

    Yayo Kaine12 days ago

    Dragon Glass?

  33. Leigh B.a

    Leigh B.a13 days ago

    Too many ads while watching 1 video sux big time skip ads skip ads skip ads skip ads skip ads

  34. sammië rosexx3

    sammië rosexx35 days ago

    I got 5 but still.... Am very unimpressed... Feel you

  35. Ron Willis

    Ron Willis13 days ago

    I am now 68 and my life has been so filled with eventful ongoing miraculous things that seem to happen every year or ... these things that happen are so bizarre that I have garnered the nickname of " Ripley.".. As in "Ripley's Believe It or Not" or maybe even the "movie final destination" as I have escaped death by the skin of my teeth on several occasions. many bizarre things happened when I was growing up...In 1972 At 18 years of age I just missed a flight out of Detroit Destined for Atlanta Georgia. I missed boarding by only seconds. The flight crashed on its approach to the Cincinnati airport for a 20 minute lay-over for flight connections ...It came in too low in the fog and hit a Mountainside just before the runway and killed everyone aboard. It burst into flames maximizing damage. Then when i was 23, I accidentally drowned in a swimming pool incident. I had no pulse when they found me and Drug me from the pool they had to work awhile to get me back. I had experienced many of the things are you here about the afterlife feeling really good and full of joy and moving very quickly toward a bright light turo long dark tunnel. I didn't want to go back but I was told I had to that it wasn't my time. Then suddenly I had the sensation of falling out of the air like a paratrooper who jumped from a plane... A second before I came to I felt a really hard jolt as though my body had hit the ground really really hard and I quickly open my eyes and set up and spit out chlorine water and started crying when I realized when it happened... what really makes the story unusual was the startling fact that it occurred on a Friday night..... Friday the 13th!.... The same things have happened to me and haunted me throughout my life and I hope to write a book one day.... If you would like to write or tell any of my stories on your website let me know and I will write them down for you and give you permission. I promise you they are all true They are all true. I'm not sure if I should be called blessed or cursed? My email address is mylastnerve.rw@gmail.com

  36. Kosheen Wolf

    Kosheen Wolf13 days ago

    number 1 was dumb it should have been number 15 at least...

  37. ExcalibursEdge

    ExcalibursEdge14 days ago

    There was one that I was personally involved with. I was born and raised in Nevada and we would go out hunting obsidian arrowheads. I don't think you can legally do that anymore.

  38. Tibor Wolf

    Tibor Wolf14 days ago

    The way how you talking... Just make me so upset.. So.. I just unsubscribe you because of your voice!!! Ridiculous.. Disgusting voice ever!! I Can't listen anymore 😩

  39. Nate Norris

    Nate Norris14 days ago

    That's carbon breaking off that metal.

  40. chris chris

    chris chris14 days ago

    Because the whole world measures weight in stones, and turds in curics!

  41. Cindy Diaz

    Cindy Diaz15 days ago

    I'm pretty sure half this footage plus the Tony hawk comment was all Rodney Mullens, the effin legend!!!!!!

  42. Johnny Rotten

    Johnny Rotten15 days ago

    Nothing to see in this lame video

  43. Dall Revenge

    Dall Revenge15 days ago

    Nickname the Cow "Big Steak"

  44. Josalyn Farmer

    Josalyn Farmer15 days ago

    Views views views comment for my sponsors!!!! I really need sources. You make a lot of claims for your Twitter and views but give no scientific sources. Maybe you just USlikesd videos and made other videos about it.

  45. Josalyn Farmer

    Josalyn Farmer15 days ago

    I have seen videos of all of this. Just the cellphone generation hasn't. The 18-35 demographic for money. Horse falls? That's Wikipedia. :)

  46. Googtube Biased

    Googtube Biased16 days ago

    I have already seen everyone of these... make a video with something I haven't seen!

  47. Philip Carpenter

    Philip Carpenter16 days ago

    ... and BTW - this is the first time in my life I've seen anything quite so bad.

  48. ExcalibursEdge

    ExcalibursEdge14 days ago

    Well excuuuuuuuse ME!!!!

  49. Philip Carpenter

    Philip Carpenter16 days ago

    Utter garbage, presented in an utterly garbage fashion.

  50. Ken Holdren

    Ken Holdren16 days ago

    I can do something you've probably never seen before. Ride my bike with no hands and freestyle frisbee throws to myself at the same time. For hours at a time. Come to Hollywood Beach, FL sometime and see.......................

  51. susan johnson

    susan johnson16 days ago

    This IS utube!!!

  52. wolverinehellspawn

    wolverinehellspawn16 days ago

    What Flies across the screen at 2:15 ?? Statues?

  53. Insect Stories

    Insect Stories16 days ago

    Amazing collection! Great share my dear friend.

  54. Natalya

    Natalya16 days ago

    Dislike for way too many ads with adult content 👎🏻 Otherwise nice and informative channel

  55. gaz Last

    gaz Last16 days ago

    What a misleading title....

  56. Brenda Troth

    Brenda Troth16 days ago

    Click Bate

  57. Stephen Russell

    Stephen Russell4 days ago

    click 'bait'

  58. Christi P

    Christi P16 days ago

    You should know how to ride before you start doing instructional videos or you’re going to get someone hurt badly!

  59. sara kate

    sara kate16 days ago

    I love that the steer is too big to be slaughtered! I was thinking that as soon as it started.. but was thinking “meat from an animal THAT large probably wouldn’t taste good.. or at least RIGHT.. anyway”

  60. sara kate

    sara kate16 days ago

    Never seen obsidian in person? Lol If you’ve ever been somewhere that has those boxes of rocks/minerals you’ve DEF seen it lol cmon I saw it as a kid!

  61. John Chapman

    John Chapman17 days ago

    Bro! Are you a satanist? Your choice to use a horned humanoid figure for your animated mascot certainly seems to suggest exactly that.

  62. Brett Allen

    Brett Allen17 days ago


  63. ferrelli1001

    ferrelli100114 days ago

    I increased the speed to 1.25 and it was much better to listen to.

  64. Jimiel Martinez

    Jimiel Martinez16 days ago

    Ei k

  65. SaintSynapses

    SaintSynapses16 days ago

    It's not that different

  66. Joy Walker

    Joy Walker17 days ago

    For some reason, I keep getting these recommended after I unsubscribed, because a lot of times y'all are so wrong on information please do your research.. Oh, and one more thing, we are finding new things, all of the time, we still have so much to find in this world, esspecially in the ocean. You're not telling us anything new.

  67. Real Victoria

    Real Victoria17 days ago

    Why would they take knickers balls? He needs to breed those beautiful genes with the correct sized cow or closest too.

  68. patricia valencia

    patricia valencia17 days ago

    I wanna go to the fish cafe.

  69. Neil Gibbons

    Neil Gibbons16 days ago

    Give me a call, we'll go together

  70. MJB

    MJB17 days ago

    Most of this stuff I have seen on USlikes.

  71. Silver Wheels

    Silver Wheels17 days ago

    Thank God 2020 is when I watched this

  72. Kevin Meserole

    Kevin Meserole17 days ago

    I don't remember being scared when meeting BIG adults as a child. This video just gets cheesier and cheesier.

  73. Kevin Meserole

    Kevin Meserole17 days ago

    Well so far Ive seen info about horses and volcanoes both of which I HAVE seen before in my life.

  74. Kevin Meserole

    Kevin Meserole17 days ago

    I thought I clicked on a horse instructional video for a second which by the way I didn't need.

  75. john cole

    john cole15 days ago

    Who does that eerie coice?

  76. William Jones

    William Jones17 days ago

    I saw the first video of the eruption where the pyroclastic flow coming down the side of the mountain chasing a VW van full of frightened as frick scientists running for their lives. Side note: My youngest brother came up with the idea of an obsidian knife that you could sneak aboard a plane to high jack it.

  77. William Griffin

    William Griffin17 days ago

    I was going to subscribe until you made that ridiculous centipede threat

  78. Jul Dionson

    Jul Dionson17 days ago

    Go get a flint to that obsidian

  79. Paul Elzie

    Paul Elzie17 days ago


  80. Michelle G

    Michelle G17 days ago

    #6 isn't glass. It's ceramic clay.

  81. steby123

    steby12317 days ago

    Squid yup, but almost half your screen shots were of cuttlefish, not squid.

  82. Patrice Dhanis

    Patrice Dhanis18 days ago

    The great lakes were created by glaciers so no big surprise by the rocks. Also cool in Michigan only are petoskey stones...found only in Petoskey Michigan.

  83. Ralph Reinhardt

    Ralph Reinhardt16 days ago

    I have family in Manistee,Michigan and we find Petoski stones on the beaches there all the time. They aren't only found in the city of Petoski. Rather are mostly found predominately in Michigan. Just sayin. 🙂🙂🙂


    FREDMOCKING18 days ago

    Forging is a very common industrial process. Shedding that metal is interesting. I have seen most of the items.

  85. Kevin McQueeny

    Kevin McQueeny18 days ago

    The giddy unshielded allegedly attend because bank densply develop pace a awesome bandana. befitting, purring budget

  86. He's Here

    He's Here18 days ago

    Nothing I haven't seen before!

  87. Judy Ives

    Judy Ives18 days ago

    Worst horse riding advice ever! Lol

  88. AV

    AV18 days ago

    Is there anything more depressing and horrifying to come to know that the animals are processed alive in the slaughterhouse??!!!!

  89. Damian Vogel

    Damian Vogel17 days ago

    It very sad

  90. Judy Herman

    Judy Herman18 days ago

    When I was a kid I got to see the actual fire falls in Yosemite. It was unforgettable.

  91. Jeff Aller

    Jeff Aller18 days ago

    Don't order the fish in that fish cafe because you don't want to eat fish in front of those fish swimming around .

  92. Mark Reaves

    Mark Reaves19 days ago

    My mom has a smartphone from a few years ago that I paid about $30 for new. She has dropped it hundreds of times on a tiled concrete floor from a height of about three feet and it has not shattered or broken or anything. I have a used Samsung that I got for about $100. I dropped it once and the back shattered. Luckily, the screen didn't shatter. Since it still worked, I used metal tape to "repair it" and kept using it lol.

  93. Pocahontas Pocahontas

    Pocahontas Pocahontas19 days ago

    You should learn manners your a bully


    ROB-IN-PHILLY19 days ago

    Brah, it's 2021...Not 2009...The announcer and the overbearing and condescending tone with the childish graphics are disgusting...


    ROB-IN-PHILLY16 days ago

    @SaintSynapses Been there, done that.

  96. SaintSynapses

    SaintSynapses16 days ago

    Make videos show us how to talk

  97. John Tate

    John Tate19 days ago

    8:47 ....am I tripping

  98. IceDiamonds

    IceDiamonds11 days ago

    On gawd what that boy said😂😂

  99. Sunshine Flower

    Sunshine Flower19 days ago


  100. Sunshine Flower

    Sunshine Flower19 days ago


  101. Rebecca Richardson

    Rebecca Richardson19 days ago

    That would b horrifying

  102. Sharon McHugh

    Sharon McHugh19 days ago

    Where are the things we are supposed to be seeing for the first time? The clip starts with a lesson on horseback riding?? I'm not sure why but that's what it is.

  103. Sharon McHugh

    Sharon McHugh18 days ago

    @J.Michael Jefferson I’m watching at least a couple hrs a day during this pandemic. I have had much more free time over the past yr.

  104. J.Michael Jefferson

    J.Michael Jefferson18 days ago

    You say you have seen all of these before, so how many hours of you tube are you watching ?

  105. mark kelly

    mark kelly20 days ago


  106. fred McMurray

    fred McMurray20 days ago

    The best thing about this channel is the commercials!

  107. ryan sanders

    ryan sanders20 days ago

    who else finds it absolutly ignorant that there is 10 commercial breaks in a 20 minute video?

  108. Kane Parker

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  109. Sheykal Hudson

    Sheykal Hudson21 day ago

    Nah .. to be honest with you, I heard some but not seen. That is why I love your channel.

  110. D.j. Self Star.

    D.j. Self Star.21 day ago

    Please need help funding an idea i believe will help all humanity and also mire sanitary. I call it. Coughing Sticks. So one can cough into not into the air hand or sleeves. Coughing Sticks. For all. Mandatory.

  111. Captain Dangerous

    Captain Dangerous20 days ago

    Dude...People should already be wearing masks anywhere it is a problem to cough. On top of that, tissues aren't just for blowing your nose.

  112. d r e a m i n g

    d r e a m i n g21 day ago

    But, the thumbnail though

  113. Cyndi M

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  114. Klass02 1

    Klass02 121 day ago

    U talk too much



    I am SHOCKETH!

  116. G. Rodriguez

    G. Rodriguez21 day ago

    12:21 awe lol

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  118. Thomas Lucia

    Thomas Lucia22 days ago

    TOTALLY obnoxious narration. UGH.


    MAC LESTER22 days ago

    I've literally seen all 15 . Nothing new here .

  120. Al Sillman

    Al Sillman8 days ago

    He means in person.

  121. Tele Gnes

    Tele Gnes18 days ago

    me too

  122. Al Mazin

    Al Mazin22 days ago

    The fish café is actually really nice. How do he stop the mold for coming in there though.

  123. Monique Smith

    Monique Smith18 days ago