Bretman Rock Faces His Biggest Fear | Episode 3 | MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock

Bretman hatches a plan to coach a “celibate“ Larry through his first date ever - a move that has unintended ramifications for Keiffer. Meanwhile Princess is determined to challenge Bretman after her pushes her a step too far.
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  1. MTV

    MTV15 days ago

    While waiting for episode 3, check out our newest series Cash Crash

  2. Jassy Lopez

    Jassy Lopez2 days ago


  3. Lenny Coz

    Lenny Coz3 days ago

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    Lenny Coz3 days ago

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  6. Lenny Coz

    Lenny Coz3 days ago

    @Cristina ggggggggggggggg

  7. Melanie Ruiz

    Melanie Ruiz56 minutes ago

    where did princess get her jeans from when they went zip-lining does anyone know??? i need to know asap!!

  8. Dan Lyn

    Dan LynHour ago

    "What if my harness does not match my outfit" tf bretmat.

  9. Jyeesus

    Jyeesus2 hours ago

    That mock date was hilarious

  10. M G

    M G2 hours ago

    Don't ask him why he doesn't date Larry! We don't practice cannibalism in this house!

  11. okay person

    okay person2 hours ago

    is it just me or the zipline guy was kinda fruity

  12. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo2 hours ago

    “I’m built like a mf mom” Oooo yes Princess! you tell em.

  13. Iesha Lashae

    Iesha Lashae2 hours ago

    When Larry ate the watermelon off ms Kay’s nails i was cringing so bad 😂

  14. hordelorde

    hordelorde3 hours ago

    remember when this channel posted worthwhile content?

  15. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo2 hours ago

    18:12 GMFU 😂😂😂

  16. kumurasaki

    kumurasaki4 hours ago

    PUSHHH 3:42

  17. Pearl Avenue

    Pearl Avenue4 hours ago


  18. Daniel Onza

    Daniel Onza4 hours ago

    Mavsy ka kiefer😆💕💯

  19. Giovanni Mendoza

    Giovanni Mendoza4 hours ago


  20. Giselle's middle finger

    Giselle's middle finger6 hours ago

    So, what does Kiefer belongs to? He's not a gay nor discreet. I'm confused.

  21. Marijam Munoz

    Marijam Munoz6 hours ago

    The way bretman kick princess when she’s tryna get up 🤣😂. So me with my friend

  22. Naughty häčĶêř

    Naughty häčĶêř6 hours ago


  23. planetvict0ria

    planetvict0ria7 hours ago

    Awww, Ms K just touched my heart.

  24. iya alegado

    iya alegado7 hours ago

    Omgg i want to try the bitchcuit 🤣🤣

  25. Briana Suazo

    Briana Suazo7 hours ago

    😂😂😂 I love it

  26. Lawrence Co

    Lawrence Co7 hours ago

    atlast I'm not the only person who's feeling the same thing about my gender preference. Thank you Kay! I feel you sooooo bad. I usually wait for everybody to go out to the restrooms for me to have my pee and everything. soooo fckedup.😭😭

  27. Karen Ayala

    Karen Ayala8 hours ago

    Where is this zip lining place🥺 I want to gooo!!!

  28. jj

    jj9 hours ago

    incense lmaoo

  29. Katy Vos

    Katy Vos9 hours ago

    Miss Kay’s story opened up a huge conversation between me and my husband. After hearing her open up we looked up different stories and learned a lot. Thank you to Miss Kay and MTV talking about this stuff because without it we wouldn’t have even thought to look it up or learn more about it. Thank you for using your voice!

  30. Harry Asugar

    Harry Asugar10 hours ago

    18:12 GMFU 😂😂😂

  31. Mirna Cisneros

    Mirna Cisneros10 hours ago

    LMFAOOOOOO we all need a bretman, miss kay and Larry in our lives😂❤️ I’ve followed Bretmans journey on Instagram and I am sooo soo proud of the accomplishments he has done so far in his life and more to come! I love the energy❤️

  32. Tana Rae

    Tana Rae10 hours ago

    We love you Miss Kay

  33. eden diruggiero

    eden diruggiero12 hours ago

    we love you miss kay!!

  34. Chabeli Alexander

    Chabeli Alexander12 hours ago

    Can we pleeeease talk about, how Bretman is social distancing and wearing mask in public and he got his own reality show, but OTHER INFLUENCERS are literally having parties and are outside without a mask for clout and got nothing oh the irony hahaha

  35. Bougie Thee Empress

    Bougie Thee Empress13 hours ago

    “You look like an olive” 🫒 lmfao

  36. Jazmin Alonso

    Jazmin Alonso14 hours ago

    That mock date 😂


    DONKISS PH15 hours ago

    "You look like an olive" 😆

  38. Yanz Santiago

    Yanz Santiago15 hours ago

    every episode bretman: what the **beep** btch **beep** **beep** us: 👁️👄👁️

  39. China Chanel

    China Chanel16 hours ago


  40. China Chanel

    China Chanel16 hours ago

    I need Bretman in a Skirt More Often 💛💯💣💥

  41. Kayla Maleiba

    Kayla Maleiba16 hours ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS EPISODE❤. Omg i was laugh crying in the beginning of the episode and crying real tears at the end. Nobody should feel like they dont belong and Miss K is so strong for actually talking about it🥺❤

  42. Ujala Saadi

    Ujala Saadi17 hours ago

    You hit bags ,because you shape like one " 😂😂😂😂

  43. Justine Nollet

    Justine Nollet17 hours ago

    This date was like the best improv ever 😂😂😂

  44. manwol

    manwol18 hours ago

    From being a Host of the MTV Awards to Having his own reality show bitch!!💕👌

  45. Chelsea Westbrooks

    Chelsea Westbrooks18 hours ago

    Hi miss k you are not alone , I’m the same as you and I consider myself as a non-binary, and I’m really happy you choose to put your self out there and speak on this. All power and love to you.

  46. Neelya

    Neelya19 hours ago

    "I got crystals with me, I don't want to manifest that." LOLLLL XD

  47. Syafinaz Balqis

    Syafinaz Balqis20 hours ago


  48. E H

    E H20 hours ago

    It would feel like incense

  49. Leila Valentin

    Leila Valentin22 hours ago

    The least Bretman could do is get Miss Kays teeth fixed!! TF

  50. SHUGAnami

    SHUGAnami22 hours ago

    I actually finds it amazing that Bretman does his workouts alone without any fitness trainer. I need ALOT of motivation to even do a workout😭 his body result is amazing .sucks that I don’t have a garage to do workouts or gym equipments at home (- yea I know all of these are excuses but I am too lazy to go to the gym 😂😂😂)

  51. Natazia Williams

    Natazia Williams22 hours ago

    The hot dogs for garnish bretman 😂

  52. Ooohlailah E

    Ooohlailah E22 hours ago

    Hilarious! 😂

  53. Ed Escaño

    Ed Escaño22 hours ago

    I can relate to Keiffer. My older brother is also called Ed, same with my dad 💀😂 we're all Ed lmao

  54. Kayla Steen

    Kayla Steen23 hours ago

    I want Princess to voice a Disney character!

  55. AntLux

    AntLux23 hours ago

    its just funny to me that bretman said "gods crying cuz your working out" and then it started raining.

  56. Viel Luyo

    Viel LuyoDay ago

    This is the most unproblematic reality series tbh ❤️

  57. Kristi Makoni

    Kristi MakoniDay ago

    😆😂 тнe way нe opened тнe вoттle lмao love тнιѕ ѕнow!!!

  58. wendy javier

    wendy javierDay ago

    Miss Kay!!! ❤️

  59. Joey Evers

    Joey EversDay ago

    It’s all fun in games until you fall in the ocean

  60. ronald raegan

    ronald raeganDay ago

    The tired cod tinctorially cry because rhythm compellingly burn by a swift magazine. average, uneven cylinder

  61. Alexa Miranda

    Alexa MirandaDay ago

    keiffer i love u sis & i welcome u in my bano anyday

  62. Susie Night

    Susie NightDay ago

    7:04 😂😂 fcking bretman is a character

  63. cookie boba UwU

    cookie boba UwUDay ago

    I meant every day

  64. cookie boba UwU

    cookie boba UwUDay ago

    Yo I can watch this everybody

  65. wondrlvst

    wondrlvstDay ago

    Ily Kay I hope you see the comments. I hope you get what you’ve been looking for

  66. ramon gutierrez

    ramon gutierrezDay ago

    Your to cool I love to meet you in person when I go to Hawaii

  67. W L

    W LDay ago

    why you gotta be so mean to your sister tho...

  68. Kay Marie

    Kay MarieDay ago

    Love you miss Kay 💕💕💕

  69. youdontknow Me

    youdontknow MeDay ago

    10:16 lmao his face , im dyinggggggg

  70. Kelsey Johnson

    Kelsey JohnsonDay ago


  71. nariah afrykah

    nariah afrykahDay ago


  72. Imogen Clark

    Imogen ClarkDay ago

    she looks so much like cleo

  73. ashlyn pete

    ashlyn peteDay ago

    “what if this harness doesn’t match my outfit” same

  74. Jordan Blanco

    Jordan BlancoDay ago

    “Next question pLz, I got crystals ion wanna manifest tht” 😭😭 I roLLed I can’t Bret-

  75. Eve Heart

    Eve HeartDay ago

    😂Larry is me on a first date 😂. I am engaging on first date but suck with compliments

  76. Vicky Jones

    Vicky JonesDay ago

    Kiefer will find someone 🥰 I have believe it!

  77. monkeysodope

    monkeysodopeDay ago

    A server who puts his lips on the bottle after popping champagne 😂

  78. Andra Stevens

    Andra StevensDay ago

    Can we get this on E! I love them all sm 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️🥺

  79. Destiny Hangula

    Destiny HangulaDay ago

    10:14 I need new lungs ASAP

  80. Piyush Rani

    Piyush RaniDay ago

    They did Larry wronggg with that ‘Incense’ 😂😂😂

  81. N. L.

    N. L.Day ago

    I feel like Kieffer is a they...

  82. Charles Farkley

    Charles FarkleyDay ago

    Oh. He’s gay. Now I get it

  83. Hailee Octavio

    Hailee OctavioDay ago

    The disastrous passbook outstandingly kiss because multimedia suggestively invite near a important calculus. pushy, bored discussion

  84. Gabriela Leiva

    Gabriela LeivaDay ago

    Aww miss Kay! Love you!! Your a true bad bitch and a real one too! 💖💖

  85. Daira Barajas

    Daira BarajasDay ago

    When Bretman was asked if he would date Larry. “Next question! I have crystal with me. I don’t want to manifest that!”😂

  86. Nikita-Lee

    Nikita-LeeDay ago


  87. ThatAllieChick5

    ThatAllieChick5Day ago

    This is where it’s at. Eff that Tana bullshit, more of Bretman and crew!

  88. Cassie

    CassieDay ago


  89. Ling Bae

    Ling BaeDay ago

    I love you Miss K!!!!!!!

  90. Alexa K

    Alexa KDay ago

    I started watching this thinking Bretman was kind of annoying and I actually really like it. Especially showing a new culture that some of us might not know a lot about. It’s not just about a rich influencer. It’s about family, friends, history. Proud of MTV

  91. Cassie

    CassieDay ago

    But he said incents 😂😂😂😂 I love these bitches, I need friendships like this 😍

  92. Soyinggg Odyuo

    Soyinggg OdyuoDay ago

    Kiefer trust me I feel the same . Nobody can relate to me and I feel alone too.

  93. JordieXblu

    JordieXbluDay ago

    7:03 IM CRYING!!! Pahahaaa! 😭🤣🤣

  94. Amanda Torres

    Amanda TorresDay ago

    I love miss kayyyyyyy❤️❤️❤️❤️

  95. Christine Gui

    Christine GuiDay ago

    Bret and Princess looks 1000x better without makeup tho 🤍🤍

  96. Shanti George

    Shanti GeorgeDay ago

    Miss kay deserves the world♥️

  97. Miss ArcaNe

    Miss ArcaNeDay ago

    Miss kay with a dude outfit also miss kay with her nails🤣🤣🤣

  98. Miss ArcaNe

    Miss ArcaNeDay ago

    Miss kay with a dude outfit also miss kay with her nails🤣🤣🤣

  99. Ash ley

    Ash leyDay ago

    10:17 bretman hahaha

  100. FishChiBo

    FishChiBoDay ago

    I love this so much. The watermelon 🍉 on the nail killed me lol

  101. Shin Carisma

    Shin CarismaDay ago


  102. Crunchy Pochi

    Crunchy PochiDay ago


  103. Deric Ko

    Deric KoDay ago


  104. Ivana Davids

    Ivana DavidsDay ago

    "Do you trust me?" "Uhm...uh.."😭😭😭

  105. Evie York

    Evie YorkDay ago

    I love you Ms. Kay🌺💗

  106. Kenneth Rosado

    Kenneth RosadoDay ago

    But he said incents 😂😂😂😂 I love these bitches, I need friendships like this 😍


    RAMIROFYDay ago

    love this episode....sending hugs to ms. k. totaly understand you.